This week on America’s most beloved pop culture podcast: ACTUAL pop culture! Yes faithful listener, the men of GLoP have heard the voice of the people (and read their comments), and they have listened. There is positively NO politics in this podcast (so alliterative!). Not even one mention of the T-Word (OK, there might be one — but it’s late and we’re not going to go back and bleep it out. Instead, a cacophony of topics ranging from doodling on TV (no, that’s not a metaphor), the loss of porno parody movie titles, Mythic Quest, Ninotchka, Tango & Cash, what are the best movie endings, Rob’s health care short film that never got made, the funniest woman on Tik Tok, and more! You’re welcome.

One of these days, we’re going to do a politics free GLoP, but today is not that day. Our sympathies to those listeners who disagree with the GLoP-sters on the President. That said, they do acknowledge in this episode that they are aware of your comments and of your feelings and that they struggle with it (really!). The good news is that the political talk is relatively brief and you can fast-forward through it. They also cover the new Tom Hanks movie, Greyhound (it’s good!), bears, some thoughts about the great Dolly Parton, and why a certain movie about D-Day never got made.

Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that the podcast associated with this post contains jokes and observations that may offend some listeners who are supportive of the current President of The United States.

In this episode, the hosts of this show (that’s Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz) pretend they are White House Press Secretaries and are tasked to spin some recent news stories in such a way that makes them a positive for the President (they also take on a few stories that having nothing to do with the CiC). Some may not find this funny. We understand that, hence this very specific warning. But if you can put aside your politics for an hour, we think you’ll enjoy this. But that’s not all: the guys also discuss the recent spate of black face black listing, why Instagram is not a primary news source, and scourge of social media and why no one should ponder joining Parler.

This week on GLoP, we’re in the midst of a low level cultural revolution in which movies, tv shows, books, statues, and more are all looking at possible cancellation. So the Tom Cotton/NYT and the Bon Appétit contretemps are kicked around, then we get to Gone With The Wind. Also, were the late 60’s worse than what we are going through now? Some thoughts about mothers and daughters, Rob shares his recipe for Pavlova, and Jonah needs some Irma la Douce.

OK, fair warning: we’re in week 10 or so of this lockdown thing, and the men of GLoP are getting a bit punchy. Add to that some technical issues and being a punching bag in certain quarters, and well, you get a very shall we say, eccentric show. How so? Well, as you’ll hear, we abandon the first take and start the show all over again about ten minutes in. And in the interests of transparency (and comedy) we left our screws-ups in (well, most of them). We cover a range of topics (including this YouTube video tracking  hit TV shows of the past 60 years) and go down a host of tangents — too many to list and spoil here. What we can tell you is that you’ll laugh, you’ll marvel at some middle aged juvenile jokes, you may be offended, and you’ll definitely learn a lot about fly and zipper technology. We did.

This week on the mighty GLoP Podcast, we’re properly social distancing by recording from Florida, Long Island, Manhattan (and Southern California if we’re being technical about it). We cover the au currant issue of the masks as the latest weapon in the Culture War (inspired by Jonah’s great G-File on this topic), what exactly a Quibi is and why you should care about it, and some thoughts (rumination?) on the legal issues of one General Flynn.

This past Sunday evening we ventured back into the Land of Zoom: our second GLoP Culture podcast captured on video. This is the audio of that event (the video is here on Ricochet and behind the paywalls at The Dispatch and Commentary).

This has everything you could possibly want – drinking, smoking, checkpoint running and Nazi monkeys – and that’s just from Jonah! Meanwhile, JPod offers copious notes for Rob’s new Texas-centric project. In other words, it’s a GLoP.

Hello die hard GLoP listeners (see what we did there?). Our previous live Zoom GLoP was such a smashing success that by popular (or unpopular) demand, we’re doing it again. Please join us this Sunday, April 26th at 6PM ET/5PM CT/3PM PT for another visual romp through pop culture, politics, liquor, and tobacco products. We may have a special guest or two, some cameo appearances, and maybe even take a few questions from the audience. There’s only one catch: you must be a Ricochet member, a member of The Dispatch or a Commentary subscriber to watch this show live.  So join today and be part of the fun and we’ll see you on Sunday. Literally.

Live (well, live on MP3). from their primary domiciles, it’s the mighty GLoP podcast! This week, a trip back to days of show biz past as the GLoP-heads revisit (warning: you may want to sit down before you read the next few sentences) the long lost Jerry Lewis Show, which ran for 5 episodes in 1984. Also, who was Joe Franklin and why was he on TV? We answer that question for you.  Also, will the movie theater business (and the live show business at large) survive COVID-19? We discuss. And when will this all be over? And what about the kids (specifically, John and Jonah’s kids)? Finally, the guys discuss what they are watching with all of their free time.

This past Saturday evening marked a seminal moment in the often sordid history of the mighty GLoP podcast: our first virtual Night Owl captured on video, recorded live in front of an audience of thousands, enforced upon us by the covenants of social distancing. This is the audio of the event (the video is here on Ricochet and behind the paywalls at The Dispatch and Commentary). As foretold by the elders, this podcast does contain some adult language, drinking, and juvenile jokes. In other words, it’s a GLoP.

Here on the mighty GLoP Podcast, we were social distancing long before social distancing was cool. Usually by at least a few hundred miles. As you would expect, this one is a riff on a single topic: interpretative dance and its effect on western civilization. Nah, you know what the GLoP-heads are going to freestyle on this week. So, wash your hands, settle in and hopefully have some laughs on us.


This week on the mighty GLoP podcast the guys take everything with an abundance of caution and taped our show without a studio audience (which is what we do 97% of the time anyway) and riff on the current state of the COVID-19 situation, the way Trump and his Administration is handling it and what it all means down the road.

All that and a special rendition of one of our favorites, Baby Got Back.

Welcome to this very special leap year edition of the mighty GLoP podcast! We’re going to let you, dear listener, find the provenance for the title in this episode. But yes, we do discuss the virus that’s going viral, the political response to it, as well as some of the best and worst movies based on a story like this. Also, some thoughts on the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday, Jonah finally reviews Picard and reveals himself to be a germaphobe and a slob, Rob teaches us how certain cultures blow their noses and learns how to pronounce “endocrinologist” and reveals himself as a fan of the neti pot, and John never gets sick. See you in four years.

This week, another free-form GLoP, with topics ranging from the Bill Barr imbroglio, exotic Chinese cuisine, the prospect of a Socialist being the nominee of the Democratic party, some talk about the Oscars, and another edition of the old GLoP standard, What Are You Watching?

Hey look — it’s another GLoP podcast! This week, we ponder why some movies don’t age well (and others do), do some Rank Punditry® on Bolton and Comrade Bernie, wish a fond farewell to a podcast sidekick, and generally act silly.

This week on the mighty GLoP podcast, the guys spend some time analyzing Megxit, the economics, the relationships, and the causes. Then, it’s time we got serious (well, serious for this show) about the prospect of President Sanders. Sure, he could win — stranger things have happened (cough). Also, we take another look at Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and finish up with some birthday wishes for The Podfather himself, the great Norman Podhoretz, who turned 90 years young on January 16th. Happy birthday, sir!

It’s the last GLoP of the year — oh wait, it’s the last GLoP of the decade. Better make this one memorable. What can we do? I know, let’s help Jonah write a column. YES.

So that’s what we do: Rob and John suggest column topics and along the way, cover the which droids they’d like to be, the trouble with Clint Eastwood’s new movie Richard Jewell, why the Democratic party is eating itself, a bit of Rank Punditry®, Rob’s newest obsession: ASMR videos (no, we’ve never heard of it either), and various other rabbit holes and detours.

This week on the mighty GLoP podcast, we once again throw pre-agreed topics to the curb and let the Big Brains (that’s really what they make us call them) take the show where they will. So, we cover the infamous history of Rob’s NYC neighborhood, The Watchmen and The Man in The High Castle, whether or not The Irishman is trash or treasure, and are the Ferengis (characters on Star Trek: Voyager for you non-nerds) members of the Chosen People?  A GLoP investigation. Finally, fair warning: we do some Rank Punditry® on impeachment and some of you may be get triggered by what you hear. We apologize in advance to those that don’t want to hear politics, and urge you to use your fast forward button the the last five minutes where we discuss Christmas vs. Hanukkah (or is it Chanukah?)  and then do stick around for an outtake or two after the closing song. 

This week, something a little different: a totally free-form, no-topics-agreed-on-prior-to-the-show, take it where you will episode. Full disclosure: this is not the big deal it appears to be as even when we do agree on topics before the show, they are often abandoned, ignored, or disappear down a deep GLoP rabbit hole. Such is life in the GLoP Audio-phonic Universe®. So, in the spirit of improvisation, we’re not going to tell you in this show description what they discussed. You’ll just have to listen.

Obsessed with a certain political procedure in DC? Cleanse your intellectual palate with this Impeachment hearing free episode. Instead of blowhard House members and witnesses, we’ve got biting, incisive, and funny rank punditry® on HBO’s Watchmen, a look back at Casablanca, Rob wonders why drag isn’t as forbidden as black face, some thoughts and observations on the streaming wars, and we hear a pitch for a new reality series that might play well in red and blue areas. Tune in!