Data from New York City shows without question that schools must be opened. Meanwhile, in Fairfax County, Va., the union is demanding schools remain closed until next September. Something very, very bad is going on here
Today’s podcast takes up the rival Trump-Biden town halls and their overall effect and then tries to come up with a scenario under which the president wins an election almost all the polls say he is on the way to losing
Today’s podcast dives deep into the behavior of the mainstream media and tech companies in response to a New York Post story about Joe Biden’s son Hunter—about the naked and deliberate way they sought to shut down access to the story and choke the oxygen out of it before it went viral
Today’s podcast takes up the ludicrous and offensive efforts to brand Amy Coney Barrett a colonizer and a homophobe, even as polls show the American people (and Democrats!) are taking to her
The podcast crew takes up the idea that American liberals have collectively hit upon their closing message for the election: The GOP is the party of the disease
In this episode, the COMMENTARY crew unloads on everyone. Can Joe Biden make it all the way to Election Day without saying whether he supports or opposes his party’s threats to pack the Supreme Court? Will Donald Trump ever answer for his incitements and the atmosphere to which he’s contributed, which has recently culminated in a plot against Michigan Gov
Donald Trump’s decision to announce that he was walking away from the table amid negotiations with Democrats over another tranche of COVID relief sent shockwaves through the markets and the political landscape. Did he have a plan, or, as his subsequent tweets suggest, was this a fit of pique? Also, forecasting the highlights from tonight’s vice-presidential debate
How will Donald Trump’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis reshape the political landscape? No one knows
With the polls seeming to be moving away from the president, it’s time to prepare for the prospect of a Biden presidency and a Democratic Congress
The COMMENTARY crew breaks down the unholy spectacle to which we were all privy during Tuesday night’s first presidential debate
The revelations about how little Donald Trump paid in income taxes may be a central issue in tonight’s debate, but that could overshadow other issues that are more beneficial to Joe Biden and his party
Donald Trump’s apparent decision to make people apprehensive about whether he will vacate his office should he lose the election has lent credence to some otherwise insane theories about how the election will play out