Richard Epstein reacts to the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. What would justify a raid on a former president? When will its contents be made public? Is Trump on the road to indictment?

Richard Epstein elucidates the reasons why major businesses are urging the Supreme Court to allow affirmative action to stand in university admissions and clears up the controversial comments by Justice Thomas about revisiting cases involving same-sex marriage and access to contraceptives.

Richard Epstein pushes back against California’s new gun law, the recent allegations that the Supreme Court is illiterate, and the idea that Donald Trump should be indicted for his role in the January 6th attack.

Richard Epstein breaks down the recent Supreme Court decision Biden v. Texas and offers his proposals for stemming the flow of illegal border crossings.

Richard Epstein discusses the upcoming Supreme Court case Moore v. Harper and its possible effects on congressional districts, gerrymandering, and the 2024 presidential election.

Richard Epstein walks through what an indictment of Trump would look like, previews arguments that would be made by defense attorneys, and demonstrates how difficult it would be to convict the former president.

Richard Epstein covers two recent Supreme Court rulings on the right to bear arms and the prohibition of state funds for religious education.

Richard Epstein evaluates an upcoming Supreme Court case about whether Colorado can shut down a small business for not serving everyone on the market.

Richard Epstein discusses the arrest of a gunman in front of Justice Kavanaugh’s house and the media’s surprising level of coverage.

Richard Epstein calls for due process and explains why a ruling to limit the SEC is right, but for the wrong reasons.

Richard Epstein discusses whether anything can be done to reduce or eliminate mass shootings in the United States and the likely response from the Supreme Court if new gun control legislation passes.

Richard Epstein discusses Senator Josh Hawley’s proposal to retroactively reduce the length of Disney’s copyrights.

Richard Epstein covers the biggest leak in modern Supreme Court history and discusses the legal merits of overturning Roe v. Wade.

Richard Epstein parses President Biden’s possible move to forgive student loans and whether the federal government should be in the business of lending at all.

Richard Epstein discusses concerns that billionaires are too powerful in America and weighs in on the spat between Disney and Florida Governor DeSantis.

Richard Epstein hashes through Elon Musk’s possible acquisition of Twitter and the worries of possible monopoly abuse it has raised. Plus, what happens next at Amazon after a successful union vote?

Richard Epstein covers our new Supreme Court Justice’s legal background, California’s overreach on pork, Merrick Garland’s January 6th investigation, and Elon Musk’s new position on Twitter’s board.

Richard Epstein discusses mission-drift from the Securities Exchange Commission and the wider push for climate change action at executive agencies.

Richard Epstein responds to op-eds from major newspapers on free speech and cancel culture, and offers context on the current Supreme Court nomination.

Richard Epstein reacts to a recent protest at Yale’s law school and highlights the different responses by the right and the left to speakers they disagree with.