Trump gets an official letter that the DOJ is coming for him plus SCOTUS gains legitimacy in the eyes of the left by rejecting Alabama’s electoral map.

Gavin Newsome is gearing up to make a run at the White House plus SPLC like to label any group to the right of communism as a hate group but it’s clear they are the real hate group.

China is at war with us but so far our elected leaders don’t seem to be taking it seriously and child pornographers have figured out how to use Facebook for their despicable and depraved behavior.

The revolving door between people who work for democrat politicians and major media news rooms is incestuous and Chris Christie begins his scorched earth campaign against Trump.

A deeper dive into the power of money with the LIV/PGA merger and progressive transplants try to get a police training facility shut down.

You now can’t insure your home in California because of their horrendous forest mismanagement but they won’t take responsibility.

We have fallen a long way since US marines stormed the beaches of Normandy and apparently the PGA is ok with LIV golf blood money now.

UFO’s and stuff plus modern American cities are in decline and rotting from the inside out.

Here is the latest on the new presidential hopefuls and how the primary voters are shifting plus trans ideology needs to be destroyed.

Let’s get into the details of the crap sandwich of a debt ceiling bill that was passed plus we have more entires into the GOP presidential race.

Apparently hybrid vehicles aren’t good enough for the left as they plow ahead with the EV insanity and Biden’s age is being talked about more and more in all political circles.

I’m headed out on vacation, but before I go I want to deal with this debt deal. It is terrible. It’s like when George W. Bush nominated Harriet Miers and all the GOP pundits assured us she was super awesome, but she was not. Same thing here. The same people are telling us how great this deal is. It’s not. It is a capitulation and it makes you wonder why they worked so hard for nothing.

Some new CNN polling is out and wow is it bad for Biden. Apparently no one, not ever democrats, like him or want him to run for the presidency again.

The culture war is turning right the more the left resists and more Americans see it for what it is….evil.

The media, who want Trump as the nominee in order to line their pockets, are already trying to make the case that everyone in the presidential race is dead on arrival.

Ron is running but he did trip a little out of the gate.

Of course the fact checkers are lying again, this time about book bans, plus the democrats are about to get thrown under the bus over the debt ceiling.

The Biden administration continues to target Christians as extremists and the left continues to attempt to control every aspect of your life.