Former CIA station chief Daniel Hoffman joins Sara to discuss the biggest international challenges facing the United States. Hoffman details the threats posed by China and urges U.S. officials to speak boldly about what the communist leadership is doing there and why it needs to be publicly condemned. He also shares the main reason that the Biden administration is so insistent upon striking a new nuclear deal with Iran, and what comes next with Russia and Ukraine.

But Sara and Hoffman also take time to discuss the recent passing of his beloved wife and how Hoffman’s young son is now on a mission to raise money to fight childhood cancer.

The Illinois legislature seems more interested in protecting criminals than looking out for law-abiding citizens. The recently-passed legislation, backed by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and District Attorney Kim Fox, Orland Park, Illinois, Mayor Keith Pekau joins Sara to discuss why the “Safe-T” Act is so dangerous – from abolishing cash bail to allowing people accused of things like arson, kidnapping, or killing someone while driving drunk to be free until trial. Pekau also blasts the left for prioritizing politics over the safety of Illinois communities.

Sara also slam’s Joe Biden for his mishandling of the economy that is now forcing members of the U.S. Armed Forces to apply for food stamps to make ends meet. Those who swear to defend our nation with their lives deserve to be uplifted and honored, not relegated to government assistance.

Sara welcomes Job Creators Network CEO Alfredo Ortiz to discuss the pain that American small business owners are suffering as a result of Biden administration policies. Ortiz explains that the left hates small businesses because they represent hard work and freedom, while the left wants as many dependent people as possible. He also says inflation is hurting small businesses much more than large businesses and that layoffs and hiring freezes are coming.

In addition, Ortiz tells Sara that Republicans must stay disciplined on their messaging in the final weeks of the midterm elections and that the 2021 strategy of Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is a good model to follow.

David Limbaugh and his daughter, Christen Limbaugh Bloom, join Sara to discuss their new book, “The Resurrected Jesus: The Church in the New Testament.” The Limbaughs discuss what it was like to work together on this book and they explain why the subject of their book is directly relevant to the ugliness of today’s political and cultural battles.

Christen also implores listeners to remember that God is bigger – much bigger – than the trials we face here on earth.

Sara welcomes Heritage Foundation national security expert James Carafano to discuss the very disturbing relationship between China and the Mexican drug cartels, including how China launders the cartels’ profits from drug and human trafficking.

Carafano also blasts the Biden administration for an open border policy that acts as an open invitation for the “next 9/11.” He also says the country is on pace to double the number of illegal immigrants in the country in just four years of Biden’s presidency.

Citizens United President David Bossie joins Sara to discuss the approaching midterm elections and the challenges and opportunities facing the Republican Party. Bossie explains that the media will focus more on President Trump than President Biden over these final weeks because focusing on the Biden record would hurt the Democrats – whom most reporters support.

They also discuss what message the GOP should be focused on over these final two months, why the skyrocketing rate of violent crime needs to be front and center and whether Trump will actually run again in 2024.

California Rep. Darrell Issa joins me to discuss the mountain of lethal fentanyl that authorities have captured but he estimates that’s just five percent of what is coming into the country. He also explains what he calls China’s “deceive, disrupt, and exploit” strategy – that instead of waging a bloody, expensive war against the U.S., Beijing is making a ton of money killing Americans one at a time.

Issa also explains why Americans must reject socialism, saying it would cripple our ability to bring peace and prosperity to many parts of the world and there will no recovering from it.

Texas Rep. Lance Gooden joins me to discuss another unreported scandal from the Biden border crisis. Rep. Gooden explains how non-governmental organizations, or NGO’s, are taking tons of money from the government and using it to help traffic people into the United States. Gooden contends the worst one is Catholic Charities, which may think it is helping people but is really helping the cartels carry out their criminal endeavors.

Sara also takes aim at the FBI as whistleblowers assert that the bureau deliberately refused to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop during the 2020 presidential campaign. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg also says the FBI told his team to be on the lookout for misinformation during the campaign and Facebook deliberately reduced visibility for the laptop story.

Sara welcomes Keelin Darby to tell the story of her husband Ben Darby, who served with the Huntsville, Alabama, police department and was wrongfully prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced for doing exactly what he was trained to do.

Keelin, who is also a police officer, walks us through the incident in question and how her husband was charged because the police chief refused to give into the prosecutor’s demand that Darby be fired. She also explains how the prosecutor egregiously tainted the jury pool and how the judge blocked exculpatory evidence from being presented at trial.

New York Rep. Claudia Tenney joins Sara to discuss the fight over the future of the GOP and offer her very strong reaction to Rep. Liz Cheney and Sen. Mitch McConnell grousing about the nominees voters are choosing.

Tenney also explains why she believes the January 6th committee is nothing more than an unconstitutional Soviet-style show trial, the conflict of interest concerning the judge who signed off on the Mar-a-Lago search warrant, illegal immigrants showing up in New York, the midterms and much more.

California Rep. Mike Garcia joins Sara to discuss how the Democrats are abusing power in the pursuit of political goals and why it is imperative that voters give power in Congress back to Republicans this year.

Garcia says Democrats control almost all the levers of power but they are still unsuccessful because the American people don’t support their agenda. As a result, he says Democrats are plowing through our constitutional protections to get what they want.

Sara welcomes investigative reporter, author, and podcast host Peter Schweizer to discuss the FBI’s raid of President Trump’s home in Florida and what the stunning contrast with the bureau’s handling of the Hillary Clinton case says about the massive double standard in our justice system. Schweizer also dissects how China enriches elites from the U.S. and beyond to do its bidding around the world and why China’s dealings with the Bidens is worthy of serious investigation. He also explains why the new “Inflation Reduction Act” is really a huge win for China.

Sara also recounts some of her travels to Central America from last week and the work she is doing to tell the truth about what’s really happening at the border and, how it’s weakening national security and impacting every one of us.

Sara is on the road this week in Central America so she invited her friends, Mock and Daisy from the Chicks on the Right podcast to share a very special interview they did with the Moms for Liberty.

Hoping to give frustrated parents a voice, Moms for Liberty founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich wanted to unify parents across the country and empower them to hold school administrators accountable.

Sara is back from reporting on the CCP’s mysterious purchase of acres of American farmland near U.S. military nuclear facilities and breaks down what the Chinese may have planned for these sites.

Sara also explores the importance of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan and admonishes the Biden Administration for their confusing response and policy.

Former Trump White House official and America First Legal Foundation Founder Stephen Miller joins Sara for the second half of their explosive interview. Sara and Stephen discuss the tools President Trump would pursue to clean out the deep state if he wins a second term. They also discuss what Miller has discovered about the CDC trying to get big tech to crush free speech connected to the COVID crisis.

They also document the border catastrophe that President Biden has intentionally orchestrated. Finally, they highlight the importance of this year’s midterm elections and what to expect for 2024.

Former Trump adviser and America First Legal Foundation Founder Stephen Miller tells Sara just how far the deep state went to stop President Trump’s agenda and how far it will go to stop anyone actively opposed to its agenda. It makes unfavorable stories disappear, spoon feeds completely fabricated allegations to the media, and puts innocent people in prison. Miller also explains why he does not believe the Justice Department is fixable in its current form.

Sara also walks us through President Biden’s horrific poll numbers among Latinos and explains why they are fed up with the Democrats.

President Trump joins Sara joins Sara to discuss his new defamation lawsuit against CNN and he also responds to reports that the Justice Department is investigating him for possible criminal charges related to the events of January 6, 2021.

Sara and Trump also discuss reports that the FBI actively covered up serious evidence against Hunter Biden right before the 2020 election by declaring it all Russian disinformation.

Sara welcomes former Guatemalan intelligence chief Mario Duarte to discuss just how much China has compromised the United States and how the Biden State Department is essentially driving Latin American nations to forge closer ties with Beijing.

In addition, Duarte explains how China is tracking all of our data through cell towers and server farms and how taxpayer dollars given out through USAID is basically being laundered and given to Democrats in the U.S.

Sara welcomes her own congressman, Texas Rep. Chip Roy, to discuss issues ranging from the border crisis to the growing threat from China and why the left is “full of crap” on climate policy.

Rep. Roy tells Sara how Biden’s deliberate refusal to defend our border is part of a much bigger, more troubling agenda. He also sounds the alarm on the U.S. failing to stop China from buying up lots of U.S. farmland and how the left’s hypocrisy on China exposes how empty their climate agenda really is. But Rep. Roy also has some strong words for his fellow congressional Republicans when it comes to defense spending.

Sara welcomes Arizona GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters to discuss his campaign to unseat Democrat Mark Kelly. Masters tells Sara about his strong desire to reform our “two-tired” justice system that treats people differently based on their political affiliations. He also hammers big tech for its political bias and says the obvious partisanship it showed in 2020 by smothering the Hunter Biden laptop story and others created an unfair election process.

Sara also dives into the shocking story of President Biden selling lots of petroleum from our strategic reserves to a Chinese company with longstanding ties to Hunter Biden.