Beat the summer heat with a healthy dollop of GLoP! This week: some discourse on Stripes (always start with a 40 year old movie), Inside Out II, the peculiar problem with Jeffrey Jones, why Star Trek: Discovery sucks, anecdotes about David Soul and Chuck Mangione, and some inside info on Jonah Goldberg v. Niall Ferguson.

This month, a rare event: a Pod-less pod, with Rob and Jonah taking sole command of the GLoP bridge. But there’s still plenty to talk about, including a big announcement for Rob, some thoughts about The Fall Guy, the boys have dinner in NYC, a little archeological rank punditry (yes, there is such a thing), get slightly scatological (again), and too off their heads rambling to list here.

We’ve got a wide ranging GLoP for you this month: everything from who John spent 9/11 with to movie bad guys and losers who end up winning, Alan Bloom, college campus unrest and the best movies about college, Norman Podhoretz watched a dirty movie once and wrote about it. morning routines of the rich and famous, and Jonah’s beefs with Fallout and Shogun.

It’s late in the month and that means it’s time for another run through the zeitgeist with America’s most crotchety culture critics. On this outing, they praise (well, mostly) Netflix’s 3 Body Problem, DC apartments vs. NYC apartments, marvel at that time when Al Pacino worked at Commentary (and his unique appearance at this year’s Oscars)the films of Christopher Nolan, the fall of Sam Bankman-Fried, and trigger warning: the Trump Bible and Ronna McDaniel’s brief but very strange tenure  at NBC.

We’ve got A.I.! (Is Jonah really worse than Pol Pot? — The answer may surprise you!) We’ve got Oscars! We’ve got best movie performances ever! And yes, we’ve got… coffee tables! Well, we have one particularly infamous coffee table. You’ll have to listen to find out what that’s all about.

This month GLoP is literally all over the place and time: the guys discuss a time traveling Podhoretz, Back To School, the curious courtship of Alan Bloom and Susan Sontag, the Oscars — including Poor Things (they’re not fans) and Killers of The Flower Moon (ditto), some little known productions of the Odd Couple and more.

It’s our last GLoP of the year, and we’re in something of a melancholy and reflective mood this year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make of get some laughs, starting with (trigger warning) a couple of antisemitic jokes, the New York Times, a tribute to A Charlie Brown Christmas, Galaxy Quest and of course, Switchblade Sisters. Also, John explains his behavior on Twitter, Rob defends not caring about anything, and Jonah meets GLoP fans nationwide.

Let’s just get this out of the way right at the top: Yes, we missed a show last month. And many of you noticed, and correctly surmised why. So it was important that we did one this and not wait until the last few hours of November to put it out. That said, we can’t ignore what’s going on in the world right now, so this outing is er, long (no pun intended) on current events and short on the pop culture content. But there are plenty of laughs nonetheless, and (we hope) some insights and observations on current events. Here’s hoping we can get back to our normal course of juvenile double entendre programming next month.

It’s almost the end of the month and that means it’s time to squeeze another episode of GLoP just before the deadline. This time: Jonah is a rambling man, another deep dive on vintage TV shows, including indelible male and female characters, Rob pitches his I Dream of Jeannie reboot, some dark jokes, and yes, more on Bewitched from America’s foremost Bewitched pundits.

GLoP is back and just under the wire for this month’s outing. In this installment, we cover why you can’t get a cold drink in Europe, a GLoP tribute to game show hosts including the recently departed Bob Barker, TV shows that mis-identify themselves, Rob’s childhood trauma with his brother, and more.

This month on America’s most beloved podcast, we’ve got some thoughts on Der Schwarzenegger, movies we hate, why Rob Long never reads the comments, and the guys solve the mystery of who dropped their bag of cocaine in the White House.

Yep. it’s another GLoP and this month, we’ve got some Rank Punditry® on a certain ex-President’s legal trouble (consider yourself warned, Spatial Dendrites), a GLoP tribute to the retiring Pat Sajak, bad English accents, another installment of the GLoP Book Nook, and more.

This week, we discuss a rare IRL meeting of the GLoP crew on the occasion of the party that was held at the White Horse Tavern in Greenwich Village to remember Lucianne Goldberg. Then, for fans of the edgier side of GLoP, well, this is the show for you. That’s all we’ll say.

This morning we reunited the men of GLoP (that’s Jonah Goldberg, John Podhoretz, and Rob Long) for another jazz riff through pop culture and politics. This week: Minnesota accents, best NYC sitcoms, some Odd Couple punditry, and yes, some thoughts on why collecting items as a hobby is not a window into a person’s soul. Also, one person on this podcast thinks Planet of The Apes is a bad movie. He’s wrong.

This week, the men of GLoP ruminate on questions existential, political, pragmatic, and legal: John reveals his long ago brush with the law, Rob admits he’s a union man, and Jonah ponders this podcast as a 5 day a week commitment. Really!

Raquel Welch passes, F-Troop becomes relevant again, were TV series better 30 years ago, why you should watch comedian Steven Wright’s epic debut on The Tonight Show in, and Rob tells a joke. Sort of.

This month, the men of GLoP recall some highly unusual and unforgettable celebrity sightings, ruminate on TV remakes and the lack of variety shows, cool culture then and now, some Oscar predictions,  some observations about Israel (where Rob was GLoP-casting from), and more.

The men of GLoP return (finally) for their traditional end of the year Christmas muisic and dance spectacular. We’ve got an overview of European commode technology (really!), Rob remembers Kirstie Alley, and then taking advantage of Rob’s underperforming bandwidth, Jonah and John geek out on Avatar 2: The Way of Water and Andor. You snooze, you lose, Rob.

The men of GLoP are back just in time for Thanksgiving and in fine form despite Jonah recovering from the dreaded COVID. This week, they tackle the troubles at Twitter, the return of Bob Iger at Disney, John reveals his favorite New York City lunch location and admits a dark culinary secret that may disqualify him from being an American, and Rob attends a rock concert by an artist who is a card carrying member of the AARP.

You may have heard that Jonah’s mother, Lucianne Goldberg, has passed. He’s out today, but John and Rob pay their respects to the tough broad, and lament the near extinction of genuine eccentrics like her. After admiring the life-of-the-party in the corner, they move on to the ‘town square’ and ponder Elon Musk’s revival of something that never really existed. They also think pop artists should stop trying to be so smart.