Join Jim and Greg as they react to the Department of Energy warming to the idea that the COVID pandemic originated with a lab leak in China. They also welcome the bipartisan concern over the devastating impact that social media is having on teenagers, including significant increases in suicidal thoughts – particularly among girls. Finally, they cringe as new Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass wants to lower standards for police recruits in order to increase the diversity of the LAPD.

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  1. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    My son-in-law is a nuclear engineer who works for one of the Department of Energy National Labs. He has not been involved in the Wuhan / Covid inquiry, but he has been involved in other non-nuclear projects. His technical specialty is computer modeling of complex particle movements, originally developed to model particle movements during a nuclear reaction. But, they discovered that many of the same computer modeling techniques can be used to model movement of pollutants and other particles in air and water currents. That is one of the reasons the DOE National Labs get involved in stuff that isn’t directly “energy.” 

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  2. kedavis Coolidge

    Children can have a cell phone for any emergency needs, without having a “smart” phone that gets them to facebook etc.

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  3. Taras Coolidge

    When even Time magazine gets it right, it’s somehow comforting that we can rely on Jim Geraghty to be “always wrong”:

    “How Distrust of Donald Trump  Muddled the COVID-19 ‘Lab Leak’ Debate”

    BTW, even if it gets one thing right, the article is still full of the usual media disinformation — like that Trump told people to “inject bleach”!

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