Join Jim and Greg as they lament the Big Ten Conference reportedly cancelling the 2020 college football season and that puts every other conference on the brink as well. They also unload on Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot as rioters vandalize and loot along the city’s Magnificent Mile and attack and injure more than a dozen police officers. And they discuss former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown publicly urging former mistress Kamala Harris to decline the opportunity to be Joe Biden’s running mate.

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  1. Arahant Member

    Willie is so kind to give his old side piece free advice.

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  2. Jon1979 Inactive

    Brown’s probably thinking AG in a Biden Administration would be able to showboat for the angry woke left, possibly even by indicting Trump and building a name for themselves for 2024. Downside for her would be the woke types would also want a Kim Gardner-like AG who would shelter the guilty and go after those trying to protect their livbes and property from Antifa/#BLM types. For the swing voters trying to convince themselves that if they elect Biden, all the rioting will go away, it’s going to be a major shock to instead see it increase, and they’re going to get angry if the new administration and its AG decides the whole country has to react like Portland.

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  3. DudleyDoright49 Inactive

    Geraghty – NO CHICAGO DOES NOT HAVE GUN VIOLENCE! It has a lot of lawless people, including the mayor, who are committing crimes.  Sometimes they use guns.  That is not gun violence, it is lawlessness.  I always thought you were a 2A supporter.  Don’t you see that every time you use their terms, you validate the gun grabbers argument.  Don’t make them any stronger than they already are

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  4. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    On page A7 to today’s The Washington Post is an all time classic headline: “Portland protesters set fire to police union headquarters”.

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  5. kedavis Inactive

    “Protest” and derivatives thereof is/are among those 2020 BS words that need to be eliminated.  The “pro” in “protest” suggests a positive thing, but they rarely if ever are really FOR anything in a POSITIVE way.

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