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Emily Jashinsky of The Federalist is in for Jim today. Emily and Greg cheer Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears for powerfully speaking the truth on parenting, guns, and many other issues to Bill Maher on Friday and pretty much every day since she took office last year. They also groan upon hearing the very predictable news that the Chinese spy balloon was actually able to gather intelligence – including signals – despite the Biden administration insisting it prevented that from happening back in February. Finally, they scratch their heads and wonder why former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson is running for president in 2024 when it appears he’d have little chance even if Trump and DeSantis weren’t running.

Join Jim and Greg as they credit Virginia Gov. Glen Youngkin for taking on a skeptical CNN town hall on education, especially his answers on excellence vs. equity and teaching all aspects of history without demonizing groups of people as oppressed or oppressors based on race or sex. They also take a deep dive into Thursday’s House hearing featuring Twitter Files reporters Matt Taibbi and Michael Schellenberger, focusing on the alarming revelations of government collusion with big tech to muffle speech they didn’t like. They also unload on the committee Democrats for their obvious lack of preparation,  absurd demands to know the reporters’ sources, and demonizing of reporters who are well known for leaning to the left. Finally, they react to allegations that serial liar New York Rep. George Santos was part of a credit card skimming scheme in Seattle.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome new developments in two key Senate races. First, they are intrigued by popular GOP West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice seriously considering a challenge to Sen. Joe Manchin in 2024. They also discuss Indiana Rep. Jim Banks announcing he will seek the open U.S. Senate seat in Indiana, which is already held by Republicans. They also fume as multiple school districts in Northern Virginia fail to tell National Merit Finalists of their awards out of fear of making those who didn’t receive the honor feel badly. But they do cheer Gov. Glenn Youngkin for blasting the administrators in three separate districts for their decisions. Finally, they shudder as the supposed elites gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to decide what sacrifices we’re supposed to make in order to advance their global agenda.


Join Jim and Greg as they discuss only good things today! First, Jim describes his wide-ranging interview with Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin about his plans for the coming year, what issues matter most, and whether he’s thinking about running for president. They also welcome the Supreme Court issuing a temporary stay that keeps the “Remain in Mexico” policy in place until a formal decision is in place. Finally, they dive into why “Die Hard” is obviously a Christmas movie and share other thoughts about what makes it such a great film.

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Many of us saw it coming after surprising results from “Election Day.” At this writing, another Republican lost after a painfully slow recount in an all-mail ballot election, several days after “Election Day,” a now-quaint notion. Thanks to all manner of early voting schemes, in person and via mail, we now have “Election Season.” No […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they cheer Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin for a very sensible plan to champion gas and nuclear power as a way to keep energy abundant and affordable. They also shudder as President Biden starts blabbing about how Russia has us closer to “Armageddon” than any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. And they highlight just how partisan and petty CNN’s former leadership was in suspending conservative commentator Mary Katherine Ham for a very flimsy reason and never even telling her.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer a very strong ad from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that uses Floridians from all walks of life mentioning how his policies have made their lives better. They also are intrigued to see the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette call our John Fetterman for being unable to take part in debates and the New York Times start to lay expectations for the defeat of Stacey Abrams in Georgia. Finally, they shake their heads at the left looking to California as the leaders in progressive energy policy…only to see California suffering rolling blackouts and and energy restrictions as a heat wave rolls in.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome good poll numbers for Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and strong support for much of his agenda. They also shudder as Sen. Chuck Grassley unveils more evidence that the FBI actively covered up allegations against Hunter Biden during the 2020 campaign. And they point out the insanity of Maryland election law allowing mail-in ballots to arrive 10 days after election day – and fear this could create tremendous controversy if it happens in key races around the country this year.


‘Emancipation’ from Our History Continues


No trip to Virginia is complete without excursions to Arlington Cemetery, including the stately mansion at its highest point, “Arlington House.” Add to that George Washington’s Mount Vernon, a half-hour drive south along the Potomac River. It is a Commonwealth steeped in colonial and Civil War history. At the time of our founding, it was our most populous state and once encompassed what is now West Virginia and Kentucky. Four of our first five presidents were Virginians.

Arlington House, also the Robert E. Memorial at Arlington Cemetary. For now.

And if you have time, a two-hour trip toward Charlottesville should include stops at three homes of America’s founders: James Madison’s Montpelier, James Monroe’s Ashlawn, and of course, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Add visits to several great wineries in the region and perhaps Civil War battlefields, from Manassas to Chancellorsville.

Not Now, Glenn


On our first Sunday, after my wife and I moved back to Virginia in late December 2020, we joined friends at their church. It just so happened that the long-standing warden at McLean’s non-denominational Holy Trinity Church was stepping down that day. We were asked if we’d like to meet him.

His name was Glenn Youngkin. “He’s getting ready to run for governor,” my friends said. I was mildly surprised, since I’d never heard of the former Carlyle Group CEO, despite his being one of the most successful business people in the country.

The Sound of Freedom? NIMBY!


One pleasant feature of my northern Virginia home, less than five miles from the Pentagon and a couple of blocks from I-395, is the sound of freedom that occasionally envelopes my neighborhood.

On some days, it happens as early as 7:30 a.m., often hourly, sometimes more. Sometimes in tandem. And often well into the evening hours, at low altitude. I love it.

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Washington’s “close-in” suburbs in Northern Virginia are deep-blue territory, politically speaking. It is very wealthy, highly educated, and predominantly white and liberal. I happen to live in Arlington, Virginia, particularly the Commonwealth’s Eighth Congressional District. It’s a beautiful district, home to Arlington Cemetary, The Pentagon, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, and other historic venues. Bordering the […]

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Working with many expert national political prognosticators over the years – and having spent time with about 35 congressional and US Senate campaigns in 25 states – my eyes are constantly peeled for signs and wonders of trends that portend results, including upset victories. Conventional wisdom suggests a GOP tsunami this Fall. Past election trends […]

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A Tsunami Isn’t “Coming.” It’s Here


It’s probably unfair, even inaccurate, to describe current political trends in the US as a “tsunami” unless of course, you’re a self-proclaimed “progressive” Democrat. Tsunamis are large and highly destructive ocean waves, often caused by underwater earthquakes or volcanic disruptions. Nobody asks for nor wants to experience one, perhaps unless you’re the actual tsunami. Politically speaking, of course.

In the minds of many Americans, the coming tsunami isn’t destructive at all, despite media attempts to portray it as such. It’s restorative. And there is plenty of evidence that Democrats asked for it, starting with the consequences of an open southern border, rising crime rates amidst soft-on-crime and defund-the-police strategies, weakness abroad, lingering COVID mandates, teacher unions prioritized over students, and raging inflation at home.

Join Jim and Greg as they dissect retiring Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy’s comments accusing Dem leaders of siding with the far left and sending left-wing activist groups to pressure moderates into supporting a progressive agenda.  They also fume as another Northern Virginia school district is caught covering up a vicious rape of a 14-year-old girl. And they sigh as Jussie Smollett is freed from jail after just six days while his conviction is appealed.

Join Jim and Greg as they relish the prospects of Republican wins on masks in Virginia and New York. They criticize the empty promises of collaboration from the European Union as Russia knocks on Ukraine’s door. And they review the shocking numbers of illegals apprehended at the southern border and what it means for the upcoming midterms.

Uh Oh. Youngkin Meant What He Said


Two unique characteristics partially define the Commonwealth of Virginia’s governor. First, he (or she, although no woman has yet been elected governor) is elected in odd-numbered years. And second, he serves only for a single four-year term. Governors here cannot run to succeed themselves (but they can try to run again later, as former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe tried and failed to do in 2021).

That may give some partisans in the losing party hope that a new governor might not govern as promised. Perhaps “legacy mode” kicks in on Day One. There’s no political pressure to deliver other than mid-term (also odd-year) state legislative elections.

Bring Your Eschaton Shovels


Well, Snowmageddon II will be here soon. Six to 12 inches fall and strand people for a day, government yawns. Now, three days later, we’re projected to get 2 to 4 inches, and Gov. Ralph “Interstate” Northam has declared a state of emergency.

This storm has snarled traffic and stranded motorists (let’s hope not for 24 to 30 hours, Ralph) in Kentucky and Tennessee, and it’s coming here tonight. Just like last time, it will start with rain and a rapid temperature drop. Makes all the road prep work by the Virginia Department of Transportation ineffective.

Virginia’s I-95 Snowmageddon: Advice for Gov.-Elect Youngkin


Fortunately, no one appears to have died. But it was still a disaster and potentially life-threatening for those stranded in vehicles without provisions after a freakish snowstorm that shut down a key section of I-95 in northern Virginia for upwards of 27 hours.

The storm dumped close to a foot of snow in the Washington DC suburbs. Initial predictions had it close to three or four inches. Less snow and more rain fell about 90 miles south towards Richmond. At times, the storm dumped close to three inches per hour. That’s a lot. It brought back memories of my near-disastrous travel in northern California last week.

After noting Sen. Schumer’s latest failure to kill the filibuster, Jim and Greg serve up three crazy martinis! First, they hammer the Chicago Teachers Union for refusing to teach in-person over the Omicron case numbers. They also unload on the Virginia Department of Transportation for continuing an ugly governmental trend of admitting a major problem but insisting that nothing could have been done better in response to the traffic nightmare on I-95. And their heads are spinning as the CDC releases absurdly burdensome recommendations for fighting COVID and that private employers are following the mandates and firing people while nothing happens to unvaccinated federal employees.