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Trump UN75President Trump took under eight minutes to state the United States position to world leaders and domestic and international audiences. He started with the reason the United Nations was formed 75 years ago, the end of the second world war in a half century. President Trump used military imagery to tie the UN’s purpose to the current global pandemic. Then he dropped the hammer on China. President Trump called on the UN to deal with real problems and pointed to real US leadership under his administration. He pointed to the remarkable peace deals resulting from his administration rejecting the tired old institutionalized expert formulas. He once again pointed to the obligation of every government to care first for its own citizens, and then to make agreements in the mutual interest of each nation’s people, not according to elite theories and interests.

President accused China and the World Health Organization of letting the virus out and lying at all the important points. when it could have been contained or its effect on populations limited. President Trump then detailed China’s offenses against the rest of the world as the leading polluter of the oceans and atmosphere. No one can doubt that the Chinese Communist Party dearly wants Joe Biden, Chuck and Nancy in charge of America next January, and is fully supportive of the Democrats’ subversive strategy of denying the legitimacy of any Republican victory.

We are joined by Dr. Jung Chang, author of the best-selling books Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China; Mao: The Unknown Story; and Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister: Three Women at the Heart of Twentieth-Century China. Dr. Chang discusses Wild Swans, a sweeping narrative about three generations of her family across 20th-century China, and the importance of transmitting firsthand historical knowledge of life under Mao Zedong. She also describes her definitive biography of Mao – which, like Wild Swans, remains banned in China – documenting the carnage under his reign, including the peacetime deaths of an estimated 70 million people. She explores Mao’s cult of personality, changing perceptions of his character and legacy, and Maoism’s resurgence in China today. Dr. Chang then delves into the topic of her newest book, Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister: Three Women at the Heart of Twentieth-Century China, a group biography of the powerful Soong sisters, including Madame Chiang. She concludes with a reading from her memoir, Wild Swans.

Stories of the Week: A new report covered by Time magazine reveals a shocking lack of Holocaust knowledge among Millennials and Gen-Z Americans surveyed across 50 states – troubling evidence of the dangers of woefully inadequate history instruction. CBS News reports that more Black families, when given the option, are likely to choose remote learning, for a variety of reasons having to do with mistrust of the system and safety concerns.

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USAR NYPDThe New York Police Department has a black eye, a bad cop, but you will not hear any Democrat decrying his actions, nor will any Soros-funded group demonstrate before cooperative cameras. This bad cop is allegedly a rat of the dirtiest sort, a spy for the Chinese Communist Party. It gets worse. This apparent pile of low-grade excrement is reportedly also a U.S. Army reservist and an NYPD Police Benevolent Association photograph shows him with sergeant stripes in a Marine Corps uniform. Baimadajie Angwang, a 33-year-old naturalized citizen and ethnic Tibetan, was specially recruited to report on the Tibetan community.

The New York Post has the story with the Marine Corps photograph, although there is no mention of Angwang’s time in the Marines.

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President Trump“In January 1977, I visited Ronald Reagan in Los Angeles. During our four-hour conversation, he said many memorable things, but none more significant than this. ‘My idea of American policy toward the Soviet Union is simple, and some would say simplistic,’ he said. ‘It is this: We win and they lose. What do you think of that?’ One had never heard such words from the lips of a major political figure; until then, we had thought only in terms of managing the relationship with the Soviet Union.”
Richard V. Allen, “The Man Who Won the Cold War,” January 30, 2000

Donald J. Trump is to George W. Bush as Ronald Reagan was to Richard Nixon, to a degree. Nixon and Bush did what they thought was best for our country, as did Reagan and as Trump has done from his first day in office. However, these men’s choices of foreign policy sets were informed by different view of America and of America’s adversaries. Bush and Nixon saw a very long struggle, while Reagan and Trump believed in America’s ability to win, to actually defeat her enemies. At the same time, George W. Bush and Richard Nixon operated with very different views of the world around them, so the comparison among the four Republican presidents is not so simple. Indeed, Nixon, Reagan, and Trump all share a steel-willed focus in foreign policy that Bush the Younger, like Bush the Elder, lacked.

Donald Trump, whether people want to admit it or not, scored a pretty big foreign policy win as Israel normalized relations with UAE and Bahrain. Seth, Park, Jay, and Grant discuss the political implications for Trump and why people are so afraid (on either side) to credit anyone, not in their party for policy success.

Also, the guys discuss the coronavirus vaccine and the effects of both Trump over-promising and some Democrats flirting with anti-vax rhetoric because they don’t like Trump and argue the wrong point (that it won’t be ready by election day instead of assuming it will and saying they don’t trust the president).

Join Jim and Greg as they dig into new polling numbers showing millennial and Gen Z voters very unenthusiastic about Joe Biden. They also react to Nashville officials covering up information showing very few COVID transmissions in bars and conspiring to make sure the public did not know. And they enjoy spiking the football on John Kerry by looking back to his 2016 pronouncement that there would never be Israeli-Arab peace outside of a peace deal involving the Palestinians.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the Abraham Accords and hope President Trump is right that several other Arab nations may soon normalize relations with Israel as well. They also discuss the claims of a possible Chinese whistleblower who claims she has evidence that COVID-19 came from a lab rather than a wet market and the Chinese Communist Party has been covering its tracks ever since. Jim explains why she ought to release whatever she has as soon as possible. And as the “experts” keep insisting states are totally prepared for massive mail-in voting, they groan as Michigan can’t even get the names in the presidential race right on the ballot.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud the normalization of relations between Israel and Bahrain and indications that Saudi Arabia may soon follow suit. They also discuss the premeditated shootings of two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies on Saturday and why Joe Biden condemns the shooting but not the people blocking the ambulances from reaching the hospitals and chanting that they hoped the deputies died. And Jim explains why the wildfires in the western U.S. are exposing the extreme policies of some Democrats and environmental activists.

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On Friday, President Trump announced a peace deal between Israel and Bahrain. Here is a brief Washington Examiner article with further details. There will be a formal Declaration of Peace signed at the White House on September 15.

This makes two important peace deals in the Middle East. I’m not an expert on the history of the region, but I don’t think we’ve seen even a single deal like this since the Israel-Jordan peace agreement in 1994.

Join Jim and Greg for a special 9/11 anniversary edition of the podcast. They both share their indelible memories of that horrific day and why it is vital for us to remember the evil perpetrated against us and how the very best of America rose to the occasion. Then they dive into the three martinis of the day, starting with a GOP voter registration surge in Pennsylvania. They also fume as 31 phones connected to the Mueller special counsel team were wiped clean before the Justice Department could examine them. And they react to the Biden campaign spokesman who was outraged that he would be asked if Joe Biden uses a teleprompter during interviews and other events – but never answered the question.

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On Facebook last night, I kept seeing posts that noted the 19th anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001. I felt a little nonplussed that it really has been nineteen years. On one hand, it seems like another lifetime; on the other hand, it feels so painfully fresh. It wasn’t just happening on television […]

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merkel in Putin pocketThe Bundeswehr, the German military, has published findings that one of Putin’s domestic critics, Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a Russian government created nerve agent. It seems exotic poisons are a favorite of the old KGB colonel, who is not bothered in the least by the notoriety of repeated discoveries of high profile attacks, even on foreign soil. Then again, poison has long been a Russian security tool. This time, German Chancellor Merkel, who has been in bed with Putin for years, is publicly upset.

Alexie Navalny has been seen as the only serious and viable opponent to Putin’s perpetual rule. The Nation, a publication of the left, explains:

Join Jim and Greg for your Friday martinis! After another week of violence in the streets, Democrats are finally starting to pay attention to the issue after failing to mention it at all at their convention. Would stronger statements from Biden be credible and would they get the chaos to stop? They also discuss President Trump’s convention speech and why the length and delivery made it less effective. And while certainly not gamers, they get a kick out of the chance to conduct a clandestine operation on orders from President Reagan – which is part of the latest “Call of Duty.”

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To say that it has been a busy news month in the Russian speaking world would be an understatement. From the arrest of Sergei Furgal in July, to the protests against Belarussian President Lukashenko, and the suspected poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, political instability has been the order of the day. Why, though, […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they discuss how the RNC was smart to move away from wall-to-wall speeches politicians and showcase how policies are working in the lives of American citizens and how socialist and communist policies have devastated other nations. They also point out that Joe Biden’s belated plea for peaceful protesting fell on deaf ears as rioters ravaged Minneapolis over the false rumor that a murder suspect had been killed by police. And they wonder what the next step will be after NBA players refuse to play in playoff games over the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin

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He Qinglian
He Qinglian

He Qinglian has written an opinion piece in the Epoch Times (behind the paywall) presenting CCP President and Chairman Xi Jinping’s recent performance regarding relations with the United States, and she provides some interesting insights.

She opens with:

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news of at least one prosecutor willing to file felony charges over rioters tearing down a statue. They also discuss old timer’s night at the Democratic National Convention with a special focus on John Kerry’s dishonest history and Bill Clinton still being invited to speak despite his #MeToo history and yesterday’s Epstein revelations. And they have fun as the woke left even tries to cancel suffragette Susan B. Anthony.

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Xi Jinping
Xi in a group with his friends and allies

Just when I was settling comfortably into a worldview where the Party General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party could behave in a massively destructive fashion to everyone at home and abroad without the slightest concern for consequences like Chinese emperors of old. The emperor was the rule by which all was to be measures. If he sneezed, China sneezed. Proudly. Harmoniously.

There is a group with the influence to unnerve even Xi. Katsuji Nakasawa writing in the Nikkei Asian Review:

Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Trump Negotiates Historic Israel-UAE Peace Deal


President Trump achieved a diplomatic milestone Thursday, leading the United Arab Emirates and Israel to establish a full normalization of relations. This is more bad news for the Iranian regime as well as the dead-end supporters of Obama’s nuclear deal.

“The historic diplomatic breakthrough will advance peace in the Middle East region,” according to a joint statement, “and is a testament to the bold diplomacy and vision of the three leaders and the courage of the United Arab Emirates and Israel to chart a new path that will unlock the great potential in the region.”

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Yes, our Secretary of State flew into Europe and addressed the Czech Senate. No, it was not COVID-19 theater, such as Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi lead. Yes, he addressed far more serious issues. Central to the speech was the malign influence of the Chinese Communist Party, whose threats to all of us include the […]

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