The men of GLoP are (finally) back and this week, they discuss their celebrity encounters, delve into Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, and the ACLU, the tale of Twitter and Elon Musk, and more.

It’s a fairly rare event these days when an event in the pop culture realm becomes something everyone has a take on. But that’s what happened earlier this week when Will Smith launched the Slap Heard ‘Round The World and as such, the men of GLoP answered our Bat Signal and recorded this show. But they don’t just opine on the Fresh Prince’s pugilism. They take a look back at the career of Bruce Willis on the announcement of his retirement from acting, parse Madison Cawthorn’s claim that he regularly attends orgies and explain the proper etiquette if one should find oneself at such an event, and then they tell a few jokes that may not be 100% family friendly. Consider yourself and your children warned.

We know that we’ve missed a GLoP or two in the past few months. So in an effort to make up for lost GLoPs, we present this super-sized edition, close to 90 minutes long. We won’t delve into the myriad of topics covered in this show except to say it runs the gamut from a brief history of cable, William Hurt and his many flaws, Skeet Ulrich, The Godfather, Brando, the woman who protested the Ukraine war in a Russian TV studio, who should play Zelensky and more. Just listen. And laugh.

This week, the men of GLoP remember a friend and someone who they admired from a far.

P.J. O’Rourke, the great humorist, satirist, author, editor of National Lampoon, car enthusiast, and all around good guy was a friend to all the guys and they trade their stories and thoughts on his passing. None of the guys knew Ivan Reitman, but as the director of GhostbustersTwins, Kindergarten Cop, and a producer on Animal House and Stripes, his work was an important part of their entertainment diet.

This is an eclectic episode to be sure. We start with a review of Wednesday’s presidential press conference and center on how Joe Biden sees himself. The folks on the far left are looking for FDR at a time when, in the eyes of our intrepid trio, maybe what America really wants is Dwight Eisenhower.

After the “war,” we get the “remembrance…” Sidney Poitier, Peter Bogdanovich, Betty White and, just to liven things up a little, we ask “who would you not mind seeing dead?” Yeah, it’s a little bit involuted.

The merry men of GLoP are back with their first show of 2022, and they have a lot to get off their chests, starting with the fact that all three of them are now certified COVID Heroes®. Also, some thoughts about Big Government and snow removal, theater troupes in TV, movies, and plays, Licorice Pizza (that’s a movie, not a new snack food, and why Apple TV+’s new production of The Tragedy of Macbeth is like a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Yep, it’s the last GLoP of 2021, and there’s lots to discuss, including Rob’s not so great day, some advice for big entertainment companies, a very thoughtful joke, the case for more violence and nudity on TV, and much more. See you next year, GLoP-heads!

We admit, it was touch and go for a while there, but GLoP is back and not a moment too soon because West Side Story, a movie near and dear to one of the hosts of this podcast is out (read his unqualified rave review here) and the podcast is all over it. Perhaps too much. We’ll leave that up to you. But fear not, loyal GLoP listeners, there’s more: one of our podcasters has a new dog, we cover (not kidding) The Towering Inferno and A Bridge Too Far (this podcast is SO cutting edge),Chris Wallace’s sudden departure from Fox News, and the guys pick the best thing they’ve seen this year. Well, two of them do, anyway.

Hi Lucienne!

This week on GLoP, the guys deconstruct Dune, discuss the merits of keeping a diary, offer some opinions on Succession, and remember show runner extraordinaire  Steven J. Cannell.

This week on the world famous GLoP podcast we….start over. You’ll hear what we’re talking about when we listen and no, we will never discuss what was said, so don’t ask. Really. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a generous helping of GLoP nourishment — you are. We cover Shatner’s trip to space, some thoughts about the imminent release of Dune, Chappelle, Netflix, and that silly work stoppage, and your usual dose of non-sequitors, show biz anecdotes, and sci-fi put downs.

It’s late in the evening on the last night of the month, so you know what that means: time for the 2nd GLoP of the month! In this installment, our intrepid pop culture guides walk us though weird mask rules, Foundation, Apple TV+ and the difficulties (for some) of finding new show, a very weird side effect of COVID and a possible breakthrough medication to treat it, the most unusual episode of the old Mission Impossible TV show, and the OZY Media story.

As summer slides into autumn GLoP eases into a decidedly laid back edition. Rob goes from the wilds of Alaska to the beaches of the Virgin Islands while John and Jonah go from hot to cold on supposedly classic films like The Searchers, Citizen Kane and Vertigo.

There’s also an appreciation of the film Road House and character actor Paul Willson (Cheers, It’s Gary Shandling’s Show) and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

It’s the rare two-headed GLoP this week as Jonah Goldberg is traveling. But that doesn’t mean it’s still not 100% fun: we’ve got some Rank Punditry® on Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, we’ve got some views on the ScarJo dust up with Disney, we’ve got some opinions on the humongous South Park deal and why Trey Parker and Matt Stone are probably the savviest businessmen in Hollywood. All that and other assorted laughs, slightly risqué jokes, and juvenile references. You know, a regular GLoP.

This episode of GLoP spans a panoply of topics, multiple locations coast to coast, health updates, political scandals, an offbeat HBO show, and some juvenile but very funny double entendres. Please bear with us as we make sure that this edition of GLoP checks all the boxes.

We’re late and we know it. But there’s a good reason for it, which will be explained within. Also, we note the passing of Jackie Mason, Rank Punditize® billionaires in space, remember a certain game show from the 70’s and give some thoughts on Black Widow. 

We promise to return to our regular schedule next month.

It’s the end of the month and you know what that means: time for another contractually obligated episode of GLoP! This week, the guys are all over the map literally and figuratively. Just a smattering of the speaking scat demonstration in this show: Stripes, Roots, Cheers Babies, Stalin, Kim Jong-Un, Lawrence of Arabia, Mel Brooks, movies you’ve seen ten times or more, New York movies, and yes, Day of The Triffids. 

This week, another tiptoe through non-sequiturs, riffs, racy stories, and long forgotten factoids and anecdotes about TV, movies, and whatever else pops into the GLoPer’s psyches.  We’ve got Liberace, Rob may be re-locating, Jonah has anger, John knows why fandom is addicting, and a story about Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn that has a good end.

It’s the last week of the month, so that means it’s time for another GLoP. This week, Jonah, Rob, and John discuss the good and the bad of slinging words for living, John and Rob reveal they like to watch golf but not play it, some thoughts on AT&T unloading Time Warner, how Barry Diller went from movie mogul to selling fat pants on TV, and we get a some insight into daily life in the Crescent City.

This week, the men of GLoP try to teach the kids in the audience (yes, we have some young listeners) about what it’s like to live with inflation, Rob is taking a sojourn in a place that’s big and easy, Jonah does a deep dive on movie bad guys, and John has an Israeli TV show that he wants everyone to watch.

This week, an audio feast fit for a leprechaun: we’ve got Rank Punditry® on Biden’s Big Speech, we’ve got er, commentary on Shakespeare (not kidding!), we got worst accents in entertainment history, the guys try to fix the Oscars, and –breaking news and a GLoP exclusive– Rob Long has been cancelled. We’re not going to spoil it here, so you’ll have to tune in to find out why.