U.S. dominance in Space is being challenged by China, Russia, and a host of other aspiring competitors. Keeping our nation on top of all others increasingly relies on the ingenuity, development, and capabilities offered by the civilian sector. National security professionals won’t want to miss this chance to hear from rising leaders on the cutting edge of the aerospace industry. Join us to dig into the technologies that will win the struggle for the “final frontier.”

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A surge in political violence has rocked the nation of Colombia in recent months, threatening to destabilize the democratically elected government of President Ivan Duque. A report by the Center for a Secure Free Society indicates that recent protests have been co-opted as tools of asymmetric warfare by narco-funded leftist guerillas and terrorist gangs affiliated with the despotic regimes in Venezuela and Cuba.

At the same time, Professor Celina Realuyo has followed closely the domestic grievances that have fueled the protests, including the government’s response to the pandemic, socioeconomic disparities, and citizens’ insecurity concerns.

In 1972, Congress passed Title IX of the Education Amendments, heralding a new age of equal opportunities for females in academics and athletics. After five decades of progress for women in education, Title IX’s legacy is endangered by a new gender ideology that makes being female a matter of self-identification rather than biological reality.

This new ideology is erasing women’s opportunities in athletics and transforming single-sex spaces into mixed-sex spaces, depriving both males and females of their right to privacy. The Biden Administration is making aggressive attempts to enshrine this ideology in public schools, and the Supreme Court has declined to clarify that biology matters in school settings. These policies erase the progress of women and girls, and parents are now pushing back.

The Heritage Foundation is honored to host former Vice President Mike Pence for our signature event on U.S. policy in the Indo-Pacific. Heritage’s annual B.C. Lee Lecture on international affairs was endowed by the Samsung Group in honor of its founder, the late B.C. Lee, to focus on the U.S. relationship with the Indo-Pacific.

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Freedom of speech and free exercise of religion are at the heart of the American understanding of liberty. Even before our Founding, people flocked to our shores to escape religious persecution and live more freely. Judge David Stras joins us for a special address, reflecting on how his grandparents’ harrowing experiences during the Holocaust shaped his own beliefs and influenced his views on religious freedom, free speech, and the importance of the First Amendment.

Following his address, we will be joined by two commentators to discuss these issues as well as the recent rise in antisemitism in this country. We hope you will join us for this timely discussion.

The Supreme Court’s 2020-21 term is almost finished. There were important cases involving religious liberty (Fulton v. City of Philadelphia), separation of powers (Collins v. Yellen), donor privacy rights (Americans for Prosperity v. Becerra), election law (AZ Republican Party v. DNC), disputes about Obamacare (California v. Texas), and much more. Join us as our “scholars and scribes” break down some of the landmark cases and the Court’s rulings as well as the changing dynamics on the bench with the addition of new Justice Amy Comey Barrett.

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America’s rising consumer price index (CPI) and weak job growth have caused talk of 1970s-style “stagflation,” an economy that exhibits both high unemployment and inflation. Is this the case, and if so, what are the appropriate responses from Congress and the Federal Reserve? In an environment where the line between fiscal and monetary policy has become increasingly blurry, it is important to separate the two.

Policy professionals won’t want to miss this 30-minute Policy Pulse discussion breaking down the current inflationary trend and laying out a way forward that clarifies the roles of Congress and the Fed.

Imposing anti-American critical race theory on our troops directly threatens our national security by spreading ideas that undermine confidence in the principles underpinning our Constitution and destroying trust in our system of government. Traditional Americanism promotes unity, cohesion and equality among service members. Indoctrinating troops against those values runs directly counter to the mission of the force.

>>> Critical Race Theory Will Destroy Our Military

When the city of Philadelphia stopped working with Catholic Social Services because of their religious beliefs about marriage, qualified and willing foster parents were left with empty beds. This was nothing less than an act of cruelty, and the Supreme Court unanimously ruled it an unconstitutional violation of religious freedom in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia.

This major religious freedom ruling could have ripple effects on a variety of faith-based social services and conflicts over sexual orientation and gender identity issues. Don’t miss this chance to hear from the attorney who argued the case and other leading experts as they break down this important decision and its impact on our law and culture.

As China continues its rise, the actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have implications across the globe and the need for transparency is increasingly important. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the CCP has often withheld, manipulated, and falsified data for its own purposes. In 2020, The Heritage Foundation launched an initiative to shed light on alternative sources of transparency.

As part of that initiative, The Heritage Foundation is excited to announce the upcoming release of the 2021 China Transparency Report. This report will be the inaugural launch of Heritage’s annual assessment on the current state of transparency, both official and private, vis-à-vis China across eight categories. Please join us as we take an exclusive sneak peak of findings from this report, featuring keynote remarks from U.S. Representative Steve Chabot and Q&A discussions with contributors to the report.

America’s children should not be used as pawns by political activists who do not respect the diverse viewpoints in contentious cultural conversations. The Equality Act opens the door for destructive gender ideology to be pushed in schools, sports, medicine, and society at large—putting children at risk and undermining the rights of parents. Join us to learn what parents and concerned citizens can do to protect children’s minds, bodies, and relationships with their parents.


President Biden’s American Families Plan would dramatically expand the welfare state and abandon the principles of work-based welfare reform that have succeeded for a generation. This would disserve the very families it intends to help.

Domestic policy professionals won’t want to miss this 30-minute “Policy Pulse” discussion on the welfare proposals in the American Families Plan and alternative policy reforms that would build on, rather than tear down, the successes of the last 25 years.

The Biden Administration has proposed massive new education spending as a part of its American Families Plan. But will its prescriptions for universal preschool and “free” community college reap the academic benefits American students need?

Education policy professionals won’t want to miss this 30-minute Policy Pulse discussion on why the Biden Administration’s education plans head the wrong direction and how we can chart a better course for students’ future.

The Biden Administration argues the American Families Plan is critical to help families get back to work after Covid-19 by providing massive new federal spending on childcare and paid family leave. But politicians’ preferred policies in these areas can’t match the diversity of family priorities.

Family policy professionals won’t want to miss this 30-minute Policy Pulse about child care and paid family leave policies proposed in Biden’s American Families Plan.

The radical Islamist organization Hamas fired more than 4000 rockets at Israeli communities in just ten days in May, terrorizing millions of Israeli citizens—Jewish, Muslim, and Christian alike. As Israel seeks defend her citizens from the onslaught, “progressive” groups and politicians have displayed an inexplicable hostility towards our ally, with baseless accusations and twisted reporting becoming the norm.

Policy professionals won’t want to miss this 30-minute Policy Pulse discussion—a critical opportunity hear from Israel experts Michael Doran and Ellie Cohanim on the fundamentals of the conflict and the roots of anti-Israel sentiment on the American left.

The Biden Administration’s first budget contains some inexplicable choices to cut national defense purchasing power while simultaneously proposing historic increases in spending on education. While national defense is one of the few constitutionally enumerated tasks for the federal government and all signs point to a need for increased funding to account for a more dangerous world, instead the administration proposed a $5 billion cut in buying power. Conversely education—Constitutionally the responsibility of states and local governments—is slated for a 40 percent increase in its budget, even though spending has no correlation with academic improvement. What can explain these seemingly illogical decisions and how can logic be restored to important budget choices? In this must-see conversation for policymakers and legislative staff, the Directors of Heritage’s Center for National Defense and Center for Education Policy discuss the history of federal funding approaches in these policy areas, their current respective budgetary needs, and what the Biden administration’s actions thus far portend for these critical issues.

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Strong families and hard work are the foundation of strong society, and the basis for healthy child development, meaningful relationships, and economic well-being. Unfortunately, President Biden’s American Families Plan expands government infrastructure without addressing the real problems families face. Under this plan, politicians in Washington, D.C., would take more of Americans’ income to fund benefits that politicians—not families—create, approve, and control. Furthermore, the new policy’s welfare expansion would reduce incentives for employment, discourage healthy marriages, and increase government dependence.

>>> The American Families Plan Will Do More Harm Than Good

Our system for electing the President—the Electoral College—was carefully crafted by the Framers and has worked successfully for over 200 years, protecting and nurturing our Republic. Unfortunately, it is currently under assault from two fronts: a constitutionally questionable National Popular Vote Movement, and now Congressional Democrats pushing a constitutional amendment. Every American should be concerned that the Electoral College is under siege by these efforts, which would radicalize the U.S. political system and marginalize the voices of smaller, less populated states. Our Founders masterfully crafted a system that balances popular sovereignty and state representation, while also encouraging broad coalition building, promoting legitimacy of election outcomes, fostering stability, and discouraging election fraud. We must preserve it. Join us for an address by Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK), followed by a panel with two leading experts on the Electoral College who are on the front lines of this fight.

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From assassinations to spyware to the intimidation of family members, autocracies use the means of transnational repression to silence exiles and opponents around the world. Unfortunately, one tool used by abusive regimes to harass citizens abroad is Interpol itself.

Interpol, the international organization of police agencies, plays an important role in promoting cooperation against genuine crime. However, it has also been manipulated by its autocratic members into an instrument of transnational repression, and a recent report by Freedom House emphasizes and details the reality of this abuse.

Congress passed Authorizations for the Use of Military Force in Iraq in both 1991 and 2002, and both AUMFs remain in force. However, the object and purpose of those war powers has long been accomplished.

Repealing these war authorizations is key matter of congressional “hygiene” and gets the Congress back in the business of exercising its responsibilities under Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the Constitution.