Join Jim and Greg as they cheer Iowa becoming the latest state to pass sweeping school choice legislation which gives parents more options on where and how to educate their kids and creates more competition for our schools. They also groan as New York City Mayor Eric Adams complains about the burden placed on his city to deal with the flood of people who entered the nation illegally. The buses from red state governors are a drop in the bucket compared to the numbers of migrants being shuttled all over the nation by the federal government. They also react to Rep. Adam Schiff’s TikTok video complaining about his ouster from the House Intelligence Committee, which he immediately turned into a fundraising pitch just in time for his new campaign for the U.S. Senate.  And Jim reacts to the speculation that Aaron Rodgers could be headed to the New York Jets.


To bring greater attention to the issue of human trafficking, Jessica Vaughan, the Center’s Director of Policy Studies, joins our podcast this week to highlight border-related human trafficking. Current immigration policies are responsible for an out-of-control southern border and for lax guest worker programs, both of which are major contributors to the human trafficking industry in the United States. How do we end this criminal exploitation of the vulnerable?

Vaughan clarifies the important distinction between human trafficking and human smuggling, and describes how smuggling operations can develop into trafficking, which is on the rise. Forced labor trafficking is the most common form of trafficking at our Southern border, and Biden’s border policies create incentives for both smuggling and trafficking.

Joe Selvaggi talks with George Mason Law Professor, author, and immigration expert Ilya Somin about the newly announced Welcome Corps program which empowers Americans to sponsor and help relocate refugees from Ukraine and other places of war and persecution.



The primary reason illegal immigrants come to the United States is jobs, and the best solution for shutting off the magnet of jobs is E-Verify. This free online system, created by Congress as a pilot program in 1986, enables employers to check whether new hires are authorized to work in the United States by submitting the same information that job applicants provide on the mandatory paper I-9 form. The program then validates applicant details by comparing them against millions of federal and state government identification records.

E-Verify processed 42.5 million cases in FY 2021 with a 99.87 percent accuracy rate. A simple DHS regulatory change or an act by Congress could mandate E-Verify for all states.

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When the White House press secretary and the head of Homeland Security continue to claim the US border is secure one has to wonder what planet they are from and what reality they create each day. But I think I have found the answer to why they actually think the border is secure. The press […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they cringe at reports that December’s illegal border crossings will hit a record high and possibly reach 250,000, and Jim wonders why the numbers keep coming out later and later. They also shake their heads as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre keeps dodging questions about the Biden classified documents or referring people to sources she knows won’t say anything. Finally, they marvel as Biden climate envoy John Kerry publicly hails himself and others in a “select group of human beings” who are in position to “save the planet.”

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome new developments in two key Senate races. First, they are intrigued by popular GOP West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice seriously considering a challenge to Sen. Joe Manchin in 2024. They also discuss Indiana Rep. Jim Banks announcing he will seek the open U.S. Senate seat in Indiana, which is already held by Republicans. They also fume as multiple school districts in Northern Virginia fail to tell National Merit Finalists of their awards out of fear of making those who didn’t receive the honor feel badly. But they do cheer Gov. Glenn Youngkin for blasting the administrators in three separate districts for their decisions. Finally, they shudder as the supposed elites gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to decide what sacrifices we’re supposed to make in order to advance their global agenda.


Join Jim and Greg as they are not only glad there is a Speaker of the House but that the deal got done because Rep. Chip Roy and others demanded a more conservative rules package – that hopefully can pass. They also enjoy watching Mayors Lori Lightfoot of Chicago and Eric Adams of New York City feuding with fellow Democrat Gov. Jared Polis over Polis sending migrants to their cities. And they do a double take at the news President Biden plans to run for re-election as a moderate.

Join Jim and Greg as they are pleased to see the December jobs report exceed expectations while many economists brace for a recession this year. They also unload on President Biden for his deceptive and disingenuous immigration speech downplaying the crisis, exaggerating his response, and blaming Republicans for the problems. Finally, they push back on the latest assault on reality – the “transage” movement – which suggests your age is not your real age but the age you identify as.


The Center’s Senior National Security Fellow, Todd Bensman, traveled to Mexico to investigate rumors about a shelter in Tijuana serving only Muslim migrants and about thousands of illegal immigrants being funneled into the United States through ports of entry under a questionable program that makes border crossing legal. His trip took him to Tijuana and Mexicali.

Given the large number of “special interest aliens” (SIAs), U.S.-bound immigrants from countries where Islamic terrorist groups operate, on the FBI terrorism watch list, Bensman wondered about the national security implications of Mexico’s first Muslim immigrant shelter, which shelters mostly SIAs. He visited the shelter and conducted the first interview of its director, who has never been contacted by American officials, about the sensitive national security issues the operation raises for the United States.

Join Jim and Greg as they weigh in the second day of House Republicans at odds over whether Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker of the House. What is the end game of the McCarthy opponents? Will they force a more conservative speaker or will we get one that’s worse? They also thank Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi for exposing more details of how the FBI and other government entities aggressively pushed Twitter to suspend many accounts from 2017 forward. Are we not at a clear First Amendment issue on this story? And they applaud Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his inaugural address that articulates a conservative vision on many issues quite well.

Happy New Year!  Jim and Greg start the new year by closing out the awards season for last year. Today, they give our their prestigious choices for Person of the Year, with Jim focusing on the midterm elections and Greg thinking about a moment that took almost 50 years to come. Then they reveal their selections for Turncoat of the Year, as Jim zeroes in on presidential politics and Greg goes with people in government doing the exact opposite of their job description.  Finally, they offer up predictions for 2023. One of them is optimistic and one of them most certainly is not.

Thanks for listening! Our usual 3 Martini Lunch format returns on Tuesday.


In this year-end episode of Parsing Immigration Policy, Center for Immigration Studies experts discuss key Biden administration immigration policies and their impacts.

The roundtable discussion includes Jessica Vaughan, Andrew Arthur, and Jon Feere, moderated by the Center’s executive director (and podcast host) Mark Krikorian. The group looks at 2022 developments in border security, interior enforcement, and legal immigration, including DACA, detention, the decline in deportations, human trafficking, and the unlawful abuse of parole. The participants also draw attention to the topics the public should be following in 2023.

Joe Selvaggi talks with Todd Bensman, senior fellow at the Center For Immigration Studies, about the conditions for aspiring immigrants and border security officials at the U.S.-Mexico border and the likely effects of the expiration of Title 42, a policy that had denied asylum claims during Covid-19.



As the nation’s largest minority, Hispanics have been a point of focus in recent elections, especially given the rising importance of immigration as a policy issue. The majority of immigrants to the United States are Hispanic, so it has long been assumed that Hispanics will be most loyal to candidates that make immigration to the U.S. easier.

On this week’s episode of Parsing Immigration Policy, Jim Robb of NumbersUSA joins host and executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, Mark Krikorian, to discuss voting and public opinion trends among Hispanics, particularly regarding immigration, and to debunk the longstanding myth that Hispanics want open borders.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss only good things today! First, Jim describes his wide-ranging interview with Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin about his plans for the coming year, what issues matter most, and whether he’s thinking about running for president. They also welcome the Supreme Court issuing a temporary stay that keeps the “Remain in Mexico” policy in place until a formal decision is in place. Finally, they dive into why “Die Hard” is obviously a Christmas movie and share other thoughts about what makes it such a great film.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome a get-tough approach on China. They applaud Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher warning Americans to get rid of the TikTok app because it’s basically a data harvesting tool of the Chinese Communist Party. They also groan as twice as many Americans described the economy in negative terms, 65 percent said the economy is headed in the wrong direction, and more than half expect it to get worse in 2023. Finally, they slam ABC’s Martha Raddatz for accusing Republicans of creating the border crisis by slamming President Biden’s policies – instead of the open border policies themselves.

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Yesterday, I heard an interview with Mike Howell from Heritage talking about the NGO’s involvement in assisting and encouraging the movement of illegal aliens across our southern border.  Heritage used the technique of “geofencing” cell phones in the various charities at the border and then tracking where the phones ended up in the country. They […]

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This is a members-only post on Ricochet's Member Feed. Want to read it? Join Ricochet’s community of conservatives and be part of the conversation. Join Ricochet for Free. Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is in for Jim. Today, Jon and Greg shake their heads as President Trump’s big announcement turns into a promotion for digital trading cards of himself. They also cringe as the Biden administration prepares to make the border crisis far worse by lifting Title 42 and ending the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Finally, they roll their eyes at research suggesting people who didn’t get the COVID shot are more dangerous drivers – meaning vaccination status could impact your insurance rates.