After a brief mention of today’s impeachment hearings, Jim and Greg launch into Wednesday’s real martinis.  First, they take deep satisfaction in watching the end of the Kamala Harris presidential campaign and chronicle the many things that went wrong for her.  They also slam Pete Buttigieg for saying that anyone who supports President Trump is “looking the other way on racism, at best.”  And they note that after three years of liberals cheering on sanctuary cities and counties over immigration policy, they suddenly have the vapors as conservative counties in Virginia adopt sanctuary policies against upcoming gun control legislation from the incoming Democratic majorities.

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  1. Arahant Member

    Playing the sanctuary cities and counties against them could wind up being a lot of fun.

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  2. MISTER BITCOIN Inactive

    regarding kamala, i guess the democrats are not ready to vote for a woman of color lol.


    regarding mayor pete, his lack of black support is related to his sexual orientation.

    most blacks are not LGBTQ activists.

    in fact in 2008, one reason prop 8 (aka prop hate) passed because many blacks who voted for obama also voted for prop 8.  

    A gay friend in Los Angeles told me this.

    whether it’s religion or sub-culture, gay politicians are not popular in the black community


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