Have you ever received that phone call? The one where your life is suddenly and forever changed because someone you love has died or been permanently disabled?

Many spouses and children of service members and first responders know exactly what that’s like.

It’s hard enough to hear about how our government allows millions of people to pour across our borders illegally. It’s far more painful when the failed policies lead to a heinous murder in your town, on your campus, or even in your family.

The parents of Laken Riley are living their worst possible nightmare because federal officials allowed her killer to go free after he came here illegally and then set him free again after abusing a child in New York City.

How confident are you that American leaders make careful decisions when deciding to intervene in international conflicts or that they have clear, achievable objectives when they do get involved? And which global threat do you think would be easiest for the U.S. to address?

Today, Sara and retired U.S. Army Green Beret Dr. Tobias Vogt break down our leaders’ failures to make strong, consistent policies and give our troops clear expectations when we send them overseas. It’s all part of a fascinating conversation about the serious challenges we face throughout the world.

Is your daughter wondering whether to play girls sports because boys are allowed to play with them? Or maybe they’ve given up trying because boys who “identify” as girls have major physical advantages over them or they do not want to share a locker room with them.
Sara’s 11-year-old daughter is involved in gymnastics, cross country, and tennis. and she is already worried about what her athletic future will look like if boys are openly allowed and encouraged to play on those teams if they consider themselves girls.

This is not just a hypothetical issue as the cultural left would want you to believe. It’s happening in college, high schools, and beyond. It’s robbing girls and women of athletic opportunities and forcing them into extremely uncomfortable situations.

America’s southern border is a mess. The Biden administration’s dereliction leaves every state and every neighborhood at greater risk of crime and suffering losses from the deadly poisons trafficked into the U.S.

But what if I told you another U.S. border is under serious threat – not from millions of unvetted migrants but from a dictator who loves to rattle his saber and has a history of invading his neighbors?

When Governor Abbott stood up to President Biden and his open-border policies, did you wonder if what the governor was doing was legal? After all, the courts always side with the federal government over states when it comes to border security, right?


Who do you want to come to your rescue if you call the police? Do you want the very best qualified officers responding to your emergency or is it more important for your police department to hire based on diversity?

Of course, you want the most competent people for that job. And the same goes for federal law enforcement at the FBI.
However, recent reports show that standards are being relaxed at the bureau so that people who cannot pass the physical fitness test and other metrics are being allowed to proceed based on their race or gender.

It’s been obvious for three years that President Biden has no intention of securing our borders and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is still the one implementing Biden’s surrender on national security. And now we have the smoking gun proving Mayorkas ordered the border patrol to stop doing its job.

Today, Sara welcomes retired U.S. Customs and Border Protection Joel Maldonado. Maldonado left CBP because he could not continue on the job in good conscience while border agents were told to stop securing the border and focus entirely on processing illegal immigrants, changing baby diapers, and doing other tasks that enable an invasion instead of stopping it.

Of his many failures as president, Joe Biden’s dereliction at the border may be the worst. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has done nothing but aid and abet the invasion of our nation while lying to the American people that our border is secure.

Today, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs joins Sara to discuss when House Republicans will try to impeach Sec. Mayorkas and whether they have the votes to do it. Sara and Biggs also discuss how rampant illegal immigration is destroying communities in his state and around the country.

Sara spends the day reflecting on the murders of three American soldiers killed in a drone attack by an Iranian-backed militia. Dozens more were injured.

Sara made many trips to the war zone in Afghanistan. She’s been there when enemy rockets hit the camp and service members were killed or maimed. She’s seen battle-hardened troops face the pain of losing their brothers. And she knows exactly what it’s like to get a phone call and find out the person you love most in this world is severely wounded. For others, it’s a call to bring the worst possible news.

The federal government threw everything it could at the Lone Star State. But it was not enough.

After a weekend of a standoff at Shelby Park, the Biden administration is scampering back to Washington D.C. with its tail between its legs.

Do you trust the Biden administration to secure the border?

Greg Abbott and conservative governors across America certainly don’t.

Every time information about Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse and trafficking of young women and girls is released to the public, our political and cultural elite get very nervous. But so much evidence remains hidden and Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn is working tirelessly to bring the full truth to light.

Today, Sara welcomes Sen. Blackburn to learn how she’s demanding action from the Senate to bring forward more victims and uncover the powerful figures guilty of grossly immoral and illegal conduct towards these innocent girls.

For three years, illegal immigration has overwhelmed our southern border. More than seven million people have come in illegally and surrendered, with the federal government then releasing most of them into the United States. Another 1.5 million “known gotaways” have also entered, and we have no idea who they are or where they are now in the U.S.
As the Biden administration oversees an “invasion by invitation,” Texas officials are trying to secure the border and the American people. But every effort to do so is met with outrageous allegations, federal lawsuits, or both.

The latest fight is over Texas taking control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas. The federal government alleged that Texas officials caused the drowning deaths of migrants because it would not allow Customs and Border Patrol personnel to assist. Even after this lie was uncovered, the Biden administration stands by it.

The Biden administration won’t protect our borders and seems perfectly fine just waving millions and millions of illegal entrants into the U.S. So Texas is doing the job the federal government won’t do.

Gov. Greg Abbott is busing migrants to sanctuary cities, where even far-left mayors are demanding a solution to the crisis. Texas is also empowering law enforcement to arrest and deport people who came to this country illegally, but of course, the Biden administration is taking the issue to court.

Israel was blindsided by a Hamas terrorist attack just three months ago. Shock, disbelief, and anger have now morphed into a steely resolve to protect the people and a determination for life to go on throughout the nation.

This is a response many of us can identify with. For those old enough to remember the 9/11 attacks, we were numb for days and even weeks. But we knew what had to happen. The enemy had to suffer and the nation must pick up the pieces and move forward.

Sanctuary city mayors are overwhelmed as Texas sends thousands of illegal immigrants their way. The leaders who once pontificated about maintaining their cities as a safe haven are now begging the federal government for money and suing Texas to stop the buses from coming.

Sara was in Chicago this week and saw the consequences of Mayor Brandon Johnson’s failed policies up close. And even Democrats in the Windy City can see it.

Towns and suburbs across America that were once considered very safe are folding under the weight of thousands of migrants thrust upon them by President Biden’s open border policies.

On today’s Sara Carter Show, Sara shares what she saw in Chicago earlier this week and what residents said to her about their undocumented neighbors.

With a wide-open border and an incompetent leadership class, the United States is in a dangerous situation. If terrorists wanted to hurt Americans, can you imagine a better scenario for them to do so?

In his new book ” The Attack”, columnist Kurt Schlichter imagines how an evil enemy could exploit the flaws in America’s defenses and inflict massive casualties before our leaders would know what happened.

Where did you travel this year? Did you go overseas or somewhere in America you’ve never been before? Or did you stay close to home this year? And where do you still want to go?

As you know, Sara travels frequently. Often it’s for Fox News, but sometimes she is an invited speaker or just taking time for herself and her family. And this year, she visited three places that she will never forget and wants you to know all about.