Update: At 5:30pm BST (12:30 EDT) this evening, PayPal notified Toby that it has restored all three of the accounts it cancelled a couple of weeks ago – the accounts for the Daily Sceptic, the Free Speech Union and his personal account. In all three cases, the email read as follows:

We have continued to review the information provided in connection with your account and we take seriously the input from our customers and stakeholders. Based on these ongoing reviews, we have made the decision to reinstate your account. You should now be able to use your account in the normal way. We sincerely appreciate your business and offer our apologies for any inconvenience this disruption in service may have caused.

On the day we laid our late Sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to her eternal rest, we reflect on the last ten days of mourning. And so we have entered the Era of Charles III and with it, cricket riots in Leicester.

The rest of the world churns on and we discuss Ron DeSantis’s transport of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Toby’s dinner with Jordan Peterson, the trans teacher at a Canadian high school with huge prosthetic breasts and Graham Norton’s claim that BBC audiences don’t want to hear from right-wing people.

Of course the lead story this week is the death of Her Majesty the Queen. James is showing a bit of a republican streak at the beginning of the reign of Charles III and he’s not the only one. Toby and the Free Speech Union are defending quite a few as tolerance of opposing views slowly fades away across the land.

Looking elsewhere they celebrate the election of Pierre Poilievre as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and, speaking of things fading, hope that Toby will be on Boris’s resignation honours list seems to on the downside as well.

If it’s Tuesday it must be a day for the kissing of hands. Boris and Liz go to Balmoral and out goes one Prime Minister and in comes another. Toby and James disagree about whether Liz Truss is her own woman or controlled by the WEF and You-Know-Who.

For laughs the guys discuss the Chris Rock-Dave Chappelle gig which Toby took in on Sunday night and James enters the 21st Century of internet connections, all the while having had enough of the “old tossers and old farts” of Extinction Rebellion which also leads to testing James’s hypothesis that the bush tucker trials in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here were designed to prepare us for our insect-eating future. (Pro Hint: Don’t eat the Banana Slug!)

A London Calling Tuesday can only mean one thing – Toby got a last-minute grouse shooting invitation – for Monday.

As the Johnson Premiership comes to a close this week (The final results of the race between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are to be announced next Monday), we discuss the possibility that Tobes could end up in the House of Lords, which leads to a discussion of James’ new book about “God and Stuff.”

This week James and Toby talk about Anthony Fauci’s retirement – is he stepping down to maximise his chances of winning a Nobel Prize? – the fact that neither of them have received any invitations to go grouse shooting this year, the role of the vaccines in the rise in excess deaths, Finland’s dancing Prime Minister, Michael Gove’s departure from frontline British politics (which Toby rather regrets), and, in Culture Corner, Brilliantly Difficult, the documentary about their favourite cartoonist Bob Moran, 13 Lives, which isn’t as good as the documentary on the same subject, and Dombey and Son.

Opening sound this week is the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin defending her partying videos via YouTube.

We start with the least controversial opinions to begin this week’s show, namely, the return of the mullet is not a good idea. After dispensing with that we hit the news from the last week: the FBI raids Mar-a-Lago, Salman Rushdie is attacked in New York State, actress Ann Heche’s fatal accident and the cancellation of comedian Jerry Sadowitz.

In Culture Corner the show returns to its roots with talk about the Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon (HBO in the US on August 21, the next day in the UK on Sky Atlantic and NOW.) James delves into A Hero of Our Time (Герой нашего времени) by Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov (1814-41).

This week our congenial hosts talk about Toby’s narrow escape from a volcanic eruption in Iceland. But more importantly, how’s a journalist expected to take a family holiday without an expense account?

Toby also frets about his obsession with watering the lawn and how he’s going to cope with the hosepipe ban. And with James’ proclivity for the occasional trip down the rabbit hole, is he nervous about Alex Jones being found guilty of defamation and having to pay millions of dollars to people he’s accused of being ‘crisis actors?’

The Delingpoles admire their billing. (Photo: Twitter via @DickDelingpole)

Toby is all shook up as he wraps up the family holiday in Iceland, where unusual seismic activity in the past few days may mean a volcano is about to erupt. Meanwhile, back home on his own island, James and Dick Delingpole go to a hippy festival over the weekend.

This week Toby and James talk about Toby’s family holiday in Iceland, where he’s enjoying the spectacular scenery and geological wonders but is freaking out about how eye-wateringly expensive everything is.

In addition, they discuss the shortcomings of the recent BBC documentary ‘Unvaccinated’, whether or not the moon landings actually happened, whether dinosaurs are a hoax, the fact that the World Health Organisation is the favourite to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, who they would give it to instead, and the Conservative leadership election – which James is predictably uninterested in.

In this week’s episode, James and Toby discuss whether the current heatwave is evidence of global warming, whether the Conservative Party leadership election is “rigged” by the World Economic Forum and who is likely to win.

Other topics tackled include the looming winter food shortages, the suspension of the Online Harms Bill and the motives of the global liberal elite who want to censor the Internet.

In this week’s episode of London Calling, Toby and James discuss the big news of the week, namely, James’s visit with his grandson. In other news, Boris Johnson has been defenestrated by the Conservative Party, which James thinks Bill Gates flew in to oversee, and a leadership election is underway. Toby is Team Kemi Badenoch (MP for Saffron Walden) – he thinks the 41 year-old anti-woke warrior princess would make the best Prime Minister – and while James says if he had to go for someone he’d go for Kemi he thinks – predictably – that whoever wins will be a puppet of the World Economic Forum.

James wants to talk about the farming riots in Holland – caused by the closure of Dutch farms, according to James, which is yet more evidence of the WEF’s de-population programme – while Toby wants to talk about the coup in Sri Lanka.

It’s Independence Day in America, or as the British call it, “Monday.” And that means another edition of London Calling.

In this week, James tells Toby about his trip to Devon to see his granddaughter, why he thinks  terrorist attacks by radical Islamists are often false flag operations organised by the deep state, his admiration for the farmers and fishermen protesting in the Netherlands and the British Grand Prix almost takes on a Death Race 2000 vibe.

In this week’s London Calling, James and Toby discuss James’ college reunion where he had an awkward encounter with Kate Bingham, ex-head of the Vaccine Taskforce; Toby’s last college gaudy, where the headmaster of Harrow made a good joke about recognising lots of former left-wing radicals in the audience because he’d seen them at Harrow open days; Greta Thunberg’s appearance at Glastonbury; whether Paul McCartney is the real Paul McCartney or was replaced by a fake 25 years ago; how they feel about Roe v Wade.

In Culture Corner, The Lazarus Project (Sky Max in the UK, US release TBA), Man v Bee (Netflix)and Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

We start off this week’s London Calling with a discussion of the Messenger Review of the NHS and then look across the channel at the results from France’s vote for the Assemblée nationale and how it has placed Emmanuel Macron’s globalist agenda at peril.

Are we heading for The Summer of Discontent? James and Toby discuss the upcoming rail strike and the favorable reaction to James’ appearance on GBNews and the intervention of the European Court of Human Rights to stop cross-channel migrants being deported to Rwanda,  whether Britain would no longer be at the mercy of woke judges if we pull out of the European Court or whether our own Supreme Court judges might be even worse, the Daily Mail‘s war mongering and, finally,  Julian Assange’s forthcoming deportation to America.

In this week’s London Calling, James and Toby discuss the use eco-warriors make of ‘fact-checks’ to try to discredit their opponents and the inevitable delay to the deportation flights to Rwanda.

On the Royal front, Prince Charles complains that Boris doesn’t treat him with the respect he  deserves and Harry and Meghan’s use of a private jet to return to California from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee pageant triggers a discussion of their own somewhat limited private jet experiences.

Note: This week’s episode of London Calling, was recorded several hours before the Conservative Party’s vote of confidence in Boris Johnson’s premiership.

Update: Johnson survives, 211-148. Percentage-wise that is much worse than the vote that signaled the beginning of the end for Theresa May in 2019. Number 10 had hoped to keep the rebellion under 100 votes. 

In this week’s London Calling, Toby and James discuss whether Boris will survive a vote of no confidence, wonder if it would make any difference if he was replaced by another Conservative leader, marvel at the Government’s theft of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies, and pie-in-the-face climate debate with the Mona Lisa.

In Culture Corner, they give their verdicts on Stranger Things Season 4 and Ricky Gervais’s SuperNature. (Both on Netflix.)

In this week’s episode of London Calling, James and Toby try their best to avoid arguing and stick to topics they agree on, including the inevitability of widespread social unrest in the near future, and their complete indifference to Davos (although James does highlight Michael Senger’s Substack on the Monkeypox and where that falls in the scheme of things.)

Then it’s on to the heroism of suspended HSBC analyst Stuart Kirk.

After lamenting about the rising and eye-watering expense of summer holidays, James and Toby take off the gloves and duke it out over two red-hot topics: First up, Putin’s muted reaction to the prospect of Finland and Sweden joining NATO and whether or not that gives the lie to the claim that Putin was ‘provoked’ into attacking Ukraine. Secondly, the imminent World Health Organization treaty that James thinks will transfer decision-making power from national parliaments to Bill Gates and the bevy of unelected international bureaucrats if (or when) there’s another pandemic.

We also cover “transrights ninjas” and the extension of the terms of reference of the official UK Covid inquiry to include vaccine harms.