Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Senate Republicans making their decisions about running in 2022 and with two incumbents deciding to run again, the GOP odds of taking the majority probably improved. They also fume as New York City Mayor Eric Adams decides to support a city council resolution allowing 800,000 non-citizens in the city to vote in municipal elections. And they’re stunned as Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor claims – in oral arguments – that 100,000 kids are seriously ill with COVID and that many of them are on ventilators. None of that is anywhere close to accurate.

Dan Reeves: Quiet Strength and Pride


Often the quieter but constantly steadier sounds are the ones that leave the longest-lasting echoes. There may be loud blasts at times that seem to drown out those quieter ones. But the real test of their quality comes after that first blast when their sudden waves have just as quickly faded and the quieter, more dependable ones are still there reminding us of the qualities we need for the long haul.

Dan Reeves may or may not receive the public notice he has always deserved but has rarely gotten. He died on the 1st of January, just in time to miss being on all those lists of 2021 notables who were lost the 12 months before. There will be 364 more days for the 2022 list to fill up, providing distance to his passing and clouding all that should be said about him.

Rest in Peace, John Madden


John Madden (right) with his longtime play-by-play man, Pat Summerall.

Legendary NFL coaching and broadcaster John Madden unexpectedly died Tuesday morning. He was 85 years old.

Madden was a wildly successful head coach of the Oakland Raiders, garnering a 103-32-7 record and besting the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI. He then stepped off the field and into the broadcasting booth to become football’s most beloved color commentator.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the decision of Americans to leave high-tax blue states like New York, California, and Illinois and move to free states like Idaho, Utah, Texas, and Florida. But they do have one request for these new arrivals! They also cringe as the evidence seems to pile up that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine early next year. And they discuss President Biden’s bewildering response to a question about whether his administration was unprepared for the Omicron variant.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the Senate parliamentarian for correctly ruling for the third time that amnesty cannot be part of a reconciliation bill. They also get a kick out of hearing that a number of House Democrats are furious at the man charged with leading their effort to keep the majority in 2022. And they shake their heads at a story showing how even traditional, private, and religious institutions are bowing to woke indoctrination.


Penn Swimmers Speak to Crushing Reality of Males Invading Female Sports


Lia Thomas

As male swimmer Lia Thomas trounces women’s swim records, Penn female swimmers are speaking out.

What’s it like for a female athlete to watch while her teammate—who previously competed for three years on the men’s team—dominates the field and obliterates long-standing records every time the starting gun is fired?

Writing at, reporter Joe Kinsey provides readers with this unique perspective, thanks to his anonymous interview with a female swimmer at University of Pennsylvania. The young woman’s teammate, Lia Thomas, has recently garnered media attention from all sides of the political spectrum after breaking a series of league and program records in the 200, 500, and 1650 freestyle events.

Jim and Greg welcome hall of fame broadcaster Bob Costas as their first-ever guest on the podcast. Costas joins us to clarify his positions on issues we have scrutinized in the past and explain why he believes he has been unfairly painted as a progressive over his comments on guns and his call years ago for the Washington Redskins to drop their mascot – which they did in 2020.

They also discuss comments Costas made in calling out the International Olympic Committee for cozying up to China for the upcoming Winter Olympics and the problem of groupthink in the sports world, where only one position is often considered acceptable.

Gambling Syndicates and Professional Sports, You Bet!


The other day, a young man was talking to a friend on his smartphone, explaining his system of parlay betting online. I flashed back 20 years to young men playing the market with day-trading software. Back then, wide ownership of personal computers, at work or home, was less than two decades old, and the World Wide Web with graphic interface web browsers was about a decade old. Then and now, people were gambling, hopefully playing with disposable income rather than running up debt or betting the rent. The sporting young man was talking about legal sports betting via smartphone app, and therein lies our tale.

We all know that Pete Rose, one of the greatest baseball players of all time, has been banned from baseball and Cooperstown for betting on baseball. Major League Baseball had a terrible scandal in 1919, when Chicago White Sox players were accused of throwing the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds, to benefit a gambling syndicate. The National Football League has occasionally suspended players for up to an entire season, but not personally banned them for betting on their sport and their team. The National Basketball Association had weathered accusations and a serious investigation into a referee fixing games by point-shaving, getting the point difference between the teams to fit a betting position. In 1948, hockey was rocked with a game-fixing investigation that led to the lifetime ban of two star players.

With all that bad history, the leagues struck strong poses against gambling outside Las Vegas and especially online. Congress got into the game with the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, banning sports betting  Then times changed. In 2018, the Supreme Court struck down a federal law effectively banning sports bookmaking outside of locations where it was already legal. Justice Alito delivered the 6-3 majority opinion in Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer sportscaster Bob Costas for denouncing the International Olympic Committee’s tendency to cozy up to authoritarian regimes, but they also note the Biden administration’s ongoing weakness toward Beijing. They also give Stacey Abrams a history lesson as she claims she always admitted that she lost the 2018 governor’s race in Georgia. And they get a kick out of Democrats trying to claim a major win after gas prices dip a whopping two cents per gallon over a two week span.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the Women’s Tennis Association for following through on its threat to take its tournaments out of China after failing to see clear evidence that Peng Shuai is not being censored, not being intimidated, and that her rape allegations are being taken seriously. They also groan as Stacey Abrams runs for governor of Georgia again and wonder how President Trump’s disdain for incumbent GOP Gov. Brian Kemp could influence the race. And they dig into why the media is paying vert limited attention to the ongoing trials of Jussie Smottlett and Ghislaine Maxwell.


Member Post


It seems more and more pro teams are moving their franchises to different cities.  What’s up with Oakland?  They lose the Riaders twice, and now it looks as if their baseball team is ready to fly the coop: Preview Open

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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the Cook Report shifting three critical 2022 Senate races from leaning towards the Democrats to being pure toss-ups…and all of them are held by Democrats. They also shudder over the horrific killing and serious injuring of people at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday. And they wonder why the suspect was even free in the first place. And they assess the significance of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai appearing in public for the first time since her allegations that she was raped by a former high-ranking official in the Chinese Communist Party.

Jim and Greg stand up and cheer for Women’s Tennis Association President Steve Simon and numerous players for publicly demanding that China prove that longtime tennis star Peng Shuai is alive and well and their her allegations of rape against a former high-ranking communist party official be seriously investigated. And they cheer Simon for willing to lose a billion dollars by pulling our of events in China if his concerns are not addressed quickly. They also cringe as the House of Representatives passes the bloated, deficit-growing spending bill known as Build Back Better, but they take a bit of solace in knowing this version likely won’t become law. And they fire back at an MSNBC columnist for telling parents that making demands about school policy and the curriculum is like telling a surgeon how to operate on your child.

San Francisco City Council Wants a Name Change


See the source image In an announcement today, the San Francisco City Council is asking the San Francisco Giants to rename their ballpark. Klepto Park is the proposed name change to honor the hardworking shoplifters in San Francisco.

Walgreen Park was suggested, but Walgreens’ future in San Francisco seems to be disappearing, as stores are closing due to theft losses. Safeway Park was in the running, but Safeway has cut back on its hours due to theft in San Francisco. This drew some criticism from council members. Council critics felt that limiting the hours for shoplifters that like to sleep late placed them at a looting disadvantage.

The city council also requested that after each stolen base, a special fireworks display be provided by the Giants, and the most prolific shoplifter in the city receive a lifetime pass to all Giants games.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three good martinis. First, they applaud incoming New York City Mayor Eric Adams for rejecting threats from Black Lives Matter and vowing to restore law and order to the city.  They also issue a very rare good martini to President Biden for placing a diplomatic boycott on the Winter Olympics in China early next year. And they pop a lot of popcorn as former staffers of Vice President Kamala Harris vent her frustrations to CNN that she is getting lousy assignments from President Biden and that the administration refuses to defend her as vigorously as it sticks up for Pete Buttigieg.

Join Jim and Greg as they dissect new polls that show voters trusting Republicans more on several key issues and by wide margins.  They also roll their eyes at the climate summit in Scotland and at climate envoy John Kerry’s effort to end energy derived from coal altogether. And they unload at the Lincoln Project and its Democratic operative allies for Friday’s stunt aimed at looking like white supremacists were supporting the GOP candidate for governor in Virginia.

Jim Geraghty is back! Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the National School Board Association no longer accusing parents of being domestic terrorists but they still have a lot of questions. They also wince as evidence piles up that an economy that should be in a robust recovery is slowing down and possibly headed into a recession. And they get a kick out of Terry McAuliffe saying Stacey Abrams was the real winner of the 2018 Georgia governor’s race after falsely accusing Glenn Youngkin for months of disputing the 2020 election results.