This week on GLoP, we delve into the news cycle for some Rank Punditry® on the goings on in Virginia, the Green New Deal, and the curious case of Jeff Bezos. Also, are the Oscars over? Not until Rob wins one.

This week on GLoP, we ramble though a grand tour of disparate topics: Charlton Heston (his turns in both Earthquake and Planet of The Apes), clown school, the Democrat’s double shot caffeinated response to Starbuck’s Howard Shultz pondering a Presidential run, the perils of being too forthcoming on social media and some pondering about the effect of social media on society at large, and a whole lot of other ephemera and giggles. In other words, have a hot, steaming cup of GLoP on us.

Music from this week’s show: Black Coffee in Bed by Squeeze

The men of GLoP reconvene to discuss DC during the shutdown (more trash, less traffic), whether or not The Sopranos is indeed the bellwether Peak TV show (or is it NYPD Blue?), the curious career of Rob Reiner, and the possibility of a woke version of West Side Story.

It’s last GLoP of 2018 and we go out with a….shot of eggnog. Actually, we go out with some concise commentary (or rank punditry®, whichever your prefer) on the cuisine and beverages of the holiday, what the heck is going on at CBS, a fond farewell to Penny Marshall, a rave review for Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse, and a pick for the 2018 time capsule. Thanks for all the Goldberg giggles in ’18 and we’ll see (hear?) you next year.

Despite suffering from a tryptophan overdose, the men of GLoP perform their solemn duty and bring you another installment of America’s most beloved podcast. This week: a treatise on assigned gender pronouns and the remakes of movies, anger online, remembering screenwriter William Goldman (he wrote The Princess Bride, hence the Photoshop) and magician/actor/raconteur Ricky Jay, and other edition of What Are You Watching?  Got a suggestion? Leave it in the comments.

The men of GLoP gather to Rank Punditry® on last night’s mid-terms, dissect JPod’s self-imposed Twitter break, lament about people trying to get them work for free, and giggle a lot (really).

The GLoP-sters (that’s Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz) ruminate on the mad bomber, John’s daughter’s racy Bat Mitzvah Torah portion, the surprising second life success of Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, caravans, and Halloween (the movie, not the holiday).

You may have heard that there is a Supreme Court in the midst of getting confirmed for the bench. The men of GLoP (that’s Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz) have a few thoughts about the dignified and measured process the country is engaged in. Tune in, won’t you?

Also, attention Southern California GLoP listeners: We have 2 pairs of tickets to give away to see Jonah Goldberg speak on Sunday October 7th at 7:30PM Campell Hall on the campus of UC Santa Barbara. Winners will get to meet him and get your copy of Suicide of The West signed (sorry, you have to supply your own copy of the book). The first people to PM @BlueYeti get them. See you there!

This week, the men of GLoP convene to discuss the passing of GLoP Hall of Fame members Burt Reynolds, Les Moonves #MeToo moment, Rob Long’s so-crazy-it-just-might-work pitch for a TV detective show, Corey Booker’s kooky (and totally fake) “Spartacus!” moment, and one GLoP host visits the epicenter of the counter-culture and reports back. Care to guess which one?

This week, Jonah Goldberg and Rob Long cross the streams between their co-hosted GLoP podcast (John Podhoretz is off this week) and The Remnant. They talk about Rob’s career in Hollywood, WhatAbout-ism, cross country traveling, and sure, a bit of monkeying around.

This week, The GLoP-extended universe tackles all the important issues of the day: First, Jonah responds to Stephen Colbert’s lame and inaccurate attempt at humor. Then, Sarah Jeong keeps her job at the New York Times, Alex Jones is banished from (most) social media, a deep dive into Paul Manafort’s eclectic wardrobe, and we wrap up with a special GLoP investigation: is a hot dog a sandwich? Jonah says yes, others say no. Also, the idea of a museum dedicated to pizza is, er, cheesy, but where should it be located? And is that gooey stuff they sell in Chicago really even pizza? Listen and leave us your thoughts in the comments (keep it Kosher, please).

This week on GLoP, it’s the 40th anniversary of the release of Animal House, one of the most important movies in the GLoP Character Universe (The GLoPCU, if you will). But lately, this great American movie is under attack for well, not being “woke” enough, like some sort of cinematic Confederate statue. But don’t worry, the Men of GLoP® are here to save the day and defend the movie from a societal fatal kiln explosion . Also, is collusion a crime? And on the occasion of Mission Impossible: Fallout‘s giant opening, we list our favorite Tim Cruise movies. Or try to.

This week, the men of GLoP tackle (well, in a metaphorical sense) Russia, the Harry Potter books and movies, Rob Long’s haunted house, Sasha Baron Cohen, and the best fast food in America.

Just as the news has been dominated by the retirement of Mr. Justice Anthony Kennedy, so it dominates the discussion of the men of GLoP. That is, until Rob becomes the Dog Whisperer, Jonah and John debate the merits of their Twitter followers, and Disney/Pixar loses a visionary filmmaker to the #MeToo movement.

This week on the world famous GLoP Podcast (that’s Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz), we travel north for a little Rank Punditry ® on Canada and the G7 conference, digest the subtle yet sparkling political observations of Robert DeNiro, and do some tributes to two members of the GLoP Hall of Fame: Dr. Charles Krauthammer and Anthony Bourdain. Hats off, gentlemen.

It doesn’t happen very often on this podcast, but once in a while, the news cycle overtakes the show and it dates a bit between when we recorded it and when it gets released (in this case, about two hours). Yep, the boys do a riff on Roseanne in this show and now, Ms. Barr’s comeback has been consigned to the shelves of the TV Museum. Ah, well. Stuff Happens. Also, a bit on the book business, some thoughts on book reviews in the internet age, Phillip Roth, Tom Wolfe, and yes, even a bit of Solo. Also, the Weekly Substandard is stealing comedy bits from GLoP. This. Will. Not. Stand!

Bringing the AEI/Ricochet Podcast Summit to a roaring close was a special edition of GLoP… er, GLo Culture with Jonah Goldberg and Rob Long. They touch on the arduous process of getting a book on to the shelves, the shunning of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon on The Simpsons and Rob’s star turn as Pontius Pilate.

This week’s music includes Hanging on the Telephone by Blondie.

The full title of this podcast (which we almost never use) is GLoP Culture and this week, we bring it: a little Rank Punditry® on the Comey media blitz, some thoughts on the books business and how it relates to Jonah’s new book Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy  (yes, you should buy the book. Go ahead, we’ll wait….). Also Rob Long takes a trip, and finally, what are the four moves that define you? The GLoPsters weigh in with theirs. Leave yours in the comments. And buy the book!


This week, the men of GLoP (that’s Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz) perform a little Rank Punditry® on the Mueller investigation, Stormy, and the Roseanne phenomenon. Then a GLoP exclusive: Rob Long pitches his Cheers reboot to you, our faithful listeners. Are you buying it “in the room” as they say in showbiz, do you want want to sleep on it, or is it a hard pass? Tell us in comments. And call our agent.

This week, Jonah Goldberg is on vacation, so we’ve enlisted Richard Rushfield, our good friend and proprietor of the indispensable Hollywood newsletter The Ankler to join and discuss the good, the bad, and yes the ugly of show business. That includes the lameness of most movie marketing, and the trouble at Nickelodeon. Also, Rob Long is on hiatus, and John Podhoretz is all in for Passover.