Sara looks at how Fauci experimenting on beagle puppies and other experiments on humans show how our government is not very different from China and even the Taliban. Control is taken at the expense of the individual for the greater good of the whole. Sara also covers the rally’s for the Va. gubernatorial candidates and has some surprising insights from the Democratic rallies.

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Sara welcomes former Trump White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who is also the author of the new book, “Radical Nation: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s Dangerous Plan for America.” Sara and Spicer discuss how Pres. Biden surrounded himself with advisers and cabinet secretaries who aren’t qualified for their jobs.

Spicer also details how Biden’s failed policies and unpopular plans are nothing more than a strategy for building “enduring power” for the left. He also gives advice on how freedom-loving Americans can fight back.

Sara welcomes Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn, who explains why she is very concerned about what she saw at the border last week. Blackburn says the Biden administration is preventing U.S. Customs and Border Patrol from doing the job its officers swore to do. She also says our tax dollars are actually going to some human smugglers.

In addition, Sara gives an update on people she has been trying to help get out of Afghanistan. And she reacts to stories that desperate Afghans are selling their children to pay off debts.

Sara welcomes Jerry Torres, a documentary filmmaker and former CEO of a major defense contractor, to discuss what he’s learned from interviewing cartel leaders in El Salvador. Torres explains horrific realities like cartels operating aggressively in American cities, trafficking migrants all the way to their new homes in the U.S., the human “downpayment” for getting smuggled into the U.S., and how some of our border agents are part of the problem.

Sara also discusses how governors are approaching the border crisis since the Biden administration refuse to confront it and the long-term danger we face from China clearly dominating cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Sara welcomes U.S. Army Lt. Col. Scott Mann (Ret.) to discuss the painful impact that the U.S. abandonment of Afghanistan is having on our American heroes who fought, bled, and lost their friends there. Mann was an organizer of the Pineapple Express, through which veterans helped to rescue more than 700 Afghan allies and their families.

Sara and Col. Mann discuss the challenge of transitioning from military service to civilian life, a change that drove Mann to the brink of suicide, and how telling your story is helpful to veterans and the civilians who have no idea what our service members went through. They also reflect on how four different American presidents didn’t give the war in Afghanistan the attention and policies it needed.

Sara welcomes Dave Rubin, creator and host of “The Rubin Report” to discuss the left’s relentless misinformation operation. This includes progressives insisting their deceptions are all true while conservative arguments are branded as lies and must not have a platform to be expressed.

Sara also discusses the Justice Department sending the FBI after frustrated parents who vent at their local school boards and what the left really wants to do to your kids in school.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, joins Sara to explain why he thinks the Democrats’ huge spending & entitlement bill will lead to much higher prices for us and even threaten the stability of the U.S. dollar. He also details some other odious parts of the bill that the mainstream media ignore, like the IRS invading your financial privacy and taxing money you haven’t even made yet. They also discuss how to fight for our civil liberties in an era when the government is rapidly accumulating power.

Sara also has some choice thoughts on Dr. Anthony Fauci saying we’ll have to wait and see if we ought to visit with family for Christmas, and then suggesting the very next day that he was taken out of context.

Sara dissects the congressional testimony of our top national security officials and explains why she doesn’t believe President Biden or our top generals about what really happened before and during the disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan.

She also discusses the growing problem of Chinese counterfeiting, from gold and silver coins to machinery to critical medicine. Universal Coin and Bullion President Mike Fuljenz joins Sara to explain how he and others are pleading with Facebook and others to block ads from counterfeiters.

Sara welcomes California Rep. Devin Nunes for a wide-ranging conversation on everything from the Democrats pushing hard for their socialist legislation to the brazen lies coming from the Biden administration on the border and more.

Nunes also discusses the need to rein in big tech and social media and why it is vital that the Justice Department allow special counsel John Durham to continue his investigation for as long as it takes.

Sara serves up her first podcast from her new home state of Texas, but her move was interrupted by covering the Haitian migrant crisis in Del Rio. She urges us not to blame the migrants for seeking a better life but to blame the Biden administration for sending people the message that our borders are wide open.

Sara also reacts to John Durham’s indictment of Hillary Clinton attorney Michael Sussman and explains why Texas already feels like home.

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Each week on the Common Sense Cast, the duo delivers a funny, engaging and informative commentary alternative to the traditional news outlets, as well as a safe space to poke fun at our country’s leaders, policies, and political and cultural direction.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken testified before the House and Senate this week about our utterly disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. He cam with a lot of talking points, but most of them are simply lies. In this edition, Sara walks through several Blinken statements and explains how she knows first-hand that he is lying.

Sara also takes aim at Gen. Mark Milley for reportedly promising the Chinese that he would tip them off if President Trump ordered a military strike during his final days in office. And he provides a comical preview of her move to Texas over the next few days.

After weeks of working around the clock, Sara was able help a number of Afghan allies and their families escape from the terror of the Taliban. This past weekend, Sara and her family drove to Fort Dix, New Jersey to visit one of those dear friends and his family. She shares that joyful moment with us.

Sara also welcomes former Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch to discuss her recently announced bid for governor of the Badger State in 2022. Kleefisch explains why she believes the incumbent Democrat, Tony Evers, must be voted out of office, how she would be different as governor and why she is strongly opposed to President Biden’s vaccine mandates.

While the Biden administration and the media try to pretend the Afghanistan story is over, the facts prove it is only getting worse. The Taliban is now sweeping through Panjshir Province and slaughtering men, women, and children regardless of whether those victims were fighting back. Sara welcomes an Afghan friend who cannot be identified due to security concerns for his family. He says the Taliban are looking to kill every last person in the province and explains why. He also shared his harrowing experience getting to the Kabul airport weeks ago and why Americans need to care about the targeting of the Panjshiri people.

Sara also takes aim at the lies coming from the Biden administration regarding who is left in Afghanistan, whether those not permitted to leave are hostages, and what the Taliban is actually doing.

Sara welcomes Jerry Torres, a service-disabled Green Beret who is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and the former CEO of a major defense contracting firm. They discuss the likely consequences of the U.S. abandoning a huge military arsenal in Afghanistan and failing to extract our Afghan allies.

Torres is also very active in trying to solve the crisis at our southern border. He and Sara discuss the humanitarian problems and how China is infiltrating Central America.

Sara welcomes two powerful guests to discuss the humiliating American exit from Afghanistan. First, she speaks with Saber “Rock” Nasseri, who grew up in Afghanistan, bravely worked alongside U.S. troops in combat, was severely injured and lost five fingers at the hands of the Taliban, and is now an American citizen. Saber explains the horrors he has been through, what the Afghan people are now suffering under Taliban control, and what he desperately wants to say to President Biden.

Sara also brings in former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East Policy Simone Ledeen to discuss what happened over America’s final frenetic weeks and what the impact of our withdrawal will mean for a long time to come.

Sara agonizes over the hundreds of Americans left behind in Afghanistan as our military leaves Kabul. She details the story of an American citizen who tried to get herself and her children to the airport for days only to be stopped by the Taliban. What will happen to her?

With thousands of Afghan allies and their families headed to the U.S., should be be afraid that Taliban members slipped in with them? Sara explains why the Taliban are horrible but are not the same as Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Sara has been working around the clock to get her American and Afghan friends out of Kabul and away from the clutches of the Taliban. In this powerful edition, Sara takes us moment by moment through her efforts to help two women escape. First, we hear about the young wife deciding to brave the gauntlet of Taliban checkpoints as her husband and Sara waited in agony to learn her fate.

Sara also shares the gut-wrenching news she had to share with another Afghan woman and how it impacted that family’s quest for freedom.

The Biden administration won’t provide a way for Americans and our Afghan allies to get to the Kabul airport, so Sara and a tireless group of American patriots have created a network to do the job.

Branding their effort the “Digital Dunkirk” in homage to the civilians bringing their boats to rescue British and French forces along the coast of the English Channel in 1940, Sara explains how this network operates, the dangers that still exist in trying to get people to the airport, and how the Biden administration’s response has been “a disgrace.”

Sara update on her feverish efforts to evacuate the people who helped and protected her during her many reporting trips to Afghanistan. She also unloads on President Biden insisting there’s nothing that could have been done better in our withdrawal from Afghanistan.

She also welcomes Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, who explains how this crisis is the latest example how how Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have “lost the philosophical and moral capacity to lead.” They also discuss the many blunders in the withdrawal strategy and discuss how adversaries like China and Russia will try to exploit this moment of American failure.