Joe Biden announced that he has Covid. And there’s talk he’s more receptive to ending his reelection bid. Is this finally happening? Is Kamala Harris his obvious replacement? And who does she pick for VP? Meanwhile, the third day of the RNC featured the powerful appearance of Gold Star families, rousing cheers for Israel, and the unconventional convention debut of J.D. Vance? Give a listen.

What’s this? Happy, cheerful, confident Republicans? That’s what was on display last night at the convention, an evening that highlighted what might be called the GOP’s “diversity.” We also recommend, as a reminder of politics past, Andrew Ferguson’s 2010 COMMENTARY piece, “Pundit: Declined.” Give a listen.

Before delving into events in Milwaukee, we discuss the dismissal of the Donald Trump documents case, Joe Biden’s disturbing interview with Lester Holt, and the status of the investigation into Trump’s would-be assassin. And then we get into the significance of VP pick J.D. Vance, the Teamsters, and a Republican National Convention like no other. Give a listen.

As Donald Trump readies himself for the Republican National Convention, Joe Biden has spoken three times to the American people since the assassination attempt. To what end? What’s his point? What’s his purpose? And what’s all this talk about unity—is unity what we need? Give a listen.

Is what happened to Donald Trump last night in Pennsylvania the beginning of a new period of American instability of the sort that gripped the country and the world in the wake of the JFK assassination—or is it the culmination of two decades of wildly irresponsible rhetoric? Or is it both? Give a listen.

Tevi Troy joins us to discuss the Biden press conference, which revealed his determination to stay in the race and what that might mean for suffering Democrats and liberals (more suffering). Give a listen.

The podcast welcomes back Steve Kornacki, political correspondent for NBC News and all-around wise man, for his take on the latest Biden polling, the question of a “Trump ceiling,” the Northeast’s voting dynamic, and what an “open convention” might look like. Give a listen.

As Nancy Pelosi hints at the need for Joe Biden to hang it up, the polling and news stories are just all good for Donald Trump, and his relaxed performance at a rally in Florida suggests he is in a different, weirdly positive place as he heads to the Republican convention. Whom will he pick as Veep? Give a listen.

A Parkinson’s doctor visiting the White House multiple times and no explanation for it? A letter from Biden’s White House doctor that’s basically gobbledygook? Um…not good, Bob. Also not good, but politically very interesting: The Republican Party platform for 2024. Give a listen.

We’re back from break to discuss one of the craziest weeks ever in American politics as we try to restrain ourselves from expressing the glee of watching the Bidenites and their camp followers—and sudden enemies—figure their way out of this nightmare they’ve entered into since the debate. Give a listen.

Arthur Herman joins John and Abe to discuss his article “China and Artificial Intelligence: The Cold War We’re Not Fighting,” from the July/August issue of COMMENTARY. It’s time to stop worrying about the technology itself and start preparing to counter the threat it poses in the hands of our authoritarian adversaries. Give a listen.

Today we discuss our favorite biographies or at least those that have meant a lot to us. Give a listen.

This podcast is about the debate. And what happened. And you know what happened. But we tell you what we think happened. And what may happen next. Bottom line. Here’s the deal. Biden. Not good. Give a listen.

Debates do move polls. But what effect does a presidential debate actually have on the final result in November? We discuss this in what will blessedly be our final discussion of the state of play before the debate! Give a listen.

Should the remarkable loss of Squad member and anti-Semite Jamaal Bowman in a Democratic primary be treated as a restoration of sanity—or a guide to American Jews on how to use their power to defeat their enemies? Or both? Or neither? And…here comes the debate! Give a listen.

Clear acts of violence were on display in Los Angeles on Sunday and yet we see no action by the city, the state, or the federal government to hold the violent responsible for their actions—and federal law could not be clearer on this matter. What’s going on here? And why, on the cusp of his primary battle, did Rep. Jamaal Bowman effectively threaten to unleash the “South Bronx” when his district doesn’t include the South Bronx? Give a listen.

A violent confrontation in West L.A. between Jews attempting to attend an event at a synagogue and Hamas supporters seemingly under the protection of the LAPD comes two days after a Jewish family is beset and beat up during a lower-school end-of-year celebration by another family shouting “Free Palestine”—and a day after Rep. Jamaal Bowman screams “you’re gonna know who the F we are”  at the likelihood of his primary defeat on Tuesday. The threats aren’t just threats any longer, and American Jews are going to have to step up. Give a listen.

With Senators Cotton and Risch going aggressively at the Biden administration for seeming to slow down the delivery of American weaponry to Israel—all part of the aid package they supported and President Biden signed into law—we try to figure out what the strategy is here on both sides. And we apply the back hand to the “both-sidesism” of investigations into anti-Semitism and Islamophobia on campus. Give a listen.

A new Fox poll and other bits of data may suggest that Joe Biden’s strategy of leaning hard on the “Trump is a convicted felon” message is having some effect. No wonder, then, that liberals are so unnerved by the Supreme Court’s literal deliberation in deciding whether the case against Trump for January 6 can proceed. And who will win the “worst ceasefire proposal” award? Give a listen.

People who do not want Donald Trump to win the November election seem convinced he is going to do their work for him and get himself defeated, but that is not what his behavior—not to mention theirs—actually seems to suggest will happen. And what’s all this nonsense about “cheapfakes”? Give a listen.