Daniel Perez Takes Tenacity to Transport

This week on JobMakers, host Denzil Mohammed talks with Daniel Perez, immigrant from Colombia and founder, president and CEO of DPV Transportation Worldwide, based in Everett, Massachusetts. Daniel shares what it meant to tap into his entrepreneurial spirit and become a success, pivoting into healthcare and community service when the transportation sector was impacted by the pandemic, and finding a way to use his fleet for good. He discusses his work to help communities like the one where he grew up, East Boston, long a gateway for immigrants. Not only is Daniel’s firm minority-owned, its staff of 200 is 80-percent minority, and he is focused on building opportunities for youth of color, including in entrepreneurship, as you’ll learn in this week’s JobMakers.


Daniel Perez is a young entrepreneur who founded DPV Transportation. In 2006, Daniel started out driving athletic teams to win games across state lines. Now, his company drives the success of corporations across the country and executives around the world. Perez trained himself to pivot for success. He became an innovator, to be there for communities in need, as well as his own family. Daniel is a man of many trades, he is a CEO, podcaster, entrepreneur, father of two young boys and loves going on epic adventures.

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