It’s been a week but we’re still in a Fourth of July mood. We welcome NewsMax anchor and former Navy Seal Carl Higbie to talk about his new book, Profiles in Freedom: Heroes Who Shaped America.

And speaking of the last week, it’s been quite the week for the Biden campaign as the President seems to make everything worse with every media appearance he makes.

All that and the Parting Shot. Why should you care?

Mumbling, incoherent and confused… but enough about our debate experience. Let’s talk about the mess in Atlanta at the earliest Presidential Debate on record. It was President v President and the media was not happy with Joe Biden’s performance.

We cover the other news of the week and touch on a new development in the MMTLP saga.

Feliz Solomon (Wall Street Journal)

We have all sorts of scams on tap this week – including the president’s re-election campaign.

Hunter Biden gets convicted on three felonies – is it justice or just a distraction from the bigger picture?

Then we talk to NewsMax CEO Chris Ruddy about politics, the state of cable TV news and the future of his company, plus a candid discussion of the legal problems surrounding coverage of the 2020 presidential election.

The Democrats wanted a conviction. Are they really happy?

And we speak to Amb. Alberto Fernandez of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). His organization looks past what Muslim leaders say to the West and concentrate on what they say to each other.

We publish as the Trump fraud trial in NY enters its second day of deliberations. So, we get right to the matter at hand with famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz.

Plus a look at the circus inside and outside of the courtroom and, of course, the Parting Shot.

We review a strange week at the NY Trump trial and then Dennis talks to old WSJ colleague Larry Ingrassia about solving a cancer mystery that plagued his family.

And in the Parting Shot, has one of America’s best known liberal comedians taken the Red Pill?

The kitty roars and short-sellers start panicking. One tweet Sunday night sent Game Stop stock soaring and it’s 2021 all over again. Plus Dennis has a beef with his congressman over the current Trump trial in NY.

Then we talk to Rick McCawley, a Photographer, Design Thinker and Professor of Graphic Design at Broward College, about how you can best ride the A.I. wave.

We’re talking all things naked this week… from naked porn stars on the stand to naked short selling in the markets… we cover things as best as we can.

Plus, in the Parting Shot, the naked brazenous of stoking fear among Americans for political gain.

Don’t fall for it. Everything is not as it appears. Somebody is setting us up to fall and Dennis doesn’t like it.

In this week’s interview we talk to Jeremy Carl, a Senior Fellow at the Claremont Institute, about his new book, The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism Is Tearing America Apart. Victor Davis Hanson calls it, “A prescient, landmark book that finally calls out those who for far too long have claimed victimhood even as they fueled a toxic brand of tribal chauvinism.”

Dennis takes you on a whirlwind tour this week – from the courtrooms and campuses of colleges in New York to the power centers in Washington to Australia’s sunny shores.

Plus, we update you on our pursuit of justice for the MMTLP Army and their newest ally in the fight against the insidious practice of naked short selling: Donald Trump. John Tabacco fills us in.

This week Dennis is casting a very wide net and reeling in stuff that… well, stinks like dead fish. From jury selection in the Trump criminal trial in NY to the new CEO of National Public Radio to the SCOTUS arguments on the J6 convictions to the foreign policy of the Biden Administration… it all smells to high heaven.

And we’re taking a deep dive into the mess Biden is making of the Middle East with Richard Goldberg, who served as the Director for Countering Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction for the White House National Security Council under President Donald Trump.

Elon Musk makes the battle for free speech international to the halls of Brazil’s Supreme Court (Ordem e Progresso!) while an editor at National Public Radio in Washington laments the fall of the free press at home.

And former U.S. Comptroller General David M. Walker returns to put a 2040 deadline on the ticking time bomb that is the National Debt of the United States.

Gag orders and conflicts of interest abound in the latest round of Donald Trump’s legal saga, and boy, is Dennis bugged abou that.

This week’s interview segment highlights the perniciousness of the DEI agenda: Former Werner Enterprises board member Vikram Mansharamani talks about his exit from the company and its “unquestioned dedication to ESG considerations as a primary strategy, and the refusal to adequately consider different perspectives.”

Horror of horrors! NBC News hires and fires a Republican after on-air talent throws a fit. Who’s running the asylum?

Then we talk to Karen England of the Capitol Resource Institute about the battle for parental rights in America’s schools.

It’s a classic case of good news and bad news. First the bad: If oral arguments are any indication of where the cause of free speech stands at the Supreme Court, we could be in deep, deep trouble.

On the good news front, if you’re one of the 1.3 million men who take Viagra, a Cleveland Clinic study says you may be lowering your risk of Alzheimer’s. Alyssia Finley of the Wall Street Journal stops by and shares the details.

In 2020 the city of New York broke 75.7 to 22.6% for Joe Biden. It’s safe to say that at least some of those Trump votes came from the city’s first responders. We’ll take a look at the reaction to NYAG Letitia James’ appearance at the FDNY promotion ceremony.

And speaking of broke, Special Counsel Robert Hur’s testimony before a House committee seems to have broken a lot of people. All that and the Parting Shot.

Legal immunity has been in the news quite a lot lately – what does it mean when you’re dealing with quasi-government agencies and officials that have it? Well, it can mean the deck is stacked against you before the game has even begun.

California lawyer Richard Hofman was caught up in the MMTLP fiasco and went after his broker – what he learned in the process may shock you.

Mitch McConnell ain’t gone… but he’s got one foot out the door. Google Gemini is really gone. As in gone crazy woke. The tech giant has had to pull its entry in the A.I. sweepstakes as the results turned out to be downright embarrassing.

Plus the MMTLP army continues to patrol the halls and offices of Congress.

When you invite too many foxes into the henhouse, pretty soon you run out of chickens – and the goose laying the golden egg.

There are too many foxes now – in prosecutor’s offices, in the regulatory agencies and in the media – and we’re calling them out.