Your kids are being sold a lie. And you need to protect them from the “gender ideology cult” before it’s too late.

From the shows they stream to their school curriculum and from social media to their own doctors, kids going through a difficult and awkward time in life are repeatedly sold the lie that if they don’t feel comfortable in their own bodies – during puberty – that the problem is they’re really a boy instead of a girl or vice versa and transitioning to the opposite sex will somehow solve their problems.

We’re not at war with Communist China, but Communist China is at war with us. It’s been waging a chemical war against our people for years. And it’s winning.
More than 100,000 Americans are dying from drug overdoses every year, and the real number is likely much higher than the one we get from the government. It also doesn’t include lives saved from emergency doses of Narcan.

Today, Sara welcomes Derek Maltz to discuss how this problem keeps getting worse and Joe Biden’s open border makes this chemical warfare easier than ever for China to wage.
Maltz served with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) for 28 years and also spent 10 years as the Special Agent in Charge of the Justice Department’s Special Operations Division. No one advocates more fiercely or tirelessly for the families ripped apart by these poisons flooding our streets than Derek Maltz.

Joe Biden doesn’t care about you, your family, or your security. And he proved it again this week.

Three years after reversing dozens of Trump policies that had successfully secured our border, and after saying there was nothing he could do on his own to tighten border security, President Biden issued an executive order that he says will rein in the chaos.
He lied.

Sara is back from El Salvador, where she attended the inauguration of a president who dramatically improved the lives of his people within just a few years. Can that be done in the U.S. too?

Nayib Bukele was elected in 2019 and inherited one of the most crime-ridden nations on earth. The country was overrun by ruthless gangs who drove the homicide rate into the stratosphere.

When you look for the news, do you care most about getting the truth or having your political opinions reinforced?

Thanks to the internet, we can get news from an endless number of sources. A few networks and major newspapers no longer control the news cycle.

The Democrats are in a full-blown “freakout” over President Biden’s constantly dismal polls. Even with President Trump stuck in a courthouse for weeks on end, President Biden still trails in all of the swing states.

But the left has much more to fear than just low poll numbers. As Trump’s rally in the Bronx proved last week, Americans of all races and ethnicities are disgusted with the Biden record. Even though many of them never voted for Trump before, they are now. Democrats are terrified and they should be.

If you don’t side with the Democrats, they don’t see you as an opponent. They see you as an enemy who needs to be punished. If the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Justice Department will conspire against a sitting U.S. president, they’re certainly willing to turn your life into a nightmare.

The brazen abuse of power by the left against President Trump and many of his associates and supporters is a big reason why former Hawaii Rep Tulsi Gabbard left the Democrats and is now endorsing President Trump in 2024.

Jewish Americans overwhelmingly support Democrats, but are Joe Biden’s withholding of critical military aid and constant condemnation of Israel the tipping point for these voters to reject the Left?

That’s one of the big questions this election season, and not just in terms of votes but also donations.

The Todd Herman Show covers many areas across our political and cultural landscape including: the anti-scientific, ruinous COVID policies, big pharma, gender ideology, big tech censorship, climate change and other major issues that impact our daily lives.

Do you put your family first?

Do you sacrifice and do things you would rather not do for the people you love?

Could Republicans scoop up seats in a Blue State near you? Based on the unpopularity of the Democrat/Biden plan, polls are showing voters want change and want it badly.

Further, they don’t just want wimpy Republicans who will go along with the swamp. Voters are DEMANDING America First, patriotic leaders who aren’t in it for the special interests, but to serve the American people.

What do you expect from a president and other politicians, regardless of which party they are from?

Even if we didn’t vote for them or don’t agree with them, we deserve leaders who obey the Constitution and tell us the truth. We want figures who will protect our God-given liberties and our private property and be good stewards of our tax dollars.

What do you expect from a president and other politicians, regardless of which party they are from?

Even if we didn’t vote for them or don’t agree with them, we deserve leaders who obey the Constitution and tell us the truth. We want figures who will protect our God-given liberties and our private property and be good stewards of our tax dollars.

What if we could grow organs tailored for a specific person’s body or develop energy far more abundant, reliable, and inexpensive than anything we’ve ever had before?
Could we create technology that boosts national security and possibly makes world peace more likely?

Those goals may seem like science fiction but they are very real and much
closer to reality than many of us realize. And they’re happening in outer space.

When you think of the 2024 election, do you immediately think of Donald Trump and Joe Biden? Most people do. Some might also pay attention to House and Senate races.

But some of the most significant elections every year don’t even involve candidates. They are statewide ballot initiatives on issues ranging from abortion to crime and much more.

The left is not only trying to police your speech, it wants to silence you. And it’s willing to make you a criminal to do it.

What started as annoying political correctness decades ago is now a full-blown movement to muzzle anyone who dares to confront the left’s narrative and declare them a criminal.

Anti-Semitic protests at Columbia University are dominating the headlines. But Sara knows you can’t rely on the media to get the story right. So she went to Columbia to see this madness for herself.

Today, Sara shares the shocking truth of what she found there. Not only were the demonstrators uttering the most despicable and hateful insults at Jewish students and their supporters, but it turns out these fanatics really don’t understand the issues of Israel, Hamas, and terrorism at all.

Are you a good friend? What do you look for in a friend? Sure, you like to have common interests and do fun things together, but the real mark of a friend is someone who is honest with you and will stick with you in good times and bad.

Is the United States a good friend? It sure seems like we were when we liberated Europe from Hitler’s grasp, stopped Japanese imperialism, and shoved the communists out of South Korea.

America’s open border is great for business – if your business is trafficking drugs or subjecting women and children to sexual slavery. International sex trafficking rings are more profitable than ever, and countless kids are being abused in unspeakable ways, over and over again, every single day.

But it’s not just happening near the border or in our big cities. Chances are that child sex trafficking is happening in your hometown too. It’s a widespread but often invisible horror that very few officials want to acknowledge or seriously fight.

Have you ever had a neighbor shout out that they want you to die? Do they teach their children that their greatest possible accomplishment would be to kill you and people like you?

That’s how it is for Israelis. Most of their neighbors in Gaza and the West Bank want Jews dead. In fact, many parents in those areas see killing Jews as the highest possible goal for their kids.