Biden has a disastrous press conference and a review of his first year in office.

NPR doubles down on Nina Totenberg’s fabricated story even after three supreme court justices come forward on the record and the entire white house and democrat party is in damage control after Biden’s press conference.

Since Biden has nothing for the country to be optimistic about he’s just going to fake it which could lead to further problems down the road and a Georgia DA is on a fishing mission asking for a grand jury investigation into President Trump.

NPR would rather you believe their anonymous sources over the press releases from three supreme court justices, the GOP refuses to move on the winning issue of school choice and democrats are hoping to use their voting rights debacle as an excuse for their 2022 midterm loses.

China wants to dictate how they are spoken about during the Olympics so it’s beyond time to boycott the games, at this point vaccine passports are irrelevant and more fallout from NPR’s bogus story about SCOTUS.

Biden wants to change his narrative but isn’t changing the mouthpieces that push his narrative, democrats gave up on treating minorities as individual people and a guy running for Senate in Louisiana puts out a very unique ad.

Gallup polling is showing a significant shift away from the democrat party, the GOP is moving away from Trump slowly and some context as you see the hot takes over the terrorist who took hostages at a Texas synagogue.

The blame game heats up as Biden’s presidency falls flat on its face, Schumer doubles down on his mismanagement of the voting rights bill and supply chain issue are getting worse as train robbers hit trains in Los Angeles.

The left continues its war on parents, Justice Gorsuch decides he doesn’t need a mask while sitting to hear cases and there is an absurd article about ‘checking privilege in the animal kingdom’.

Democrats REALLY hate the filibuster except when they don’t and use it like they did Thursday plus some listener questions and comments.

Rick Perry drags Stacey Abrams for her “scheduling conflict” in order to avoid being seen with Biden and more people are starting to seriously question the transgender movement.

The media is actually acknowledging Joe Biden had a really really bad week and democrats have memory holed the history of the filibuster.

Biden’s presidency has cratered and there are no bright spots ahead, and Kamala gives another Jack Handey deep thoughts style interview.

Biden flails for a covid solution with a big mask push, the red wave of the midterms is getting bigger and bigger, plus the woke struggle with the shifting voting demographics of hispanics.

God’s got this, so calm down; plus SCOTUS nukes Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Biden gives another divisive and plagiarized speech and while dems lose the voting rights and filibuster fight inflation continues to crush the middle class.

The former conspiracy theory is now accepted by the smart set, the wuhan lab is likely the source of the covid outbreak, China needs to be held accountable for more than just the pandemic, plus Trump clout chases by taking shots at DeSantis.

The government scientist are now admitting what we already knew, everyone is going to get covid at some point, a Quinnipiac poll has now has Joe Biden at an abysmal 33% approval plus younger people are losing hope across the board.

Biden heads to Georgia to push a voting rights bill that is already DOA, plus Stacey Abrams schedules a haircut so she doesn’t have to be seen with him while he’s in town pushing her signature issue.

We used to be able to find unity in things like sports, social media does nothing be divide and the LA Times wants to dance on the graves of the dead.