From bald-faced liars in government to unethical hit jobs by the media, Dennis has had enough.

Plus we talk to Herb Greenberg, Editor with Empire Financial Research and CNBC contributor about the economy and Bill Spadea, Republican activist and morning drive host on New Jersey 101.5 FM.

Photographed by Sara Jordan Photography (Courtesy Boyd for Congress)

Waylon and Willie were wrong. Mammas should definitely let their babies grow up to be cowboys. And we’ve got the real thing on this week’s show – Vance W. Boyd – cattleman, actor (1883), pro rodeo man and now candidate for Congress – who joins us to talk about two problems facing America, namely a lack of masculine men and the healthcare crisis in our rual areas.

Jon Hilsenrath

This week Dennis finishes up his conversation with former Wall Street Journal scribe Jon Hilsenrath on the state of the media, and then talks to Amanda Rutledge of Tours of Duty, an organization dedicated to repatriating the remains of an estimated 38,000 POW/MIAs classified as “recoverable” by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency.

It’s a holiday weekend and Dennis is in a mood. A good mood!

We’re going to hear from different voices than we usually do – voices you don’t usually hear from in the mainstream media – the voices of common Americans. And we also hear from Lizzy Morris, a woman whose life hit a real crisis during Covid to the point that she thought of ending it. Hear how she pulled herself back from the brink.

Debate season is here, but the frontrunner was a no-show. Dennis reviews the proceedings but not before he talks about what is not debatable – our basic constitutional rights – and how the raid on the Marion County (KS) Record is something to be resisted with every ounce of our beings.

This week we talk to Matt Kim of Atlanta, GA about his Twitter rant that went viral and with leading media attorney Lynn Oberlander about the Kansas newspaper raid.

You get to indict! You get to indict! EVERYBODY gets to indict! And Fani makes four.
But you know what really bugs Dennis? The rank hypocrisy of a party that has its own share of “election deniers.”

In the interview chair this week, Dr. Nicholas Nicosia, a Rochester, NY dentist who got caught in the middle of a fight between the City and one of its firefighters and a charge of racism that cost him around a third of his practice. Then Jon Hilsenrath, late of the Wall Street Journal, comes in to talk about his old beat: The Federal Reserve.

Nothing bugs Dennis more than the current state of journalism and he concentrates fire this week on the contrasting coverage of the last two Presidents of these United States. And for pure fun he invites old friend Jim Iuorio to chime in – with the additional bonus of a little Fed analysis.

Then we talk personal economy with Natalie Pace about getting your house in order before retirement.

Bad news for Joe? Indict Trump. More bad news for Joe? Indict Trump again.

What’s bugging Dennis? Try the political equivalent of Ground Hog Day.

Dennis has the stage all to himself this week. The Hunter Biden plea deal has – for the moment – fallen through. There seems to be a last minute misunderstanding of what the First Cokehead was going to get in return for a guilty plea. Will the dirty money trail lead all the way to “The Big Guy?”

All that and the Parting Shot.

There’s so much bugging Dennis & Co. this week. The farther the House Oversight Committee digs into the Biden financials the more “equality before the law” looks like a cruel joke. What did the Bidens do to earn that money anyway? Meanwhile it looks like Donald Trump’s legal problems are about to get worse. Plus RFK, Jr gets in hot water with his own family.

We talk all of this with fellow podcaster Alan Sanders (WBHF and WSB, Atlanta) and discuss the future of money with Carol Roth, author of the new book, You Will Own Nothing.

All that and the Parting Shot… from the Birthday Boy.

Last week we were celebrating the 4th of July and Federal Judge Terry A. Doughty’s restraining order against the Biden Administration’s efforts to muzzle social media accounts. This week, First Amendment lawyer Tom Julin is here to bring us back to earth. He thinks the order will soon be reversed at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Plus we’ll be pulling on some loose Threads – Will Zuckerberg’s Twitter knock-off knock off the Twitter bird? All that and the Parting Shot.

What’s bugging Dennis this week? Not a darn thing, thank you very much. Between a string of Constitutionally sound Supreme Court decisions and a Federal judge’s takedown of the unholy alliance between the government and social media companies, it has been a very good week.

We also talk to Michael Robison, a man who’s reinvented himself multiple times – both professionally and personally. Plus a heartfelt tribute to Aunt Treina in the Parting Shot.

Was US Attorney David C. Weiss of Delaware blocked from pursuing the case against Hunter Biden to the fullest extent because it would lead directly back to “The Big Guy?” An agent from the IRS Criminal Investigation Division says “yes,” Merrick Garland says, “no.” Somebody is lying.

That’s what’s bugging Dennis this week and we talk to conservative commentator John Cardillo on the legal morass surrounding the last two occupants of the Oval Office. Plus Yuri Vanetik joins us to tell what he’s hearing from his sources inside Russia and Ukraine. Is this the beginning of the end for Putin or “Much A Coup About Nothing?”

Brandon Straka

Someone’s above the law? You betcha. If your last name is Biden what’s a felony gun charge among friends? What’s bugging Dennis this week is our clearly two-tiered system of “justice.” Does Merrick Garland really think this will sweep all the Biden dirt under the rug?

Donald Trump appeared before a federal magistrate this week and we have thoughts – both from Dennis and from one of the few non-reporters that were allowed inside the courtroom to witness it. We also check in with Rich Valdes from Westwood One’s America At Night for his thoughts on the matter.

The week began with immigrant protests on both coasts – not about immigration policy – but about explicit sexual ideology being pushed in our schools. We talk to Asra Nomani, a former WSJ reporter turned “Mama Bear,” who was on the ground in Montgomery County, MD as parents made their feelings known.

All this and The Parting Shot.

The Republican primary gained more entries this week as former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former Vice President Mike Pence and Gov. Doug Burgum (who?) entered the contest to challenge Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. And Tucker on Twitter debuts to some outrageously large viewing numbers.

Plus, Robert Kendall of “The Kendall Report” joins us to answer the question, “Where’s the recession?” and how the economy is going to handle the new normal.

As we find ourselves between Memorial Day and D-Day we have a show with a distinct military theme. First up are veterans Taylor Baldwin Kiland (US Navy) and Judy Silverstien Gray (US Coast Guard) with a preview of their new book Unwavering, the true story about the wives of Vietnam era POWs and MIAs changed US foreign and military policy in their quest to bring their husbands home from SE Asia.

Then it’s Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt (USAF, Ret.) on the emerging threat from the BRICs (Brazil/Russia/India/China) led effort to kill off the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

And what’s bugging Dennis this week? How about the way Donald Trump is treating his former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany? Many of the former President’s supporters are disgusted at the glee his campaign seems to be taking in attacking a loyal staffer.

Keith Krach (Photo: Purdue University)

Gov. Ron DeSantis made official what everyone assumed was obvious: He’s running for President. Eager to paint their new nemisis as a failure, the media found an unlikely ally last night in Donald Trump and his supporters. What’s with this unholy alliance?

Carol Roth returns to Ricochet

Everybody has a fish tale. The FBI certainly had theirs. The doomsayers on the debt ceiling have one, too. That’s among the many things bugging Dennis Kneale this week. Fresh off tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys, Dennis has his own tale to spin.

We set aside the breaking news format for a week and internalize everything. We’re talking about reinventing oneself and accomplishing things you never thought possible. To that end Dennis welcomes back actress and executive coach Brianna Brown Keen and then talks to Jack Maley, an ad executive who began to set world records in the bench press – after the age of 65!