In a post-COVID era, parents are more aware of the Left’s influence over academia. Their demand is loud and clear: quality, transparency, respect, and choice.


An American optimist, Rusty Reno joins Kevin to discuss how the Left’s crusade for social engineering is hurting our country by reengineering basic American principles and pushing a woke social agenda that fails to allow everyday Americans to flourish.


Americans have had enough of the empty rhetoric emanating from the Swamp. From the lack of fiscal restraint to the suffocating influence of the administrative state, Americans are counting on the conservative movement to hold Congress accountable with a strong legislative agenda.

As both the Republican Study Committee and The Heritage Foundation enter their 50th years, join us for an exclusive ceremony as former RSC Chairman Jim Banks officially “passes the gavel” to the RSC’s new Chairman, Kevin Hern.

If the Left had their way, Americans would replace moms, dads, and community with government. Brad Wilcox joins Heritage President Kevin Roberts to refute the Left and cultural elites’ misguided skepticism about the role of the family in American society and highlight ways to strengthen future generations with American traditions.


To what extent should the Republican party be organized behind “MAGA” principles? Henry Olsen joins Heritage President Kevin Roberts to analyze the current state of the GOP and what we can expect from an already tumultuous 118th Congress.


Heritage President Kevin Roberts shares moments from a few of his favorite interviews from 2022.


From the National Conservative Conference in Miami, Florida, Al Mohler joins Kevin to discuss the Left’s assault on faithful Christians, the misguided secularization of America, and what we can do to fight against it to preserve faith in America. They also discuss what impact will the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act” have on institutions like Dr. Mohler’s.


The state of conservatism at home and abroad is under attack with little consensus on ways to advance our ideas and objectives. Still, conservatives remain a powerful voice both in Washington D.C., and across the United States.


Today’s message is clear: our principles were made for this moment.


It is clearer than ever: American institutions are in decay, and something needs to be done about them if we are going to save this country. The good news is that Americans still value competent leadership.


In a special episode of “The Kevin Roberts Show,” Kevin joins the Liz Wheeler Show to talk about the dangers of the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act,” and Heritage’s new education freedom report card.


Could liberal cities be a catalyst for developing conservative citizens? Nate and Kevin dive into the concept of countercultures, building parallel institutions at the state and local level, and what the future of the movement looks like in the hands of “Gen Z Conservatives.” Plus, Nate gives an inside look at his investigation into Major League Baseball’s support of radical gender ideology through their “Pride Nights.”


Conservatives made important gains on Election Day—both in our state capitals and the halls of Congress. Battle-tested conservative governors won resounding victories, while the incoming Republican-controlled U.S. House will bring much-needed accountability to the Biden administration.


Americans have been losing trust in key institutions for nearly two generations. The reality is that those institutions—government, media, corporations, and education—have been in a state of decay for decades, the real-world effects of which are beginning to manifest on increasingly large scales.


At Heritage, we’re not afraid to call it how it is: Big Tech is an enemy of the American people. They have essentially unencumbered access to Americans’ personal information, have colluded to censor and de-platform dissenting voices—mostly conservatives—and perhaps worst of all, have partnered with the Chinese Communist Party to develop surveillance technologies to oppress its own people and military technologies that threaten ours.


In the current political environment, it may seem dubious to believe that one day 330 million Americans could wake up and believe that they’re part of a civil society that recognizes their dignity as a human person.


America’s cultural institutions have been slowly eroding for decades. Today’s episode of “The Kevin Roberts Show” tackles the erosion of religion in the public square — an institution whose role as a binding agent that creates healthy neighborhoods and communities can’t be understated.


America’s institutions of education need to be reclaimed both for the sake of students and for the future of the republic. Now is the time for conservatives to go on offense and reclaim the institutions we once trusted to educate and empower future generations, let alone the survival of our civilization.


In a live recording of “The Kevin Roberts Show,” Mollie Hemingway, Editor in Chief of The Federalist, shares her thoughts on the state of the conservative movement, why Americans should be concerned about the weaponization of the administrative state, and the role of the “propaganda press” in today’s political landscape.

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As the mayors of New York, DC, and Chicago are just beginning to learn, Biden’s open-borders agenda is putting Americans across this country at risk every day; turning every town into a border town.