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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome the news that another major figure in the Benghazi terrorist attack is now in U.S. custody – only hundreds more to go.  They also shudder as the accusations of  actor Kevin Spacey allegedly preying upon a 14-year-old boy years ago elicits another round of “everybody knew” in Hollywood.  And they discuss the odd transformation of Megyn Kelly, from presidential debate moderator and hard-hitting interviewer to lighthearted morning host discussing Halloween decorations and dance moves.

Time Magazine & the age of silly subversion


The new Time magazine cover is out–it’s time for the people to find out who they’re being told is the man of the year–unsurprisingly, it’s America’s next president, Mr. Donald Trump, shot very cleverly in an unflattering pose. The people’s choice & the worst nightmare of latter-day liberalism meet in one smug visage. One would expect liberals with an English education to start bringing up Shelley’s Ozymandias, but there is nary a peep! Instead, we get this silly cover image. This is the kind of gesture that liberals would call a dog whistle if they could accuse conservatives of something thereby–but on their side of the ideological fence, they call it irony. There is only one thing that could be reasonably described as ironic about this liberal talk about irony–it is that half-educated liberals in the chattering classes think they can–should–must!–explain the irony. The irony cannot live without being shouted about, apparently. The only thing intolerable to this kind of wisdom is discretion or tact… Is the yapping the mouth about this clever cover image done to show liberals are clever? To enjoy together the way they humiliate Mr. Trump? To explain to less intelligent creatures–no doubt, the American people as a whole–what the joke is really about, just in case they missed it? You guessed it, it’s all of the above.

The only reason to pay attention to what people say about the Time magazine cover is to learn that latter-day liberalism is trapped in a world of symbols that compel liberal writers pretending to the role of explainer-in-chief to act out explanations & ratiocinations that are mere fantasies. They cannot give up their careers; & there is no room left for insight on the popular side of liberal writing. People’s pretenses have caught up with them & trapped them in the symbols they used to proffer as prophecies. It turns out, liberalism is not in control of the world or of America’s future. How are liberals expected to go on with life then! Political talk turns into acting in their mouths; histrionics replace insight in their public lives; cleverness is supposed to replace paying attention to what is really worrying people in this unhappy time of ours; at the end of each iteration of this post-modern version of the burlesque, the world turns out to be brimming with solutions & yet to contain no serious problems that might call forth these solutions. Each liberal writer turns out to be the maker of a world that really works & adores him gratefully for his efforts. There is something demigodish about them, the way they simultaneously contemn & uplift the people, one raised conscience at a time, defeating the monster of populist anger one sarcastic cut at a time–& this the unkindest cut of them all, the master-stroke: Cutting Mr. Trump down to size with this magazine cover, he who is the preferred blunt instrument of populist anger. Pretending to honor him while subverting him! Remarkably, liberals are learning to subvert things quietly–they dare not speak up anymore?

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Forgive me for not writing this post two years ago, but Comcast only recently made House of Cards available on demand. A good friend of mine who writes about pop culture for a living urged me to watch House of Cards. He’s a liberal who likes to rib me, but he assured me that the […]

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