Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Virginia Del. Nick Freitas, who is also running for U.S. Senate, for his powerful arguments in defense of the second amendment, pointing out the hypocrisy and real goals of the left, and doing so in a calm and measured manner.  They also roll their eyes as the Academy Awards telecast only addresses the sexual assault and harassment crises with vague euphemisms, as Hollywood pats itself on the back for changing without ever explaining what’s changed.  And they shudder yet again at revelations that all Broward deputies at the site of the Florida school shooting were ordered to stand down.

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  1. James Gawron Inactive
    James Gawron

    Jim & Gregg,

    There is another aspect to the Broward stand down order. If a building is not secure the EMT will not be allowed into the building. I have a heard many lectures from Hatzala in Isreal. They provide an all-volunteer first responder service in Isreal. The volunteers have motor scooters and cell phones. If there is a terrorist shooting or knife attack, the closest volunteer will get a call and leave their place of business in an instant, hop on the scooter and rush to the scene. The scooter is equipped with a carry box full of EMT goodies. The volunteers have been trained by Magan David Adom (Isreali Red Cross EMT). These volunteers get to the victim on average in under 3 minutes and they now have it down to 2 minutes. The speed is critical. If you don’t get to the victim that fast they will bleed to death or go into shock and possibly die before they get to the hospital. They have saved many many lives in Israel.

    Seventeen kids were lying on the floor of the school bleeding from their wounds and going into shock. EMT was outside and was kept from entering by the same fools who wouldn’t secure the building. I called them the Broward Keystone Cops. I think Sheriff Israel is the head idiot. Aside from the entire thing being preventable because they had ample opportunities to arrest and disarm the shooter long before he took action, they completely screwed up the response.

    The real story needs to come out.




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  2. Henry Racette Contributor
    Henry Racette

    I feel compelled to write to you gentlemen and to thank you, sincerely, for fixing the copy in the Quip spot. Surely I’m not the only one who was repeatedly irritated by the superfluous preposition in “makes brushing just the right amount of effortless.”

    Or maybe I am: I’m obsessive that way. In any case, well done. Carry on with your excellent work.

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  3. Freesmith Inactive

    I too applaud Nick Freitas’ speech in the House of Delegates and wish him well in his next election, hopefully against Tim Kaine.

    But Geraghty exhibits the Fredocon mentality that Kurt Schlichter rightly skewers in his Townhall column on conservative civility. Geraghty praises Freitas’ cool style of argument, but can’t resist moaning and complaining about others on the pro-Second Amendment side, those who are hotter and may be putting off the suburban voter of Virginia (and elsewhere). Geraghty in particular singles out Republican Corey Stewart for criticism.

    But the real contrast – and the winning one – is with the obnoxious partisans who favor gun control, not with Stewart. The politicians and their human shields who spit opprobrium on conservative women and who accuse every conservative of being a corrupt shill should be the only targets of Geraghty’s anger. After all, they want to take his rights away, not Corey Stewart, and they are the ones who scream, curse and refuse to listen to counter arguments – exactly the opposite of Freitas’ approach.

    But Stewart is not nice, and likes Confederate statues, so he gets gratuitously called out by name, not the real villains, which may placate Jim’s friends in CNN’s Green Room, but which doesn’t serve the unified Republican cause.

    And please don’t tell me that 3 Martini Lunch has had bad things to say about the Parkland kids or their handlers or gun-grabbing Democrats in the recent past. Repetition is the key to learning: say it every day as often as you can, instead of diluting the message with sideways slurs at strong, aggressive fellow warriors.

    Freitas is undoubtedly a better candidate for Virginia than Stewart, but he – and Jim Geraghty – should attack his own exactly as often as one Democrat or one liberal criticizes another.

    If he wants to win, that is.

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