It is now clear those challenging Rona McDaniel for the RNC chair are complete unserious clowns.

When the US leads and leads alone the world see’s more peace than when there are multiple world powers plus Governor DeSantis draws a line in the sand over the states educational curriculum.

Biden has a rocky road to navigate the next two years if he really has a shot at winning in 2024 and left does everything it can to slowly degrade the quality of your life in the name of equity.

The drip, drip, drip of classified documents controversy continues with a new player hitting the scene and DeSantis goes all in as he takes back education for the GOP.

The constant rage out of the trans community has hit peek absurdity and the shift in the minority vote to the GOP over culture war issues is happening just very slowly.

Candidate quality matters and you don’t have to look any further than the embarrassing performance of the GOP in 2022.

Biden has such a classified documents problem that even the media is raising an eyebrow and as big tech companies starting laying off thousands we better prepare for the economic recession on the horizon.

You can just look at the media coverage of the Antifa terrorists to know we no longer have a free press plus the March for Life was this last weekend and just like always the media ignored it the best they could.

A deep dive into why most of the right hates the Fair Tax idea and our debt is completely out of control.

The debt ceiling fight has arrived but in a different manner than years past plus secular society has stagnated the growth of young adults making them further dependent on government.

The media aligns itself with domestic terrorists refusing to call Antifa what they are as the kill police and encourage violence in communities.

We are getting into dangerous territory where symbols of unity and inclusivity are used to intimidate, harass and ostracize.

Kemp goes to Davos, to the chagrin of some on the right, and gives them a beat down plus the cult of climate change leans into racism as the driving factor.

The GOP donors are starting to make subtle moves with their money as the 2024 presidential picture becomes clearer and asking people, specifically minorities, to be to work on time is now racist.

The markets are tanking again and it’s time to crush Antifa and stop coddling their brand of terrorism.

Davos is off and running with the usual insanity from the power hungry elite and Biden threatens law abiding citizens with a thread of war.

There is an insanely disturbing story of a gay couple running a child sex ring that the media is completely ignoring….for obvious reasons.