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How FANCYBEAR hacked Podesta’s Gmail (as well as Powell’s, Breedlove’s, and many hundreds more) — linking the DCLeaks, G2 and Wikileaks ops. From https://twitter.com/ridt.

I can’t recall which thread gave rise to this question, but I remember that some of you wanted to know what evidence there was that Russia was behind the DNC hack.

Thomas Rid, a professor in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London, is among other things the author of “Attributing Cyber Attacks,” which he wrote for the Journal of Strategic Studies in 2015. He’s written a very clear and readable article for Esquire about Putin, Wikileaks, the NSA and the DNC e-mail hack. It won’t take you but ten minutes to read, but I’ll pull out some of the highlights:

Halloween Spooktacular

It’s a special Halloween episode of HWX with Brian Ward and Paul Happe. Featured in this episode are discussions of the horrors of the elecdtion season:

* The email leaks of Hillary and John Podesta. Which is your favorite ignored scandal?


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For and Against

With the election just about upon us, (hooray!) we strive to bring both points of view to the candidate. Representing the #NeverTrump position we’ve got Wisconsin talk radio show host Charlie Sykes, who takes us through his reasons for opposing Trump. On the other side, it’s Victor Davis Hanson, who makes his case with his usual clarity and logic. Fair and balanced, that’s what we are. Also, the Al Smith dinner, the impact of Wikileaks, and a recap of last week’s meet up in Manhattan. Personal to Mr. Charles Berry of St. Louis, MO: a hearty and happy 90th birthday, sir, and thanks for all the great tunes. Many more of both, please.

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Should the Fed Let the Economy “Run Hot” to Raise the Labor Force Participation Rate?


I’ve been writing about Janet Yellen’s speech last week where the Fed boss explored the idea that running a “high-pressure” economy — defined by her as “robust aggregate demand and a tight labor market” — could positively impact the supply-side of the economy, improving both labor force participation and productivity.

In practical terms, this might mean delaying any interest rates hikes until core PCE inflation reaches 2%. Goldman Sachs sees two downside risks: first, a “modest but not neglible” risk of a large inflation overshoot by 3-8 percentage points; second, a “deliberate overheating” could start the economy on the path to recession via “economic and financial imbalances.”

Senate Optimism, Obama’s Health Care Fiction, Trump & Hillary Flop

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are pleased to see Pat Toomey and Marco Rubio in stronger positions in their key Senate races. They also shred Pres. Obama’s patently dishonest speech calling Obamacare a great success, proposing more government involvement, and demonizing Republicans. And they groan as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can’t even do humor well at the Al Smith dinner.


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Girls with Guns and the Worst President in History

Two great interviews for our dear listeners today! Tami talks with Kathy King of The Well Armed Woman about how concealed carry has empowered them as women and why more and more women like them are choosing to pack heat. And Teri talks with Matt Margolis, co-author of the book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama, about whether or not history will be kind to the 44th president.


Evan McMullin – For Many Of Us, Why in the World Not?


Evan McMullin@dickfrombrooklyn (oh, dear…or was it @ctlaw? I had already had a few beers) and I were talking with Rob Long last night at the meetup, and I was lamenting that there isn’t more discussion on the site about Evan McMullin. Today, I actually used the Ricochet search function (something I don’t usually do, though I am a champion Googler) and found that, in fact, there have been a couple of posts. Anyway, last night, Rob’s response to my lamentation was: “Write something!”



Russia Is a Threat, But Not Because They’re Hacking John Podesta’s Emails


A Russian fleet is steaming toward Syria from the North Sea through the English Channel. The New York Times, formerly a newspaper, has no information about this anywhere on the front page and none on its world page either. You can read about how Egypt is having a sugar shortage and people with a sweet tooth are undergoing hardship because of it — no, really, you can — but you won’t be able to read about the real growing threat from Russia.

Income inequality isn’t all bad Is it?

Democrats often seem obsessed with income and wealth inequality. They blame it for weak economic growth and stagnant middle-class incomes. Plus, many simply don’t like the idea of it.

But are there some big positives to inequality? That’s the argument made in The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class, a new book by Ed Conard, a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a founding partner at Bain Capital.


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Uncommon Knowledge: Victor Davis Hanson


Hoover Institution fellow Victor Davis Hanson discusses Russia, China, and the danger of American withdrawal from the world stage. In addition, Hanson talks about immigration and assimilation in the United States throughout time. Hanson notes that, when immigrants assimilate and embrace the United States, then immigration works and strengthens us, but that when immigrants seek to separate themselves and reject US values and culture, then immigration becomes detrimental. Hanson ends the interview talking about the 2016 presidential candidates and election.


Which Monster Gets Your Vote?


monster-cereals-2016-campaign-posters-e1470016688240-700x316Recently Jonah Goldberg said that choosing between the leading presidential candidates was like choosing between Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. I promise, though, this is not another “who to vote for in the real world” post. Since it’s October, the question is “which monster would you vote for?”

Not all monsters are created equal, so I’ve created a Monster Primary System for different kinds of monsters. Over the few days I’ll be presenting different categories, including Psychotic Killers and Giant Monsters, but for today:


Undermining Our System


Hillary ClintonBecause of what came later – Donald Trump’s refusal to say whether he’d accept the results of the election – Hillary Clinton’s similar, if somewhat less incendiary remark about our system’s legitimacy went nearly unnoticed.

Right out of the box, responding to a query from Chris Wallace about the Supreme Court (and let me add my voice to the general hosannas for his mature and professional conduct), Hillary Clinton implied that a Supreme Court decision she disliked, Citizens United v. FEC, “undermined the election system in our country because of the way it permits dark, unaccountable money to come into our electoral system.”

Trump Defiance Mars Improved Performance, Hillary’s Lies, Wallace Shines

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America evaluate the third presidential debate. They give Donald Trump credit for his best performance on the issues and putting Hillary Clinton on the defensive but allowed the takeaway to be his refusal to accept the election results. They also hammer Hillary Clinton for her pure fiction that the landmark Heller decision was about toddlers getting access to guns, her dodging on open borders and the Clinton Foundation and letting the world know how soon we can launch nuclear weapons. And we applaud moderator Chris Wallace for picking good topics, asking tough questions of both candidates and keeping everyone in line.


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Three Cheers for Trump’s “Irresponsibility”

This place is RIGGED!

Four years ago Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren stood before the delegates of the Democratic National Convention and said this: “People feel like the system is rigged against them. And here’s the painful part: they’re right. The system is rigged,” she said. “These folks don’t resent that someone else makes more money. We’re Americans. We celebrate success. We just don’t want the game to be rigged.”

Four years later, now Senator Warren complains about Donald Trump and his line that our election process is “rigged” in the pages of The Washington Post, “The purpose of this manufactured hysteria is obvious: to delegitimize Democratic voters and justify Republican efforts to suppress their votes.”


Competitive Capitalism vs. Cuddly Capitalism: Which Is Better?


shutterstock_278463809Europe is a rich, well-educated, orderly place. And many Americans not only like to visit and do business there, but also see it as an aspirational economic model.

Well, not Greece and Italy so much, but certainly the Nordic nations. Many progressive Democrats really have a thing for Scandinavia and its egalitarian social democracies. “I think we should look to countries like Denmark, like Sweden, and Norway, and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people,” Bernie Sanders said during one of his debates with Hillary Clinton. And there are certainly Europeans who agree. For instance, I recently had a long chat with by Anu Partanen, a New York-based Finnish and American journalist, about her book “The Nordic Theory of Everything.”

How Gotham Saved Its Subways

City Journal editor Brian Anderson and Manhattan Institute senior fellow Nicole Gelinas discuss how New York City saved its subway system after decades of decay and rampant crime that took hold from the 1960s to the early-1990s.

Read Nicole’s piece from the Summer 2016 Issue, “How Gotham Saved Its Subways.”


Why Trump’s “Wait and See” Was Brilliant


trumpIf you hear someone hyperventilating over Trump’s reply on automatically accepting the election results, tell them to take a breath. First, remember, that 41 percent of people now think things are rigged. And most remember eight years of Democrats claiming that Bush was not in office legitimately, and Gore demanding a recount.

Contrary to received wisdom, Trump was brilliant to say he would wait to see if the election was rigged. Why? First, the media will pick this up, criticize it (which will make Trump supporters feel they are right to be concerned), and carry it into the ether for Mr. Trump … more earned media on his point.

Trump’s Troubles, Hillary’s Headaches

In the latest COMMENTARY podcast, John Podhoretz, Abe Greenwald, and Noah Rothman dive into the final presidential debate. Donald Trump’s remarkable habit of missing opportunities is indicative of how he has run this race, and why Clinton seems set to win in November. Clinton is, however, still Clinton. She will be paranoid and secretive, and Donald Trump won’t be missing anymore opportunities to attack her. Instead, her opponent will be House Speaker Paul Ryan. If the GOP doesn’t tear itself apart, the future for Democrats under Hillary Clinton is a fraught one.


What Happens if Trump Refuses to Concede?


You presumably saw him say he might not. He hinted that unflattering articles in The New York Times amounted, in his mind, to “rigging” the election:

What I’ve seen — what I’ve seen is so bad. First of all, the media is so dishonest and so corrupt, and the pile-on is so amazing. The New York Times actually wrote an article about it, but they don’t even care. It’s so dishonest. And they’ve poisoned the mind of the voters.