No, we’re not going to tell you what the word in the title of this episode means. But it is revealed within. Other things revealed in this episode: weird injuries from benign objects that befell men as they get older, what if they held an Oscars® and nobody cared, Hollywood producer Scott Rudin is revealed to be a bad boss even though they made a movie about it 30 years ago, we defend iconic Simpsons character Apu from that sap Hank Azaria who voices him, the now obligatory joke designed to offend at least someone, and we propose re-making the last season of Game of Thrones. Because why not?

The mighty men of GLoP are back just in time to satisfy their contractual obligation to release two episodes per month and to pundit on a host of topics, including why we need more stars and what to do about it, the streaming wars are exhausting, debuting their new game Strange Bedfellows (give us some of yours in the comments), and a GLoP Deep Dive® on the Snyder Cut version of Justice League.  You wanted pop culture? You’ve got it.

Hello, GLoP listeners This is a special preview of Rob Long’s weekly commentary podcast Martini Shot. To subscribe to the show, search for “Rob Long Martini Shot” on your favorite podcast platform or go to and click on the subscribe links.

In this episode, Rob is re-reading David Allen’s “Getting Things Done,” but it’s not working out so well.

It’s a new month and that means a new GLoP. They eschew all of the obvious cultural issues in the news (despite some prodding from outside parties, ahem) and concentrate on –not kidding– Mickey Rooney, robot babies, the problem with private schools, Gone With The Wind, Tropic Thunder, and some gossip from down south.

We know, we know: we just put out a GLoP a few days ago. But with Rob in Africa, Jonah trapped in Austin, and John wrapped up in selling merch, we were not able to pull one together earlier in an already short month, so we spent our Sunday morning creating premium content for you. Just some of the topics covered in this GLoP for the ages: the worst Jewish characters in movies, a look a the trials and tribulations of Andrew Cuomo and Anthony Fauci, we defend some maligned movies (h/t @jameslileks), and whatever you do, do not skip through the second spot. That’s all we’ll say about that.

Rob Long is fresh off the plane from Kenya and naturally has a lot to say about to say about the experience, and the guys pull out just about every pop culture reference they can about the place over the course of the show. But that’s not all: they also opine on WandaVision, the Marvel series currently running on Disney+, whether the streamers rebooting everything ever made is a good idea (a comparison made to the now deceased Quibi is met with a tad of resistance), we do a deep dive into the sad sagas of Don McNeil,  the soon to be former reporter at  of the NYT, and the currently suspended Mike Pesca of Slateand the through the looking glass situation at Smith College. Also, Jonah survives an unfortunately timed trip to Texas, and John is selling schwag.

Strange days call for a strange podcast. This week, GLoP explains the GameStop controversy, remember the great Cloris Leachman, the once great and then awful Phil Spector, why M*A*S*H was not the greatest TV show, and other assorted seemingly random observations and jokes.

The men of GLoP have some thoughts about the events at the Capitol, both the attack and the inauguration. They punditize Melania’s costume change on Air Force One, Lady Gaga’s billing, and ponder what might have happened had President Trump kept his Twitter account and attended Joe Biden’s swearing in. But it’s not all politics — not by a Rob Long shot. They discuss the new version of The Stand and the Marvel TV show Wanda Vision. Also, what to Danny Thomas, George Brett, and one of our sponsors have in common? Sorry, no spoilers.

Even though Jonah is off this week, Rob Long has some personal news to share concerning his health and (like Hilaria Baldwin), his ethnicity. Also, John reviews Wonder Woman ’84 and Soul, Rob reveals the most successful man in show biz (no, it’s not himself), John picks the best director working today, and both pick their top 3 of 2020. Happy New Year to all GLoP listeners of all ethnicities and political persuasions.

Yep, it’s time for another jaunt through pop culture with the men of GLoP. But fair warning: we do discuss politics in this show, so if you are not interested in some Rank Punditry®, you can skip from 3:12 to 23:48 in this podcast. So let’s keep the garment rending in the comments to a minimum, deal? After the political talk, the guys cover a movies that are so bad, they’re good, John makes a bold statement about Jimmy Stewart’s performance in It’s A Wonderful Life, Jonah professes his love for a more recent Christmas movie, and Rob confesses to possibly causing bodily harm to a legendary comedian. Also, should Ph.D’s be called doctors? The GLoP-pers have thoughts. Leave yours in the comments below.

This is the GLoP Culture Podcast description for episode #156, published on 11/30/20. We record Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz on a software application that enables real time communication over the internet and discuss topics mostly drawn from pop culture: music, TV, movies, theater. Sometimes they stray into politics because they are first and foremost pundits. Occasionally, they make silly and sophomoric jokes. There may even be a couple in this very podcast. Thank you for listening.

WARNING: The Surgeon General has determined that portions of this podcast may cause anxiety, irritation, abdominal pain, and explosive diarrhea to supporters of the President and people who believe the election was “stolen.” For everyone else, the Surgeon General recommends  this show as it will make you laugh, make you think, amaze you with the hosts ability recall arcane trivia about long ago TV shows, movies, and theater (and some current ones too).

The men of GLoP reunite to discuss the hit Amazon Prime Video The Boys. Is it a parody? Is it an homage? Or just a dark comedy? We investigate (warning: there may be a minor spoiler or two in this segment). Also, when he was “Anonymous,” the New York Times described  Miles Taylor as a senior administration official. Spoiler alert: he was not senior and was likely not privy to any of the discussions he wrote about in the Times column or his book. We discuss. Also, is streaming really more popular than broadcast TV? Rob Long has some thoughts. Finally, who is the real Homer Simpson? GLoP debates. And yes, there is a bit of talk about the impending election (brace yourselves, commenters!), a mildly risqué joke that may or may not offend several billion people, and GLoP finally answers the question millions have pondered: what does former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and mass killer Charles Manson have in common? We’re certainly not going to spoil that one.

Got a new piping hot GLoP for you, and we aren’t kidding about the pipe, as that ancient smoking accoutrement is discussed in great detail in today’s show. We also cover C-Span’s Steve Scully’s fall from grace, the media and big tech’s latest in kind contribution to the Biden-Harris campaign, courtesy of Hunter Biden and the New York Post, that time Rob ran into Dick Clark, board games. and why Antonin Scalia was the coolest Supreme Court Justice in history.

We’re back with another edition of the World’s Most Non-Partisan Podcast®. This week, some thoughts on Linda Hunt (the actess, not the character Tom Cruise plays in Mission Impossible), John is watching a documentary about a weird sex cult that includes obscure European royalty in its ranks, and deep dive into cooking shows, the movie Who Is Killing The Great Chefs of Europe, and why you should see it, that Karate Kid inspired Cobra Kai TV show, why shows about old England are the best –or the worst– depending on your point of view, and we remember the great American actor Paul “Bob” Willson, Bruce Babbit, and of course, Miss Bab.


This week on GLoP, a slight shorter show than normal, but don’t fret — we’ll be doing –count ’em– THREE shows this month, including another live on Zoom, presumably with some adult beverages being consumed. In the meantime, we’ve on this show, John and Jonah have seen Tenet, the Oscars® get woke, and the boys recommend some podcasts (other than the ones they are on) for your dining and dancing pleasure.

Rob Long and John Podhoretz man the good ship GLoP themselves this week (Jonah will return for next week’s show) as Rob confesses he did not actually know the etymology of the word (OK, it’s not actually a word) GLoP. He also tells a story about that time at French wedding, the punchline of which is not to be missed. Then, a discussion of Blazing Saddles, a French author who would have been mercilessly teased in grade school, the trials and tribulations of Steve Bannon, what it’s like to talk to really rich guys, and of course….LIZA. With A Z.

Update: As some of you pointed out in the comments, we had a technical error with the version of this show posted earlier today. OK, it wasn’t technical — it was a stupid mistake made very late last night after a very long day. Regardless, we regret the error and it has now been fixed. To get the new version, delete the one on your device and re-download this episode. It’s worth it — we promise.

This week on America’s most beloved pop culture podcast: ACTUAL pop culture! Yes faithful listener, the men of GLoP have heard the voice of the people (and read their comments), and they have listened. There is positively NO politics in this podcast (so alliterative!). Not even one mention of the T-Word (OK, there might be one — but it’s late and we’re not going to go back and bleep it out. Instead, a cacophony of topics ranging from doodling on TV (no, that’s not a metaphor), the loss of porno parody movie titles, Mythic Quest, Ninotchka, Tango & Cash, what are the best movie endings, Rob’s health care short film that never got made, the funniest woman on Tik Tok, and more! You’re welcome.

One of these days, we’re going to do a politics free GLoP, but today is not that day. Our sympathies to those listeners who disagree with the GLoP-sters on the President. That said, they do acknowledge in this episode that they are aware of your comments and of your feelings and that they struggle with it (really!). The good news is that the political talk is relatively brief and you can fast-forward through it. They also cover the new Tom Hanks movie, Greyhound (it’s good!), bears, some thoughts about the great Dolly Parton, and why a certain movie about D-Day never got made.

Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that the podcast associated with this post contains jokes and observations that may offend some listeners who are supportive of the current President of The United States.

In this episode, the hosts of this show (that’s Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz) pretend they are White House Press Secretaries and are tasked to spin some recent news stories in such a way that makes them a positive for the President (they also take on a few stories that having nothing to do with the CiC). Some may not find this funny. We understand that, hence this very specific warning. But if you can put aside your politics for an hour, we think you’ll enjoy this. But that’s not all: the guys also discuss the recent spate of black face black listing, why Instagram is not a primary news source, and scourge of social media and why no one should ponder joining Parler.