Today’s podcast asks whether the people who really decide elections—the ones in the middle—look at partisans and ideologues on both sides and ask whether their visions and descriptions of American life as it is lived day to day are accurate or bonkers. Give a listen.

The Biden administration tries to convince you that inflation came in at “0%,” and Donald Trump’s persecution narrative sets the stage for his political comeback.

A fiery podcast today in which we take up the FBI search at Mar-A-Lago and the very real questions it raises about overreach and public distrust in our institutions. Give a listen.

Mark Halperin joins the podcast to talk about the Democratic triumph with its big spending and climate change bill and how it looks like Republican candidates for the Senate (and for gubernatorial mansions) may not be able to capitalize on big liberal spending initiatives and other aspects of the supposed progressive surge this month. Give a listen.

Matt Continetti joins the podcast today to discuss his piece, “The GOP Summer Swoon.” Republican nominees for Senate are running behind, Kansas delivered a stunning blow to pro-lifers, and the Democrats are getting legislation through. Has everything changed? Give a listen.

This is one for the ages. Meghan McCain joins us to talk about her home state of Arizona and its Republican primary results and then gives us the backstage skinny on why she left “The View,” and it’s a stunning story. Give a listen.

In John and Christine’s absence, Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Eliana Johnson and COMMENTARY contributing editor and “The Reeducation” podcast host Eli Lake join the show to talk about Tuesday’s Republican primary elections and Kansas’s decisive rejection of a ballot initiative that would ban abortion. Also, we discuss the strangely apoplectic response to Nancy Pelosi’s stop in Taiwan, al-Qaeda’s new state, and taxpayer-funded crack pipes.

The podcast celebrates the neutralization of al-Qaeda operative Ayman al-Zawahiri, and wonders where the right is on the global war on terrorism these days. Also, the MAGA movement on the march in today’s primaries.

Tech commentary columnist James B. Meigs is back on the show today to talk about how the scientific community’s conduct creates environments where anti-scientific conspiracy theories thrive. Also, the hosts discuss the Democrats’ climate change/inflation bill and the attack on Republicans who voted against the PACT Act.

Matthew Continetti joins the podcast today to discuss the strange surge of stories about how Joe Biden is on the verge of triumph just as inflation is getting worse and we’re in a recession (probably). Is any of this rational? Give a listen.

Today’s podcast takes up the mainstream media carry water for the Biden White House after the sobering news of a second straight quarter of negative economic growth. And what’s this? Two gargantuan spending bills just at a time when the Fed is laboring to deal with inflation? Are we taking crazy pills? Give a listen.

Today’s podcast takes up the absolutely horrible polling for the president this week, showing him at an all-time low for post-war presidents at this stage of their tenures and Democrats openly saying nationally and in New Hampshire that they do not want him to run again. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast takes up the startling new media tour undertaken by Anthony Fauci and a gobsmacking article in the New York Times that essentially tells everybody to go back to living as though it were Summer 2020. Give a listen.

Eli Lake joins the show today to discuss a crisis of legitimacy among elite institutions that don’t believe you can handle the truth. From the economy, to Covid, to climate change, you must be gently guided to their preferred conclusions.

Today’s podcast takes up Joe Biden’s COVID diagnosis and some of the most appalling moments from the January 6 hearings. Give a listen.

The various manias that have overtaken popular political culture, which we itemize, are beginning to incur backlashes the likes of which we would not have seen two years ago. Is that a response to commercial incentives, or are Americans fed up?

Partisans on both sides of the spectrum are increasingly disinclined to recognize the legitimacy of political outcomes they don’t like. How did this happen? And can it be reversed before it’s too late?

After a three-show break, the COMMENTARY crew is back to talk about the crisis engulfing the world of progressives, which is to say, the crisis that crises are not causing ordinary people to become crisis-mongers. Call it “crisis fatigue.” Give a listen.

Dan Senor joins the podcast today to talk about the horrible inflation numbers and the meaning of Biden’s Mideast trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia. Then the podcast crew talks about the January 6 hearings. Give a listen. NOTE: We are off Thursday, July 14, Friday, July 15, and Monday, July 18. We’ll be back on Tuesday the 19th with more fun blather.

Today’s podcast features Matt Continetti and Jim Meigs talking about Jill Biden’s jaw-dropping gaffe in addressing a “LatinX IncluXion Luncheon” in Texas, Elon Musk’s strange Twitter behavior, and the astounding images of the universe being generated by the Webb Telescope. Give a listen.