Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the impending resignation of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, whose years in power were most notably marked by draconian COVID policies and unilaterally outlawing the right to own many different weapons. They also shake their heads as some House Republicans propose a national 30 percent sales tax to replace all other federal taxes. They appreciate the effort to simplify the code and hope discussions continue but fear this plan will only be used by Democrats to hammer Republicans. Finally, they respond to former Vice President Al Gore bellowing about boiling oceans and a billion climate refugees.

With the Stroke of a Pen


The Attorney General of the United States just declared that 40 million firearms must be either

  1. Registered
  2. Altered
  3. Destroyed
  4. Or Surrendered

…to the Federal Government. Frankly, I am shocked that I am the first writing about it on Ricochet.

Join Jim and Greg as they assess the news that another classified document was discovered at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home. They also groan as New York Gov. Kathy Hochul plows forward with plans to ban gas appliances or gas hookups in construction in the coming years – even in the face of massive public backlash to the Biden administration’s agenda on gas stoves. Finally, Jim comes ready to mock the latest lefty speech banning into oblivion as the University of Southern California and the State of Michigan decide that “field” – as in “field work” – is racist and offensive to people of color. And just when we thought today’s podcast was over…it wasn’t.

Member Post


Ballot Measure 114 is a draconian gun control measure that passed in the 2022 election cycle. Needless to say, it will not prevent criminals from obtaining firearms, nor prevent them from using firearms in a crime. Written statutes do not prevent crimes, if they did armed robberies, and murder would have ended eons ago. The […]

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President Biden Continues to Demonstrate Ignorance and a Failure to Think


On Thanksgiving Day, President Biden again pushed his demand that citizens be deprived of the ability to purchase any semiautomatic firearm. But he went further than he had before by declaring that semiautomatic firearms have “no social redeeming value.”

“The idea — the idea we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick,” Biden continued. “It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.”

Scot Bertram, general manager of 101.7 FM Radio Free Hillsdale, is in for Jim today. Scot and Greg discuss the dramatic lurch leftward in Michigan during the midterm elections and how things somehow got even worse in Scot’s home state of Illinois. They also groan over Michigan’s full embrace of abortion and Montana voters rejecting a law requiring doctors to care for all babies born alive. They end on the lighter side as reports suggest some writers at Saturday Night Live are refusing to work this week in protest of host Dave Chappelle.


They Keep Trying to Take Our Guns


Once again, the federal government is conspiring with the political Left to take away our guns. The bureaucrats think they have skirted around a violation of the Constitution by conspiring with the private sector, but they will discover soon enough that they are wrong.

Their strategy was initiated by Amalgamated Bank, and a group of Senators figured out their intentions and wrote to Priscilla Sims Brown, President and CEO of Amalgamated Bank, calling her out on her efforts:

Last month, gun control advocates hailed the creation and adoption of a new sales code targeted at identifying purchases made at U.S. gun stores. The code was promoted as a way to help banks and credit card companies identify and ‘recognize dangerous firearm purchasing trends,’ thus improving public safety. It won’t.

School Shooting in Oakland Goes Nearly Unreported


Did you hear the gun violence outrage and the saturation of media coverage, over the school shooting that occurred at the Rudsdale High  School in Oakland?

Me either. I guess hurricanes are handy excuses for the media to ignore inconvenient stories. In this narrative non-conforming event, two gang members exchanged 30 rounds on the high school campus, injuring six bystanders. Here’s a link from NPR.

Ayaan speaks with Sylvia Bennett-Stone about violence in America, the importance of community, the Black Lives Matter movement, and our flawed criminal justice system. Finally, they discuss how to find purpose after losing a child?

Sylvia Bennett-Stone serves as the Executive Director of the Voices of Black Mothers United (VBMU) initiative. After losing her daughter to senseless violence in 2004, Sylvia began her life-long commitment of helping uplift the lives of others by founding the Innovative Approach Foundation and chronicling her own healing journey in her book “Mindfields: A Healing Journey to Survive the Murder of a Child”. It is from these committed efforts to serve the community that she started Voices of Black Mothers United. With Sylvia at the helm as Executive Director, the VBMU initiative has grown to service thousands of mothers who have lost children and are implementing solutions to address community violence.

Join Jim and Greg as they remember the late former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and discuss how he will be remembered if history is accurate. They also welcome news that Herschel Walker now enjoys a slight lead in the Georgia U.S. Senate race and dissect John Fetterman’s decision to drop out of a Senate debate in Pennsylvania. And they cringe at President Biden’s numerous gaffes and lies as he campaigned for Fetterman and others Tuesday in Pennsylvania.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the news that after big fundraising numbers and weeks of intense campaigning, that Beto O’Rourke is still well behind Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and hasn’t improved his numbers at all. They also cringe as the National Republican Senatorial Committee shifts resources around to help candidates who have underperformed in their own fundraising. And as Alaska voters head to the polls they give thumbs down to the state’s system of advancing four candidates to the general election and using ranked choice to determine a winner.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three very bitter martinis. First, it’s a double shot of bad as Sen. Joe Manchin abandons his inflation concerns to push corporate tax increases and hundreds of billions in climate change programs – and it’s all going to happen because the GOP got outsmarted by Senate Dems. They also fume as the Biden administration offers to free one of the world’s worst terrorists in exchange for two Americans held in Russia. And they lament a new Gallup poll showing that just 29 percent of Americans think couples with children should be married. And the numbers aren’t that much better among conservatives.


Join Jim and Greg as they recoil at the horrific assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and discuss why he was such a valuable U.S. ally. They also welcome better than expected job growth in June. And they wonder if New York Democrats learned anything from the Supreme Court decision as they pass new hurdles for residents to get concealed carry permits – including submitting their social media accounts for an evaluation of their character and conduct.

Gun Rights Are Civil Rights


Gun control tended to be used to disarm blacks when they were first introduced. Has the justification changed that much since then? Do the leaders of the democratic party actually have a much higher view of blacks than when Wilson was watching Birth of a Nation in the White House theater, or LBJ was cynically using the Civil Rights Act for votes?

Join Jim & Greg as they dissect new polls showing that inflation, gas prices, and other economic issues are the top concern for for more than three of every five Americans. They also welcome news that Florida leans increasingly to the right as GOP voter registrations dwarf the numbers put up by the Democrats. And they’re a bit stunned to hear Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kinney admit that he’s looking forward to the day he’s no longer mayor.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the Supreme Court marshal urging state officials in Virginia and Maryland to protect Supreme Court justices and stop protests outside their private homes. But they do wonder why it took her almost two months to do this. They also get a kick out of California Gov. Gavin Newsom trying to claim there is more freedom in California than in Florida in his laughable attempt to troll Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. And they fume as yet another mass shooter littered the internet with his fascination with other mass killings.

As the United States celebrates 246 years since we declared our independence, Jim and Greg each list three things they love about America.


NY Responds to the Bruen Decision Overturning Its Concealed-Carry Law


It did not take long for New York to respond to the Supreme Court’s decision overturning the onerous conditions placed on lawful gun owners who applied for a concealed-carry firearms permit.  The Wall Street Journal says:

On Thursday, New York lawmakers will vote on a bill that would require people applying for a concealed-weapons permit to attend in-person training sessions and let officials access their mental-health records during a background check, according to people briefed on the measure.