Do you believe there is equal justice in the United States? Every day it seems our government goes easy on political allies while targeting political adversaries for major crimes and potentially bankrupting them in the process. Has it happened to you?

It might happen more often these days but it certainly is not new. More than a decade ago, the Obama administration got exposed putting weapons into the hands of Mexican cartels and other criminals through Operation Fast & Furious. The stated goal was to track the weapons and find the criminals, but we lost track of the weapons. U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent Brian Terry ended up murdered by one of those guns.

Politicians from President Biden down to your local leaders know you are disgusted with them and their failed policies on crime, immigration, and the economy. They just don’t care. They have the power and you don’t. And they are going to do what they want to do.

Sara saw this twice during her reporting in the Midwest. Monday, she was in Chicago, watching a massive tent near a police station filled with illegal immigrants that have arrived in the Windy City. It’s a horrible scene with drug deals happening out in the open. Chicago residents are screaming from the rooftops about how they don’t want these tents in their neighborhoods. The politicians don’t care.

What do you admire most about your dad? Ladies, what qualities matter most in a husband? Parents, what kind of man do you want your son to become? Sara is incredibly grateful for the example set by her father, the character of her husband, and the fine young men her children are becoming.

For centuries, men were appreciated throughout society for being tough and strong, honest and resilient, and excellent protectors and providers. But in recent decades, men have become the targets of ridicule, condemnation, and disrespect – often because of those very same traits.

Are you tired of being lied to every single day? Whether it’s politicians, the media, or people in your personal life, someone is always trying to get us to believe lies. And when we’re told the truth is a lie or disinformation or a sign you’re a conspiracy theorist, we might start to question what we know to be true. But even if it’s easier to just go along with the crowd, you know what the truth really is. So stand up for it even when it’s hard.

Sara dealt with this when the political and media worlds were feeding us a constant narrative that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 campaign. Very few journalists had the courage to dig for the truth. Sara did and she peeled the layers of the Russia hoax until it was obvious that it was the Hillary Clinton campaign that colluded with foreign sources to falsely smear Trump. It’s since been confirmed in several official reports.

What changes do you need to make in your life? Are you procrastinating or jumping into that change eagerly? Change is the only way to make things better, but we’re often hesitant to shake things up or fearful that things might actually get worse. How do you face change?

Sara and her family are in the middle of a major four-month home renovation. It’s very inconvenient when you can’t use your own kitchen that long, but it gets a lot easier when they think about how much better their home will be once the work is done. And that is a great metaphor for every effort to make things better for ourselves, our families, our communities, and even our nation.

At the end of every episode, Sara reminds us that each of us needs to stand up, speak out, and find others who will join us in the urgent work of protecting our most cherished freedoms, our precious children, and our very way of life. But what exactly does she mean by standing up and speaking out? What does that look like?

She’s thought about it a lot. And in the past week, she’s given speeches to very prominent groups in Texas and in Washington, D.C. The message is simple but urgent. Everyone must step up to save this nation, and, yes, that means you!

If you speak out against the left’s political narrative, you will face a torrent of criticism and hate on social media and beyond. And if you say something nice about Donald Trump, it will be especially unhinged. But if what you say is true, don’t worry about the hysteria. In fact, you should consider it a badge of honor.

Siggy Flicker is a spokeswoman for Jexit, an organization working to convince Jewish voters that the Democrats are actively working against their interests here at home and to undermine Israel on the world stage. Earlier this week, she wrote a Truth Social post praising Trump for moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and defending Israel’s control of the Golan Heights and the West Bank. Trump later “re-truthed” her post, which led to the left’s avalanche of hate.

There is a war on truth. Every day, we see the media peddling the false talking points of their political allies and treating the truth as a lie or even a danger to society. But unlike centuries ago or even a few decades ago, we have the ability to speak our minds and make sure people hear the truth. Think of the leftist narratives that got blown up because the truth got out: from the Russia hoax to COVID policy to the demonization of high school student Nick Sandmann.

And that’s why it’s more important than ever to speak the truth and to speak up for the right to free speech, especially as the FBI and other government entities worked to stifle online speech to benefit certain narratives or its political allies. There’s a reason free speech is part of the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. We cannot give an inch, and every time you speak the truth and don’t give in to the people trying to cancel you, you strengthen free speech for the rest of us.

The media lies to you. All the time. Sometimes they tell you things that aren’t true. And sometimes they bury the truth and ignore the stories that matter most. Just today, Bill Melugin of Fox News reported that more than 2,200 people illegally crossed into the U.S. at Eagle Pass, Texas – just since midnight. These people poured into our nation with impunity, bypassing the port of entry right there by the Rio Grande. Instead, they break the law, knowing that our government won’t stop them and won’t send them back.

At least eight million people have come here illegally since Joe Biden became president and made it crystal clear that he was rolling out the welcome mat and had no intention of enforcing our laws. Will Biden pay a political price for this? Perhaps. But you are paying for it right now! You pay for it as the government spends your tax dollars housing and feeding the illegal immigrants, providing medical care for them, and educating the children who came illegally. And the social safety net goes much further than that.

The left would love to take away your most cherished constitutional rights. And they’re openly trying to do it. They call free speech dangerous “misinformation” that they must limit. They call free expression of faith “hate speech.” And now we have the governor of New Mexico putting a “temporary pause” on Second Amendment rights in her state. Meanwhile, the left has no interest in enforcing actual law – from our wide open border to the dystopian nightmare in many of our cities. It’s time to demand better!

Sara welcomes former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to address the ongoing Biden administration dereliction of duty in protecting our nation and how that permissive mindset is allowing criminals to assault, steal, and destroy with impunity while law-abiding citizens are forced to stay in their homes to avoid becoming the next victims. Brnovich explains how the decision by Soros-backed prosecutors to ignore nuisance crimes is creating a culture where criminality is accepted instead of condemned.

On Wednesday, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney announced he would not be running for another six-year term. That’s fantastic news for Utah and for conservatives, who have watched Romney side with Democrats on critical issues time and time again. And Mitt might have been shoved out of the race by Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs, who has been building support for his primary challenge against Romney for months.

Today, Mayor Staggs joins Sara to discuss Romney’s decision to retire and what the campaign will look like now that this is an open seat. They also dive into the Biden impeachment inquiry, how Staggs would deal with the border crisis, and how the conservative fight against the uniparty establishment in Utah is a tough one – but conservatives can win it and they must win it.

Sara is just back from a trip to New York City. The city is swamped with more than 100,000 illegal immigrants sent there from Texas. This is an issue in many communities around the nation, and those communities are especially overwhelmed in the schools as they try to make room for all these migrant kids.

But schools are failing across our country. And they are failing for many reasons.
Seeking Educational Excellence Executive Director Charles Love joins Sara to explain what’s at the heart of the problem. Love says Americans are dealt an irrecoverable disadvantage when they’re constantly taught that America is bad. Not only is it dead wrong but it is corrosive to our national fabric. He says students are also immensely damaged when they are taught to think of people as groups instead of individuals.

Are you sick of politicians and the media lying to you yet? In big story after big story, the left and their allies in the press either ignore the facts or gaslight us on the facts. And sometimes there are direct threats to the people bringing the truth to light.

Here are just two examples.

It’s been 22 years since Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four planes and smashed two of them into the World Trade Center and another into the Pentagon. Heroic passengers fought back on the fourth flight to bring it down in a Pennsylvania field. It’s a horrific event that changed so many lives in profound ways – and Sara is among them.

One way Sara’s life changed was moving to the nation’s capital to write for the Washington Times. She embedded multiple times with American forces in Afghanistan and also managed to land an interview with Afghani warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum. Sara walks through this memory in vivid detail, what Dostum told her, and how it helped her understand the dynamics in play in Afghanistan on a much deeper level. It’s a story you’ll only hear from Sara Carter.

This summer, we saw explosive congressional testimony about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, the official name for UFO’s. Witnesses not only discussed inexplicable technology but also claimed our government is in possession of these advanced vehicles – some of which contained biological evidence of non-human pilots. So what’s next?

Today, Sara is joined by Nick Pope, who headed up the United Kingdom’s UFO Project, to discuss what additional revelations or other information might be contained in the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). They also consider whether the government is trying to reveal the truth to the public slowly or whether there is a bureaucratic turf war over what to release and how to explain it.

When kids were forced to do school from home during the pandemic, parents across the U.S. got a rude awakening about what their kids were being taught. While many teachers were good, we were horrified to see some trashing America at every turn. Others were implementing the tenets of Critical Race Theory and lessons seemed to be everywhere telling kids of all ages that they could change their genders. Add in absurd COVID restrictions when the kids finally went back to school, and it was more than Sara and many other moms and dads could take.

Sara and her husband, Marty, enrolled their youngest child in a public school when they first moved to Texas. But this year, they switched to a private Christian school. Today, she explains why they made that decision and reminds us that our children are our greatest treasures. We cannot just send them to be indoctrinated for hours per day and hope they turn out OK. She also offers encouragement for parents who are not in a position to afford private education.

The Biden administration and far-left prosecutors in New York and Atlanta are using the justice system to target political opponents. Donald Trump is the most prominent example, but the left is taking aim at conservatives across the board – often over perfectly legal speech and conduct. The goal is to chill conservative speech and activism and to prevent us from speaking out about what the left is doing to our nation.

Former Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis is among the 19 people charged in Atlanta. She promises a vigorous defense in court but she warns that the left isn’t all that worried about winning these cases because gobbling up the time and financial resources of conservative defendants is a victory for them as well.

Small towns like New Braunfels, TX make America the greatest country on Earth. Very few places can claim to have a rich history, vibrant community, and citizens who watch out for each other like this town does. This should be something worth protecting.

Our leadership in Washington doesn’t see it that way. Foaming at the mouth for more power and money, both parties are choosing cheap labor and votes over little towns like New Braunfels.

The war on boys has been unfolding for decades. Schools largely expect them to behave like girls. But they aren’t designed that way, It’s long past time for parents to raise strong, responsible, masculine young men and reject the weak and passive example promoted by our toxic culture.

Today, Sara welcomes actor Kevin Sorbo to discuss the crisis surrounding American boys, the left’s relentless gender confusion agenda, and how parents can fight back and raise strong boys.

For nearly two years after Donald Trump left the White House, no federal or state prosecutors charged him with any crimes. But in November 2022, just days after Trump announced he was running for president again, the Biden Justice Department named a special counsel to investigate the former president.

Now, in the span of just a few months, Special Counsel Jack Smith has announced numerous criminal indictments against Trump in both Florida and Washington, D.C. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg did the same and so did Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis. And now judges are setting trial dates that clearly conflict with the presidential primary schedule.