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Heather Zumarraga, President of Zuma Global and the author of The Man’s Guide to Corporate Culture joins Carol Roth to discuss the new reality for being a man (or a woman) in the workplace, and how to navigate it. From dating to other secret “rules”, Heather shares the ways that you can ensure to keep yourself out of trouble, avoid reputational damage and still be able to mentor colleagues. 

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on fashion indicators in the stock market.

Erick Erickson, Editor at http://TheResurgent.com and Host at WSB Radio, joins Dave to discuss the Democratic National Convention, Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton, what happened to his buddy Joe Scarborough, the upcoming debates, Never Trump and the Lincoln Project, Laura Loomer and Steve Bannon. Find Erick on Twitter at http://twitter.com/EWErickson.

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Months of COVID quarantine rules were finally relaxing and then righteous indignation from Minneapolis turned what was supposed to be a disease transition “reopening” weekend in neighboring Indianapolis into a melee: Repeated elsewhere, in bigger cities, there was the requisite “peaceful” afternoon demonstrations turning violent Friday, with 8 p.m. curfews set to try to quell […]

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It’s all crazy martinis today! Join Jim and Greg as they respond to MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski begging Twitter to start censoring Trump’s tweets. They also have little use for Matt Lauer re-emerging and portraying himself as a victim. And they unload on the bizarre coverage of Joe Biden’s options for a running mate, drooling over the thoroughly unqualifed Stacey Abrams while doing no work to research far more viable options.

Join Jim and Greg as they celebrate courts in Wisconsin and Oregon siding with freedom over heavy-handed governors, although Oregon Supreme Court just overruled the lower court and sided with the governor. They’re also exasperated as President Trump takes hydroxychloroquine, despite testing negative for coronavirus, in the latest salvo in this bizarre battle over whether the drug helps treat COVID-19. They also hammer House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for making the fight even more juvenile. And they respond to a liberal opinion writer in the New York Times pathetically changing what they really meant by #BelieveWomen so it doesn’t apply to Joe Biden and Tara Reade.

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I’ve fielded a few questions about the statement issued today from Secretary of the Senate Julie Adams, whom I consider a friend and an outstanding professional. Having served as Secretary of the Senate (1995-1997), I remember well the outstanding and very sensitive work of the Chief Counsel for Employment, and I will take to my […]

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It’s all crazy today! Join Jim and Greg as we react to #MeToo activist Alyssa Milano suddenly finding a complicated gray area on assault allegations now that Joe Biden is one being accused. They also sigh as President Trump reportedly rejects polling data that suggests his coronavirus briefings could be hurting him politically and that he’s losing to Biden. And they recoil at the aggressive efforts to free prisoners under the pretense of virus mitigation.

Jamie Kilstein, stand-up comic and podcast host, sits down with Bridget to discuss his conversion from a woke, SJW, male feminist to a humbler and healthier version of himself. He shares the scars of being falsely accused of sexual misconduct, the fallout to his career and life, being suicidally depressed, and why he was basically taken down for being a self-righteous a**hole who everyone was willing to turn on. They cover being addicted to validation, being crazy in relationships, people who have teams and not principles, the importance of healthy male role models, and the struggles of losing friends to suicide. Jamie wonders when Republicans became funnier than Liberals, examines why he stays in toxic relationships so long, credits his improved mental health to no longer fighting with strangers online, and points out when you don’t offer people a path to redemption, you offer them a path to radicalization.

Full transcript available here: WiW51-JamieKilstein-Transcript

Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. Can You Help? I’m Confused About Transgender and Women’s Rights


As a lawyer, I try to understand the arguments for the “other side” regardless of whether I might agree with them. Being able to argue my opponent’s position sometimes reveals opportunities for agreement or settlement, and highlights weaknesses in my own position that I may need to shore up.

But I’m having trouble with recent developments in the “transgender” rights, specifically the court in Canada that is considering whether to require female employees of a grooming salon to view and to handle the private parts of a man who apparently wants to pretend he is a woman, and the US “Equality” Act that has been passed by the House of Representatives that would require women and girls to be exposed to men in women’s spaces such as restrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, and showers.

Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. The Tragedy of Andy Signore, or Don’t #believewomen, Instead #believeevidence


My favorite movie-parody YouTube channel is How it Should Have Ended, but a close second is Honest Trailers, formerly published under the Screen Junkies banner (now Fandom Entertainment). I’ve been watching it for years. One of the founding figures of the channel, Andy Signore, was fired by Defy Media (which owned Screen Junkies) in October 2017 over accusations of sexual misconduct. A woman by the name of April Dawn had publicly accused him of luring her to a hotel room, trying to force himself on her, taking pictures of her without her consent, and other misdeeds. Several fans had also shared flirtatious messages he had sent them on social media.

I remember when this all went down, and the video that the Screen Junkies crew posted in the aftermath of his firing. These were colleagues of Andy, whom I’d watched interact and laugh with him on many videos in the past. They basically threw Andy under the bus. I don’t recall them really piling on him, but I don’t recall any of them questioning the accusations or standing up for him. They all seemed to be operating under the presumption that he was guilty.

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Martin Luther King Jr. has just been #MeToo-ed and it may be close to a Cosby level hit. Or is it? Please look to the original story in Standpoint Magazine, “The Troubling Legacy of Martin Luther King,” for your own assessment of the merits. What follows is a brief consideration of the MLK case, compared […]

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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club political podcast for May 29, 2019. It is the Average White Man edition of the show with your well above average white men hosts radio guy Todd Feinburg and AI guy Mike Stopa. This week’s edition, number 226 (!!!!), features tales of white men and black men, heroism and infamy, glory and shame.

First, the race within the race: research shows that the Democrats would prefer a female to a male presidential candidate, a person of color to a caucasian. So why then are the leading Dem candidates average white (old) males? We discuss.

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Game of Thrones put out one of it’s best episodes ever last night examining how most of the characters spent the night before a battle that would most likely be their last. One of the main highlights was Arya and Gendry finally getting it on. After getting over the shock of seeing Arya – who […]

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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Biden and the Problem of Touch


If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this:
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.
— William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet, Act I, Scene 5

Joe Biden’s explanatory video in response to stories of his sometimes overly exuberant physicality was well-played. He seemed relaxed, sincere, unscripted, and above all, not supine.

The matter of physical touch is, well, touchy. One person’s affectionate hug is another’s creepy, unwelcome invasion of personal space. Biden does seem to have stepped over the line at times. Free advice: inhaling the aroma of a woman’s hair and kissing her head when you’ve just met is not recommended. But most of the time, it seems that Biden’s hugs, shoulder rubs, and Eskimo kisses were well-received. He is physically demonstrative with women, but also with other men and particularly with children.

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If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you’ll probably want to know . . . is that J.D. Salinger—once a revered man of American letters— turned 100 on New Year’s Day, albeit from the afterlife. Salinger had taken criticism over a period of many years, largely as a result of disclosures […]

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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. Musings of a Third-Generation Wagon Circler


Writing here at Ricochet last week, @KateBraestrup expressed her opinion that “even without the sixfold imprimatur of the FBI, it would be virtually impossible to make a circle of wagons tight enough to conceal the kind of lurid behavior that Kavanaugh has been accused of.” She continued: “It’s not that it doesn’t exist; rather, when it exists, people know about it. Louche, lascivious or predatory men (alcoholic or otherwise) over time become well-known for being so.” While I’m relieved Kavanaugh has been confirmed, and I dreaded the precedent that would have been set if he had not have been, I can’t agree that men’s wagon circles are virtually never this tight. I know because I’m part of more than one man’s wagon circle, as was my mother, and her mother before her. Three generations of conservative American women, all three with little inclination to laugh off predatory behavior as just “boys being boys” — and all three with just as little inclination to name and shame men for having stories like those alleged about Kavanaugh in their past.

Men become notorious for sexual predation by persisting in it for long periods of time, especially if they become shameless about it. One reason we caution youth to postpone sex is because immature sexual misadventures are often exploitative. As Mark Regnerus has documented in his books Premarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate, and Think about Marrying and Forbidden Fruit: Sex & Religion in the Lives of American Teenagers, boys usually find it considerably easier than girls do to self-servingly and callously rationalize their “conquests,” even when they’ve had the moral formation to know better. Thank God that boys who should know better and don’t often mature into men who know better and do! Thank God that not everyone who has committed a sexual wrong in his past persists in that sort of misbehavior.

Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. A Letter to Congresswoman Martha McSally


Dear Congresswoman McSally,

You are stuck a month out, unable to persuade about 10 percent of Arizona voters to commit, but you can overcome this reticence, if you regain your military career courage and move past the professional political advisors’ caution. The weight holding you down is the recent history of the past two Republican Senators. You must show, not say, show by burning bridges, that you are no Flake, and that you will never stick your thumb in the eye of the voters, as Sen. McCain did with the Obamacare vote.

Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. #MeToo – Why Aren’t I Traumatized?


Is there anybody who doesn’t have a #MeToo story of some greater or lesser degree of severity/significance? The Kavanaugh circus – the latest drama in what’s been dubbed the #MeToo moment – has got me thinking about it for a number of reasons.

First, I’m just the guy’s (Kavanaugh’s) vintage and I can relate to life as a late teen/young man in the early/mid 80s. There’s been a lot of talk about that, as though Porky’s, Revenge of the Nerds, and Sixteen Candles were the lived experience of every high school or college aged guy alive at the time.