Inez Stepman talks with Christopher Rufo, an investigative journalist and filmmaker whose work has become the tip of the spear for those with concerns about critical race theory and how it’s sweeping classrooms, government agencies, and corporate board rooms.

Stepman and Rufo talk about the extent of CRT’s penetration of various important institutions, as well as how people from the right, center, and liberal left are banding together to push back against it. Christopher also lays out the case against despair for those who feel overwhelmed by how quickly “woke” ideas have swept the field across so many areas and how so many feel unable to speak against it.

Inez Stepman talks with Melissa Chen about how to grapple with a geopolitically rising China, and about how the country goes into this civilizational clash hobbled by domestic insecurities about our open society. Chen and Stepman also discuss the balance between individualism and community, and how many are now seeking or actively creating political identities to replace more traditional ones.


Inez Stepman talks to Dr. Debra Soh about the biology of sex differences, how to tell if the science you’re relying on has been infected with politics, and the courage it takes to stand up for scientific truth in a world gone woke.