This week our congenial hosts talk about Toby’s narrow escape from a volcanic eruption in Iceland. But more importantly, how’s a journalist expected to take a family holiday without an expense account?

Toby also frets about his obsession with watering the lawn and how he’s going to cope with the hosepipe ban. And with James’ proclivity for the occasional trip down the rabbit hole, is he nervous about Alex Jones being found guilty of defamation and having to pay millions of dollars to people he’s accused of being ‘crisis actors?’

The Delingpoles admire their billing. (Photo: Twitter via @DickDelingpole)

Toby is all shook up as he wraps up the family holiday in Iceland, where unusual seismic activity in the past few days may mean a volcano is about to erupt. Meanwhile, back home on his own island, James and Dick Delingpole go to a hippy festival over the weekend.

This week Toby and James talk about Toby’s family holiday in Iceland, where he’s enjoying the spectacular scenery and geological wonders but is freaking out about how eye-wateringly expensive everything is.

In addition, they discuss the shortcomings of the recent BBC documentary ‘Unvaccinated’, whether or not the moon landings actually happened, whether dinosaurs are a hoax, the fact that the World Health Organisation is the favourite to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, who they would give it to instead, and the Conservative leadership election – which James is predictably uninterested in.

In this week’s episode, James and Toby discuss whether the current heatwave is evidence of global warming, whether the Conservative Party leadership election is “rigged” by the World Economic Forum and who is likely to win.

Other topics tackled include the looming winter food shortages, the suspension of the Online Harms Bill and the motives of the global liberal elite who want to censor the Internet.

In this week’s episode of London Calling, Toby and James discuss the big news of the week, namely, James’s visit with his grandson. In other news, Boris Johnson has been defenestrated by the Conservative Party, which James thinks Bill Gates flew in to oversee, and a leadership election is underway. Toby is Team Kemi Badenoch (MP for Saffron Walden) – he thinks the 41 year-old anti-woke warrior princess would make the best Prime Minister – and while James says if he had to go for someone he’d go for Kemi he thinks – predictably – that whoever wins will be a puppet of the World Economic Forum.

James wants to talk about the farming riots in Holland – caused by the closure of Dutch farms, according to James, which is yet more evidence of the WEF’s de-population programme – while Toby wants to talk about the coup in Sri Lanka.

It’s Independence Day in America, or as the British call it, “Monday.” And that means another edition of London Calling.

In this week, James tells Toby about his trip to Devon to see his granddaughter, why he thinks  terrorist attacks by radical Islamists are often false flag operations organised by the deep state, his admiration for the farmers and fishermen protesting in the Netherlands and the British Grand Prix almost takes on a Death Race 2000 vibe.

In this week’s London Calling, James and Toby discuss James’ college reunion where he had an awkward encounter with Kate Bingham, ex-head of the Vaccine Taskforce; Toby’s last college gaudy, where the headmaster of Harrow made a good joke about recognising lots of former left-wing radicals in the audience because he’d seen them at Harrow open days; Greta Thunberg’s appearance at Glastonbury; whether Paul McCartney is the real Paul McCartney or was replaced by a fake 25 years ago; how they feel about Roe v Wade.

In Culture Corner, The Lazarus Project (Sky Max in the UK, US release TBA), Man v Bee (Netflix)and Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

We start off this week’s London Calling with a discussion of the Messenger Review of the NHS and then look across the channel at the results from France’s vote for the Assemblée nationale and how it has placed Emmanuel Macron’s globalist agenda at peril.

Are we heading for The Summer of Discontent? James and Toby discuss the upcoming rail strike and the favorable reaction to James’ appearance on GBNews and the intervention of the European Court of Human Rights to stop cross-channel migrants being deported to Rwanda,  whether Britain would no longer be at the mercy of woke judges if we pull out of the European Court or whether our own Supreme Court judges might be even worse, the Daily Mail‘s war mongering and, finally,  Julian Assange’s forthcoming deportation to America.

In this week’s London Calling, James and Toby discuss the use eco-warriors make of ‘fact-checks’ to try to discredit their opponents and the inevitable delay to the deportation flights to Rwanda.

On the Royal front, Prince Charles complains that Boris doesn’t treat him with the respect he  deserves and Harry and Meghan’s use of a private jet to return to California from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee pageant triggers a discussion of their own somewhat limited private jet experiences.

Note: This week’s episode of London Calling, was recorded several hours before the Conservative Party’s vote of confidence in Boris Johnson’s premiership.

Update: Johnson survives, 211-148. Percentage-wise that is much worse than the vote that signaled the beginning of the end for Theresa May in 2019. Number 10 had hoped to keep the rebellion under 100 votes. 

In this week’s London Calling, Toby and James discuss whether Boris will survive a vote of no confidence, wonder if it would make any difference if he was replaced by another Conservative leader, marvel at the Government’s theft of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies, and pie-in-the-face climate debate with the Mona Lisa.

In Culture Corner, they give their verdicts on Stranger Things Season 4 and Ricky Gervais’s SuperNature. (Both on Netflix.)

In this week’s episode of London Calling, James and Toby try their best to avoid arguing and stick to topics they agree on, including the inevitability of widespread social unrest in the near future, and their complete indifference to Davos (although James does highlight Michael Senger’s Substack on the Monkeypox and where that falls in the scheme of things.)

Then it’s on to the heroism of suspended HSBC analyst Stuart Kirk.

After lamenting about the rising and eye-watering expense of summer holidays, James and Toby take off the gloves and duke it out over two red-hot topics: First up, Putin’s muted reaction to the prospect of Finland and Sweden joining NATO and whether or not that gives the lie to the claim that Putin was ‘provoked’ into attacking Ukraine. Secondly, the imminent World Health Organization treaty that James thinks will transfer decision-making power from national parliaments to Bill Gates and the bevy of unelected international bureaucrats if (or when) there’s another pandemic.

We also cover “transrights ninjas” and the extension of the terms of reference of the official UK Covid inquiry to include vaccine harms.

In this week’s London Calling, James and Toby discuss the QPR’s failure to reach the Championship play-offs, last week’s local election results (“Boring,” snorts James), Sinn Fein’s success in Northern Ireland and what that means for the future of the United Kingdom. Then there’s Keir Starmer’s announcement that he’ll resign if the Durham Police conclude he broke the rules during Beer-gate and Simon Kuper’s new book about how all Britain’s ills can be laid at the door at Toby and James’s generation of Oxford students.

They briefly take on America’s turmoil with the leak of the Supreme Court’s likely decision to reverse Roe v Wade, in which James thinks was a manufactured distraction of the Pfizer document dump.

This week’s we have a Bank Holiday edition of London Calling which begins with James and Toby showing an amazing lack of understanding of the US holiday calendar but more than make up for it with a review of the weekend’s Delingpod Live event at London’s Emmanuel Centre.

In the news there’s the coming global famine and whether it’s cock-up or conspiracy, the fact that the Queen is going to be played by a woman of colour in the Platinum Jubilee pageant, whether either of them have ever stumbled across pornography while searching for tractors.

This week James and Toby discuss the news of Elon Musk’s apparently imminent takeover of Twitter and what that means for fans of free speech. We look back at Sunday’s big story, the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, muse over the integrity of the French Presidential election and whether Marine Le Pen’s 42% share of the vote means France is more racist than Britain and at home, what’s the future of Boris Johnson.

In Culture Corner, Slow Horses, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (BritBox), Moon Knight (Disney+) and The Northman (Focus Features/Universal).

In this special Easter weekend version of London Calling, James and Toby tackle the Church of England, from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s unwelcome intervention in the immigration debate to their refusal to ordain Calvin Robinson.

Then it’s on to that other religion, football, with QPR’s games on Good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday. We go frolicking with the Easter Bunny as James writes about the rabbit hole of chem trails and we talk about Joe Biden’s world of imaginary friends. Our news segment ends with the latest on the Eastern front with the sinking of the Moskva and whether things in Ukraine is going well or badly for Putin.

A plethora of topics on this week’s episode of London Calling: environmental protests, Boris’s double U-turn on banning conversion therapy, the non-dom (that’s “non-domiciled,” for our American listeners) status of the wife of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the horrors of the latest CCP lockdown in Shangai, the French election – and finally – Boris’s surprise visit to Ukraine.

Our Culture Corner segment covers The Dropout (Hulu in the US, Disney+ in the UK), WeCrash  (AppleTV) and the new documentary, Jimmy Saville: A British Horror Story (Netflix).

In this week’s London Calling, the topics under discussion are James’s recent trip to Bulgaria, Elon Musk’s purchase of close to 10% of Twitter, the ‘Respect my sex if you want my X’ campaign, and the Fixed Penalty Notice slapped on Boris’s “head of ethics” for attending a party in Downing Street.

Which then leads to wonder just why karaoke seems to appeal so much to Tory politicians, the latest shenanigans of Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil.

In this week’s London Calling, James and Toby discuss the Oscars, pointing out that Army of the Dead winning ‘fan favourite’ was the real low point, not Will Smith slapping Chris Rock and the worry about President Biden inadvertently triggering a nuclear war by going off script and saying Putin cannot “remain in power.”

Mummy and Daddy have a bit of a tiff about the videos that allege war crimes committed by the Ukrainians and James’s tendency to disbelieve every aspect of the ‘official’ narrative about the war in Ukraine, but swallows every conspiracy theory about it hook, line and sinker (or so says Toby.)