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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul’s vow to get answers on the Biden administration’s debacle in Afghanistan. McCaul says the administration has been stonewalling on providing documents on how U.S. intelligence was so wrong on the advance of the Taliban, the deadly attack on U.S. service members outside the Kabul airport, and much more. They also shudder as a new report shows the U.S. is dangerously deficient in producing new weapons to replace the many munitions we’re sending over to Ukraine. In other words, if the U.S. got involved in sustained military action, we could run out of key weapons in less than a week. Finally, they shake their heads as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s solution to the wave of street vendor robberies is to tell them not to conduct business in cash.

Why Are Public Schools So Determined to Teach Sex?


Because many staff members, over 600 in the Chicago area, view public schools as a giant singles bar where they can speed date and find that fourth grader in just the right sassy outfit. And you don’t want a minor who doesn’t know what to do in the sack, now do you?

Chicago is the only report I’ve seen, but I’m sure it’s not the worst.

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On the radio this morning I heard Keith Pekau say something shocking. In his race for IL 6th congressional district he said he actually won the part of his district comprised of Chicago and Cook County, but the area he lost was DuPage County.  That makes some sense. My part of Chicago (undoubtedly one of […]

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Working Class Meet Modern Art


Abe Allard and C. S. Duffy are private investigators in Chicago.  Not the glamorous investigators of movies and novels, or even noir detectives of mysteries. They do research for lawyers, background checks for corporations, and track unfaithful spouses.

“Where Art Thou?” by Sean Little, takes the fictional pair out of their ordinary paths. They are hired to investigate an art theft. Their wealthy client, Geo McMahon, had a sketch stolen.

McMahon collects art. His home is filled with valuable artwork, including some worth millions. Despite the security he has, a thief was able to penetrate it and steal a piece of art. But the thief only one piece, a hyper-realistic sketch by an up-and-coming black Chicago artist. It is worth very little. It is not even what the artist was known for prior to his overdose death. While he did some hyperrealism early in his career, he was best known for his abstracts. McMahon wants to learn why that particular piece was taken.

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There has been some pushback, of late, against the notion that California has become a one-party dystopia of decadence and dysfunction where dropping a BM in the street is legal but plastic straws are not. Maybe it ain’t so bad, because there are still some nice restaurants that you can eat it, provided your papers […]

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Jim & Greg welcome the return of in-person schooling to Chicago after a four-day hissy fit from the Chicago Teachers Union. They also sigh as President Biden reportedly makes no progress in trying to deter Russian military action in Ukraine. And the Biden administration gets caught flat-footed again as out supply chain problems grow.


After noting Sen. Schumer’s latest failure to kill the filibuster, Jim and Greg serve up three crazy martinis! First, they hammer the Chicago Teachers Union for refusing to teach in-person over the Omicron case numbers. They also unload on the Virginia Department of Transportation for continuing an ugly governmental trend of admitting a major problem but insisting that nothing could have been done better in response to the traffic nightmare on I-95. And their heads are spinning as the CDC releases absurdly burdensome recommendations for fighting COVID and that private employers are following the mandates and firing people while nothing happens to unvaccinated federal employees.

What Jussie Smollett Really Teaches Us


The American Left is socially distanced from the truth.

Many people have already moved on from the celebrated trial of “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett for staging a 2 a.m. attack on himself on a frigid Chicago night in 2019. You know the story. He was found guilty by a unanimous vote of a 12-person jury. Chicago Police diverted many resources – time, money, and people – to investigate his alleged attack. Chicago has other, more pressing issues.

Juror Admits Smollett’s Obvious Guilt Played Decisive Role In Verdict


A juror in the Jussie Smollett trial acknowledged to a Chicago news reporter Monday that deliberations never centered on Smollett’s race, sexual orientation, politics, or celebrity status. Instead, she said, what ultimately convinced the jury to convict was Smollett’s obvious guilt.

“Deliberations took nine hours because Starbucks screwed up the foreman’s order,” she said, adding “It’s obvious except to the most blinkered partisans that Smollett was guilty of perpetuating a hoax which caused the city to redirect well over $100,000 in taxpayer funds to investigate a fake crime even as record-setting actual crimes ravage the city, especially in minority communities.”

Since his conviction, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has nominated Smollett for Best Performance On The Witness Stand by a Gay Man of Color. Additionally, the Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter has awarded Smollett a lifetime achievement award for his work on behalf of black immigrants from Africa.

After a quick review of Thursday’s special podcast, Jim and Greg wince as the nation suffers the worst inflation crisis in nearly 40 years. They also applaud the Chicago jury that convicted actor Jussie Smollett of fabricating a hate crime and making false reports to police. And they throw up their hands as Dr. Fauci says you’ll soon need a third shot to be considered fully vaccinated and Pfizer’s CEO is already talking about a fourth shot.

Vaccine Mandates, Abortion, and ‘Send More Cops’


I’ve been reliably informed by many thoughtful, “principled conservatives” that where employer prerogatives and individual rights are in conflict, the former should prevail. If an employer mandates employees to be vaccinated under penalty of termination, then the employer is exercising its prerogative, and the employee must choose between jab or job.

So, what happens when an employer orders an employee to have an abortion? This is not a hypothetical.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome a Quinnipiac poll showing Republicans actually leading Democrats on the 2022 generic ballot. They also stunned in disbelief as Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx refuses to press any charges in a fatal gang shootout because the deadly violence involved “mutual combatants” who willingly took part. And they shake their heads as there is considerable disagreement among government officials over whether booster shots are a needed for most people who have been vaccinated.

Cancel Culture Is by, and for, the Very Online


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I recently watched a botched cancellation attempt in Chicago. It said a lot about the cancellers.

A handful of Asian-American restaurateurs went to the Trump rally in D.C. that preceded the Capitol riot. They weren’t involved in the violent actions that followed, but the local Karens found out, and raised hell on the neighborhood “social network” cesspool known as Nextdoor.com.

William Voegeli joins Brian Anderson to discuss the subjects of his two recent stories for City Journal the history of the mid-century exodus of whites out of cities, known as “white flight,” and political reactions to the January 6 Capitol riot.

Where Is the Public Square in the COVID Era?


Lockdowns are coming back and blue-state authoritarians keep granting exemptions to their friends but not their struggling subjects. We all know the impact this has economically and on our dignity. But the hypocrisy of politicians and their buds enjoying lavish entertainment together despite their own restrictions opens a new gap: the social and intellectual stimulation of a public square is available to the few, but not to the masses.

I’m not in a situation to blow my savings at The French Laundry—“Maybe one day,” I sigh to myself. But what’s being withheld by not letting us go to The French Laundry or its more-affordable equivalents goes beyond just entertainment. But we don’t wine-and-dine only for the pleasure of it, and certainly not for survival. We often do so because it’s a manifestation of the public square—a place not in the home where ideas are exchanged, motivations are explained, and alliances are formed.

The Anti-American Violence Plaguing the US and How to Solve It


The United States of America is increasingly under assault from an anti-American mob that has gained mainstream prominence across the country. This mob has ravaged major US cities for weeks on end, torn down historical monuments, and murdered innocent citizens.

At a recent Oakland “Black Lives Matter” event, “protestors” chanted “death to America” — an anti-American death threat used by Iranian government officials. These same “protestors” hurled projectiles at police officers, set trucks on fire, and vandalized buildings.

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For fun, I recently looked up Lori Lightfoot’s approval rating. The most recent publicly available poll, taken June 21-23, puts it at 78% among likely November voters, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. She got 86% on handling the coronavirus, after pointlessly shutting down Chicago’s lakefront trail and parks, and personally driving through lower-income—disproportionately Black and […]

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I just got back from a walk on the Chicago lakefront where I saw a sad scene. A young black man had decided to go swimming, slipped on the slippery sidewalk covered in algae, and hit his head. He made a help signal and people on the shore called 911. Then he disappeared under the […]

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Join Jim and Greg in being relieved that the four days of propaganda known as the DNC are finally over. They also discuss Joe Biden’s speech and why he would not be a unifying figure on virtually any policy. And they hammer Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for barring protests on her block while showing little regard for other neighborhoods.