Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome the news that another major figure in the Benghazi terrorist attack is now in U.S. custody – only hundreds more to go.  They also shudder as the accusations of  actor Kevin Spacey allegedly preying upon a 14-year-old boy years ago elicits another round of “everybody knew” in Hollywood.  And they discuss the odd transformation of Megyn Kelly, from presidential debate moderator and hard-hitting interviewer to lighthearted morning host discussing Halloween decorations and dance moves.

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  1. Hibernian Faithful Inactive
    Hibernian Faithful

    As an “orthodox” Catholic in who the”dogma loves loud”  these abuse situations reminds me of the wicked prelates who allow homosexual predator priests (based on the John Jay College) prey on teenage boys for decades.  I hate that it happened, but I am glad that it came out.  Lord Acton was correct.

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  2. DJ EJ Member
    DJ EJ

    Many in Hollywood do know about the pedophiles who prey upon young actors. The documentary “An Open Secret” chronicles the shattered lives of some of the victims. Here’s hoping Corey Feldman, Elijah Wood, and others are able to use this moment to expose and bring down other perpetrators.



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