This changelog began on Friday, May 13, 2022. Please report any bugs or errors to the Ricochet Support Portal.

2.2: Permitted users with e-mail addresses to sign up for a Ricochet Student Pass.
2.3: Added the portal.
2.4: Removed the old archiving system so that all posts are treated equally within the system, and the URL structure is consistent going back to 2011.
2.4.1: Removed superfluous code; altered dependency structure; updated out-of-date functions.
2.4.2: Removed detritus from public folders.
2.4.3: Removed superfluous code.
2.4.4: Updated out-of-date functions.
2.5: Removed superfluous theme information.
2.5.1: Ensured that the version number in the footer corresponds to the version number on this page.
2.5.2: Removed superfluous code.
2.5.3: Ensured that the version number in CSS corresponds to the version number on this page.
2.6.0: Removed old affiliate system.
2.7.0: Removed Flyzoo Chat.
2.8.0: Removed superfluous code.
2.9.0: Upgraded core.
2.9.1: Removed superfluous code.
2.9.2: Reverted (1) in 2.9.0 and (6) in 2.4.1
2.10.0: Changed database caching system
2.10.1: Added spam protection on contact forms
2.10.2: Reversed order of messages in private message system