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The Memphis Police Department has released the body cam footage of the death of a young black man, Tyre Nichols, at the hands of five police officers. This is the statement given by Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis. All five officers are black. All five have been fired and indicted. All five were hired in […]

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After having fun with the Associated Press war on “the,” Jim & Greg applaud Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for a 50-year low on crime and aggressive proposals to crack down on child predators and and fentanyl pushers. Jim also walks us through the major water dilemma facing western states and why government intervention is not inspiring a lot of confidence. And they shake their heads as a Biden judicial nominee can’t explain the subject of Article V or Article II of the Constitution.

Best Sheriff in the Country


My husband and I heard our sheriff, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, speak this morning.  Polk County’s crime stats go down every year.  Even with the massive influx into our county of people from the Northeast over the last two years, they have continued to go down.  The stats for 2022 were at a 50-year low – all due to the philosophy and programs of Sheriff Judd.

He believes that law-abiding citizens are his to protect and they deserve more consideration than the people who prefer to take rather than to earn.  His deputies have arrested a person for shoplifting a $2.19 soda. The “broken windows” philosophy of law enforcement is effective.  A little different than in California, where people can steal up to $950 with little fear of arrest.

I-4 has earned the designation as the nation’s most dangerous interstate for several years. Because of that, Sheriff Judd implemented unmarked police cars on the portion of I4 in Polk County. Last year, they stopped 8,000+ drivers and arrested and took to jail 200+ who were driving in excess of 100 mph and recklessly weaving in and out of traffic.  These drivers had to return to Florida for trial and either received probation or jail time, depending on their offense.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul’s vow to get answers on the Biden administration’s debacle in Afghanistan. McCaul says the administration has been stonewalling on providing documents on how U.S. intelligence was so wrong on the advance of the Taliban, the deadly attack on U.S. service members outside the Kabul airport, and much more. They also shudder as a new report shows the U.S. is dangerously deficient in producing new weapons to replace the many munitions we’re sending over to Ukraine. In other words, if the U.S. got involved in sustained military action, we could run out of key weapons in less than a week. Finally, they shake their heads as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s solution to the wave of street vendor robberies is to tell them not to conduct business in cash.

I’m Proud of the Everett, WA, Police


There is a local website that publishes news stories pertinent to the residents of Everett, WA.  Today, there is a story about a police “emphasis patrol” which took place this last Thursday.  For four hours in the late morning and early afternoon, a large team consisting of police officers, evidence managers, social workers, local crime stoppers, and Public Works staff made a dozen arrests and cleaned up many blocks of Evergreen Way, a major thoroughfare.  Here is a quote from the article:

For a time, late Thursday morning there was a backup at the booking area of the Snohomish County Jail due to the number of people being brought in by Everett Police.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the impending resignation of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, whose years in power were most notably marked by draconian COVID policies and unilaterally outlawing the right to own many different weapons. They also shake their heads as some House Republicans propose a national 30 percent sales tax to replace all other federal taxes. They appreciate the effort to simplify the code and hope discussions continue but fear this plan will only be used by Democrats to hammer Republicans. Finally, they respond to former Vice President Al Gore bellowing about boiling oceans and a billion climate refugees.

Traffic Stops and Gun Crimes


Despite President Biden’s inane musings on retraining police officers on the use of deadly force, there are laws that can help mitigate the gun violence problem in the United States. Laws that were written years ago. Laws that are being ignored by some prosecutors who see criminals as victims rather than a danger to the community.

From Channel 2 News, Monday, January 16, in Portland, OR:

Join Jim and Greg as they assess the news that another classified document was discovered at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home. They also groan as New York Gov. Kathy Hochul plows forward with plans to ban gas appliances or gas hookups in construction in the coming years – even in the face of massive public backlash to the Biden administration’s agenda on gas stoves. Finally, Jim comes ready to mock the latest lefty speech banning into oblivion as the University of Southern California and the State of Michigan decide that “field” – as in “field work” – is racist and offensive to people of color. And just when we thought today’s podcast was over…it wasn’t.

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I have avoided commenting on the horrific Idaho student murders. The unrealistic demands from the media, as well as from all the armchair detectives that criticized the lack of information from law enforcement involving this case was not unexpected. I have been on a shooting scene as the second car to arrive. My partner and […]

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The Center’s Senior National Security Fellow, Todd Bensman, traveled to Mexico to investigate rumors about a shelter in Tijuana serving only Muslim migrants and about thousands of illegal immigrants being funneled into the United States through ports of entry under a questionable program that makes border crossing legal. His trip took him to Tijuana and Mexicali.

Given the large number of “special interest aliens” (SIAs), U.S.-bound immigrants from countries where Islamic terrorist groups operate, on the FBI terrorism watch list, Bensman wondered about the national security implications of Mexico’s first Muslim immigrant shelter, which shelters mostly SIAs. He visited the shelter and conducted the first interview of its director, who has never been contacted by American officials, about the sensitive national security issues the operation raises for the United States.

Join Jim and Greg as they weigh in the second day of House Republicans at odds over whether Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker of the House. What is the end game of the McCarthy opponents? Will they force a more conservative speaker or will we get one that’s worse? They also thank Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi for exposing more details of how the FBI and other government entities aggressively pushed Twitter to suspend many accounts from 2017 forward. Are we not at a clear First Amendment issue on this story? And they applaud Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his inaugural address that articulates a conservative vision on many issues quite well.


In this year-end episode of Parsing Immigration Policy, Center for Immigration Studies experts discuss key Biden administration immigration policies and their impacts.

The roundtable discussion includes Jessica Vaughan, Andrew Arthur, and Jon Feere, moderated by the Center’s executive director (and podcast host) Mark Krikorian. The group looks at 2022 developments in border security, interior enforcement, and legal immigration, including DACA, detention, the decline in deportations, human trafficking, and the unlawful abuse of parole. The participants also draw attention to the topics the public should be following in 2023.

As we approach the end of this year, it’s time to start deciding the best and worst of 2022. Today, Jim and Greg begin handing out the their prestigious Three Martini Lunch Awards. In this first installment, they offer their individual selections for Most Overrated Political Figure, Most Underrated Political Figure, and Most Honest Political Figure.

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This a rerun so this will be a ‘Members Only’ post. Police work has some good moments and some bad moments. Sometimes it’s good to be a police officer, and sometimes it isn’t. Police Report Writing 101 does not include inserting your personal opinion in the report. This is an Adam-12, or Jack Webb type […]

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This is a members-only post on Ricochet's Member Feed. Want to read it? Join Ricochet’s community of conservatives and be part of the conversation. Join Ricochet for Free. Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is in for Jim. Today, Jon and Greg shake their heads as President Trump’s big announcement turns into a promotion for digital trading cards of himself. They also cringe as the Biden administration prepares to make the border crisis far worse by lifting Title 42 and ending the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Finally, they roll their eyes at research suggesting people who didn’t get the COVID shot are more dangerous drivers – meaning vaccination status could impact your insurance rates.

I’m Okay, You’re So-So


First of all, I would like to thank @ctlaw for bringing this story to my attention. Second of all he is not responsible for my opinions in this essay.

The refusal to deal with the mentally ill, other than lip service, is creating problems in the United States. Some of these problems involve the homeless issue, drug addiction, and in its most serious form, violence. Violence that includes random attacks, as well as targeted attacks such as school shootings, collective haters (name the group or cause), and political violence across the Left and Right spectrum.


The signing of the Hart-Celler immigration bill in 1965 launched a new era of mass immigration, contrary to policymakers’ promises. Today on Parsing Immigration Policy, Peter Nunez, chairman of the Center for Immigration Studies board reflects on the impact that bill and other major policy changes have had on the flow of immigration, both legal and illegal.

Nunez, a former U.S. Attorney for San Diego and a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Enforcement, speaks to the historical link between massive immigration and the level of drugs coming into the country. He emphasizes the difference between the way the media covers the topics today versus several decades ago, when, for example, President Jimmy Carter was forced to feign concern for the impact of immigration and appoint the Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, chaired by Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, President of Notre Dame. The Hesburgh Commission recommended that Congress enact legal sanctions on employers of illegal workers, which eventually shaped the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act. Later, a 1997 report from the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, led by civil rights icon Rep. Barbara Jordan, would recommend a reduction in legal immigration, a rejection of guestworker programs, and further steps to address to illegal immigration.