This week James and Toby discuss how different the last three years would have been if James, and not Chris Whitty, had been the Chief Medical Officer and the fact that during the pandemic it seems Toby was spied upon by the 77th Brigade, a unit of the British Army, as revealed in a new report from Big Brother Watch.

In other news we cover the tax affairs of the now ex-Chairman of the Conservative Party Nadhim Zahawi (MP for Stratford-on-Avon) and the iniquity of the forthcoming teachers’ strike.

An interesting mix this week (and sometimes with just TOO much information) as James and Toby discuss whether 2022 saw higher-than average mortality in Britain and elsewhere and, if it did, whether the mRNA vaccines are responsible; Charles III’s forthcoming coronation (which the King intends to dedicate to refugees and NHS workers); the prostitution boom in Davos; and most disturbingly, what James would do if faced with a choice between having sex with Klaus Schwab or getting vaccinated.

Finally, Toby takes up the Free Speech Union’s petition to save Jeremy Clarkson, which currently has over 40,000 signatures.

One is back from the hunt and the other is preparing to go. Our intrepid duo talk about Toby’s shooting trip last weekend and James’ upcoming hunt meet in which a benefactor is going to provide him with – not just one – but two horses. Now we’re cooking with gas. Or are we?

They also take on the sudden attack on gas boilers, Chris Skidmore’s (MP – Kingswood/South Gloucestershire) ‘review’ of net-Zero and why some formerly sound Conservative MPs are becoming woke (with the exception of Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire).

Since we last met Toby made another trip to Iceland, this time to give a talk at the inaugural meeting of a new free speech society. The post trip discussion on Icelandic cuisine, well, that’s a different story.

The news of the week prompts a question, “Do we need a New Enlightenment to tackle the hijacking of science by woke leftists?” Plus we tackle the Duke of Sussex’s extraordinarily misjudged admission that he killed 25 Taliban fighters, whether the arrest of Andrew Tate is an elaborate psy op, and the riot in the Brazilian capital and what that is likely to be blamed on.

We gave the boys the week off last week and told them to go enjoy themselves. Our bad.

As we catch up with Toby and James after the holidays, they share their Christmas disaster stories – James got vertigo playing on a roundabout with his three year-old granddaughter, while Toby stayed in the Airbnb-from-hell in Cardiff.

We’re putting a bow on the 2022 run of London Calling as James and Toby compare the respective sizes of their Christmas trees, the parties and dinners they’ve been to in the run-up to the holidays, and their favourite Christmas movies.

In the news we cover Jeremy Clarkson’s Game of Thrones fantasy about Meghan Markle, whether climate activists believe in their own rhetoric or are just using global warming as an excuse to take away our liberty, and then we put on turbans, fire up the crystal ball and try to divine what 2023 has in store for us.

James takes enough time off from gathering wood to burn in his Rayburn cast iron stove (so he and his family won’t freeze to death when the World Economic Forum cuts off the power this winter) to let Toby read out an extract from ‘An Odd Couple For Our Odd Times’, a glowing article about our little show in The National Review (which, unfortunately is behind their paywall) and they both agree with the author that the debate between #TeamToby and #TeamJames is “the most relevant ongoing conversation on planet Earth.”

Toby then tells James about a new report from the Conservative Way Forward group documenting the enormous sums the British Government spends on politically motivated campaigns every year; they briefly discuss Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary series, focusing on Harry’s slightly Plebeian accent.

Topics this week include Toby and James include James’ sell-out gig at the Backyard Comedy Club in Bethnal Green, Toby’s four after-dinner speaking gigs in the past seven days (including one for the Totnes Young Conservatives)  the unseemly haste with which poor Lady Hussy was thrown under a bus after asking Ngozi Fulani where she was from at a Buckingham Palace reception, and Ice Cube becomes James’ favourite rapper because he turned down an offer of $9 million to star in a film after the producers insisted he get vaccinated.

In Culture Corner, season two of Slow Horses (Apple TV+), Tokyo Vice (HBO Max) and Barry Lyndon.

A cold has Toby feeling less than stellar this week, so he and James have an age old discussion about men – and old age. Vitamin regimens, detoxification and general bouts of hypochondria lead off the show before we really get down, as Texans would say, to brass tacks. Namely, are the protests happening across Communist China just a blip on the radar or is this real trouble for Xi? And do we have a right to still feel superior about it?

Then we tackle the distasteful Balenciaga “BDSM Teddy Bear” ads and the reactions that has provoked, former Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s performance on I’m a Celebrity… and Jonathan Van-Tam’s forthcoming role in Call The Midwife.

This week  James and Toby compare notes about meeting fans of the podcast and discuss all the things that have happened in the past week that suggest James just may be correct in his assessment about who’s really running the world (the Autumn Statement, the signing of a climate reparations agreement at COP27 and Rishi Sunak’s betrayal of Brexit.)

We congratulate Elon Musk on reinstating Donald Trump and revel in the meltdown it has caused among Twitter’s blue tick population, particularly Sadiq Khan, which somehow leads us down the Elizabeth Line on the London Metro System.

Lou Pearlman… Bernie Madoff… and now, Sam Bankman-Fried. “SBF” joins a long list of Ponzi scheme artists in modern times and Toby and James open the show with the collapse of FTX and the fall from grace of its 30 year-old founder.

Toby’s just back from Hungary, a nation that he says provides a glimpse of what Britain might look like if our side had won the culture war, why the British Government has no right to ask the taxpayer for even more money (given it’s profligacy in the past two-and-a-half years) and, in Culture Corner, we put a bow on SAS: Rogue Heroes, The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself, Sharpe’s Enemy and Dostoevsky’s The Devils (also known as Demons or The Possessed).

In this week’s London Calling, Toby and James discuss James’s trip to Venice, which is mercifully free of Covid theatre, whether traveling overseas is being made deliberately more difficult as part of the Great Reset or it’s just a consequence of staff shortages at airports.

Glancing at items currently in the news we assess the risk that Rishi Sunak will agree to pay ‘reparations’ to countries supposedly harmed by global warming because Britain was the first country in the world to industrialise and the significance of America’smid-term elections (Toby thinks a ‘red wave’ of Republican victories will be significant, not least because Trump will almost certainly declare in the immediate aftermath, whereas James doesn’t)

In this week’s episode Toby and James discuss the deep state’s determination to destroy Home Secretary Suella Braverman (MP for Fareham) and the finalization of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, including his Tweet about the the conspiracy theory surrounding the Nancy Pelosi ‘home invader.’

In other news we talk about the victory of Lula over Bolsonaro in the Brazilian Presidential election (Spoiler alert: Someone may think it was stolen) and Russia’s alleged hack of Liz Truss’ phone. A spate of Royal news comes up with King Charles hosting an environmental mini-summit because he cannot go to Cop27, Prince Harry names his autobiography ‘Spare’, and The Crown’s decision to dramatise Tampon-gate. (It’s as tasteless as it sounds.)

Now that the drama about who is to be the next Prime Minister has been settled, in the most undramatic fashion with an uncontested race for the Tory Leadership, the high drama remains on London Calling… Will Toby capitulate and join Team James in the WEF Globalist Conspiracy wing of the podcast?

Oh, wait. Can we even use the word “globalist?” Or has that been designated as the next anti-Semitic “dog whistle?” We also talk about the idiotic stunts of Extinction Rebellion.

Time marches on and so James wishes Toby a happy birthday (today, Oct. 17) but they both worry about the approaching Big Six-O. And while one might assume than a man of Toby’s “advanced” years would be through with cycling, he relates to James the tale of his recent accident (which pleases James because he doesn’t like cyclists to begin with).

Speaking of time, when Liz Truss became PM it was heralded as a new age because, for the first time in British history none of the top four cabinet positions were held by white men. That lasted for a whole 38 days as Jeremy Hunt took over as Chancellor on the 14th of October. Is the replacement of Kwasi Kwarteng a deep state coup or just the inevitable consequence of the reaction to the mini-budget by the bond and currency markets?

This week James and Toby discuss if James is suffering from mercury poisoning, whether Tobes is, at the least, partly responsible for PayPal’s recent difficulties, and the ongoing trials and tribulations of the new Prime Minister.

In other news we ask if Michael Gove is a sadist, congratulate John Cleese on his announcement that he’s joining GB News and, of course, ponder Toby’s conspicuous absence from Boris’s resignation honours list. Finally, no discussion would be complete without contemplating our complete thermonuclear destruction.

Half of our intrepid duo comes to us this week from Birmingham, the site of the 2022 Conservative Party Conference as the PM and the Chancellor retreat from the higher-end tax cuts.  Its a pugilistic edition of London Calling as James and Toby pick a fight and debate the proper strategy to win one.

In Culture Corner, James takes on The Old Man (FX/Hulu in the US, Disney+ in the UK) while Toby reviews This England, Sky Atlantic’s regime-approved wet dream version of the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic (US release date and network TBA).

Update: At 5:30pm BST (12:30 EDT) this evening, PayPal notified Toby that it has restored all three of the accounts it cancelled a couple of weeks ago – the accounts for the Daily Sceptic, the Free Speech Union and his personal account. In all three cases, the email read as follows:

We have continued to review the information provided in connection with your account and we take seriously the input from our customers and stakeholders. Based on these ongoing reviews, we have made the decision to reinstate your account. You should now be able to use your account in the normal way. We sincerely appreciate your business and offer our apologies for any inconvenience this disruption in service may have caused.

On the day we laid our late Sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to her eternal rest, we reflect on the last ten days of mourning. And so we have entered the Era of Charles III and with it, cricket riots in Leicester.

The rest of the world churns on and we discuss Ron DeSantis’s transport of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Toby’s dinner with Jordan Peterson, the trans teacher at a Canadian high school with huge prosthetic breasts and Graham Norton’s claim that BBC audiences don’t want to hear from right-wing people.

Of course the lead story this week is the death of Her Majesty the Queen. James is showing a bit of a republican streak at the beginning of the reign of Charles III and he’s not the only one. Toby and the Free Speech Union are defending quite a few as tolerance of opposing views slowly fades away across the land.

Looking elsewhere they celebrate the election of Pierre Poilievre as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and, speaking of things fading, hope that Toby will be on Boris’s resignation honours list seems to on the downside as well.