America’s institutions of education need to be reclaimed both for the sake of students and for the future of the republic. Now is the time for conservatives to go on offense and reclaim the institutions we once trusted to educate and empower future generations, let alone the survival of our civilization.


In a live recording of “The Kevin Roberts Show,” Mollie Hemingway, Editor in Chief of The Federalist, shares her thoughts on the state of the conservative movement, why Americans should be concerned about the weaponization of the administrative state, and the role of the “propaganda press” in today’s political landscape.

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As the mayors of New York, DC, and Chicago are just beginning to learn, Biden’s open-borders agenda is putting Americans across this country at risk every day; turning every town into a border town.


In his remarks to the third National Conservatism Conference on September 12, 2022, Heritage President Dr. Kevin Roberts argues that Three mortal threats besiege the West:


The future of this country rests upon making sure each and every child has an opportunity to succeed.


What does freedom mean to you and what would you be willing to sacrifice to attain — or maintain — it?


Get an inside look into Kevin’s analysis of the growing energy within the conservative movement and the game plan for taking back our country.


When it comes to election integrity, the states are where the real action is.


When it comes to foreign policy, America is no longer leading from a place of “peace through strength.” As today’s guest puts it: “We’re both speaking softly and carrying a small stick.”


This back-to-school season, parents have a new item on their school supply list: the right to choose where their kids go to school.


The ruling elite in Washington has a learned personality that combines southern efficiency with northern hospitality.

Senator Ted Cruz and Dr. Kevin Roberts tackle key issues required to devolve centralized power from Washington, counter the threat of the Chinese Communist Party, and empower parents across the country to make the best educational choices for their kids.

Fossil fuels cure the infection of poverty and make the world an abundant and safe place — but the alleged experts refuse to acknowledge the benefits of abundant, affordable energy.


Known to many as the “cowgirl governor,” Kristi Noem joined the podcast to share her journey from ranch life to the governor’s mansion, and the battles she’s led in South Dakota from tax reform to pandemic lockdowns.

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If politics is upstream from culture, Americans need a serious reality check. Ruling elites have used the deterioration of civil society to consolidate their power in a doomed effort to push an unpopular agenda. That has to change.


Will congress throw its support behind the National Defense Authorization Act regardless of what’s in it?


As more and more of our institutions fall prey to the woke agenda, what exactly are conservatives trying to conserve?


Cancel culture is not good for science. Dr. Marty Makary, a Johns Hopkins professor and one of the great thought leaders in medicine, joins the show to discuss lessons learned from the pandemic and how to rebuild trust in our scientific, health care, and public policy institutions.

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Like many in his family before him, Riley Moore began his career working as a welder in a West Virginia rock quarry. While welding, Riley put himself through school and eventually went on to receive a master’s degree from the National Defense University. His unique background has culminated in his role as West Virginia State Treasurer where he has embodied the “on-offense” spirit.


The crusade against corporate cancel culture has a new tool: Alliance Defending Freedom’s Viewpoint Diversity Score Business Index. The Index scores the most powerful corporate entities on the Fortune 1000 list on how well they respect religious and ideological diversity—or far more often, how they fail to do so.


On the special episode Heritage President Dr. Kevin Roberts discusses the ramifications of today’s SCOTUS decision on Roe v. Wade, with Roger Severino Vice President, Domestic Policy — a national authority on civil rights, conscience and religious freedom, the administrative state, and information privacy,