This week, something a little different: a totally free-form, no-topics-agreed-on-prior-to-the-show, take it where you will episode. Full disclosure: this is not the big deal it appears to be as even when we do agree on topics before the show, they are often abandoned, ignored, or disappear down a deep GLoP rabbit hole. Such is life in the GLoP Audio-phonic Universe®. So, in the spirit of improvisation, we’re not going to tell you in this show description what they discussed. You’ll just have to listen.

Obsessed with a certain political procedure in DC? Cleanse your intellectual palate with this Impeachment hearing free episode. Instead of blowhard House members and witnesses, we’ve got biting, incisive, and funny rank punditry® on HBO’s Watchmen, a look back at Casablanca, Rob wonders why drag isn’t as forbidden as black face, some thoughts and observations on the streaming wars, and we hear a pitch for a new reality series that might play well in red and blue areas. Tune in!

Yes, it’s Halloween and the guys do weigh in on their favorite Halloween candy and scary movie (Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments) but they also (sort of) eulogize legendary Hollywood studio chief, raconteur, ladies man, author/narrator of one of the greatest audio books of all time, and all around shady dude Robert Evans. Speaking of legendary, the New York Times pans a New York steak house that could claim that status, and Rob Long is happy about it. Also, where do you come down in the Marty (Scorsese) vs. Marvel contretemps? The GLoP-heads discuss and you may be surprised on where they come down on it.

Yep, it another run through the cultural landscape with your podcast pals Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz. This week, the guys jog through a preview of The Dispatch, Jonah’s new media venture, sprint through some thoughts on The Joker (a movie the guy at Rob’s UPS store insists that he sees ASAP), and examine the various controversies it has spawned, and finally, a fast walk through why it’s just fine for Ellen Degeneres and George W. Bush to be friends.


Recorded live this morning as the transcript was released, this episode of GLoP is as fresh as a just mowed lawn. Wait, are newly mowed lawns fresh? OK, how about laundry just out of the dryer? Nah, too on the nose. OK, forget about the fresh metaphor. In this episode, the GLoP-meisters (that’s Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz) cover the goings on at WeWork and other suspect internet based businesses (ahem), a look at the state of the TV business, and yes, some Rank Punditry® on that phone call to Ukraine.

Yes, we know we’re a little behind schedule this month, but better late than never (that’s what we tell ourselves, at least). This week, some commentary on the Commentary Roast, we get drafted into the streaming wars, some musing on the Woke Industrial Complex currently raging the in media business, and some musings on Dave Chapelle.

It’s the last GLoP of the summer, but we’re not relaxing. The GLoP-sters (one of whom is working injured with a summer cold), cover which sections of the newspapers actually make money, a review of the current Broadway production of Oklahoma!, some Rank Punditry® on the Democratic race, John can’t hear us (a feature, not a bug?) and Dave Chapelle conquers the politics of comedy.

Once in a while, when the planets and the stars align (or when Rob Long is not available), we do a GLoP/The Remnant cross-over episode. This week, John Podhoretz is the “guest” as Jonah and John discuss whether or not Fredo is an ethnic slur (spoiler alert: it’s not), who is the Frank Pantagelli (and who is Tom Hagen) in the Jeffery Epstein story, Jonah’s adventure’s at the Iowa State Fair, and the dangers of legitimizing conspiracy theories.

It’s the tail end of July (Juliii?)* so we squeezed in another GLoP to round out the month. This week — some Rank Punditry® on last night’s Democratic debate, a rumination on which TV characters would have voted for Donald Trump, and finally, we cast GLoP: The Movie.  Now all we need is a story. Give us your casting choices in the comments. But be nice, please.

*you will have to listen to the show to understand this reference.

This week on America’s Most Beloved Podcast®, the GLoP heads delve into the war between President and The Squad, ruminate on in the coming streaming wars, whether or not Disney is too powerful, and ponder the meaning of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. Also, John reveals that his memory of this epochal historic event is completely made up.

This week on the mighty GLoP podcast, some Rank Punditry® on the Democratic debates and the field. Who’s up, who’s down, who won, who lost. Also, is Netflix killing romantic comedies? A GLoP debate. Finally, where in the world is Jonah’s progeny? Tune in to find out.

The title is actually a direct quote from Rob Long in this episode, and it refers in part to his description of the trip he took last week (both in mind and in body). That’s all we’re going to say here — you’ll have to tune in for the actual story. Also, what the heck is going on at Oberlin, is Hollywood over, and there’s no coughing in the Oval Office. Got it?


One of the constants on this podcast from the very start has been Game of Thrones. That’s despite the fact that one of the hosts can’t stand the show. That’s why when we really want to get into the weeds on the how, we call in two experts on the genre and the show: the Free Beacon’s Sonny Bunch and the New York Times’ Ross Douthat. Together with John and Jonah, they parse the good, the bad, what worked and what didn’t. Needless to say, this episode of GLoP contains MAJOR Game of Thrones spoilers so if you have not seen the series finale, you should not listen to this podcast until you have.


This week on America’s most beloved podcast®, we’ve got Bill DeBlasio running for President, we’ve got professional TV writer Rob Long explaining why TV writers have fired their agents en masse, we’ve got some theories as to why most movies stink, and we’ve got the usual laughs, giggles, and funny anecdotes. Tune in, you’ll be glad you did.

This week on GloP, it’s the long promised Game of Thrones special episode with the Washington Free Beacon’s Matt Continetti sitting in for the sleepy Rob Long (read Matt’s essay on the books here). Obviously, this show contains MAJOR SPOILERS so if you have not watched the last episode or you are not a devotee of this show (what’s WRONG with you?), then maybe take a pass on this installment of the podcast. For everyone else, well, winter is here.

This week on GLoP,  some thoughts on Avengers: End Game and how Marvel has changed the movie business, what’s the best Marvel movie, and hey, why exactly did Rudolph Nuryev defect from the Soviet Union? 🤔 Also, the view from high atop NYC’s Garment Center, who will survive the Battle of Winterfell (including a stunning admission from Rob Long), and another edition of What Are You Reading?

Music from this week’s show: Superman by Goldfinger

This week on the world famous GLoP podcast: A meditation on “touchy” Joe Biden, TV shows of the 70’s and 80’s (and a deep dive into the Maude theme song), and –against the strenuous objections of Rob Long– the inevitable Game of Thrones preview segment, and another edition of What Are You Watching?

P.S. Yes, we know the featured image is recycled. EJ was working (his real job) today.

This week on the world famous (many people are saying that) GLoP Culture podcast, it’s just two guys (John Podhoretz is on vacation) talking about the pluses and minuses of travel, some thoughts on the media and the way they’ve covered the Jussie Smollett case and the Mueller Report, a review of Les Mis, and…giggling. Lots of giggling.

This week, a special live GLoP recorded last December, live from the National Review cruise, sans Podhoretz. Jonah and Rob riff on a variety of topics (we won’t spoil them here) and take questions from a tipsy (and we don’t mean in the seasick sense) audience. Ahoy!

This week on GLoP, Jonah has a big announcement, some thoughts on the Cohen hearing and the mysterious Matthew Calamari, that Green Book Oscar controversy, and what is your mob name? Take the GLoP test and let us know in the comments.