Ann talks with reporter Jon Levine of The New York Post on the Hunter Biden laptop story, AOC, and RFK’s theory of Covid-19 and biological warfare.

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The second interview with an author of The Great Barrington Declaration. Listen to Ann’s conversation with Martin Kulldorff here.

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In this “emergency” podcast Ann and Mickey Kaus preview the GOP Presidential Debate in Milwaukee.

Ann had a chance to sit down with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and discuss his vision for dealing with the problems facing America.

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This and other important points about the news in this solo podcast.


A discussion with Breitbart immigration reporter John Binder.


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This week Ann sits down with everybody’s favorite liberal Mickey Kaus to review the big decisions handed down at the end of the term of the Supreme Court.

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This week Ann talks to Ryan Girdusky, a political consultant and writer whose work has been featured in multiple publications and currently writes the National Populist Newsletter on Substack.

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