James is back from the British Isles and has had a little bit of it shipped home directly to The Diner.

James is heading off on his annual sojourn but takes emough time to stop in and sit at his familar place at the long, boomarang-patterned Formica counter and talk a little Fourth of July and things that go BOOOOM in the night.

Getting lubricated while going off menu. It’s as much fun as it sounds.

Refrigerator’s acting up. Will take my regional soda with ice. Hold the metal shavings.

Brown sugar. Butter. Maybe some cream. Perhaps a dash of vanilla and a pinch of salt. That’s the recipe for Butterscotch.

Or you just follow the directions on that 10-lb bag of powder over there.

You write and you write and you write some more. And you keep writing until you’re done.

An episode that asks the eternal questions:

Is this good? Better? Worse? Better here? Or better here? What’s the lowest line you can read?

Something that you can only get at The Diner: A trip to the future on a trip to the past.

By your command…

An order of eggs, forget the bacon and bring us a side order of aesthetically pleasing buildings.

We know this podcast is met with great anticipation and we want to assure you that while the packaging may change from week to week, it comes to you with the same great taste!

Fancy that.

The Diner is open.

Went all the way to Mexico last week just to watch a man die.

We’re getting ready for a road trip and you know it’s not best to travel on an empty stomach. So sidle to the long counter and get something in you before we take off.

James will return in two weeks. See you then.

In which the SS Tighty Whitey becomes a wreck and strands Gilligan and company on an island with a lot of vines and bamboo. Meanwhile in the news…. one of these days, Alice… to the moon! (Or at least to The Diner.)

Singing roosters… musical pigs… and a trail of references.

Don’t believe me? Vas you dare, Sharlie?!? Eggs-actley!

It’s time for your weekly dose of delicious content, a tasty treat for your ears, packed with wholesomeness! Indulge in a hearty serving of Lileks! Pour yourself a serving of “The Diner” – it’s the most satisfying way to kickstart your day!

The Diner: Where A.I. meets three little words scribbled on a note pad.

It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

Anybody got any bars? Anyone?

Snow in Minnesota is legendary. More legendary than you could possibly know…

Does anybody mind if I slip two bits into the jukebox? Man… that sounds… so familiar.

Is that a fresh pot sitting on the Bunn-O-Matic? Pour me a cup and hand me a pack of crackers.

And put away that screwdriver. You’ll void the warranty on this episode of The Diner.