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There are times when being a police officer is a good thing. There are times when it is not.

I, just as many police officers do have some good stories, and some stories that are grim. They all come back from time to time in the quiet moments. I’m what I call a cynical realist. A cynical realist understands that human nature has not changed much since Abel and Cain.

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The Portland Police Bureau in Oregon has a podcast, ‘The Talking Beat’. I spent some time on the streets of Portland as a former Portland officer. I still get a chance to talk and listen to current Portland officers. There are some things I don’t miss after leaving police work. I do miss the roll […]

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So, You Want to Be a Vigilante…


So, you want to be a vigilante, well you better have a plan. Soros prosecutors and city officials that are more interested in prosecuting police officers and preventing police officers from doing their job are adding to the chaos for citizens who obey the law.

The frustration of crime victims is understandable. At one time, there was a promise between the victim of a crime and the state. The state would seek and prosecute the criminal, and the victim would not avenge themselves. That has changed in some cities. Now, some judges and prosecutors act as advocates for the criminal.

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… and go see the movie “Police State”.  It is by Dan Bongino and Dinesh D’Sousa (and family members) along with Nick Searcy.  As the title says, it is a review of the slide towards a police state that we are seeing happen to our country*. If like me (retired), you have enough time to […]

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The Masters of Disasters


So many euphemisms, so little time. Deep Blue cities are doing nothing more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Decriminalizing drugs, and decriminalizing retail theft. See something, steal it!

Walmart closed its two Portland stores. Nike is closing its store in Portland and REI closed its Portland store. Nordstrom closed its Lloyd Center store. There are some in the media who try to hide the fact that retail theft and vandalism are not the problem. The same media that could not discern the difference between riots and peaceful protests.

He Was Shot 4 Times


From Second City Cop:

[…] I’m also still furious Lappe insinuated to [Officer X] he could come back light duty and sit at a desk. [Officer X] was shot a total of 4 times, twice in the head. He died twice that night. He has hearing aids in both ears. He lost an eye. And Lappe suggested [Officer X] come back to work in some capacity. It still makes me sick.

Second City Cop Is Back


Second City Cop left the internet for a period of time because of a warning that the City of Chicago government was hunting for them. They’re back.

I was sad when they posted that they were leaving the public square. A big hat tip to @percival for letting me know they have returned. At least two Chicago cops are once again exposing the stupidity and corruption in the Windy City, as well as the Progressive nonsense across the US.

Extinction Rebellion Picked the Wrong Nation


Tribal land is not the place to do stupid things, liking blocking a highway. Tribal lands are a combination of a Sovereign Nations and Federal Districts.

You may be able to open carry in your state, but you better do some research before you open carry on the Rez. In fact you should make sure you can bring a firearm onto tribal land.

One City in 2018 Became Many Cities in 2020


Before defunding police departments became fashionable for policy wonks during and after the Summer of Love in 2020, there was one city in Michigan that previewed what was to come for any number of cities in the United States.

As we approach 2024, there are still ramifications from 2020 in any number of American cities. Dysfunctional city governments with rising crime rates and are more interested in ephemeral policies such as equity, personal pronouns, reparations, and climate change.

Enjoy Your Retirement, Lt. Jessica Taylor


Lt. Jessica Taylor has retired from the Seattle Police Department after 23 years of service. I hope that she remembers the good times, and I know that she will member the tough times that are a part of police work.

The City of Seattle government will have some difficulty replacing her. That is no accident, and it’s by design. It is not just Seattle that is losing officers that you want to keep. Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, and the City of New York are losing competent officers.

Grand Jury Clears Oregon State Trooper in I-5 Shooting


An Oregon State Trooper was called about a stalled semi in the center lane of I-5, northbound in the Salem, OR, area. When he arrived, the driver of the truck managed to get it started. The suspect approached the truck displaying a pistol and attempted to carjack the driver. The driver drove away so the carjacker pointed his pistol at two more drivers.

The carjacker made a decision to flee, and the trooper gave him commands to drop the gun. He started shooting at the trooper. He then started to advance on the trooper.

A Life of Service


I was touched tonight by an account of the early morning murder of 24-year-old off-duty Officer Areanah Preston in Avalon Park on the south side of Chicago. She was found with five bullet wounds and is credited with having fired three shots in the incident. A young life dedicated to public service savagely terminated. I have no political points to make on this occasion, merely my humble prayers that the Lord have mercy on her and grant His strength to her family, friends, and coworkers.

Thank you for your service, Areanah. Rest in peace.

From the Police Blotter: Be Careful What You Ask For


Policing is difficult enough, but not so difficult that a police officer must take the time to be molded into the new socialist man.

I have no idea what the hell LGTBQIA2S+ means. The only acronym I used on the street on a regular basis was JFB (Just [expletive] Beautiful). An acronym that covered any number of incidents, and internal Bull[expletive]. JFB never appeared in any report I wrote.