Today, Jim and Greg discuss Kim Cheatle’s resignation as director of U.S. Secret Service, the swift ascendance of Kamala Harris as the Democrats’ nominee, and Biden & Harris can’t be bothered to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his visit to the U.S.

First, they toast a good martini to Cheatle’s resignation after a disastrous performance before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee. Jim sees some clear parallels between her resignation and President Biden stepping down from his campaign.

Today, Jim and Greg discuss President Biden bowing out of the presidential race, his endorsement of Vice President Kamala Harris, and Republican reactions to the news.

First, they dive into the biggest news of the weekend: Biden is dropping out of the 2024 presidential race. Jim raises his eyebrows at the troubling fact that Biden has not made any public appearances since the news came out, and wonders what kind of state the president is in. They also explain how Biden’s decline was obvious for a long time, and Democrats only dumped him because they were finally convinced he would lose.

Today, Jim and Greg discuss the two speeches within Donald Trump’s RNC address, reports that President Joe Biden plans to continue with his campaign while other Democrats plant stories that he is quitting, and the shocking number of Democrats buying into conspiracy theories about the attempted assassination of Trump.

First, they analyze the very different parts of Trump’s speech last night. They agree that the beginning of the speech, discussing the assassination attempt and honoring Corey Comperatore, was the strongest part. They also suggest that the rally-style improvisation made the speech too long. And while it probably didn’t cost him any votes, a tighter speech may have appealed to more people. They agree that it seemed to be a successful convention and that every Gen X kid loved Hulk Hogan’s appearance.

Inez Stepman of the Independent Women’s Forum and host of the “High Noon” podcast is in for Jim. Today, Inez and Greg discuss J. D. Vance’s RNC speech last night, the latest from a steadily collapsing Biden campaign, and Joy Reid’s latest unhinged take on Donald Trump and President Biden.

First, they highlight the most salient points from Vance’s speech. While Jim explained in the Morning Jolt why he did not like the speech because of how it  represents an unfortunate shift in the Republican party and Greg has been bothered by heavy union embrace at the RNC, Inez contends that we are living in different times, and Vance’s vision is a necessary one for the country’s future.

Today, Jim and Greg discuss the most compelling and important moments from the Republican National Convention Tuesday evening, President Biden’s pandering to the hard left, and U.S. Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle’s unsatisfying interview about the assassination attempt against Donald Trump.

First, they review convention speeches from former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, as Haley sought to unite the party and DeSantis took a blowtorch to Biden and his record. They also highlight Madeline Brame’s impassioned speech soft-on-crime policies of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and other far left prosecutors. Jim believes that Nikki Haley’s speech may turn out to be the most impactful in the coming election in moving the needle for Trump skeptics.

Today, Jim and Greg discuss Donald Trump’s selection of Ohio Senator J.D Vance as his running mate. They also talk about DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s dubious statement of confidence in the U.S.Secret Service director. and President Biden’s very weak interview with NBC’s Lester Holt.

First, they open with a conversation about Trump’s choice of Sen.  Vance as his running mate. They weigh the pros and cons that might come with this decision and touch on other notable aspects of the Republican National Convention.

Today, Jim and Greg do wall-to-wall coverage of Saturday’s attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump. They discuss the miracle of Trump’s survival, the suspicious details coming out about how the Secret Servicefailed to stop the shooter before he fired, and a mainstream media that will always find a way to attack Trump, even as he recovers from an attempt on his life.

First, they take a few moments to express gratitude for Trump’s survival. Jim points out that mere microseconds made the difference between what could have been one of the darkest moments in our nation’s history, and the survival of our former president.

Today, Jim and Greg discuss President Biden’s press conference last night and how Democrats are still twisting in the wind. They also highlight Biden’s embarrassing verbal fumbles. And they weigh in on the news that former stripper and Kanye West girlfriend Amber Rose will speak at the Republican National Convention.

They begin with an overview of the press conference. Jim notes that while it was not bad by Biden standards, that still does not make it remotely good.

Today, Jim and Greg discuss an attack ad that exposes Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey using his politics to help his siblings get rich, the news that former President Obama greenlit George Clooney’s New York Times op-ed calling for President Biden to step down from the race, and Bill Kristol’s ridiculous claim that Biden’s old age is the only thing working against Democrats in this election.

First, they applaud the Republican attack ad that takes Sen. Casey to task for using his position to enrich his family. They analyze the effect that this ad may have in the upcoming senate race, especially given that the ad ties Casey’s actions to the Hunter Biden scandal, which is still a recent memory.

Today, Jim and Greg discuss the implications of U.S. Marshals protecting Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor shooting a a would-be carjacker, the latest Democrat voices to turn on President Biden, and the curtain call of the Gaza pier disaster.

First, they react to the news that the U.S. Marshals protecting Justice Sotomayor shot a man that pulled a gun on them and was likely attempting a carjacking. Jim wishes he could ask Justice Sotomayor if this incident changes her mind on the importance of second amendment rights.

Chad Benson, of the Chad Benson show, is in for Greg today. Join Jim and Chad as they discuss the dumpster fire that President Biden’s campaign has become, from his shaky interview with George Stephanopoulos, to reports that his staffers manage every detail of his presidency, to the difficult situation that Democrats find themselves in when it comes to potentially replacing Biden.

First, they kick things off with a double-fisted good martini as Biden’s planned post-debate comeback flops immediately. His latest media appearances, especially the interview with Stephanopoulos and his call-in comments on Morning Joe, in which he did not even appear on video and was apparently reading from a script, confirm that his debate performance was not a fluke, and he is not, in fact, in the position to make successful public appearances.

Greg is back today. Join Jim and Greg as they discuss the growing discussion surrounding President Biden’s neurological health, the supremely unimpressive Republican Party platform, and Biden’s press team treating him like a tiny child.

First, they analyze the assessment of Dr. Tom Pitts, the board-certified neurologist who appeared on NBC News to share his belief that Biden clearly shows the symptoms of Parkinson’ss. Jim says this is a good martini not because of Biden’s deteriorating health, but because the mainstream media have finally been forced to talk about it.

Back in April, we brought you a full episode describing Jim’s reflections following his second trip to Ukraine for two weeks in March. Here again are his descriptions about the reality of where the war stands, how complicated relationships can be in this conflict, and his visit to a truly fascinating drone factory.

First, Jim explains why he wanted to go back to Ukraine a little more than six months after his visit last summer. He also updates the war effort, the relentless Russian “meat waves,” the impact of U.S. aid  being on hold, and what conditions for an end to the war might be under consideration. They also discuss Ukraine’s policy of not holding elections while under martial law. Would it be better to demonstrate a commitment to democracy regardless of the circumstances or is it simply impossible to hold elections under the current circumstances?

Today, Jim and Greg kick off the Fourth of July by each sharing three things that they are grateful for in the American experience.

First, Jim is thankful for how accessible a wide variety of good food is in the United States. Greg expands on this, pointing out that if someone is able to do something well or produce a good product in the United States, they can succeed.

Chad Benson, of the Chad Benson show, is in for Greg today.

The White House says it is absolutely false reporting from The New York Times that President Biden has told a key ally that he knows he may not be able to salvage his candidacy if he cannot convince the public in the coming days that he is up for the job after a disastrous debate performance last week.

Chad Benson, of the Chad Benson show, is in for Greg today. Join Jim and Chad as they discuss three of today’s crazy stories about the horror show of President Biden’s failing mental acuity, how his staff are scared to give Biden bad news in his daily briefing, and the mainstream media’s shock on how they missed America’s biggest story of a president unable to function at the necessary level.

First, they dissect Carl Bernstein’s revelation that many people close to the president could confirm that Biden’s showing on the debate stage was not a one-off occurence, and his mental state is, in fact, often shaky. Jim wonders why these figures close to the president waited until now to come forward and inform Americans that their president is not able to keep up with the demands of his office.

Chad Benson, of the Chad Benson show, is in for Greg today. Join Jim and Chad as they discuss the Biden campaign’s dubious plan to attack those concerned about the president’s senility, the Supreme Court’s reasonable ruling on presidential immunity, and the Vogue article that unmasks Jill Biden’s true intentions.

First, they toast a martini in front of the cozy dumpster fire blaze that is the post-debate Biden campaign. They note that no one can hide the truth about Biden’s mental state any longer, but that the campaign has no choice but to deny a reality that we all have seen as their main strategy.

Greg and Jim dissect the good, the bad, and the crazy of last night’s debate.

First, they celebrate the vindication of everyone who has been calling out President Biden’s inadequate mental state. They take shots at all the media and White House figures who were championing Joe Biden’s mental acuity, most notably Joe Scarborough and Chris Cillizza.

Today, Jim rejoins Greg, and has a wild moose story to tell from his trip to Alaska. Then they discuss the latest updates indicating that Gaza is not in danger of starvation, Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s ridiculous reasoning for why he lost his primary, and their predictions about the tonight’s presidential debate.

First, they are pleased to see a revised report confirming that Gaza is not under threat of starvation. They hope this is a lesson to news agencies not to take Palestinian reports about damage to their civilians at face value, since they have been known to wildly exaggerate such reports.

Today, Undisputed King of Stuff and Discourse Magazine & Arizona Republic contributor Jon Gabriel is in for Jim today. Jon and Greg discuss the mighty fall of New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman, the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of the Biden administration on social media censorship, and Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s bizarre attack ad on challenger Eric Hovde.

First, they applaud the voters of New York’s 16th congressional district for their round rejection of Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s re-election bid, as he lost by a gaping 17-point margin. They remark that it is delicious to see Bowman get his just desserts for his childish fire alarm stunt and, more importantly, for his vile anti-Semitic rhetoric.