The Chicks Dish on the debate and Joe’s Botox injections
Looks like Rudy got caught in one of Borat’s traps and now they are trying to use it to discredit Rudy and the Hunter email scandal on Biden
If someone at your work decided to pull out their “junk” during a work meeting wouldn’t you expect them to get fired?! Following a week off Mock and Daisy are back to discuss this exact question that the public seems to be asking themselves
We’re back! After a few days off The Chicks have returned with a boatload of news
It’s only Tuesday and we’re all just a bunch of Salmon swimming up stream…. or at least that’s what it feels like being a conservative these days. In today’s daily dish The Chick’s break down everything from the Amy Coney Barrett hearing to Kim Jong-Un crying over his failures.

ATTENTION: The Chicks will be out Wednesday – Friday this week. See you Monday!

Court packing, ACB hearings, Putin endorses Commie Biden and more! Woohoo Monday!

ATTENTION: The Chicks will be out Wednesday – Friday this week. Back on Monday.

Happy Friday y’all! Once again lunch bucket Joe refuses to answer questions on packing the court
SHHHH! We’re talking! :) The Chicks discuss the V.P. debate
This week Mock and Daisy dive deep into the Conway family drama that has been blowing up in the media. They break down everything from Kellyanne Conway stepping down from her position in the White House to be “less drama, more mama”, to her daughter Claudia sexualizing herself and pretending to be a whistle blower for her 1.3 million followers on TikTok
In today’s Daily Dish the Chicks talk about “Trump’s Dump” of information on Hillary’s failed plan to take him out
Mock and Daisy discuss how crazy the world is now that everyone seems to have no shame, where people go to the internet to ask strangers to pay for anything from their home renovations, honey moons, and even festival tickets. From GoFundMe to Facebook Charity’s The Chicks talk about the selfish people that have taken over these sites and over shadow the people who actually need the help
Political views, Propaganda, and Social Movements are difficult enough for adults to grasp – and yet your children in grade school are taught more and more about them everyday. And the worst part is they’re only teaching one side! After experiencing this issue first hand with their own children and receiving endless mail from fans that have the same concern, Mock and Daisy are here to shed some light on the flaws in our education system
Mock and Daisy are interested in what President Trump is really like when he’s out of the spotlight and they know you are too. Luckily in an exclusive interview this week with former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, that’s exactly what they got. Bringing up points from her new book “Speaking for Myself” The Chicks break down pieces from Sanders life
We’re all trying our best to understand politics, watch the news and stay informed through social media and yet, it still feels like we know nothing sometimes because it has become so hard to tell the truth from the lies! But don’t worry Mock and Daisy help clear things up this week as they sit down and talk with special guest Richard Grenell. In their discussion with Grenell The Chicks’ talk about foreign policy, the upcoming election, criminals in Washington, dogs, and even get told a never before heard story about Trump
Mock and Daisy are tired of feeling like they can’t trust anything in the media and they know you are too! While they don’t consider themselves journalists they have done their research and are here to help combat the recent narratives the media has strung along. It’s time news outlets stop misleading the public, stop only telling half the story instead of the whole, and stop treating breaking news like op-ed pieces
Mock and Daisy have some common sense advice for the trolls attacking them on the internet – Find a new hobby! The world is already crazy enough as it is right now it doesn’t need people on Wikipedia fighting over .whether the Chicks accomplishments are notable or not

The world is being taken over by woke people who find a way to be offended by anything and everything and Mock and Daisy are tired of it. From Sixteen Candles to Forest Gump the Chicks talk about how crazy it is that we can’t watch our favorite movies anymore without them being censored or deleted completely! They want to know, why is it so hard to let people make their own judgement calls?

It’s time to break down the “WAP”. The Chicks talk about the viral song by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion that has grabbed the attention of millions for all the wrong reasons. From objectifying women, making Kylie Jenner the new face of racism, and just straight up being raunchy this “song” makes us lose faith in the future of our culture