Today on the show Dr. Fauci is back for a media love fest, the fawning media who would rather fluff than report really dislike Peter Doocy, what’s going on with the National Guard in DC, the latest on covid vaccine and Governor Kemp makes his first appointment to the embarrassment that is the board of pardon and paroles.

Today on the show the media has a collective orgasm, Biden’s agenda will not move us forward, OAN and others are scrubbing stories to avoid lawsuits, a new political party is a gift to democrats, the covid vaccine has environmentalists concerned and cleaning up the right side of aisle with religion.

Today on the show Biden is officially in so what now, Biden’s plan for the first 100 days, the Kraken slinks away with a whimper, when the media’s done performative leg humping what will they do without Trump and Biden’s plan is Trump’s plan for the vaccine rollout.

Today on the show the left is already showing signs of overplaying their hand, Trump did some really great things but goes out with a whimper, the Georgia GOP has a big divide to get over, gains could be made in redistricting and Biden’s plan on everything are the disaster we all knew they would be.

Today on the show the data is in and the Georgia GOP sat home during the runoff, Biden’s predictably bloated plan for covid relief, no one on the hill really cares about spending, what the FBI report into the Capitol riot really says and what it would really take to launch a TV channel.

Today on the show Trump gets impeached for a second time, the crybabies at The Daily Beast go after Mathew McConaughey, Governor Brian Kemp gives his state of the state address, Qanon out with more bat poop crazy conspiracies and the tech giants may have a problem.

Today on the show Governor Kemp gave a briefing on the covid vaccine, Biden is definitely coming for your guns thanks to Georgia voters, the latest on impeachment, the FBI gave a briefing on more arrests from the Capitol assault and more absolutely insane conspiracies going around.

Today on the show Joe Manchin becomes the man of the hour, impeachment probably on the way, a new march on Washington is being circulating, lock downs just don’t work and more race nonsense from the NYT.

Today on the show the social media purge is underway, conspiracies still abound, Georgies legislature convenes and covid is on a significant rise as the vaccine is slowly being distributed.

Today on the show QAnon collapses under the weight of its own stupidity, Loeffler concedes, the future of Biden’s agenda, cancel culture made easy and the summer riots vs the Capital riot.

Today on the show Trump supporters have lost their minds, a push for the 25th amendment or impeachment, we need to revisit absentee ballot rules and the White House staff is fleeing like rats on a sinking ship.

Today on the show Trump voters sat home and lost the Senate, so what can we expect from complete Democrat control, what’s next for GOP and the latest on the vaccine rollout.

Today on the show Raffensperger drops and actual bombshell, the hell that is the Georgia Senate runnoff is almost over, Kemp has been quiet during the runoff, the vaccine rollout and pointless Republican congressional stunts.

Today on the show Biden heads to Georgia, the Cleveland Indians cave to the mob, the partisan expert were wrong on the vaccine, Bill Barr resigns, what does the media look like post-Trump and the Chinese communist party is everywhere.

Today on the show the electoral college meets, Trump’s legal team completely whiffs in Wisconsin, the latest in the GA runoff election, Warnock has a pervert view of Christianity and democrats may be willing to now pass covid relief.

Today on the show crazies come out against Kemp, the Vice President rally’s in Georgia, Hunter Biden troubles, Texas lawsuit garbage and David Ralston wants the power to pick the Secretary of State.

Today on the show Representative Swalwell is literally in bed with the Chinese, Biden continues with his odd cabinet choices, the truth around the Texas lawsuit and Hunter Biden is being investigated for the Feds.

Today on the show government continues to crush small business, Warnock loves abortion, the Texas lawsuit is garbage, Ossoff is a tool of China, Representative Swallwell is in bed with China literally and Georgia State goes woke with pronouns.

Today on the show woke Santa makes a kid cry, election results are certified again with no change, the vaccine, lockdowns and mask ordinances, the Karen’s of the world ask for more apologies and Biden’s cabinet picks are getting problematic.

Today on the show Trump comes too GA, Warnock’s perverts Christianity, Ossoff lost in a debate with himself, Powell loses in court again, the reality of paper vs machine voting and Biden is picking some extreme characters for his administration.