Democrats rehash the 2020 election scandal involving forged Electoral College votes on behalf of Donald Trump. But the reality is that the facts surrounding Trump’s lawsuit contesting the Georgia election tells us otherwise.

The anniversary of January 6th was short lived and many American’s have moved on without getting all of the facts. But the reality is that the aftermath of the event is far from over. As of right now the indictments are fuzzy, encrypted platforms are still being discovered, and the group that seems to have caused the most issues just seems like a bunch of “LARPers”.

In the last few weeks, Biden’s handling of COVID cannot be ignored. While no one person should be blamed for the tragedies in a pandemic, Biden sold himself by saying he would “shut down the virus” and recent numbers show he has done anything but that. One thing is for sure in both the handling of the pandemic and the rejection of the Build Back Better plan, Biden and his administration need to learn how to adjust their agenda to fix the current situation.

There’s a lot to talk about — about our presidents. The media has gone into a frenzy after text messages from political figures and news correspondents were released regarding January 6th and Donald Trump. But there’s a lot less to the texts than critics and the media would have you believe. Looking forward the media has people considering who could be the presidential prospects in 2024. Because as of right now, the polls for both Biden and Trump are not looking promising.

A large amount of recent political conversations and polls are consumed by who could be in the 2024 presidential race. Is Donald Trump considering a third run for the White House? Does Joe Biden plan on running for reelection? And what happens if both of them opt out? Will a new candidate continue the policy’s of their party’s predecessor? It’s all fine to think about, as long as this infamous rivalry doesn’t overshadow another year of our politics.

Harvard University Institute of Politics came out with a new poll asking young people about their thoughts on the United States. And the findings are anything but boring. A large number of young people from both sides said they think the United States is a failed or troubled Democracy overall. This just shows that people of all ages see through the current administration’s attempt to continually pitch the idea that everything is “free”.

The democratic party loves to use the word transform but the word alone is powerless. What the United States needs right now isn’t persuasive or “feel good” langue it’s actual action. Sooner or later Democrats will realize that they can’t bank on people hating Trump to get them elected. That’s in the past. And the present issues of our nation are catching up to them.

The Washington Post came out with a piece that said Biden’s approval rating is at a new low. And with the direction the White House is headed, it could be getting worse. Democrats want to believe that Biden’s main downfall is messaging and communication. But issues like inflation, COVID, Afghanistan, and many others are substance issues that take REAL action and change to solve. The last thing the United States needs is another sales pitch!

Here’s a basic fact: The Democratic Party’s number-one priority is to pass a voting “reform” bill that would federalize elections under rules favorable to Democratic candidates. It’s more important than any other part of the party agenda. But Democrats on Capitol Hill don’t have the votes to pass the far-reaching voting bill known as S.1. That’s where Attorney General Merrick Garland comes in. Not only is the AG pushing for the Democrats’ bill, he is pledging that the Justice Department will push some of the partisan agenda that Democrats can’t get through Congress. Remember all those people who said the Trump administration had politicized the Justice Department? They said it would stop under a Democratic president. It hasn’t.

When President Biden announced a bipartisan deal to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on infrastructure — the real kind, like roads and bridges and waterways — he stressed that it is extremely important that he and lawmakers be able to trust each other. Each must be as good as his or her word, Biden said. And then, within hours, Biden moved the goalposts on the deal, leaving Republicans sputtering in frustration and bipartisanship in the rear-view mirror. Plus, another topic: Why are Democrats so unenthusiastic about investigating the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic? Especially when they couldn’t get enough of investigating allegations of Trump-Russia “collusion” from 2017 to 2019? And now, can Republicans investigate on their own?

In Washington, Democrats are trying to pass the most ambitious agenda since the Great Society without having won a majority of seats in the U.S. Senate. How is that supposed to work? (Answer: It won’t.) There are increasing signs that party leaders are deeply out of touch not just with the public as a whole but specifically with their own voters. The latest poll on voter ID, showing 80 percent of all Americans supporting it, illustrates just how out of touch many party leaders are. And a new report from a group of Democratic insiders — which tries to answer the question of why the party didn’t do better in House and Senate races in 2020 — concludes that party officials, cozy in their coastal enclaves, had no idea of the concerns of some of their Democratic voters. And therein lies an opportunity for Republicans.

Yes, 35 House Republicans voted to create a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. And yes, some GOP senators also support the proposal. But the two top Republican leaders — Kevin McCarthy in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate — are solidly opposed. They have their reasons. Like: What about the “sprawling” Capitol riot investigation in the Justice Department, “one of the largest in American history”? That’s not nothing. And what about the investigation you probably haven’t heard of in the Senate? And what about the second Trump impeachment? Remember that? There are multiple Capitol riot investigations going on as we speak. And finally, if Democrats want another, why don’t they just do it themselves? Nothing is stopping them from starting right now. A no chit-chat discussion.

Talk to House Republicans, and they’ll tell you this about Liz Cheney: Her problem is not that she voted to impeach President Donald Trump. Her problem is that she can’t move on from voting to impeach Trump. At a time when House GOP leaders feel it is critical to oppose the Biden-Pelosi agenda — trillions in unnecessary new spending — Cheney seems determined to replay the events of January and feed the media’s “GOP civil war” narrative. And now House Republicans have had enough. They point to other GOP lawmakers who voted to impeach and have faced no repercussions from their party’s leadership. Cheney has created her own problems for herself, they say. And she might not be long for the leadership team.

Remember the shooting at the House Republican baseball practice just outside of Washington? A zealous Bernie Sanders supporter and Trump hater named James Hodgkinson, armed with a semi-automatic rifle, attacked a group of GOP lawmakers as they practiced for the annual Congressional Baseball Game. Representative Steve Scalise was gravely wounded. A lobbyist was seriously hurt, and two others were wounded, as well. The shooter was specifically seeking to attack Republicans. He had in his pocket a list of GOP lawmakers he wanted to attack. And he asked before opening fire whether the group on the field was Republican or Democrat. It was an absolutely clear case of politically motivated domestic terrorism. And yet it has just been revealed that the FBI did not label it domestic terrorism. Instead, the bureau maintained that Hodgkinson was simply trying to commit “suicide by cop.” The FBI’s conclusion left Republicans stunned, and now they’re seeking answers.

Anyone paying attention to the news knows the situation on the U.S.-Mexico border is terrible. Anyone who actually visits the border discovers it is worse than that. This is a report on a recent trip to the border in Mission, Texas, where U.S. officials are scrambling to handle thousands of migrants who are crossing the border illegally. The Biden administration’s response to the crisis — which it created — is entirely improvised. Officials are not trying to stop would-be migrants from crossing illegally into the U.S. Instead, they are just trying to accommodate them until they can be sent to cities and towns across the country. And even at that job, they are overwhelmed. A first-person look, plus the reactions of U.S. lawmakers — all Republicans — who care enough about the issue to visit the border.

When the CEO of Delta Airlines took a stand against the new Georgia voting law — declaring it “unacceptable” — a chorus of Americans had the following reaction: Who asked him? Why should an airline executive get involved in electoral politics? Maybe he should concentrate on…flying? Now, Delta CEO Ed Bastian is taking it from all sides for bowing to the woke mob. We’ll look at how one bad decision led to another, and what corporations should do and not do in the woke world. Plus, a look at the Democrats’ huge and unconstitutional voting bill, H.R. 1, with Ohio’s Secretary of State Frank LaRose.

There’s a lot to talk about — about the press. First, the White House press corps, or at least a selected group of ten reporters, delivered an embarrassing performance at President Biden’s first formal news conference. There were baffling omissions, neglected follow-ups, and at least one first-class attempt at presidential flattery. All in all, not a good day. Then there is an extremely important libel case by a conservative group against the New York Times — extremely important because a judge has allowed it to go forward. And in its defense, the Times delivers another embarrassing performance, telling the judge that no reader would assume that parts of its news stories were actual facts! All in all, a mess in the press.

A United States senator vowing to oppose all nominees of a particular race? Could that happen in 2021? The answer is yes. It happened this week, in fact, when Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth declared she would not support any white nominees for any administration positions. (The only exceptions, Duckworth said, would be for white nominees who are also lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.) Duckworth said she would not stop until the Biden administration picked more Asian-American and Pacific Islanders for cabinet-level positions. After some sweet talk from the White House, Duckworth gave in, but the episode offered a troubling preview of the future of identity politics.

All Americans hope the coronavirus pandemic ends and life can return to normal. But Democrats in Congress are trying to make what they call ‘COVID relief’ permanent. Their ‘COVID relief’ is in fact a series of long-held Democratic policy goals that have nothing to do with the virus, but they want to use the pandemic to make permanent changes in the nation’s welfare system and beyond. Today, a discussion of their not-so-secret ambitions, plus an update on the Lincoln Project. Remember when their ads attacking Trump brought them loving media coverage? Those days are gone.

Much of the daily conversation on social media is consumed by ephemera. Is political Twitter being mean to Taylor Lorenz? Does Pepe Le Pew promote rape culture? And what about Harry and Meghan? It’s all fine to think about, as long as you don’t devote too much mental bandwidth to it and don’t forget that there are some enormous things happening in our politics right now. The fact is, the Biden administration is intent on making far-reaching changes to American life. In this podcast, a discussion of how two Biden initiatives — so-called COVID relief and immigration — can combine to bring enormous changes to our lives and politics.