On this episode of the Bespoke Parenting Hour, host Julie Gunlock talks to Maria Chaplia, an IWF Fellow and native Ukrainian. Julie and Maria discuss the situation in Ukraine, as well as her own efforts to raise money and provide aid to Ukrainian citizens and soldiers, and how parents and kids are faring in wartime conditions.


On this episode of The Bespoke Parenting Hour Podcast, host Julie Gunlock talks to Jennifer Sey, mom of four, national champion gymnast, and former global president at Levi Strauss and Co. Julie and Jennifer have a spirited discussion about different parenting styles and strategies, the costs of coddling and overprotecting kids, the joy of and benefits of boredom, and how a large age gap between her kids gave her insight into how parenting has changed in recent years and how young adults are faring in the workplace.


On this episode of The Bespoke Parenting Hour Podcast, host Julie Gunlock talks to Nicole Solas, a Rhode Island mom turned activist fighting for the rights of parents all over the nation. Last year, Nicole found out she was being sued by the teachers’ union after a simple request for information from her local school. Julie and Nicole discuss how going from stay-at-home mom to nationally recognized activist mom changed her life and her mothering style, and how having a support system makes it all possible.

WMAL radio producer Heather Hunter started in radio before having kids. Now a mother of two young girls and the producer of one of the nation’s most popular morning drive programs, Heather explains how she balances it all and how she plans to add even more to her plate as her daughters get ready to start school.

On this week’s episode of The Bespoke Parenting Hour, host Julie Gunlock talks to prominent Loudoun County dad Brandon Michon, known for yelling “Figure it out!” at a local school board meeting. Julie and Brandon talk about why school boards continue to fail our kids, his own path to activism, and why Loudoun county officials still can’t figure it out. Brandon is now running for Congress to help parents advocate for their kids and to help schools better serve families.

In this episode of The Bespoke Parenting Hour podcast, host Julie Gunlock talks to Daily Wire investigative reporter Luke Rosiak about his new book, Race to the Bottom: Uncovering the Secret Forces Destroying American Public Education.

On this episode of the Bespoke Parenting Hour, Julie talks to Ina Daly, a mom, grandmother, and a 38-year professional truck driver who has accumulated over 3.5 million accident-free miles. Julie and Ina discuss her unconventional career path, how she juggled being on the road while being a mom, the importance of having a support system, and how she enjoys being a cool truck-driving grandmother to her grandkids.

On this episode of the Bespoke Parenting Hour, host Julie Gunlock speaks with Stacey Chamberlin about her own adoption journey and her commitment to protecting her son’s privacy and personal story. Julie also digs into what made Stacey consider adoption, what it was like for her to go from working woman to working mom — in a matter of days — and why a supportive network of friends and family is key to success as a single mom.


On this episode of the Bespoke Parenting Hour, Julie talks to Mollie Kaiman, an Alexandria VA mom and “accidental activist” fighting for the return of school resource officers (school-based police officers) in her city’s public schools. Tune in to hear Molly’s own personal story and why her experience growing up in poverty and with an abusive parent drives her to fight for the safety of all children.

On this episode of the Bespoke Parenting Hour, host Julie Gunlock speaks to professor Christina Villegas, author of an upcoming reference book on foster care, about her own foster care to adoption story. Professor Villegas and her husband Manny went unexpectedly from zero to four kids age four and under in four years through the foster-to-adoption process. Julie asks Professor Villegas about that rapid change in lifestyle, her efforts to balance motherhood with work as a professor, and why a support system is key to success in fostering and adoption.

Julie Gunlock talks to Jeremy Tate, Founder and CEO of the Classical Learning Test, an alternative to the SAT/ACT and PSAT. Julie and Jeremy discuss this alternative test, why it’s necessary, and why it’s challenging the powerful influence of the mainstream testing establishment. They also discuss classical education — what it is, why it’s different from mainstream education, and why classical education — unlike progressive secular education — endeavors to pass down the best of what’s been thought and said for thousands of years.

Julie Gunlock talks to Lindsey Stroud of the Taxpayer Protection Alliance about the myth that there’s a teen vaping epidemic. Despite recent good news from the National Youth Tobacco Survey that teen vaping has decreased, both the CDC and the FDA are further misleading parents by refusing to share this good news. Julie and Lindsey discuss this public health disaster, why it’s happening, and why keeping parents fearful is a powerful weapon against tobacco harm reduction.

Julie Gunlock talks to lifelong Fairfax County resident Casey Chalk about his Federalist article, in which he describes how Northern Virginia has become an unwelcome place for conservative and religious families. Chalk, who actually taught in Fairfax County schools, now homeschools his own children and is considering a move away from NOVA in order to protect them from the relentless woke and anti-Christian messages that have become ubiquitous in the region.


On this episode of the Bespoke Parenting Hour, host Julie Gunlock talks to Dr. Lucy McBride about her viral Atlantic article that aimed to reassure parents about COVID and vaccines and why she takes a compassionate approach when discussing this tough issue with parents. Julie and Dr. McBride also discuss the Pfizer vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds, natural immunity, the actual (and positive!) data on COVID and kids, and the ongoing debate about mask mandates in schools despite low rates of child infections. Tune in!

Julie Gunlock talks to Virginia congressional candidate Tina Ramirez about how Virginia has become ground zero for woke indoctrination in schools and how she plans to turn the state around. Tina and Julie also discuss their shared experience working as staffers on Capitol Hill on human rights issues and why this work made them both more aware and grateful for the unique freedoms Americans—particularly American women—enjoy in this country.

In this latest episode of the Bespoke Parenting Hour, host Julie Gunlock jumps behind the scenes to talk to the man who makes it all possible—Bespoke Producer Tim Burg. Julie and Tim—both parents of teens—talk about the choices (and lack of choices) parents have in tech for kids, compare the challenges they’ve each had with this issue, offer advice on tracking apps for parents, and discuss why, when it comes to your kids and phones, sometimes being a helicopter parent is the right thing to do.

On this episode of the Bespoke Parenting Hour, host Julie Gunlock interviews Loudoun county dad and former Justice Department official Ian Prior who has exposed massive corruption and a sophisticated campaign of intimidation and harassment targeting parents within his community’s school system. Julie and Ian discuss what parents need to do to fight this government-sanctioned bullying, why mockery is an important engagement tool, and why having a good grasp of the issues and a solid organizational structure is important to fighting back. Tune in to this lively conversation!

Julie Gunlock talks to Christian Toto—an award-winning journalist, conservative film critic, and radio show co-host. Christian says he likes to offer the “right take on entertainment,” and he certainly does that on this week’s episode as he covers woke Hollywood, the changing viewing habits of today’s youth, and his own recommendations for parents. Tune in!

Julie Gunlock talks to Texas mom, lawyer, and community activist Hannah Smith, who made national headlines when she won a seat on her local city’s school board. Hannah is no stranger to politics or education policy, and she knew someone needed to stand up to stop this dangerous trend in education. Julie and Hannah chat about what made her step into the race, why more parents need to do it, and how she plans to change her town’s educational policies for the better. Tune in to hear Hannah’s inspiring story.

On this episode of the Bespoke Parenting Hour Podcast, host Julie Gunlock speaks with Laura Carno, IWF senior fellow and founder and executive director of FASTER Colorado—an organization that trains armed K-12 school staff—about the consequences of removing school resource officers (SROs) from public schools. Since the death of George Floyd, there has been a big push, particularly in blue cities, to defund the police. That push has now extended into the public school system, where—in light of much opposition—city councils are cutting SRO budgets and, quite literally, taking the security and safety out of schools.