Sara fully understands the toll our 20-year war in Afghanistan has taken on our nation and our military families. She knows it as a reporter and as the wife of a wounded warrior. But Sara also warns the Biden administration and any future presidents to keep a very close watch on what’s happening there. She says it’s clear that the Taliban is growing in power and plans to host the world’s worst terrorist groups again. In fact, that’s already happening.

Sara also exposes the COVID hypocrisy in this nation as vaccinated Americans are once again asked to mask up and vaccinated people in other nations are not allowed to travel here. Yet, COVID-positive migrants coming illegally to our southern border are just getting waved through.

Sara welcomes Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn to discuss her request for the White House to turn over all communication between the administration and the big tech companies about their collaboration to silence Americans on those platforms. Blackburn says the administration has a list of people they want to silence and that Democrats plan to get very aggressive about silencing them before 2022.

Sara also describes her latest visit to Miami and the intense protests there demanding freedom for Cuba. She also explains how the story of Cubans losing their freedoms more than 60 years ago can happen here. And she has some choice words for Jeff Bezos following his Blue Origin flight to the edge of space this week.

Sara discusses the news that more than 93,000 people died of drug overdoses in the U.S. in 2020. That’s the highest number ever recorded. And it’s not just addicts and the mentally ill. Many people are dying because they took just one pill, but that pill was laced with deadly poisons like fentanyl.

Sara also brings in Derek Maltz, who headed the Drug Enforcement Agency’s special operations division for nearly a decade and works closely with the family members of overdose victims to build awareness of this crisis. Sara and Derek discuss why this problem is growing, why the government is doing so little to educate families or stop the drug flow, and what parents can do to keep their kids safe.

Sara welcomes former CIA paramilitary officer Felix Rodriguez to discuss his memories of Fidel Castro turning his home country of Cuba into a dictatorial nightmare very quickly. Rodriguez describes his role in the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs operation designed to depose Castro and he shares the story his interrogating the murderous guerilla Che Guevara and why it disgusts him that Che is considered a folk hero on the political left. Finally, they discuss why Rodriguez thinks the “beginning of the end” is underway for the communists in Cuba and why he suspects next year’s elections will determine whether America takes a socialist turn it may never recover from.

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California Rep. Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, says he still believes Special Counsel John Durham will issue a report on the Obama administration’s surveillance of the 2016 Trump campaign and that people will go to prison. He also says we should know very soon if Tucker Carlson was illegally unmasked by the government and who did it. Sara and Rep. Nunes also discuss what he calls the disinformation funnel coming from the major media and big tech firms.

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Sara cheers President Trump for leading the new class action legal fight against big tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. She explains why the fight is so important and big tech must be confronted for shadowing banning, suspending, or removing content it finds politically disagreeable. Sara also explains what the job of journalist ought to be and how big tech and the lockstep leftist media are snuffing out debate and simply promoting their preferred narratives. She even singles out CNN figures Don Lemon and Brian Stelter, who present themselves as journalists but are nothing more than activists. Finally, Sara explains why we must stand up for our rights against these powerful forces and why the silent majority no longer has the option of staying silent.

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With just a few weeks remaining until the full withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, Sara takes time for some very personal reflections from her time reporting on the war there. She shares emotional moments of watching American heroes fighting for their lives and sometimes slipping away, her powerful encounters with the Afghan people, and the character of the Americans who gave so much to fight our enemies – including her husband, Marty.

Sara also explains where the U.S. policy on Afghanistan lost focus and became confusing, even for our men and women in uniform. And she explains why she expects the Taliban to be back in power soon and a bigger danger to to our security than ever.

Sara has been investigating the intelligence community for years and tells you why she thinks the NSA IS spying on Tucker Carlson and possibly you. She KNOWS they are spying on her. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins Sara to discuss her trip with President Trump to the border this week and what his being there might do to help change the Biden border policy.

Sara talks to Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs on how China is moving into our backyard via south and central America. Also they discuss Sheila Jackson Lee’s committee to look at reparations and equity in America. Then, they discuss the Pentagon UFO report and whether it would be better if it’s an Alien technology vs China technology.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich joins Sara to discuss his battle against tech giants like Google and just how eroded our privacy rights really are now. Brnovich also details his fight to keep Critical Race Theory out of Arizona schools and why CRT is such a threat to the fundamental principles of this nation. And he weighs in on the debate over election reform and his bid for the U.S. Senate in 2022.

Sara also takes us inside her recent reporting on human trafficking and how President Biden’s immigration policies are making life far more miserable to vulnerable women and children. She also describes what these desperate people are forced to do to pay off their supposed debts for getting trafficked into the U.S.

Sara sounds the alarm on a new Biden administration program encouraging Americans to report their family members and friends if they appear to be extremists, but Sara says the government will define “extremist” based on who you support politically.

She also welcomes Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan to discuss his legislation to rein in big tech and hold those firms accountable for smothering the free speech rights of conservative Americans. He also alerts Sara to how congressional Democrats are planning to consolidate power in government and the big tech firms while pretending to crack down.

Sara previews the Pentagon’s report on unidentified aerial phenomena with the help of Luis Elizondo, the former director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Elizondo tells Sara that the unidentified objects have been ruled as U.S. technology and why he’s very skeptical that these objects are from any other nation. He also details the lengths some at the Pentagon are going to in an effort to stop full disclosure and how monumental the impact could be on our world once we do know the truth.

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Sara welcomes President Donald Trump for an extended one-on-one interview. In this wide-ranging conversation, President Trump offers his insights on the border crisis triggered by the Biden administration and how Biden is getting “taken to the cleaners” by the rest of the world.

They also discuss how our energy independence is now at risk, why Trump believes Mitch McConnell should no longer be leading Republicans in the Senate, and why charges still have not been filed against any Obama administration figures for their roles in the Russia hoax from the 2016 campaign.

Sara welcomes Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to discuss his battle against Google and other big tech firms to protect Texans’ first amendment freedoms. Paxton says if this fight doesn’t happen now, free speech rights may never return. They also discuss the border crisis and what he sees as President Biden’s political endgame.

Sara also tears into the mainstream media for pushing another false narrative after the Interior Department’s Inspector General concludes Lafayette Square was not cleared by police last summer to allow for President Trump to have a photo op.

Sara has just returned from Guatemala, where she interviewed President Alejandro Giammattei about the border crisis. She also spoke with locals in the mountains about what life is like there. She brings on Wisconsin Rep. Tom Tiffany, who just returned from a journey to the Darien Gap in Panama, to share his firsthand account of the dangerous journey many migrants make from faraway countries.

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Sara is down at the border and speaks with Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Christopher Olivarez about how officials stationed at the border are pressed for resources in handling the migrant surge. They’re also up against brazen human and drug traffickers who act with impunity due to Biden’s policies.

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The information on UFO sightings is getting wide mainstream attention and new information is coming out regularly. Sara dives into why this is and what it means and also brings you some of her conversations with the leading experts in the field on where we are today. #WhyNow

Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin joins Sara to discuss why the Biden administration is blocking members of Congress from key intelligence on the border. Sara also asks Babin, who sits on the subcommittee on space, about the upcoming UFO report and China’s ambitions in space.

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Why is the government about to release its report on UFOs? Why now? What happened? Sara talks to the former British Government’s Ministry of Defense, Pope was responsible, among other duties, for investigating UFO phenomena. Also, Sara rails against the government for spying on Americans and goes back in time to when both Republicans and Democrats could agree on the issue.

Sara brings the latest on ‘wokeism’ in the military and the fear it’s creating among our men and women in uniform. She brings on Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to discuss breaking news about Biden’s border crisis. He says criminals are being released into your communities. Later, Sara joins calls to fire Fauci.