Byron York is in for Jim Geraghty today.  Byron and Greg cheer Mississippi’s attorney general for telling the Supreme Court there is no constitutional right to an abortion. They also react to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejecting certain Republicans from the January 6th commission by pointing out the radical lefties she has named to the panel. And they have some choice words for the Biden administration after learning that Hunter Biden will be meeting prospective buyers of his ridiculously overpriced art when the transactions are supposed to be anonymous.

Alexandra Desanctis Marr is in for Jim today.  Alexandra and Greg cheer Senate Republicans for blocking the Democrats’ very expensive “infrastructure” bill, which doesn’t even exist yet. They also slam House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for further politicizing the committee tasked with investigating the Capitol Hill riot by rejecting two GOP members. And they scratch their heads after President Biden’s latest town hall is filled with false statements and incoherent moments.

The Czech Republic Gets Its Very Own 2nd Amendment


From N-TV (all translations are mine):

The Czech Republic is adding the right to keep and bear arms to its constitution. After the Chamber of Representatives approved the amendment, the Senate, the Second Chamber of the Parliament, approved it with a considerable majority. The Constitution of the EU-Member State will contain the following sentence in the future:  “The right to defend one’s own life or the lives of others with a weapon is guaranteed under legal circumstances.”

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Click here to listen to the podcast! On this episode of the Resistance Library Podcast, Sam and David discuss the corresponding rise of antidepressants, SSRIs, and mass shootings. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a mass murder occurs when at least four people are murdered, not including the shooter, over a relatively short […]

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President Biden will be in Chicago today. The stats are amazing. Since 2012 28,248 individuals have been shot in Chicago. That’s slightly more than the number of US wounded in Afghanistan that is approximately 20,320 individuals. That is if you consider 8,000 more shot in Chicago a slight increase. The  2021 Shot Clock from […]

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California, Naturally… Gun Confiscation Law in San Jose


It seems that the City of San Jose in Silicon Valley California has just passed, unanimously, a law taxing legal gun owners (details such as tax levels, insurance requirements, not final yet).  If those legal gun owners do not comply with the tax, their gun will be confiscated.  Here’s a quote from the Fox News article, emphasis mine.

But with no official registry of gun owners either locally or federally, officials recognized that enforcement of the forthcoming taxes and insurance requirements could be difficult if not impossible. So, they said they would authorize any law enforcement officers to confiscate the firearms of any gun owner they stumble upon who does not provide proof that they have complied.

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Click here to listen to the podcast! On this episode of the Resistance Library Podcast, Sam and David discuss gun background checks. Prior to 1968, most adults in the United States could purchase a firearm without state interference. Guns were available in local retail stores, as well as mail-order catalogs, and as long as you […]

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There’s Gun Control in the Second Amendment?


Well, the President of the United States told us this week, that:

“No amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute,” he said. “You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater — recall a freedom of speech. From the very beginning, you couldn’t own any weapon you wanted to own. From the very beginning that the Second Amendment existed, certain people weren’t allowed to have weapons.”

Jim & Greg are glad to see VP Kamala Harris finally deciding to visit the border amid mounting pressure from Donald Trump, conservatives, and some in the media. They also cringe at President Biden’s dishonest attempts to justify gun control and saying that anyone wanting to resist the government would need F-15s and nukes. Finally, they discuss China covering up their climate abuses by paying off American media outlets and nonprofits.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the news that Senate Democrats are running out of time – and don’t have the votes – to pass major priorities on the left. They also groan at actor John Cena’s nauseating apology to China, for simply referring to Taiwan as a country during an interview promoting his new movie. And they shake their heads as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene likens a grocery store chain identifying employees who have been vaccinated to the Nazis forcing Jews to wear yellow stars.

Antonia speaks with JaPharii Jones, the president of the Virginia chapter of Black Lives Matter.  The number 757 refers to the area code of the chapter. This chapter is unique in that it is very vocal about its pro-Second Amendment stance. Antonia talks to Mr. Jones about their stand to remain independent. And the inconsistencies he sees on both sides of the political spectrum.

Join Jim and Greg as they dissect President Biden’s attempt to put a fresh coat of paint on the same old agenda Democrats have been pushing for decades, including his push for massive tax hikes and insistence that his gun control agenda is compliant with the second amendment. They also cheer Tim Scott for a terrific GOP response, in which he blew up several false narratives from Democrats and pushed for critical items like school choice. And they hammer media outlets of both political persuasions for publishing stories that didn’t have all the facts right and for catering to favored politicians.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome polls showing more Americans want their second amendment rights vigorously protected. They also go dizzy as President Biden trots out his third multi-trillion dollar spending binge.  And they react to a Vogue writer agonizing over whether to have a baby because she is convinced the child is damaging to the planet.

April Ann Kohlmeyer of Shash Lifestyle joins Antonia on this episode about the controversial method of concealed carry–purse carry. She discusses her own handbag–Shash– and the hurdles she has had to go through in order to make fashion and purse carry a real reality in the gun world. Make sure to listen until the end for an exclusive discount!


Antonia speaks with rising star, a Christian rapper, apologist, and YouTuber, Ruslan, about his journey with embracing the Second Amendment and his career as a Christian rapper.

OC Gun Show: Let No Crisis Go to Waste/Refuge For the Weary


California State Senator Dave Min of Irvine and Katie Porter, from the US House of Representatives, Democrats, both attended the Orange County, CA gun show this weekend.  They were, reportedly, escorted by sheriffs and were kept far from the deviant potential gun-owners that they ostensibly came to observe.

Oddly enough, no media appears to exist about these visits, only local word of mouth and eyewitness accounts.  It appears that they may be biding their time on their anti-gun stances until the moment is slightly more favorable.  It can only be assumed that their strange appearances may be related to Dave Min’s bill to ban gun shows on government property, but they have not chosen to openly disclose their time at the shows.  Possibly because it would not be inflammatory enough for the restrictions they are advocating.

Join Jim and Greg as they unload on teachers’ unions for rejecting CDC guidelines for schools and demanding even more money from taxpayers as they refuse to embrace in-person learning. They also rebuke President Biden for immediately demanding gun control legislation in the wake of mass shootings. They also welcome Sen. Joe Manchin’s opposition to such legislation but are cautious since Manchin could go wobbly at any moment on any issue. And they also have quite a bit to say after  Senators Tammy Duckworth and Mazie Hirono briefly vow not to confirm any future Biden nominees unless they are minorities or gay.

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The Boulder Colorado shooting has already started the blame game. The usual suspects are using this tragedy to try and disarm responsible gun owners. Here is what I’m hearing about the suspect. He was an ISIS sympathizer according to a White House source, and Biden was informed of this. Preview Open

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Join Jim and Greg as they are glad to see at least a few House Democrats wanting little to do with Nancy Pelosi’s effort to steal a House seat away from the GOP. They also mourn the victims of the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, and rip into the constant habit of partisans trying to  instantly blame their political rivals for the evil actions of someone else. And they not very impressed with Sidney Powell’s assertion that she can’t be sued by Dominion for defamation because no reasonable person should have believed what she was saying about the 2020 elections.

Media Narrative Flips in Boulder Shooting


The mass shooting at a Boulder, CO, grocery store left 10 dead Sunday. As the gunman was taken into custody, bluechecks flooded Twitter with their hot takes. The cops didn’t kill the murderer because he was a white male promoting white supremacy, obvs. On Monday, the shooter was identified as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa and the narrative flipped in an instant. Back in 2015, I created the following chart and it still holds true: