The media has convinced themselves that conservatives and the GOP are dangerous and violent but all you have to do is look around major cities to know that isn’t remotely true plus democrats hold on minority voters is slipping.

Progressives hate humans but love humanity which is why they despise middle America and Chief Economist Jonathan Williams of ALEC joins the show to dive further into the insanity of ESG.

Affordability is going to crush the middle class and going to crush democrats in the midterm.

The administration tries to sell the public on the idea that 8.5% inflation is actually 0% inflation and it’s time to truly gut Washington.

The media has zero understanding of half the country.

US workers are starting to lose jobs in manufacturing as operating cost’s have skyrocketed so get ready the recession is on its way plus Europe is in the midst of an energy crisis.

Let’s analyze what we know, what we don’t know and what the fallout will be from the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home.

Nobody cared yesterday and nobody cares today about the Inflation Reduction Act plus this raid and any fallout does not prevent Trump from running for President not matter the intensity of the fever dreams of democrats.

Neither democracy or the republic are in real danger but that doesn’t mean there aren’t warning signs and democrats hope that inflation will subside is going to crush them.

If you want to be honest with yourself republicans are to blame for the absurdly named Inflation Reduction Act plus Senator Tim Scott joins the program to talk about his new book America: a Redemption Story.

The media is desperately wants you to believe Biden had a super good week and that despite what you are experiencing it’s good for you and the media needs Trump to run in 2024 more than the GOP does.

It’s time to bring back the Monroe Doctrine and meet China head on plus Governor Abbott shows no signs of abandoning busing illegals to DC and New York.

We are governed by people who don’t believe in objective reality plus democrats let the veil slip that they don’t actually believe democracy is in danger.

Progressives really don’t understand how much parents as a whole dislike the secular cultural shift and Grover Norquist joins the program.