Today’s podcast notes that the end of the fighting “pause” in Israel almost denotes the end of the idea of “ceasefire.” And now the disingenuous efforts to oppose Israel’s self-defense are going by the wayside. This is now leading to outright calls for “intifada” here in the United States—which is the term used over the past 35 years to describe Palestinian efforts to attack Jews for being Jews with any means at hand. And the attacks on American Jews and Jewish public life are only accelerating. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast is a hybrid. The first part, about the appalling rhetoric used by Antony Blinken about Israel and its conduct of the war that has now restarted, was recorded Friday morning, December 1. The second half, about the passing of Henry Kissinger and my trip to the massacre site in Israel, was recorded Thursday afternoon, November 30. Please be understanding as you give a listen.

Today we talk about Chuck Schumer’s bold Senate-floor speech warning about anti-Semitism from the left. He said the right words at the right time, but how will it impact the calls from his own party to condition aid to Israel? And what’s up with Joe Biden’s tweet seeming to nod toward the ceasefire crowd? Give a listen.

Today we dig into the stories about U.S. hopes for a grand deal leading to a ceasefire. What are negotiators up to? Does Biden think this is going to help him politically? And we talk about the disconnect between Israeli security imperatives and American war weariness. Give a listen.

On today’s podcast, I provide the first of my impressions on a weeklong trip to Israel and what it feels like to be in a country at war—even during this strange period when the rocket fire has stopped and the hostages are being dribbled out by Hamas. The podcast crew joins me in wondering how stiff the spines of Joe Biden and the Israelis can and will remain as Hamas continues to play the hostage card. Give a listen.

Today we ask whether the daily release of Israeli hostages threatens to obscure the main point: Israel must defeat Hamas. And with fighting paused, how much pressure will the world put on Israel to abandon this aim? Give a listen.

Dan Senor joins the pre-Thanksgiving podcast to discuss the contours of the deal to release hostages from Gaza, along with some of the horrifying details of how the soldiers in Israel who will take custody of the children are being instructed to deal with them and the questions they ask, like “Where are Mommy and Daddy?” Give a listen.

Today’s podcast takes up the purported deal to free hostages from Gaza—why it’s happening, what has impelled a deal that doesn’t look rational on paper, and what might come of it. Also, why did the White House release a birthday-cake picture with Joe Biden in it that looked like the White House was going to be set on fire? Give a listen.

Today we get into new polling that shows Joe Biden losing to Donald Trump in about 50 different ways. What are Democrats to make of this? Is it too late? The poll also reveals broad American support for Israel and Ukraine. And what’s up with talk of a hostage deal with Hamas? Give a listen.

The full podcast crew is back today to discuss the weird moment when people started to crow about how the Israelis weren’t finding the Hamas tunnels at the hospital—only to fall silent when they were found. And the anti-Semitism explosion just gets worse, with Elon Musk, Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, and Tucker Carlson playing along. Give a listen.

Mark Halperin joins the podcast today to examine polling data both national and state-level and concludes that Trump is winning the race against Joe Biden and Democrats are kidding themselves if they believe otherwise. Give a listen.

Caution: Today’s podcast has a lot of cursing on it—cursing about the shockingly bad coverage of the extraordinary March for Israel yesterday and the effort by the mainstream media to bury it in an avalanche of “but really policymakers are concerned” coverage that is, frankly, bull—. Give a listen.

William Daroff, the CEO of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, joins the podcast to give us genuinely helpful advice about how to get around Washington today as so many of us will be traveling to be at the March for Israel on the Mall—where not to park, what Metro stop to use, where to get in, and generally how to have the best time at the most important event for American Jewry since the days of the Soviet Jewry protests. Give a listen.

Dan Senor joins today’s podcast to discuss the various scenarios in which Nikki Haley really does have a shot at taking the Republican nomination from Donald Trump. We even do a lightning round on whether her successful debate appearances mean her chances are real or illusory. And what does the Israeli agreement to a four-hour “humanitarian pause” mean? Give a listen.

Today’s podcast begins with a discussion of the Republican debate before we turn to the astonishing revelations that trusted stringers for a series of Western news organizations, among them the AP, Reuters, and CNN, were actually with the Hamas monsters who slaughtered and wounded 5,000 Israelis on October 7—and were, at least until last night, still collecting checks from these organizations. How could this happen? The answer: Decades of reliance on local “stringers” who are actually operatives for the bad guys. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast looks at the results of the 2023 elections and show how abortion is still winning for Democrats and how Republicans just keep losing and losing and losing and why. Also, why it matters that Rep. Rashida Tlaib was censured—or did she want this? Give a listen.

Today we talk about the ramped-up anti-Semitic violence exploding almost simultaneously across the country, including the fatal attack on a Jewish man in Los Angeles. What’s going on and how did we get here? Give a listen.

Dan Senor joins us to talk about his new book, The Genius of Israel, co-written with Saul Singer, and why its portrait of the war-torn country—finished long before the war—offers an explanation for the country’s extraordinarily cohesive response to the October 7 attack and shows Israel its own way forward to victory. Give a listen.

Meghan McCain joins the podcast to help buck up our spirits about how ordinary Americans really feel about Israel and Hamas as opposed to the elites on campuses who are siding with evil. And we discuss, yet again, the politically suicidal nature of Joe Biden’s courtship of the forces who want to keep Israel from winning the war. Give a listen.

Today’s podcast takes up the horrible story of the still-unsolved murder of Samantha Woll and the haste with which Detroit police said it had not been a hate crime—but never said why they believed this and have not yet even apparently found a person of interest in the case whose presence would refute the idea that a young synagogue president was stabbed to death without apparent cause. And where are the Cambridge and Harvard police when it comes to the president of the Harvard Law Review menacing and possibly assaulting a Jewish student? Give a listen.