The DinerIt’s Christmas at the Diner, where the jukebox has been loaded with regrettable Yule tunes. Are you READY TO FLOCK?

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diner2014hallowIt’s the annual trip to the Jukebox of Regrettable Halloween Music, and of course a walk through the woods to the Haunted Diner, where something to terrible to contemplate awaits. 



dinerIt’s been a wet summer at home and no cruise ship vacation. But the Diner, oddly enough, finds a way to compensate. Musical features include the great film composer, John Barry – leading a rock ’n’ roll ensemble? Yes. And more.

James Lileks ruminates on tdinerhe search for the perfect summer song. Also, Peter Lorre.


It’s almost Easter, and that brings recollections of the hierarchy of springtime confections. James Lileks discusses the best way to sever the ears from a chocolate rabbit while listening to songs about spring – including that one about the dinosaurs.

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A shortage of uranium brings temps down, and we turn to the jukebox for solace. (Spoiler: no solace available)

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Roadside restaurant raconteur James Lileks returns with another look at regrettable Christmas music – including the eternal search for a Rudolph rival.

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Have a seat at the counter, and enjoy first installment of the Diner’s survey of regrettable Christmas music. From tot’s popping pistols at Santa to needless arcade-game tie-ins, it’s here. Alas. 

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It’s Thanksgiving at the Diner! Turkey-themed music of dubious quality, recollections of feasts past, and the real reason Pepto-Bismol brings back good memories. Note: no turkeys were pardoned in the making of this episode.

The Diner introduces a new computerized portal for ordering breakfast; a glum autumnal mood grips the patrons, and not even Mungo Jerry can boost their spirits. An attempt to fix the glitches goes just about as well as you might expect.

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It’s Halloween at the Diner, and that means recollections of all the cliches of the holiday, a tour of some dismaying seasonal music, and confronting the problem of zombies in the Diner’s parking lot. If all those moaning, snuffling creatures are zombies, that is. We’ll find out.

Yes! The Diner is available on iTunes. Not part of the Apple cabal? Use this link to subscribe to your podcast software of choice.

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We’ve been after him for years about this and finally, it’s here. Our own James Lileks returns to The Diner out on Highway 23 for a one man tour through food, music, technology (old and new) and his effort to add James Joyce to the diner jukebox. If you’ve never heard this show before, you’re in for a treat (of the fried variety). 

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