Member Feed

Ever wonder where Ricochet gets so much great content? Well, you’re looking at it.

That is, you would be if you were a member. The Member Feed looks and operates much like our main page, but is for members only. It’s where our editors go to find articles to promote to the Main Feed.

We don’t do this out of charity; we do it because our members write great content and have knowledge, experience, and ideas that other sites can’t find. This is where some of our best material comes from, on topics ranging from politics (at all levels), to religion, to popular culture, to society, to sex and marriage.

At the same time, the Member Feed also functions as a social community for the Ricochetti. It’s where members crack jokes, share stories, post blegs, and occasionally vent some steam among like-minded friends; it’s also where you’ll find out about member meet-ups in your area, and can even organize one of your own. Best of all, you can do it without offending your liberal relatives or fighting off trolls because our famous—and strictly enforced—Code of Conduct prevents conversations from descending into the kind of name-calling you find elsewhere on the web.

Simply put, the Member Feed is Ricochet’s brain and heart. But to access it, you have to become a member. Joining gives you the ability to:

  • Write posts on the Member Feed (you may indicate whether or not you want the post to be considered for promotion).
  • Comment on other members’ posts, both on the Main Feed and the Member Feed.
  • “Like” other members’ comments on both the Main Feed and the Member Feed.
  • Learn about in-person member meet-ups.
  • Access members’-only podcasts and livechats.
  • Direct-message members and contributors.

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