Richard Epstein reacts to the appalling congressional testimony from presidents of Harvard, MIT, and UPenn regarding antisemitism on their campuses.

Podcast transcript

Richard Epstein explains what constitutes a war crime and how Israel and Hamas differ in their culpability for the tragic loss of life among civilians.

Richard Epstein responds to the argument that Hamas’s actions were justified because Israel is a colonizer, an occupier, and an apartheid state.

Richard Epstein discusses the pro-Hamas attitudes on college campuses and weighs in on Israel’s end goal for Hamas.

Richard Epstein reacts to the terrorist acts committed by Hamas in Israel and the disappointing responses from many university student groups.

Richard Epstein picks apart a new antitrust suit against Amazon brought by the FTC and several states for a lack of demonstrable harm to consumers or prices.

Richard Epstein evaluates the demands of the United Auto Workers and judges the likelihood that their strike will end in success.

Richard Epstein weighs in on recent attempts to revive the tradition of Western civilization in American universities.

Richard Epstein takes us behind the scenes on the Amicus Brief he wrote with John Yoo about a Supreme Court case that has important implications for what kind of income is allowed to be taxed.

Richard Epstein contrasts President Biden’s economic policy with the Trump and Obama administrations, and judges the success of the Inflation Reduction Act one year later.

Richard Epstein discusses a new legal argument that would prevent Donald Trump from ever holding office again and responds to guilty scenarios in Georgia and Washington D.C.

Richard Epstein dissects the Georgia RICO case brought against Donald Trump and 18 other defendants and finds several areas that may give the prosecution trouble as the case moves forward.

Richard Epstein discusses the Justice Department’s case against Hunter Biden and the investigation by House Republicans into improper payments to the Biden family.

Richard Epstein finds few defenses available for Donald Trump as the former president faces serious charges relating to conspiring to obstruct an election and defrauding the people of the United States.

Richard Epstein rates two recent Supreme Court cases on free speech and discusses the ACLU’s drift away from defending speech it disagrees with.

Richard Epstein discusses the Supreme Court cases that struck down affirmative action in university admissions and provides the relevant history on the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

Richard Epstein discusses Hunter Biden’s plea deal, the House GOP’s censure of Adam Schiff, and ProPublica’s allegations about Justice Alito’s fishing trip.

Richard Epstein discusses the facts of the case against Donald Trump, the legal and political defense strategies likely to be used, and why Hillary Clinton’s emails remain relevant.

Richard Epstein discusses Allen v. Milligan, a surprising 5-4 decision on the Voting Rights Act decided by Roberts and Kavanaugh siding with the liberal justices.

Richard Epstein dissects the legal arguments in favor of ignoring the debt ceiling and pushes back on the notion that Congress nullified debt limits during federal budget arrangements in the 1970s.