Seth and Bethany discuss the state of the media in light of major mess ups and layoffs in the last weeks, and then had a strange fight about the metric system.

Seth and Bethany discuss the media’s missteps over the weekend on BuzzFeed’s Cohen story and the MAGA boys, and the general mob mentality that has emerged in our society.

Seth and Bethany talk about what it means to be conservative in the age of Trump, if anyone actually is or ever was, and if our entertainment will ever be funny again.

After an excessively long hiatus, Seth and Bethany Mandel have returned to recording with a discussion about their move, Seth’s new job, how to not be a jerk in the age of outrage mobs, and also Bethany cried.

Seth and Bethany spend an uncomfortable twenty minutes talking about Charlottesville before getting to the CNN / NYPost scuffle.

Seth and Bethany talk adultery and what makes a happy marriage. They request of family members: please don’t listen.

Seth and Bethany talk Father’s Day, if Bethany owns a MAGA hat yet, and how they survive the mommy/daddy wars.

Seth and Bethany discuss the second coming of the Kim-Trump summit and her piece for the New York Post on suicide.

Seth taught Bethany the word cloying during this episode, where they talk Samantha Bee, Kim K. at the White House, Shabbat and wonderful places outside of New Jersey.

Seth and Bethany talk about the record low fertility rate, why people aren’t having kids, but why they are.

Seth mansplains the West Virginia primary to Bethany, their baby’s first steps, and an unscripted segue on how they would each go about having an affair.

Will you ever see Sethany at a White House Correspondent’s Dinner and how did the Mandels celebrate baby Altima’s first birthday?​

Seth and Bethany talk Syria, the surprise guinea pigs Bethany brought home last week, and the 2020 Democratic race.​

Seth and Bethany talk March for Our Lives, why Bethany regrets converting every Passover, and who they want to punch in the face.

Bethany and Seth do a show from the campus of Stanford University and discuss their trip to California.

Seth and Bethany talk chaos in the White House, Oscars, and advice for aspiring journalists. ​

Seth and Bethany discuss the continued national gun conversation, Seth makes Bethany completely dread their upcoming vacation, and they decide what their family’s Purim costumes will be. ​

Seth and Bethany talk the aftermath of Parkland, the microaggressions of Bari Weiss and NBC, and why Bethany once dressed their daughter in a onesie that said “kiss my arse.”

Seth and Bethany discuss the media’s love affair with North Korea, the Olympics, and how they became conservative.​

​That time Bethany made Seth record a podcast during the Super Bowl. We talk sportsball, the Memo, and our favorite writers on the right and left.