Jim Geraghty is back! Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the National School Board Association no longer accusing parents of being domestic terrorists but they still have a lot of questions. They also wince as evidence piles up that an economy that should be in a robust recovery is slowing down and possibly headed into a recession. And they get a kick out of Terry McAuliffe saying Stacey Abrams was the real winner of the 2018 Georgia governor’s race after falsely accusing Glenn Youngkin for months of disputing the 2020 election results.


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I am thrilled to announce that Bryce Reeves has decided to run for the VA-07 Congressional district against the phony Abigail Spanberger. Bryce is the guy to unseat this “regressive,” illiberal phony. If you have the means, please donate to his campaign. He is the kind of conservative that we all want in Washington. Here’s […]

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Ricochet.com Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is in for Jim.  Today, Jon and Greg welcome polls showing just a 4-6 point lead for the Democrat in the New Jersey governor’s race. They also have plenty to say as emails show the National School Board Association and the Biden administration were in contact well before the NSBA publicly asked for the administration’s help in declaring parents domestic terrorists and the Justice Department turned the FBI loose on those same parents. And they have fun with the argument from some on the left that trees need legal rights.


Ricochet.com Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is in for Jim today.  Join Greg and Jon as they welcome Sen. Sinema’s demands of no tax hikes on corporations, individuals, or capital gains. They also hammer Pres. Biden for pushing for the guaranteed boondoggle of high-speed rail, but Biden also admits the real goal is to get your car off the road. And they cringe as Democrats in Virginia take another swing at loosening absentee ballot rules.


Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy watching Terry McAuliffe make mistake after mistake in the homestretch of the Virginia governor’s race. They also welcome a Wall Street Journal report on the simple reality that only fossil fuels can meet our energy needs in terms of abundance and cost but fume that Democrats insist on pursuing policies that are not realistic and are sending prices much higher. And they they wince as reports suggest Democrats appear to be closing in on a consensus for a $2 trillion spending binge on far left priorities.


Join Jim and Greg for a very special podcast!  First, they see reason to be optimistic about 2022 as three powerful House Democrats decide not to seek re-election. They also have plenty to say as Dems start telling Americans that the supply chain crisis just means we’ll have to stop whining and lower our expectations.  They marvel at Jen Psaki’s response to reports the Chinese may have fired off a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile. Finally, they raise a glass to 11 years of the 3 Martini Lunch!

A Happy Warrior?


I want to be a happy warrior.

I’m greatly troubled by the state of our country. I know that I’m not alone in this. I’ve found it easy to lose hope, at least briefly. But I worry that if I give in to the counsel of despair, I won’t be able to find the motivation to make whatever small contribution may be within my power.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer Bari Weiss for stating six major truths on CNN about how the left is driving the world insane. They also chronicle how Democrats are asking black churches in Virginia to play videos of Kamala Harris explicitly urging them to vote for Terry McAuliffe. They shudder at reports that destitute Afghans are selling their children to pay debts. And they honor the life of former Secretary of State and former retired Army Gen. Colin Powell.


Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the egregiously overdue end of the travel ban to the U.S. for vaccinated people from the UK and the European Union. They also shudder after finding out Loudoun County, Virginia, schools have failed to reported abuse incidents for years and that Democrats in the Virginia legislature made it easier to cover up these problems just last year. And they react to the news that Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg has been on leave for the past two months while the supply chain crisis grew worse.


Bulk Mail Voting Is the True Threat to Democracy


A recent cover of The Week magazine proclaimed “Undermining Democracy. The GOP’s blueprint for nullifying Democratic votes in 2024.”

The article was another installment of the concentrated effort on the Left to convince Americans that voter fraud is essentially nonexistent, just a hoax used by Republicans as an excuse to deny the franchise to underprivileged Americans.

But is it true? Are Republicans using strategies like restricting the number of weeks early voting is allowed, cleaning up outdated voter rolls, and requiring voter ID simply to squelch minority votes?

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More information has been revealed regarding the behind the scenes struggle by Trump and his supporters leading up to the January 6th protests at the Capital in Washington, DC.  NeverTrumpers have been cheering on the partisan Jan. 6 Commission in gathering this information.  An academic lawyer by the name of Eastman was prevailed upon to […]

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Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections


Rigged CoverMollie Hemingway applies her talent—rigorous and thoughtful old-school journalism—to documenting the 2020 assault against America perpetrated by the evil alliance of the progressive movement, the entrenched bureaucracy, modern “journalism”, and big technology firms. Yes, the election was rigged. But the core of Rigged is the story of years of lawfare, private takeovers of election boards by well-funded progressives, ill-considered and/or uncontested consent agreements, the flouting of long-standing election law, and the shielding thereof by a twisted judiciary.

This book does not lay out specific proof that Trump won on November 3, 2020. It does show how the unprecedented surge in mail-in voting, and the suppression of the anti-fraud measures that are supposed to accompany it, made 2020 a perfect storm for untraceable fraud. Meanwhile, the media’s four-year campaign to oust Trump by any means necessary ground on, with regular assistance from an entrenched bureaucracy willing to do anything to avoid draining the swamp. Add in a huge assist by abrupt changes in the censorship practices of big social media firms, and you have the tools to lift a mediocre basement-dweller over the most energetic and energizing politician of my lifetime. (I’m 54, fwiw.)

My copy of Rigged, pictured, is festooned with Post-It flags for the statements and quotations that were new to me or struck me as particularly significant. I can’t possibly mention them all in this review—I placed 77 of these markers. But I can hit the highlights of each chapter.

Jim and Greg get a kick out of Democrats being frustrated that giving away a ton of money in the “COVID relief” bill is not helping them much politically. They also cringe as a departing Pentagon official warns that China is so far ahead of us in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence that we look like kindergarteners by comparison. And they rip into the Loudoun County, Virginia, school board for apparently covering up a brutal sexual assault against a ninth grade girl in order to advance their transgender agenda.

Join Greg and Rob Long as they try to figure out exactly what’s causing hundreds of Southwest Airlines flights to be cancelled for the third day in a row. The airline is clearly lying but is this resistance to the vaccine mandate or something else? And if it is about the mandates, what happens next? They also shudder as the Biden administration joins most other countries in supporting a global minimum tax for corporations. And they cry foul as some Virginia Democrats look to loosen absentee voter requirements now that the Virginia governor’s race might not be going their way. They also touch on Columbus Day and the latest insane law in California.


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The Virginia gubernatorial race was once Terry McAuliffe’s to lose. But a series of gaffes has voters rethinking their support for the former Democrat governor. His most egregious remark came during a late September debate with his Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin when he said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” […]

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Minority Report


Ballot boxSenator Grassley released a clearly written report on another of the Democrats’ fraudulent assaults on Orange Man Bad. Facts contradict the Democrats and Bush-Cheney Republicans. What follows is an excerpt of the introduction and bullet point executive summary. Notice that each and every bullet point is sourced in the report. I added emphasis in the introduction.

Compare the reported resistance and even criminal behavior of career civil “servants” under President Trump to their eager execution of the wildest, most unconstitutional wishes of Obama and Xiden.


Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Sen. Manchin’s furious response to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s partisan response to extending the debt ceiling. They also wince as the job numbers for September come in way below expectations and the unemployment rate drops for the wrong reason. And they fire back as Dr. Leanna Wen suggests the U.S. adopt vaccine mandates for planes and trains and forcing people to get the shot if they want to see their family members. Plus, they assess Pres. Biden’s shaky vaccination math.


Join Jim and Greg as they are glad to see a poll definitively showing Americans are paying close attention to some of our nation’s biggest problems and concluding the Biden administration is handling them poorly.  They also fume as more evidence piles up, this time from Japan, that President Biden has no desire to assign responsibility for the outbreak of COVID-19 and made sure our intelligence review remained inconclusive.  And they discuss John Kerry saying that President Biden had no idea the French were furious about the recent nuclear submarine deal with the UK and Australia and White Press Secretary Jen Psaki claim Kerry didn’t mean that.