Happy Monday!  Jim is in a good mood after a Jets win on Sunday and he’s fired up for all three martinis.  First, Jim and Greg applaud FedEx CEO Fred Smith for fighting back against smears from the New York Times that accused his company of evading taxes thanks to the recent tax reforms.  They also shred Prince Andrew for his absurd defenses against accusations he was connected to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile ring, including Andrew’s explanation that he stayed at Epstein’s house against his better judgment because he is “too honorable.”  And they break down the sloppy, clueless effort of the Pete Buttigieg campaign to connect with black voters in the 2020 campaign.

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  1. Zed11 Inactive

    Longtime listener, first-time poster. Always appreciated.

    And Mr. Geraghty, also appreciate the clip on Kaepernick. As Niners fan, loved his splashy lightning-bolt entrance, but also noticed when the league figured him out, and he didn’t adjust. Everything else after that was annoying window dressing, and now of course I don’t think he had any real interest in re-entering the NFL. The local sportswriters (San Francisco Chronicle‘s Scott Ostler comes to mind) are taking turns coddling him. Predictable, and sad.


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  2. Arahant Member

    You might as well face the facts that until at least January of 2021, all the martinis are crazy. It is only a matter of degree.

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