As the the nation pauses for Memorial Day, Jim and Greg also take time to honor the brave Americans who gave their lives for this nation and their families who have sacrificed so much. They also take some time to give you the background on how this podcast began and how each of them became conservatives.

Join Jim and Greg as they close out the week with two good martinis and a very bad one. First, they remain very pleasantly surprised at how strong the House GOP messaging has been throughout the debt ceiling debate – to the point where even much of the mainstream media is admitting it. They also breathe a sigh of relief as Doug Mastriano decided not to run for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania after getting crushed in the governor’s race last year. Finally, they shudder as Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton sounds the alarm that the Pentagon has “no direction whatsoever” in confronting the role of artificial intelligence in the militaries of our adversaries and he says we don’t have very long to prepare.

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Join Jim and Greg as they walk through the good, bad, and crazy aspects of the presidential campaign launch of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – from the glitchy start on Twitter Spaces to his strong articulation of a conservative vision for the nation to the obvious grifting of Trump critics who are aiming their venom primarily at DeSantis. They’re also pleasantly surprised by a new Fox News poll showing more Americans would blame President Biden than congressional Republicans for defaulting on our debt. Finally, they fume at the very shaky premise for the IRS going to the home of Twitter Files reporter Matt Taibbi on the day he testified to Congress about government efforts to silence free speech – and the very shady way the IRS initiated it’s investigation.

Join Jim and Greg as they are impressed at the ability of the House GOP to pass legislation with a slim majority – this time overturning an EPA rule on big truck emissions. They also discuss Joy Behar of “The View” accusing Tim Scott and Clarence Thomas of “not getting it” when it comes to being black in America. Finally, they react to Ron DeSantis breaking tradition and deciding to announce his presidential bid on Twitter.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud the news that Apple is striking a major deal with Broadcom to make hi-tech chips here in the U.S. They also react to reports that Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin may be reconsidering a 2024 presidential bid and become a late entry in the GOP field after this year’s elections. Finally, they cast a skeptical eye on reports that wearing hoodies and shorts is a clear sign that Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman is recovering well from his recent depression but they do welcome reports from other lawmakers that he seems to be doing better.

Join Jim and Greg as they offer up two good martinis and a crazy one. First, they welcome South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott into the 2024 GOP presidential race, highlighting his good policy ideas and his happy warrior approach to politics. They also cheer a new poll showing Americans overwhelmingly supporting work requirements for Medicaid and SNAP recipients. Finally, Jim lays out the strong case for why President Biden raising the debt ceiling without approval from Congress would be grossly unconstitutional.

Join Jim and Greg as they break down three lousy martinis. First, they shake their heads as New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and state lawmakers order the closure of fossil fuel-based power plants in the state within seven years. That would take away nearly half of the state’s energy supply and even state officials aren’t sure how they will generate enough power to make up the difference. They also wince at the latest evidence that Sen. Dianne Feinstein is no longer able to serve as a senator, discuss the political implications of a resignation, and consider whether there is any good method for addressing these cases other than leaving the decision up to a lawmaker in obvious decline. Finally, they unload on Politico, not only for a nasty attack on Ron and Casey DeSantis, but for running with the accusation that Mrs. DeSantis is some sort of Lady MacBeth, just six months after Politico condemned the “Lady MacBeth trope” when it was used against Jill Biden and Giselle Fetterman.

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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Montana banning TikTok and setting up a fascinating legal fight that could impact the rest of the nation. They also groan at reports the U.S. Air Force caught an airman taking notes and studying classified information and just issued him warnings at least three times before he was caught posting the info for his gamer friends. Finally, they depart from their usual approach to the royal family by discussing Harry and Megan’s allegations of a lengthy, life-threatening car chase with paparazzi that turned out to be virtually nothing.

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Join Jim and Greg as they serve up two good martinis and an ominous one. First, they’re glad to to see President Biden move away from no discussion of reforms in exchange for an increase in the debt ceiling and agree to budget negotiations over the coming days. They also applaud Republicans in the North Carolina legislature for staying unanimous to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of a 12-week abortion ban. Finally, they react to news that China allowed artificial intelligence to control a satellite and make decisions about what it would do. How fast is AI growing? Can we rein it in? And if we do, will our adversaries have a major advantage?

Join Jim and Greg as they recount and analyze the key findings of Special Counsel John Durham, who has been investigating the FBI’s premise for launching the investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 elections. The conclusions are devastating to any remaining shreds of trust in our government: the collusion canard was created by the Hillary Clinton campaign and fed to the FBI, which launched a probe without a single piece of verifiable evidence. The Steele dossier was known to be false by late 2016 and yet top officials at the FBI and Justice Department signed off on FISA warrants that they knew were based on lies, and the Mueller investigation was launched under the same false pretenses. Jim and Greg have a lot to say about this. They also take a closer look at the publicly fraying relationship between President Biden and New York City Mayor Eric Adams, as the illegal immigration crisis engulfs the Big Apple and many other parts of the nation. Finally, they examine the pathetically low ratings of CNN, which is getting mauled by Fox News and MSNBC, and is now losing to NewsMax in prime time.

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Join Jim and Greg as they break down Joe Biden’s Plan B for 2024. As Jim explains, Biden was not supposed to run again. He was supposed to serve one term and have Kamala Harris run this time, except she has been a massive disappointment as VP. They also cringe over the record-setting number of illegal crossings at our southern border last week – more than 83,000. They also note the rapidly growing number of “gotaways” and how the administration is trying to cook the books on the upcoming numbers. Finally, they scratch their heads as the mainstream media contend Gov. Ron DeSantis has trouble saying that Trump lost the 2020 election, but Jim points out DeSantis was pretty clear during his comments in Iowa last week.

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Join Jim and Greg as they serve up two very bad martinis and a crazy but intriguing one. First, they fume as Title 42 ends and the Biden administration offers nothing but lies, gaslighting, and blame shifting to explain the tidal wave of people headed into our country illegally. They also hammer President Biden and the State Department for pulling back on consequences for China’s spy balloon episode and and continuing to withhold consequences for the Chinese genocide against the Uighurs and measures designed to restrain Huawei. Finally, they dig into growing speculation that West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin may be preparing to mount a third party bid for president in 2024.

Join Jim and Greg as they dissect the CNN town hall featuring Donald Trump, how Trump got everything he could want out of it, and CNN is now under heavy criticism for hw it played out. They also shudder while appreciating the honesty of a longtime Chicago prosecutor, who is resigning and leaving the state because “progressive reforms” have led to much more crime and violence and he refuses to raise his son there. And they fire back as the mainstream media either ignore the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into alleged influence peddling within the Biden family or contend the probe actually exonerates the president.

Join Jim and Greg as they react to the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability revealing Biden family influence peddling in multiple nations and a some 20 businesses created to provide layers between the foreign nationals and the Biden family. They also discuss the 13-count indictment against New York GOP Rep. George Santos and what comes next in his saga. Finally, as Title 42 expires tomorrow, they recoil at an NBC News report that the Biden administration is telling Customs & Border Protection to release illegal immigrants into our country with no way to track them and no orders to appear in court.

Join Jim and Greg as they bring you two good martinis along with a crazy one that’s also pretty good. First, they applaud the House GOP and National Republican Congressional Committee for being on offense during the debt ceiling fight and having more effective messaging on this issues than any time in recent memory. They also take note of the long list of legislative victories that Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida lawmakers piled up this year, and how it will serve as a springboard into a DeSantis White House bid. Finally, they get a kick out of some Florida Dems trying to recruit former NBA stars Grant Hill and Dwyane Wade into running for U.S. Senate next year.

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Join Jim and Greg as they offer two good martinis and one that’s so bad it might be considered crazy. First, they welcome the public’s accurate, “brutal” assessment of Biden’s job performance in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll. Not only is Biden looking at some of his lowest approval numbers, but a huge majority sees him as mentally unfit and his own party overwhelmingly does not want him to run again. They also shudder as the Biden administration warms up to the absurd notion that China can be the key to peace between Russia and Ukraine. Finally, they react to Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema insisting she will never become a Republican, and why that is good for the right in the short term and the long term.

Join Jim and Greg as they wrap up the week. After Jim’s choice comments on tomorrow’s coronation of King Charles III, they welcome the news that the seven most vulnerable Senate seats in 2024 are all held by Democrats. They also unload on former Clinton campaign figure Brian Fallon for hyperventilating that Justice Clarence Thomas needs to be removed from the Supreme Court and that the entire conservative majority is illegitimate. And they give the real reason the left is so upset about the high court. Finally, they wonder why the FBI still hasn’t released the manifesto from the Covenant School shooting in March and apparently has no plans to do so “anytime soon.”

Join Jim and Greg as they present two “good-ish” martinis and a crazy one. After a brief discussion on the declining quality of Star Wars shows and movies, they note how little lawmakers and President Biden plan to be in Washington this month. Jim suspects that schedule shows they are actually quite confident they’ll be able to reach a debt ceiling deal. They also welcome the news that we may soon know whether Hunter Biden will face any federal charges for his obvious violations of gun and tax laws, but they are not holding their breath. Finally, they dissect Russia’s claim that the U.S. is to blame for alleged drone strikes at the Kremlin.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up two good martinis and a crazy one. First, they find some optimism in the ongoing debt ceiling fight as Republicans find a few Democratic allies on issues ranging from energy permitting to fighting Biden’s student debt redistribution plan. Then they applaud the U.S. Supreme Court after all nine justice sign a letter rejecting Senate Democrats for demanding new recusal and ethics policies and strongly rejecting the notion of reduced funding for security for the justices. Finally, they react to both President Biden and President Trump not wanting to engage in presidential primary debates. They also call out CNN for routinely calling Trump the world’s greatest threat to democracy but now giving him a town hall event because they want the ratings and for Trump to be the GOP.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three good martinis, but you may need to squint a bit to see them. First, they welcome the admission from the green energy industry that it is thoroughly dependent upon cheap Chinese products to make solar panels and that renewed tariffs on China would hurt the industry badly. So reality smacks the green agenda in the face yet again. They also cheer the impending retirement of Maryland Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin after more than half a century of taxpayers footing his salary. A feeding frenzy among Democrats is already underway. Republicans are big underdogs but an open seat improves their odds. Jim wonders of Larry Hogan will reconsider after saying he had no interest in the race earlier this year. Finally, they welcome next week’s end to vaccine mandates for federal employees and foreign visitors, and Jim suspects that by letting mandates die quietly, the Biden administration is silently admitting they were a terrible idea.