Today on the show what to expect in the second debate tonight, latest polling trends, David Ralston is a net negative for Doug Collins, Governor Kemp focuses on jobs in rural Georgia and bunch of usual suspects were duped by a massive Iranian voter intimidation scheme and misinformation.

Today on the show the President is starting to trend up, ACB will join the Supreme Court on Monday, more black men and hispanics head towards the President and the tolerant wants to cancel Chris Pratt because he minds his own business.

Today on the show Mayor Rudy Giuliani stops by to talk about the Hunter Biden emails, Jeffrey Toobin is creep, a breakdown of the Georgia Senate Debate and there is a rebellion happening among voters against the never ending draconian lock downs.

Today on the show Joe Biden takes a nap hoping to run out the clock with another campaign lid, David Perdue mispronounces Kamala, the New York Times fluffs the antisemite Farrakhan, the latest in the Loeffler/Collins race and the monumental rise of the partisan press.

Today on the show the dueling town halls, left-wingers out to get Dianne Feinstein, the President heads to Georgia and Governor Kemp joins the program to talk about healthcare.

Today on the show Secretary Pompeo stops by, Twitter and Facebook try to erase reality, major blowback to social media censorship as they double down, pretty bad polling for Trump in Georgia and Biden/ABC vs Trump/NBC.

Today on the show a complete breakdown of the ACB hearings, what does the President spending time in Georgia tells us about the election, latest polling, Pelosi melts down with Wolf Blitzer and even though the media has stopped covering it protests still rage in Portland and elsewhere.

Today on the show the less chaotic VP debate went off as expected, media ignores Harris’s poor performance and focuses on a fly, there are some troubling signs for the Trump campaign and it’s becoming more evident we are a nation of elite vs the rest.

Today on the show stimulus talks are off for now, unknowns as we get closer to election day, anti-gun groups pushing progressive values and the hit jobs on ACB continue to mount.

Today on the show the President returns to the White House and of course the media has a problem with it, messages of optimism aren’t welcome in the Democrat controlled media, how the ACB hearings are shaping up, Senator Perdue goes on the offense here in Georgia and where do the campaigns sit nationally and in swing states.

Today on the show the President comes down with covid, media can hardly hide their glee, new polling in swing states, cause for concern for the GOP and how local airports can help bring positive economic change.