Sara unloads on the intelligence and political partisans behind Hamilton 68. The group was touted throughout the media as the authority on Russian propaganda. However, the Twitter Files recently proved the group simply tarred any account it wanted to silence as being a Russian bot. Sara explains why this is such a grievous betrayal of the American people and how it is actually lethal warfare against anyone with the courage to speak publicly against the left’s narrative on the Russia hoax, the COVID debate, and much more.

She also highlights a starling new report showing the United States is nowhere close to producing the weapons and other military aid we are giving to Ukraine in huge amounts. And the report further suggests the U.S. would be horrifically short on ammunition if we suddenly had to go to war.

Sara welcomes Kinney County, Texas, prosecutor Brent Smith to discuss the upheaval open borders are causing in his community. Smith describes how these migrants are very different than in years past since they are largely military-aged men, in military clothing, and even acting like a military. He describes the problems he and his family members have had with migrants trespassing on their land. He also implores Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to dec;are an “invasion” and to close the border until the caravans stop, saying the state cannot survive two more years of the current reality along the border.

Sara also offers her unique insights on a key FBI official connected to the Russia hoax being charged with improper ties to a powerful Russian oligarch. And she explains how the absurdly high price of eggs is also connected to our border crisis.

Sara breaks down the disturbing news that many Americans are still trying to get out of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Afghan women are now banned from going to male doctors but women are not allowed to go to college to become doctors. That means women may be denied health care altogether.

Sara also welcomes special forces veteran and Task Force Dagger Chairman Mark Stephens to discuss the frustration of veterans over the U.S. exit from Afghanistan. Stephens explains why the Biden administration policy was a retreat rather than a withdrawal and why that is significant. Stephens also shares and how his group is serving many veterans and their families because of major gaps in the VA system.

Sara shares the chilling details of her visit to Philadelphia’s drug-ravaged Kensington neighborhood from the addicts who describe themselves as zombies to the needles covering the ground to the drugs that literally erode human flesh and expose bones. She also explains why Philadelphia and many other American cities are overwhelmed with these tragedies and why they are directly tied to our open border policies.

Sara also welcomes Run Gen-Z Founder Joe Mitchell to discuss the daunting challenge of convincing young adults to break free from the liberal mindset and embrace freedom and opportunity instead of endless grievances and a resentment of America.

Sara welcomes Libs of TikTok Founder Chaya Raichick to discuss how she turned her revulsion at radical activists trying to confuse kids about gender and sexuality into one of the most influential profiles on Twitter. They also discuss how China is using TikTok to divide and distract Americans and how TikTok has very different algorithms for users in China than it does here. Raichick also believes that the gender madness is coming from a small slice of far leftists who just make a lot more noise than the rest of us.

Sara also shares more unique insights into the Biden administration’s classified documents scandal and how Seattle is reaping the consequences of defunding the police there.

Sara takes a flamethrower to President Biden and the pathetic excuses his administration is offering to explain why he was in possession of classified documents from his days as Vice President. Sara walks through the infuriating double standard politicians and the media apply to President Trump and why it’s not patriotic Americans who are a threat to our constitutional republic but rather the very institutions who are supposed to be protecting it and each of us.

Sara also welcomes Alfredo Ortiz of Job Creators Network to discuss his new book, “The Real Race Revolutionaries: How Minority Entrepreneurship Can Overcome America’s Racial and Economic Divides.” Ortiz explains why entrepreneurship is one of the best weapons against poverty, why leftists don’t like entrepreneurship, and why business owners are vulnerable to IRS harassment.

Sara welcomes Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs for a lively and fun conversation about the GOP fight for Speaker of the House and what conservatives won in the process. Biggs also tells us what the House investigation into the Bidens will look like and what needs to be done to secure our southern border.

Sara also offers more details on her time at the border with Senators Marsha Blackburn, Katie Britt, and Cindy Hyde-Smith and shares her own personal encounter with Customs and Border Protection.

Sara reports from the border and details how she arranged for a group of senators visiting the border to meet with trafficking victim Carla Jacinto and victim advocate Rosie Orozco to stress how President Biden’s open borders policies directly assist sex traffickers and turn girls of all ages into victims of some of the worst horrors imaginable.

Sara also welcomes California Rep. Darrell Issa, who shares his own story of helping to stop a human trafficker at the border in his district. They also discuss ways that the new GOP-controlled House of Representatives can act to secure the border, stifle trafficking, and reduce the flow of migrants into the U.S.

President Biden suddenly pretends to care about the open border his policies created and allowed human trafficking and drug smuggling at unprecedented levels. But his Thursday speech was riddled with lies, deceptions, and blame shifting against the Republicans. Sara offers a fierce rebuttal to what Biden said and even what he refused to admit.

Sara also hammers Missouri Democrat Rep. Cori Bush for calling her black GOP colleague, Byron Donalds, a “prop” for the Republican Party. Plus, she highlights her ski trip over the holidays and explains why you probably ought to stay far away from her on the slopes.

Sara takes time to reflect on some of the consequential and flat-out bizarre moments from 2022 and tells us why she is full of optimism and hope for the year to come. She discusses crazy stories like the Department of Homeland Security trying to create a Disinformation Governance Board and tapping someone as unhinged as Nina Jankowicz to run it. Sara also recounts her truly disturbing conversations with pro-abortion demonstrators who discussed throwing abortion parties and some even wished their mothers had aborted them.

But Sara is also grateful for major strides in free speech, thanks in large part to Twitter CEO Elon Musk freeing suspended accounts and allowing reporters to dig into the stunning collusion between our government, political operatives, and big tech to influence the discourse leading up to the 2020 elections.

Constitutional attorney Ivan Raiklin joins the Sara Carter Show to discuss how the Deep State in America operates and how it suppresses and subverts the will of the American people. Raiklin locks in on our intelligence agencies and elections and the ways America’s elites use them to strengthen their grip on power.

Sara also takes a look at our government hand waving away unexplained aerial phenomena, better known as UFO’s. The American people deserve the truth and honest investigations into what is happening in our skies.

Sara welcomes National Border Patrol Council Vice President Chris Cabrera to discuss the illegal border crossing surging even higher in anticipation of Title 42 going away. Cabrera also explains how little support Customs and Border Protection is getting from other agencies with responsibilities on the immigration front. And Cabrera stresses that the endless stream of migrants does not stay at the border. The vast majority spread throughout the country to communities coast to coast.

Sara also explains how adversaries like Cuba are making our problems worse by exploiting our open border. Plus, she blasts the left-wing media who now argue that the open border is not a result of Biden’s policies but rather Republicans talking about the open border. And she examines the impact and effectiveness of drones near the border.

Santa is very busy in these final days before Christmas but his top elf, Superman himself Dean Cain, joins Sara to go through the political naughty and nice lists. President Biden lands on the naughty list but Cain explains why Santa won’t be bringing coal to the White House. They also evaluate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Pennsylvania Senator-Elect John Fetterman, President Trump and several others.

In addition, Sara and Dean discuss their family Christmas traditions and the best gifts they ever received as children. Sara also shares a heartfelt message with you in gratitude for you faithfully listening to the podcast this year.

Sara welcomes Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn to discuss her relentless push to end the vaccine mandate for members of the U.S. Armed Forces and how she had to work around Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to get it done.

Blackburn also reacts to the left melting down over Elon Musk’s leadership of Twitter. And she details her efforts to rein in Apple and Google as the gigantic gatekeepers of what we are able to see and read on our devices. And she has a point blank message for parents about TikTok.

Sara welcomes anti-human trafficking author and activist John DiGirolamo to discuss his new book, “It’s Not About the Predator: A Parents’ Guide to Internet and Social Media Safety.” DiGirolamo details the destructive ideas that are flooding social media and other parts of the internet, why it is imperative to keep your kids out of all chat rooms, and why you must see yourself as your child’s protector instead of their friend.

Sara also discusses the surge of humanity at the southern border as the BIden administration foolishly prepares to lift the Remain in Mexico policy. And Sara says her sources believe they know what President Trump’s big announcement will be today.

Gordon Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” joins Sara to discuss how China’s ambitions are not limited to Earth, but also include Mars and the moon revolving around the “Middle Kingdom”. Chang also explores how COVID may have been the opening salvo in an assault on the American people, with China currently developing “ethnic viruses” designed to target the demographics of the United States.

Sara also covers how non-governmental organizations are actively facilitating the invasion of America by transporting unvetted migrants to almost every congressional district in the country.

Sara is joined by author and Conservative Partnership Institute Senior Director of Policy Rachel Bovard. They discuss how House Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell refuse to change legislative procedures that gives them immense power over the rest of their members, despite increased pressure from conservative groups like the House Freedom Caucus. Bovard also details how GOP leaders force members into supporting terrible legislation and what changes need to be made so Congress represents American voters, not just K Street.

Sara also covers Elon Musk firing crooked former FBI operator Jim Baker from Twitter and what else might be uncovered in the next release of the “Twitter Files”.

Sara unloads on New York Gov. Kathy Hochul for vetoing legislation aimed at fighting the scourge of fentanyl. She also rips the media for treating fentanyl like a matter of addiction instead of deliberate poisoning by the Chinese Communist Party and Mexican drug cartels. Speaking of the CCP, Sara also blasts a Chinese-American “non-profit” for calling an Asian-American congresswoman racist for condemning Beijing’s policies. Finally, as Elon Musk exposes what Twitter did to spike the Hunter Biden laptop story, Sara calls out the former national security officials who put partisan politics ahead of national security by lying about the origins of the laptop.

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Sara takes aim at several stories that Americans need to be following. First, she praises Texas and Louisiana for suing Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his memo telling ICE and other federal agencies to reduce the number of deportations. She also highlights yet another horrific story of human smuggling.

Then Sara takes aim at the “evil” people targeting our children and shattering their precious innocence. She condemns the Balenciaga ad campaign putting children in images with clear sexual overtones and slams the people who are constantly trying to indoctrinate our kids on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity at very young ages.

Sara Carter is the host of a brand new documentary podcast called Dark Wars: The Border. In this exciting first episode, Sara breaks down what big tech, the cartels, and corrupt Washington politicians don’t want you to know about the Southern Border. To learn more about the Dark Wars Podcast, visit

The media, big tech, and politicians in both parties are lying about the crisis at our border. They refuse to discuss what’s really happening, ignore their own numbers, and insist everything is under control.