This week on JobMakers, Host Denzil Mohammed talks with Dr. Babak Movassaghi, founder of InfiniteMD (acquired last summer by ConsumerMedical), which connects patients with top U.S. medical professionals through second-opinion video consultations, guiding patients to better care. When the world shut down due to COVID-19, Dr. Movassaghi’s company was already prepared to serve patients via telehealth. In this episode, they discuss his fascinating pivot from physics and professional football in Germany, to healthcare and innovation here in the U.S., an extension of his ability to navigate multiple identities as an Iranian-German living the American Dream.


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The college football playoffs have come up in conversation once again. A twelve team playoff has been floated in the media, and I would be all for it. However, I would propose something even more drastic. In April, the several European soccer teams announced, to much chagrin, the formation of a “super league”. This league […]

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Bad Guy Loses: NBA edition


king james scotland crownI have never been a big NBA fan. I remember the cocaine era. I cheered the wildly inconsistent Seattle Supersonics in that era. I appreciated the magic of the Chicago Bulls with star-whisperer Phil Jackson, Michael Jordon, Scotty Pippen, and “The Worm” Dennis Rodman. I admired “the admiral” David Robinson‘s career as a leader with the San Antonio Spurs, along with Tim Duncan, back when they were a distinctly locker-room-disciplined team. And yet, I remember the cocaine era, the referee point-shaving era, the radical leftist ChiCom kowtowing, America-trashing ongoing era, most notoriously embodied in LeBron James.

So, the enemy of my enemy gets my provisional, limited, and temporary rooting interest. The Phoenix [“The Valley?”] Suns apparently managed the second-best record in a self-created asterisk-laden 2020-2021 season. They proceeded to eject the megalomaniacally self-titled “King” LeBron James, and his current star vehicle, the Los Angeles Lakers (a formerly great team), from the playoffs for the first time in Pawn James’ career.

After embarrassing the Lakers in Phoenix with a lopsided 115-85 win on 1 June 2021, the Suns went to L.A. and defended MJ’s legacy. Stuffing LeBron’s playoff run in the first round for the first time ever, the Suns denied a poorly aging LeBron the chance to even get a sniff at Air Jordon’s stratospheric record of six NBA championship rings. LeBron James’s pursuit of MJ’s record led him to Los Angeles because it was supposed to be a team with deep-pocketed owners who would buy a couple of championships in the hottest, coolest global media spotlight. He has only four championship rings, leaving him stuck on the third tier.

Join Jim and Greg as they credit Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for taking action on the border crisis while the Biden administration dithers. They also react to the explosive Vanity Fair story exposing how State Department officials and scientists furiously tried to stop investigations into whether COVID-19 leaked from a Wuhan lab. And they sympathize with residents in eastern Oregon who want to secede to Idaho. While they think the likelihood of that happening is low, they also devise an incentive system for state governments to improve.

May Day: Indianapolis 500


The 105th running of the Indianapolis 500 was glorious. It was the fastest qualifying field ever and the fastest ever race on the track. And, a wonderfully positive, emotional driving star won his fourth Indy 500 checkered flag in a race that was a battle to the very last lap. The race was largely unmarred by accidents and was run entirely under bright blue skies. The very best part: the 105th running of the Indianapolis 500 was before a full stadium of unmuzzled fans.

This great American tradition, signaling the start of summer, was a loud rejection of the entire leftist agenda, with the sweet smell of racing fuel and hot tires savored by Americans shoulder to shoulder in the sunshine without any sign of leftist plandemic fear and virtue signaling face coverings in the sea of normal humanity. The cherry on top was the winner; Helio Castroneves won at age 46.

True, there was a scattering of masks, frequently pulled down, in the press and event officiating crew. Yet, there was no solidarity in that stance. The masks have dropped. The official story was that track management limited fans to 40 percent, in submission to so-called public health officials or “experts.” On camera, it looked like the stands were full.

Old Guys Rule on a Late May Day


crossed golf clubsPhil Mickelson, at the age of 50, beat a crowd of younger players on a ocean-side wind-swept PGA Championship course this Sunday. Mickelson’s last major championship was the 2013 British Open. That was his fifth major championship. Now, Phil Mickelson has joined the elite 13 golfers with six major championships in the entire history of the PGA. And. Phil Mickelson has won one for the old guys, blowing away the next oldest winner by two years. The three oldest major PGA championship winners were:

Julius Boros 1968 PGA Championship 48 years, 4 months, 18 days
Tom Morris Sr. 1867 The Open Championship 46 years, 3 months, 10 days
Jack Nicklaus 1986 Masters Tournament 46 years, 2 months, 23 days

Mickelson has consistently played professional tour-level golf for the past quarter-century. Yet, his time as a champion seemed long past. Now, Phil has done what a 53-year-old Greg Norman, leading the 2008 British Open field on Sunday morning, could not do. Phil Mickelson won with the roar of the crowd in his ears, protected by tournament staff from being mobbed by golf fans on the last two holes. No, the crowd in South Carolina was not muzzled with face diapers, and this group of Americans was not showing any sign of signifying obedience to the evil Dr. Fraudci.

At age 50, Phil Mickelson became the oldest player to win a major, holding on for a two-shot victory in the PGA Championship at the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island on Sunday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for the ‘Say Hey Kid’


Willie Mays cropped.jpgWillie Mays celebrated his 90th birthday. One of the legendary baseball players is still with us. Willie Howard Mays, born on May 6, 1931, is one of the greatest players in baseball history.

His 22-year career, with the exception of one year with the Mets, was spent with the New York/San Francisco Giants.

Mays finished his career batting .302 with 660 home runs, the sixth-most of all time, and 1,903 RBI. He holds MLB records for most putouts (7,095) and most extra-inning home runs (22). He also had 338 stolen bases.

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On local sports-talk radio I hear, or hear of, a show called Soccer Matters. “No, it doesn’t,” I say to myself. Recently I heard about Austin’s professional or semi-professional team: it had just played to a scoreless tie, but someone was saying the game was actually pretty interesting. “No, it wasn’t,” I said to myself. […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome 6.4 percent economic growth in the first quarter of 2021. They also hope President Biden will keep his word that schools should be fully open in the fall. But they have no idea why Biden insists on social distancing and wearing masks around other vaccinated people. Oh, and there may be a bit of NFL Draft talk in there too.

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As I find the news of the day to be depressing, I thought I would take another look at an essay I wrote in 2017. This essay is for all of you that love automobiles, especially fast automobiles. Before I settled into serious employment I worked for someone that had built a successful business and […]

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Making Sports Great Again: It’s Time!


“Welcome to this oasis of freedom.” — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

The UFC has led since the earliest days of the latest novel coronavirus and the pandemic. Always focused on real safety and on connecting fighters with audiences, Dana White and the company immediately designed protocols to stage events with everyone tested. From the earliest days, they were clear that there was no money in partially filled venues. Keep it on video or go big. Finally, Florida is getting a chance to shine as the first location to return to true normality.

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The Quote of the Day is the easiest way to start a fun conversation on Ricochet.  You don’t have to think up something intelligent, pithy, or eloquent yourself–just steal borrow (with proper credit, of course) from somebody else! You can share a written or spoken passage that you’ve come across and find worthy, a quote from popular, classical, or […]

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There are a few rule changes being tested in the minor leagues this year for possible adoption into MLB in an up coming season. Double Hook Designated Hitter. The designated hitter only plays as long as the starting pitcher is in the game. When the pitcher gets relieved a team will have to either let […]

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Observations on the Masters Tournament Sunday 2021


crossed golf clubsFirst, it is still proudly the Masters in 2021. It is still the Masters in Georgia in 2021, and the course and clubhouse are not festooned with self-abasing slogans. I am only a very casual fan of sports, prefer high-level mixed martial arts to most other professional sports, and yet enjoy watching a good final round of golf played by the best in the world. This Sunday afternoon, after three preceding days of play, a Japanese man stood at the top of the leader board, with four men tied four strokes back. As they all turned onto the back nine, Hideki Matsuyama was holding or extending his lead one hole at a time. This was compelling viewing, versus the not-so-earnest politicized nonsense being put on by basketball and baseball organizations.

I say not-so-earnest because the NBA courts are now missing the big bold signs signaling supposed virtue. They seem to be back to trying to pay their massive salary overhead with commercial sponsors’ branding. The college basketball courts still had the false premises “UNITY” “EQUALITY” painted in bold all caps on their sidelines for the NCAA basketball tournament. My read of the signs on the two levels of men’s basketball is that the NBA players, who entirely control their league, have declared mission accomplished. Their parlor pink comrades are in full control of the national government, which was the whole point of the past year’s posturing. Never mind that President Trump was objectively better for black Americans of every economic level and showed more real respect for black citizens than the party of Xiden and the KKK ever has. The vanguard of the proletariat gets paid in every “people’s revolution.”

But let’s not spoil a perfectly good Sunday afternoon with the antics of the super-rich. Let’s enjoy a really great walk unspoiled by athletes striking political poses instead of balls.

I Woke This Morning to Watch the Now-Woke 85th Masters Tournament


While waiting for my soccer games to start this morning, and getting in trouble on social media, I had the Gold Channel turned on in the background to hear coverage of the Masters Tournament preview. I have precious few sports I can watch without being subjected to the by now ever-increasing leftist commentary from the announcers, thereby ruining my viewing experience.

So I was taken aback by this exchange between two of the announcers discussing the progress of the golfer Cameron Champ, who is an American professional golfer. Wikipedia notes that he is of mixed black and white descent, that his father is biracial (black and white) while his mother is white.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three crazy martinis. First, they look at Michigan’s terrible COVID numbers and discuss why Gov. Whitmer is asking but not mandating that high schools suspend sports and in-person classes. They also groan as President Biden sets up his special commission to consider changes to the Supreme Court, including the number of justices and how long they should be able to serve. And they’re glad to see all the real problems in the world must be solved since CNN is busy declaring Asian font to be racist.

Please, Just Make it Stop! More Hits from the Idiocracy


See the source imageNow that Major League Baseball has taken the All Star Game away from Atlanta, the next target is the Masters. Keith Olbermann joined the chorus of voices demanding that the PGA remove the Masters from Augusta, GA.

A bag filled with golf clubs is smarter than Mr. Olbermann. There are individuals, like a Halon fire extinguisher, that suck the oxygen out of a room the minute they open their mouths.

There are people in this world that are perpetually aggrieved, filled with outrage, and joyless.

On the All Star Game and How Replacing Religion With Politics is Making Us All Miserable


On Monday, Gallup announced that for the first time in the eight decades they’ve measured it, less than half of Americans are members of a house of worship (church, synagogue, or mosque) – down from 70% in 1999. Friday, Major League Baseball announced it was yanking this year’s All Star Game and MLB Draft from Atlanta to punish the state for passing SB 202, the Election Integrity Act of 2021.

In my mind, these two stories are related. Allow me to explain:

Chad Benson is in for Jim today. Join Greg and Chad as they discuss corporate America’s spineless response to yet another political controversy. They also take a deeper dive into Joe Biden’s effort to boost labor unions by crushing freelance work. They fume as Dr. Fauci and others suddenly decide kids now have to be vaccinated before life returns to normal, and they remember the fascinating and controversial life of the one and only G. Gordon Liddy.