Today on the show the CPAC stage non-controversy, HR1 and the Supreme Court, Jemele Hill doesn’t understand sports, Texas re-opens, Republicans need to leave grievance culture to the left, grifters and the donor class, Neera Tanden is out and the woke come for vaccines.

Today on the show Georgia voter ID law, Biden’s crazy police reform bill, the woke come for Dr. Seuss, CNN’s coverage of Cuomo, Womxn Herstory Month, schools have abandon kids, Woke-O Haram wants vaccine changes, Biden has border issues and Dr. Seuss gets canceled.

Today on the show reaction from CPAC, minimum wage increase is dead, canceling Dr. Seuss, Governor Cuomo’s ship is sinking and the destructive potential of reparations.

Today on the show looks like the minimum wage is DOA, expanding vaccine distribution in Georgia, Mr. Potato Head has to change his pronouns or gender or something we aren’t sure, even progressives are starting to turn on teachers unions and the woke love to hate America.

Today on the show the pork in the covid spending bill, can’t say women are smart anymore, vaccine rates by state, Governor Kemp gives the latest on the vaccine and the Georgia’s economy and the lie picked around the media from Smith College.

Today on the show shipping containers for kids, the slow rolling cultural revolution currently happening, a White House nominee goes down in flames, the left engages in virtual book burning and the latest on Tiger Woods accident.

Today on the show details on SCOTUS rejection of election cases, Neera Tanden is going down in flames, the right can’t win the cancel culture war and moving the goal posts on mask usage and the vaccine.

Today on the show Cuomo is facing mounting pressure as nursing home deaths scandal unfolds, Georgia’s economy is ahead of the rest of the nation, the woke mob comes for The Muppets, the prosecution of Trump by local DA’s, there is a water war between Georgia and Florida and getting the right answer in math is racist.

Today on the show apparently Ted Cruz on vacation is worse than Andrew Cuomo sending nursing home patients to their death, Governor Kemp would like his emergency powers rescinded, Biden’s immigration plan wants to see recently deported illegals brought back to the US and in order to lower expectations math is now racist.

Today on the show we pay tribute the radio titan Rush Limbaugh, Australia tries to take on Facebook, Ted Cruz spends time with his family and everyone has a melt down, Andrew Cuomo is finding himself in increasingly hot water and details about Biden’s immigration plan.

Today on the show more to the story of Texas power failures, the Karen’s at the NYT are mad at Clubhouse for not letting them in to hall monitor their conversations, Biden’s town hall, Perdue running against Warnock, citizens arrest law overhauled and Bill Gates new book gets cheers and sneers.

Today on the show the woke come for the host of the Bachelor, David Perdue considers running for Senate again, the fight for fifteen gets new life and the latest on the covid death rate.

Today on the show the impeachment farce, future of the GOP, Homeland Security turns its eye inward, Georgia poised to lose more jobs without a word from its two new senators, more vaccine news and predictable Biden goes after the 2nd Amendment.

Today on the show the religion for the woke, Warnock is under investigation, the Andrew Cuomo cover up, Utah takes a big step towards to help secure 2A rights and covid tests for domestic flights.

Today on the show the Senate decides constitutional standards of impeachment, Republican’s need to abandon victimhood, the actual science behind opening schools and reporters turning on reporters for not being woke enough.

Today on the show the the sham impeachment, intolerance of the left is a societal ill, the dangers of uniform standards, Biden begins the Trump purge and the crushing impact of a higher minimum wage.

Today on the show the Time Magazine article how the left out maneuvered Republicans, terrible woke preachy SuperBowl commercials, the AJC whines about people getting vaccinated out of order and impeachment isn’t worth talking about.

Today on the show it’s well past time for kids to get back to school, Georgia voter reforms, the Marjorie Taylor Greene fight, a Trump post-mortem, vaccine skeptics, BLM wants to oust 100 Republicans and the current populist uprising.

Today on the show each party has some of it’s worst out front, where does Georgia go with voting reforms, the landscape of redistricting, a completely divided GOP, the Lincoln Project’s has a big problem and the job killing green agenda.

Today on the show more reaction to the Gamestop/Reddit/Hedge Fund drama, school choice and vaccines, Marjorie Taylor Green is even nuttier than we thought, the downside to the electric car push, Andrew Cuomo covered up killing a lot of nursing home patients according to his own AG plus the Democrat agenda to advance blue states and squash red states.