Sara is joined by fmr. head of Guatemalan intelligence Mario Duarte who reveals the facts behind the migrant caravan making its way to the US-Mexico border. He also warns about larger groups forming that the Biden administration will now have to address.

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Rep. Matt Rosendale is leading the charge to oust Rep. Liz Cheney from the GOP leadership in Congress and joined Sara to discuss why he’s doing it. Sara also tells listeners the latest from her sources on everything from the National Guard troops deployed to D.C. to the migrant caravan making its way to the Southern border.

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As Congress pushes for impeachment, Sara describes where the fight for freedom by 75,000,000 Americans should go from here. She guides listeners on how to peacefully fight for our rights against the big tech oligarchs and the swamp.

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Rudy Giuliani reveals to Sara that President Trump won’t be kept away from the American people while he’s being censored by big tech. He says Trump plans to speak to the American people.

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Ahead of a heated Senate runoff election, Rep. Jody Hice joined Sara to break down the importance of voting in the race. Sara also discussed the upcoming vote in Congress to certify the electoral college results, which has caused a split in the Republican party. Rep. Hice says lawmakers like Sen. Tom Cotton, who won’t contest the results, shouldn’t be in office.
Sara dives into the stories that were completely censored by social media giants in 2020. She slams the media for continuously spreading lies about President Trump while covering for Biden and his family. Section 230 must be repealed, GOP!
Sara interviews the 3 border patrol agents recently pardoned by President Trump. She’s been writing and investigating their stories since 2006 and has helped shed light on the information that helped get them pardoned. “This is what happens when good men stand up to bad men” — Sara Carter
Sara is joined by two special guests playing the roles of Santa and Mrs. Claus, Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson, to decide who was naughty and who was nice this year.
Sara interviews Deputy HHS Secretary Eric Hargan about Operation Warp as the FDA moves to clear more vaccines. Hargan says the American people will get the vaccine first because their taxpayer dollars paid for the effort.

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Sara brings listeners the most interesting stories of the day and discusses everything from UFOs to China. At the end of the show, Sara shares a special message for President Trump that you won’t want to miss.

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America is on the edge and Sara discusses what she’s observed and predicts what will happen to the republic amid a tense election. Later in the show, Sara brings in Roger Stone, who explains a new revelation in his case and why President Trump needs to commute his sentence.

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Sara is joined by House Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Andy Biggs, who says the fight for freedom must be fought by voters in the upcoming Senate elections in Georgia. Biggs also slams liberal leaders who have acted as tyrants but don’t actually follow their own lockdown orders.

Sara brings in fmr. CIA officer Daniel Hoffman to discuss his policy prescriptions for an incoming Biden administration in dealing with Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Sara explains what she experienced as a reporter on the ground in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Sara speaks with Ian Northon, who is a lead attorney on the Michigan election lawsuit filed with the State Supreme Court. He describes some of the voter fraud allegations that should interest the public. What he has uncovered in Michigan will absolutely shock you.
Sara is just as frustrated as you are that the DOJ hasn’t done its job and slams Durham and AG Barr. Later in the show, Sara brings in Buck Sexton to discuss the latest on Iran, a potential Biden administration, and voter fraud allegations.
Sara discusses how to find unity in a divided nation during Thanksgiving and tells her own stories of being around the Thanksgiving table with her family, who fled communism in Cuba. Sara is grateful for her freedom and isn’t done fighting for it.

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Sara and’s Liora Rez discuss why they’re joining forces to combat hate and antisemitism in America. The two discuss the issue as something that should concern all Americans. The hate comes from all sides and unfortunately has made its way into American universities and U.S. Congress.

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Trump Campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis explains the legal case that she believes could overturn the election results. Ellis slams the ‘fake news media’ for reporting the voter fraud claims as ‘debunked’ without actually investigating them.
Sara brings in Marci McCarthy to discuss voter fraud she claims to have observed as a ballot counter in Georgia. McCarthy explains how the issues she observed can be fixed if there’s a full audit of mail-in ballots.

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Sara brings in RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to discuss how the Democrats are blocking and bullying Republicans and Trump supporters who are fighting to restore election integrity. McDaniel calls out the hypocrisy from both the left and the media amid an uphill battle against election fraud. Sara also reveals what she’s hearing from sources about what really happened on election day.