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Everyone’s favorite prognosticators of pop culture and politics return. This week, the GLoP-sters opine all over Weiner (so to speak), Rob defends his allegedly racy TBS show (Ricochet member Adrian gets a GLoP shout-out), Jonah’s plan to keep the internet safe for our kids, RIP Helen Thomas, and suggestions for who should play Hillary Clinton in the upcoming NBC mini-series. Post your ideas in the comments.

WARNING: The National Weather Service has issued a severe weather warning for this website. All listeners are advised to seek shelter immediately — but bring your media players because you won’t want to miss a minute of this episode of GLoP Culture. This week, Eliot Spitzer, weird food in the heartland, why movies may be too expensive (and why it doesn’t matter), the Egyptian conundrum, and…SHARKNADO!

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The men of GLoP return to sprinkle the internets with more observations and barbs from the world of politics and culture. This week: the wanderings of Edward Snowden, World War Z, the Supreme Court, an unusual Alaskan summer, the Jewish Man of Steel, and Mad Men, the hit show that nobody watches.

We have all the answers this week: the pronunciation of the letter “w”, the best analogy for the Justice Department scandal, the best that can happen in the IRS scandal, who really is America’s dog, whether or not Obama is Liberace and Behind The Candelabra is a great or an unwatchable movie. Also, BREAKING: the war on terror is over, Will Smith is a physicist (just ask him), the case for drones, Jonah reviews Star Trek: Into Darkness, Arrested Development, the coming TV disruption, the importance of making Webster, and Morgan Freeman falls asleep

First, a momentous occasion in the history of this podcast — Goldberg, Long, and Podhoretz finally agree on a name: GLoP Culture (as in pop culture). Then, a fascinating discussion on Sanford’s win; John digests Satriycon, the 50 Shades of Grey of the 1st Century; Also, Cleveland and their sorry PD; the problem with CG filled summer movies; and John books an exciting gig for an important upcoming holiday.

The podcast known as Goldberg, Long, and Podhoretz is always innovating, or as the kids call it, disrupting. This week, we put John Podhoretz in the driver’s seat of the GLoP bus and he steers us on a steady, smooth drive. The signposts this week: The Boston bombers and Ricin mailer, the press gets it wrong, terrorism in the age of Twitter, RINOs are good for the party, Big Bangs and great TV, and the elite media bubble/punditocracy is not the audience.

Rob Long, Jonah Goldberg, and John Podhoretz return for another whirlwind tour of politics, culture, and social media. This week, Pat Morita’s stand-up, Mark Sanford’s campaign, Game of Thrones’ nudity, Steve Byrne’s jaw, ex-Obama staffer’s Twitter feeds, Liberace’s rave’s and much more.

After an extended hiatus, the men of Goldberg, Long, and Podhoretz are back. This week, they take on the curious goings on at CPAC, one more reason, Romney lost, the end of Time (Inc.), Long lives large, the saddest victim of sequestration, and the new Pope. 

The three musketeers of media politics return. This week, they discuss the passing of Ed Koch, chain stores on the Upper West Side, Barnes and Noble as the bad guy, the changing business model of show biz, conservatives on cable, billionaires who buy studios, conservative movies, and of course — Oscar picks!

Hey, it’s the first Goldberg, Long, and Podhoretz of the new year and our merry band of gentlemen and gentile riff on a wide variety of topics for you. This week: funiculars, Al Gore sells to Al-Jazeera, just where are Obama’s women cabinet officers, lower standards for Mount Rushmore, Chuck Hagel, Downton Abbey, the Oscars, Game of Thrones, the Oscars and Lincoln, and yes, trillion dollar coins and John’s out of the box idea for solving the debt crisis. 

This week on the show informally known as GLoP, a look at the horrific shootings in Connecticut with a discussion about dealing with the mentally ill, and what to change about the nation’s gun laws. Also, how Obama could really make a difference in the country by showing some leadership on the state of the black family, and the American family in general (see Jonah’s recent column on this topic here. Then, we segue a look at Hanukah versus Christmas, depictions of the holidays in television and the movies, (including The Brady Bunch and a Charlie Brown Christmas). 

See you next year, everybody!

This week on the podcast known as GLoP, Rob Long, Jonah Goldberg, and John Podhoretz mull the lessons from the current Republican party bloodletting session, give a concise analysis of the finger-pointing, the selfless sacrifice of Dick Morris, Rob blames the voters but lauds The Life of Pi, Jonah wonders where the poop is, and John predicts the changes that Zucker will bring to CNN. 

This week on the show more elegantly known as GLoP, what bothers John more than a hurricane, more than the prospect of an Obama win, even more than the loss of power and internet? It’s Jonah Goldberg’s verified Twitter account. The horror! Also on this week’s show: the rats in New York City, human behavior in times of crisis, the last look at the 21012 Presidential race (yes!), what happens in the wake of a Romney victory, the worst line of dialogue in the history of movies, John predicts the last jobs report before the election, and Jonah rants about focus groups and then boldly hand picks the closing song.

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This week on the the podcast currently known as Goldberg, Long, and Podhoretz (or its street name, GLoP), some reflections on last week’s VP debate, the curious way the President describes his wife, parsing the polls, and some bold predictions about the election in November.

Make your predictions on the election in the comments below. The Ricochet member closest to the actual result wins a signed copy of Jonah’s book, The Tyranny of Clichés: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas. What’s that — you’re not a member yet? Join today!

We’ve got a super-sized edition of the podcast today, as our esteemed panel — National Review’s Jonah Goldberg, Commentary’s John Podhortez (also of The NY Post) and our own Rob Long– covers the malaise over the polls, ponders why this campaign cycle isn’t nastier (and therefore more entertaining), dissects the trouble with the undecideds, celebrates the fact that Google is now a moody teenager, makes fun of Apple’s map fiasco, reviews The Master, and much, much more. Hope you have a long road trip or jog in your future —  you’ll need it for this one. 

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Goldberg. Podhoretz, and Long are back for another bull session. This week, the Two and A Half Mensches cover the Chicago teacher’s strike, why conventions are so..conventional, John’s encyclopedic knowledge of old TV Guides, Sinatra’s advice for George Michaels, why movies stink, and who Pod thinks ought to be nominated for an Emmy this year.

Note: Yes, we were not kissed by the Skype gods on this episode. We’ll try and do better in the future. 

In this first episode of our newest (and as of yet, unnamed) podcast, Rob Long, National Review’s Jonah Goldberg, and Commentary’s John Podhoretz riff on culture, media, and politics. This week, Podhoretz about-faces on Twitter, all about Akin, the hows and why of plagiarism, are we in a new golden age of television, and John describes why the Game of Thrones novels are in fact a scandal and should be banned. Also, stick around to the very end: that’s when they tell their favorite joke of the week. Certain to be become a regular feature. 

Have a suggestion for title for this show? Let us know in the comments. Rob, Jonah, and John will pick their favorite and we’ll anoint the winner with a coveted Ricochet coffee mug.