Democrats now think the more people are unvaccinated it somehow will help them in the midterms which begs the question are they botching things on purpose plus the divisions within the democrat party are deep.

Democrats are the party of doom and gloom, the state of play for some upcoming races during the midterms and democrats attempt to shame McConnell as the debt ceiling fight heats up.

Governor Brian Kemp stops by to talk about Biden’s vaccine mandates and Lila Rose of Live Action stops by to discuss Texas’s new pro-life law.

The California recall went exactly how all the not insane people thought it was going to go but that hasn’t prevented plenty of finger pointing and General Milley needs to go.

The feds are getting ready to regulate crypto currency and academia is completely broken as they now say that being respectful in class, behaving yourself and overall good manners are now….you guessed it, racist. Bigotry of low expectations.

Democrats are losing hispanics all over the country and they refuse to understand why which is great for the GOP plus we should be happy warriors as we fight the left and not insufferable jackasses.

The left thinks they found justification for Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate but they clearly didn’t read the decision and today is the California recall of Gavin Newsom.

It’s becoming obvious that the government and the elites have no appetite for the people, school boards are refusing to meet with parents and we are no longer able to speak actual truths.

Democrats need Trump on the ballot to generate enthusiasm, tips on how to actually run for office and details about General Milley subverting chain of command to alert the Chinese if Trump decided to attack.

We have forgotten everything we should have learned after 911 and the press is doing everything they can to avoid continuing to report on Afghanistan.

Texas has figured out how to purge the state or progressives and every red state should take notes plus a conversation with Todd Staton on the problems with Biden’s use of OSHA in his vaccine mandate.

Biden’s agenda is quickly unraveling as democrats step up their infighting and covid mandates are having the predictable negative effects.

Biden’s covid speech was full of a lot, mostly pending court challenges, but it did allow him to pretend to be tough with a plan and blame regular Americans for making him overreach. Plus reporter Robyn Walensky joins the program to talk about reporting from ground zero on 911.

The potential fallout for federal agencies with Biden’s covid overreach could be significant and since there is no such thing as a political majority, democrats believe so heavily in their own polling are going to find this out the hard way.

The political lay of the land heading into the midterms and presidential elections have some very interesting story lines and because of our buddy Stephen Gutowski at the Reload’s reporting, Biden was finally forced to pull his ATF nominee.

Racist attack on Larry Elder gets zero media attention and as covid reaction becomes more and more political and the left screams about people who distrust government, far worse outcomes happen when the government distrusts its own citizens.

Biden has a hostage crisis on his hands whether he wants to admit it or not plus the administration puts some amazing spin into explaining the current situation with inflation.

AOC takes a huge loss in her battle with Joe Manchin over the bloated infrastructure bill plus some new data is out about break thru cases of vaccinated people.

Woke school boards around the country are in a knock down drag out fight with not only the GOP but democrat parents as well over CRT, the CIA tries a little image rehab via social media and WAY to many people are trying to find personal relevance online instead of real life.

The taliban predictably gives Joe Biden the middle finger after he promised they were a kinder gentler version of their former self and the GOP needs too ready for a serious debt ceiling fight.