Justice Breyer’s retirement gets leaked to the media and the speculation machine is spinning at full speed.

The hits just keep coming for Biden as the stock market has it’s worst January ever plus education is now ground zero for the culture wars.

A focus on mental health is an important as a focus on physical health and new polling just came out showing former President Trump influence with GOP voters is waning.

Biden taps his inner Trump and calls a reporter a ‘dumb SOB’ on a hot mic plus a deeper dive into the Ukraine/Russia conflict and how it’s being handled.

Democrats can’t get the basics right on how to navigate within governmental systems, enter Puerto Rico’s governor and his frustrations with Biden ignoring his judicial recommendations plus after being hailed as a revolutionary icon the media is finally coming around to the fact Hugh Hefner was a perverted monster.

Polling shows democrats are now known as the party of masks, lock downs and school closures which isn’t going to help them going into the midterms and the media circles the wagons not to protect a reporter but to protect the crank in the White House.

It’s time for everyone to do a little reset in order to find some optimism, cloth masks especially in schools are ineffective and just like clockwork the media treats Youngkin with the typical double standard.

Russia has its mind on real global power as it saber rattles over Ukraine, China has its eye on Taiwan as it attempts for a larger global footprint and America seems to be asleep to the threat.

DC has a carjacking problem, Harvard will get its day in front of SCOTUS to defend its racist admissions policy and it really is a good idea to take time away from your family to spend with friends.

Biden wanted to be FDR but he’s turning out to be Jimmy Carter, Jen Psaki is in full blown clean up mode after he bosses press conference and Russia now has the green light to invade Ukraine thanks to the geriatric and chief.

If the left wants to continue to be woke they will continue to lose elections, banks are closing branches all over the country and the Texas abortion law survives another lawsuit.

The March for Life is this weekend, why Roe is a bad law and why so much of our politics revolves around the issue.

Biden has a disastrous press conference and a review of his first year in office.

NPR doubles down on Nina Totenberg’s fabricated story even after three supreme court justices come forward on the record and the entire white house and democrat party is in damage control after Biden’s press conference.

Since Biden has nothing for the country to be optimistic about he’s just going to fake it which could lead to further problems down the road and a Georgia DA is on a fishing mission asking for a grand jury investigation into President Trump.

NPR would rather you believe their anonymous sources over the press releases from three supreme court justices, the GOP refuses to move on the winning issue of school choice and democrats are hoping to use their voting rights debacle as an excuse for their 2022 midterm loses.

China wants to dictate how they are spoken about during the Olympics so it’s beyond time to boycott the games, at this point vaccine passports are irrelevant and more fallout from NPR’s bogus story about SCOTUS.

Biden wants to change his narrative but isn’t changing the mouthpieces that push his narrative, democrats gave up on treating minorities as individual people and a guy running for Senate in Louisiana puts out a very unique ad.

Gallup polling is showing a significant shift away from the democrat party, the GOP is moving away from Trump slowly and some context as you see the hot takes over the terrorist who took hostages at a Texas synagogue.