Elon Musk makes the battle for free speech international to the halls of Brazil’s Supreme Court (Ordem e Progresso!) while an editor at National Public Radio in Washington laments the fall of the free press at home.

And former U.S. Comptroller General David M. Walker returns to put a 2040 deadline on the ticking time bomb that is the National Debt of the United States.

Gag orders and conflicts of interest abound in the latest round of Donald Trump’s legal saga, and boy, is Dennis bugged abou that.

This week’s interview segment highlights the perniciousness of the DEI agenda: Former Werner Enterprises board member Vikram Mansharamani talks about his exit from the company and its “unquestioned dedication to ESG considerations as a primary strategy, and the refusal to adequately consider different perspectives.”

Horror of horrors! NBC News hires and fires a Republican after on-air talent throws a fit. Who’s running the asylum?

Then we talk to Karen England of the Capitol Resource Institute about the battle for parental rights in America’s schools.

It’s a classic case of good news and bad news. First the bad: If oral arguments are any indication of where the cause of free speech stands at the Supreme Court, we could be in deep, deep trouble.

On the good news front, if you’re one of the 1.3 million men who take Viagra, a Cleveland Clinic study says you may be lowering your risk of Alzheimer’s. Alyssia Finley of the Wall Street Journal stops by and shares the details.

In 2020 the city of New York broke 75.7 to 22.6% for Joe Biden. It’s safe to say that at least some of those Trump votes came from the city’s first responders. We’ll take a look at the reaction to NYAG Letitia James’ appearance at the FDNY promotion ceremony.

And speaking of broke, Special Counsel Robert Hur’s testimony before a House committee seems to have broken a lot of people. All that and the Parting Shot.

Legal immunity has been in the news quite a lot lately – what does it mean when you’re dealing with quasi-government agencies and officials that have it? Well, it can mean the deck is stacked against you before the game has even begun.

California lawyer Richard Hofman was caught up in the MMTLP fiasco and went after his broker – what he learned in the process may shock you.

Mitch McConnell ain’t gone… but he’s got one foot out the door. Google Gemini is really gone. As in gone crazy woke. The tech giant has had to pull its entry in the A.I. sweepstakes as the results turned out to be downright embarrassing.

Plus the MMTLP army continues to patrol the halls and offices of Congress.

When you invite too many foxes into the henhouse, pretty soon you run out of chickens – and the goose laying the golden egg.

There are too many foxes now – in prosecutor’s offices, in the regulatory agencies and in the media – and we’re calling them out.

They say silence itself can be deafening. We are pulling out all the stops and grabbing the bullhorn.

Our focus this week is on stories you may not be getting from your evening MSM newscast. We’ll talk about the latest from the tag team reporting of Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi, update you on the #MMTLP saga, and finally take you into a ghost town on the Israeli border with Gaza.

We bring in another set of eyes this week to look at the MMTLP fiasco: Kristen Shaughnessy has been covering this story long before it got on our radar. Just a couple of journalists on the hunt for the truth.

But we open the show with more evidence of government censorship. First there was Twitter and Facebook and now they want to police what you can find and buy on Amazon.

January 31st was the deadline for both the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to answer questions about their handling of the MMTLP affair. Representative Ralph Norman (R – SC5) joins us to talk about the response (or lack thereof) and where Congress should proceed from here. Can you say “subpoenas?”

Plus there’s a whole lot more on Dennis’ plate this week.

We touch a bit on politics as we put the first primary into the rear view mirror; offer our weekly MMTLP story update and then talk to Dani Pascarella, CFP of OneEleven about helping you achieve your American Dream.

All that and the Parting Shot.

Something smells out on the street – and we’re talking Wall Street.

While others dismiss it, there’s something rotten going on around the merger of Torchlight Energy Resources and MetaMaterials and the short selling of stock shares that were never meant to hit the market. Investment houses such as Fidelity and Black Rock walked away whole while thousands of ordinary investors got hosed.

Something is bugging Dennis a lot this week: It’s how 65,000 investors in tiny Torchlight Energy got crushed by greedy short sellers and imperious regulators at a Federal agency few people have even heard about. And now What’s Bugging Me is helping them Stand up, Fight Back and Be Heard.

Newsmax host and Wall Street “Wise Guy” Johnny Tabacco joins us with more on this saga – plus the way the DOJ and the FEC quietly allowed FTX badboy Sam Bankman-Fried off the hook for campaign violations.

Claudine Gay resigns the presidency of Hah-vahd and the left melts down. Well, tough. We’re determined to make 2024 a “Year of Accountability” and this is a great start.

In our interview segment we talk to Doug Drysdale, the CEO of Cybin, Inc., a Canadian pharmaceutical company that’s tackling depression and PTSD with a new generation of drugs derived from psychedelics.

Depending on your politcs, the Colorado Supreme Court either gave you an early Christmas gift or the court is run by The Grinch. Dennis has thoughts.

Then in our continuing series about reinventing your life we talk to Neil Ruddy, who went from stuntman to news producer – after the age of 50.

Ever feel like we’re all in a simulation and everything is just falling apart? There’s a lot to bug Dennis this week – from Hunter Biden flipping off Congress to the far left circling the wagons around Harvard President Claudine Gay.

Then we talk to former Federal Prosecutor Doug Burns who says you shouldn’t trust the legal analysis you’re getting from the media on the trials of Donald Trump.

The Presidents of Penn, Harvard and MIT gave a cringe-worthy performance on the Hill this week and the drip, drip, drip of Biden corruption evidence continues to pile up.

And one month out of the Iowa Caucuses we’re joined by GOP campaign consultant Luke Ball to talk the state of the race and the state of the slim majority in the House of Representatives. (Note: The Trump 2024 campaign is a client of Ball’s company, Masonboro Strategies.)

Turkey Day is behind us and we’re back to business. Elon Musk has gone to war – with Media Matters, with the woke corporations being manipulated by them and literally walking into a war zone in Israel.

At home we check in for the latest from Arizona politics with fellow podcaster Amber May and then Dennis fights a little battle of his own – with a billionaire of a different stripe.

Hope you all had a glorious Thanksgiving. Before we spent the day counting our blessings we also took stock of the week’s news. Rocket man, Jim Cantrell, returns to the program to tell us what he’s hearing from his vast network of contacts – and it’s not good. There’s a lot of bad actors behind the Hamas atrocities besides Iran.

All this and the Parting Shot.