We made it you guys! It’s Friday and we are all still here! And my here we mean like American, you know where the illegals are coming to! Millions of them! But it’s ok, Joe just keeps signing papers the nice people hand him to sign. It’s alllllll good! Fridayyyyy! :)

Chicks Log: Day 1, It’s a crap show already. Biden couldn’t make it through one day without being whisked off to save him from embarrassing himself. Oh, let’s discuss what the outfits will look like when we get sent to the reprogramming camps! Hope they’re cute! :)

Mock and Daisy are back this week and they’re tired of the left saying conservatives are brainwashed. After a video went viral of a leftist saying things like Trump supporters need reprogramming The Chicks are here to defend themselves and all conservatives! It’s time the left take a look in the mirror.

You guys! Today is the day we all get reprogrammed! WhooHOO! I hope my detention cell has a beach view! :) What’s Trump’s next move? Whatever it is he didn’t make any new friends on his last day in office.

Hillary has finally fallen off the cliff y’all. She’s gone totally nuts. “Russia Russia Russia.” Melania’s classy exit, Where are the camps where we get reprogrammed? Come join us in crazyville! Grab a drink!

Can you still say this word? We aren’t sure so we want to ask you.

Mock reveals her Valentines Day weekend plans. Spoiler, yours will likely be better. The WORST TV background ever! What will aliens look like? Trumps gonna drop a bomb on Sunday. Should be fun to watch! Happy Friday Y’all! Oh, and we aren’t “Those Chicks”

Impeachment has become a cheap word to toss around. Soon Sears will be having “Impeachment Sales!” Let’s take a serious look at this impeach …. oh who are we kidding. Let’s goof on these moron politicians and have some fun
Here we go with impeachment. AGAIN. The hypocrisy of cancel culture is out of control. Black conservatives are so on point right now and growing. Oh and surprise, Daisy curses.
Conservatives are being censored and cancelled everywhere and The Chicks are SO over it. With social media giants becoming just as powerful and influential as the government Mock and Daisy want people to know now is the time to speak out!

Welcome to another day of “Crazy In America” y’all! If the place is on fire we might as well get a few laughs out of it. Let’s go!

So where will you be able to follow us in the next few weeks? Mock and Daisy talk about the social media purge and what they plan to do to stay connected to you in “a very special” Mock and Daisy Cast.
Breaking down the aftermath from the Mock and Daisy studios at Olive Garden! Grab some bread sticks and join us!
Let’s talk it out y’all. There’s a lot to discuss but there’s also hope. Grab your coffee and let’s dissect this thing.
Mock and Daisy are back this week and their happy to be moving on from the chaos of 2020! But one thing they know we all wish was left behind is cancel culture. Not even a week into the new year and the overly offended people on twitter have cancelled “Bean Dad.”
Today is all about bad jokes. Just for fun. Also Georgia, President Trump and Meatloaf. We had to ban someone from FB, #Be-atch. And tons more fun!
Well here we go y’all. Georgia isn’t looking good, Trump is calling them out! This will be a big week. Plus Pelosi is still the queen of Congress. #TermLimitsNOW!
It’s officially almost over. Let’s celebrate! But be careful, you won’t believe what happened to a girl in Nashville for an old social media post she had.
Winding up this “sucktastic” year with some ranting on the left letting hotels go broke because they won’t throw the homeless squatters out. Mock and Daisy do their worst British accent for you and Ella Dog needs some good thoughts sent her way … and more.
Mock and Daisy are off this week but they haven’t left you all empty handed. In place of their absence The Chicks have put together a montage that looks back at 2020 and all of their best and funniest moments. And oh, Happy New Year!