Virginia’s Attorney General, Jason Miyares, joins Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts for a hard-hitting discussion on the war against Big Tech and its effects on the younger generation.


“If America remains the proverbial shining city on a hill, then we must be prepared this election year to charge some hills.”


Is there a “shortcut to greatness” and what courage is needed for the future to ensure a prosperous America?

Dive into the profound topic of statesmanship and its timeless significance in an exclusive interview with John Burtka on “The Kevin Roberts Show.” In this enlightening discussion, President and CEO of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, John A. Burtka, unveils timeless lessons from his latest book, “Gateway to Statesmanship.” Join the conversation as he explores the core of statesmanship, drawing inspiration from historical luminaries like Xenophon, Aristotle, Cicero, Augustine, Erasmus, Niccolo Machiavelli, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and more.

Are Americans ensnared by a culture of mediocrity? What’s the true worth of achieving a work/life balance?

In this thought-provoking conversation, David Bahnsen joins Kevin to delve into the crucial role productivity and hard work play, not only in enhancing societal value but also in restoring dignity and pride to individuals. Leveraging his personal financial and business success alongside his theological background, Bahnsen boldly addresses societal challenges and offers transformative truths.

Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ) discusses the ongoing battle to secure our southern border, military aid to Ukraine, and how conservatives can take on the Swamp and WIN.


If “personnel is policy,” what should the next conservative administration do to ensure success, and how can you be a part of the solution?


“Fire the bureaucrats and close the agencies!” The Telegraph’s Steven Edginton sits down with Kevin to discuss the state of conservatism in America, President Biden, the Blob, and the urgency of courageous leadership. Will the U.S. elect a president with the tenacity needed to “punch the nose” of the deep state?


Hertiage Foundation and Heritage Action for America President Dr. Kevin Roberts delivers a powerful message to the self-appointed global elites at the 2024 World Economic Forum: Your time is up.


Chris Elston, aka “Billboard Chris,” is the father of two girls and who decided to take a stand against gender ideology. His belief? Children should be free to be who they are — not indoctrinated to believe they were born in the wrong body.


Bethany Mandel, a homeschooling mother of six and the author of “Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation,” joins this week’s episode of “The Kevin Roberts Show.”

The horrific attacks on Israel have served as a striking illustration of the moral rot present on American college campuses. Countless professors, DEI staff, and students have celebrated the slaughter and proclaimed their support for terrorist actions. Disturbingly, this is the result of decades of American colleges and universities neglecting their responsibility to shape their students into virtuous citizens, choosing instead to curry favor with radicals.


Preserving American liberties often relies on courts upholding our fundamental rights to free speech and religious practice. Despite relentless attempts by the Left to curtail these freedoms, conservative legal champions consistently prevail in court, safeguarding these essential cornerstones of American life. Kristen Waggoner joins Kevin to delve into her courtroom battles defending our constitutional rights and discuss how Americans can secure the continued preservation of these crucial rights.


For decades, the Left has solidified its dominance over key institutions in American society. Today, the media, education, and even the corporate sector are firmly controlled by the Left and utilized to advance its radical agenda. Senator Ted Cruz joins Kevin to discuss his new book, Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America. Sen. Cruz outlines his plan to reclaim American institutions from woke leftists and establish a solid foundation for future generations in our country.


Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts joined the Napa Institute and the Catholic Information Center for an address entitled “A Duty to God & Country: How to Manage Conflicts Between Culture & Conscience.”

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Baroness Phillippa Stroud’s unexpected segue into politics originated from her early career aiding addicts and the homeless in Hong Kong. Through this hands-on experience, she discerned the interconnection between individual struggles and broader political contexts. Philippa joins Kevin in a conversation about how to advocate for a symbiotic US-UK effort, fostering conducive environments for genuine human flourishing.


In today’s American landscape, challenges both internal and external loom large, long neglected by the ruling elite. Representative Scott Perry, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus joins Kevin for a discussion on charting a path to revive the nation. Perry shares invaluable insights from his own journey, revealing how a new generation of steadfast conservatives can reignite America’s vigor—from the corridors of power to grassroots initiatives—revitalizing the country from within and beyond.


Heritage’s Chris DeMuth, Brenda Hafera, Delano Squires, Richard Stern, Bridget Weisenberger, Sarah Feldpausch, and Philip Reynolds join Kevin for a special Thanksgiving episode of “The Kevin Roberts Show.”

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Just two years ago, not a single state had universal school choice. Today, nine do.


Women’s sports are under attack. No one knows this better than Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, a twelve-time NCAA All-American and five-time SEC Champion, who spoke out after tying with Lia Thomas, a male, at the NCAA Championships.


On October 7th, the world was left stunned by reports of Hamas’ brutal terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians. However, at the very moment when Americans should have rallied around our Jewish allies, our country has experienced a radical rise in vocal antisemitism, especially on college campuses.