Paul Singh, Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Bump Health and active angel investor in 3,000+ startups through Results Junkies joins Carol Roth to discuss how you can build wealth via equity ownership, whether as a founder or an employee. Paul and Carol discuss the difference between selling and being bought, angel investing, why you should be long-term greedy instead of short-term greedy and some of the ins-and-outs of equity options as compensation. Paul also shares his 3 rules for the “invisible game” and Carol adds in a bonus.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on what it really means to be an entrepreneur.

Robby Starbuck joins Carol Roth to discuss his family’s journey from escaping Marxism in Cuba to his feeling trapped in Hollywood as a director. They discuss the current Cuban protests and why everyone should be paying attention to them, Robby’s 2022 Congressional run and his platform, including why freedom has top billing and his plans for big tech’s size and censorship.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on dogs.

Dillon Clark, aka Professor Clark, joins Carol Roth to talk about his runaway hit children’s book (also for adults), Stonks on the Moon, based on the retail investor community know as “the Ape Army” or “Apes”. We talk about the David vs. Goliath focus of retail investors vs. Wall Street and how community is a critical foundation for these investors.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on Dr. Seuss.

Stacey Prussman, NYC Libertarian Mayoral Candidate, joins Carol Roth to talk about her mayoral platform, including small business and the economy, mental health initiatives, safety and more. Stacey and Carol discuss the current challenges with getting people to vote “third party” and what can be done to get more candidates that represent the silent majority.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on Brooklyn.

Carol talks about the launch of her new book, The War on Small Business, and answers your questions, ranging from economic and political insights to financial and writing advice.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on Sting.

David Armano, Founder of Armano Design Group, strategist, marketer and former Global Strategy Director for Edelman, joins Carol Roth to talk about his journey with work displacement during the pandemic and the future of work. David and Carol discuss whether companies should be involved in “social impact” causes, the disruption of education, the creator economy and cryptocurrency.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on Alfa Romeos.

Don Bentley joins Carol Roth to talk about being chosen to write the newest Tom Clancy Jack Ryan, Jr. novel, Target Acquired. Don and Carol talk about how his decade of experience as an Army Apache helicopter pilot and as an FBI special agent helps him to write his books. Don and Carol discuss the long road to becoming an “overnight success”, how he almost passed up the opportunity of a lifetime, working with a military startup, tips on writing and continuity relating to a franchise character, building an audience and some tidbits about Target Acquired, including why Don chose to set the story in Israel.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on the FBI.

John Tamny, Vice President at FreedomWorks, editor at RealClearMarkets and author joins Carol Roth to talk about his latest book, When Politicians Panicked. John talks about why he wrote this book out of rage and makes important arguments around government’s compounding failures in response to COVID and Americans willingness to give up freedoms. 

Plus, a “Now You Know” on the Fed, economic growth and inflation.

Yotam Dagan, a former Navy SEAL commander, certified clinical psychologist with expertise in Combat stress reaction (PTSD) and hostage negotiator, joins Carol Roth to talk about his journey from combat to helping others- and himself- to process and deal with stress. In this rich conversation, Yotam and Carol discuss everything from surviving the realities of participating in war to coping mechanisms anyone can use to deal with everyday anxiety and stress from major trauma. Plus, Yotam reveals his connection to the hit show “Fauda” and a surprising take on it. 

Plus, a “Now You Know” on the originals of the word “mentor”.

Carol Roth gives you a preview of her upcoming book, The War on Small Business (available for pre-order now) and why the challenges to economic freedom transcend just the backbone of the economy. While the COVID pandemic gave the government the opportunity to attack small businesses and consolidate power, the groundwork has been set forth for decades. Carol talks about everything from the transfer of wealth abetted by the Federal Reserve to the exportation of capitalism to China in exchange for more central planning in the US and why it is threatening our individual rights and economy.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on the origins of “shirt loops”.

Chef Andrew Gruel, celebrity chef and entrepreneur behind Slapfish Restaurant (with 27 locations throughout the US), joins Carol Roth to talk about his own small business journey and the issues with government overreach before, during and post-COVID. He discusses his pivots away from “units of labor”, why small businesses have a hard time with capital access and government compliance, and his take as a business owner on vaccine passports. They also discuss his fund to help struggling restaurants and restaurant workers during the pandemic that has raised and allocated nearly $400,000. 

Plus, a “Now You Know” on a common cooking myth.

Jeff Korzenik, Chief Investment Strategist for Fifth Third Bank and author of the new book, “Untapped Talent: How Second Chance Hiring Works for Your Business and the Community” re-joins Carol Roth to talk about the efforts being made to bring those formerly incarcerated back into the workforce. He talks about why the business community and free enterprise should take the lead in terms of this movement and how bringing these workers into businesses have transformed companies.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on the fastest racket sport.

Paul Shirley, former NBA basketball player turned author and entrepreneur, joins Carol Roth to talk about his journey from athlete to creator, entrepreneur and small business owner. Paul shares a frank and raw narrative about how the government pandemic closures happened just as his young business was gaining momentum, and his frustrations as a business owner watching the government pick winners and losers. Paul and Carol also discuss how what happened has informed his go-forward strategy on his future endeavors.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on time zones.

Carey Lohrenz knows what it takes to win in one of the highest pressure, extreme environments imaginable: in the cockpit at Mach 2.The first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy, Carey joins Carol Roth to talk about her upcoming book Span of Control and how the span of control concept can help you be more focused, productive and make better decisions- even if you aren’t landing on an aircraft carrier at night.

Carey and Carol also discuss the myth of multitasking and the underrated skill to help improve teams, as well as personal and professional progress, plus much more.

Wayne Winegarden, Sr. Fellow in Business and Economics and Director of the Center for Medical Economics and Innovation at the Pacific Research Institute, re-joins Carol Roth to discuss his new study on the gig economy, “The Small Business Gig.” Wayne and Carol discuss how enacting harmful laws like California’s AB5 or the PRO Act (which recently passed the House) hinders innovation and restricts people’s ability to become entrepreneurs and provide for their families. Wayne and Carol also discuss the issues around the minimum wage, the Federal Reserve and other government intervention into free markets and why the federal stimulus package is a misnomer.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on outer space and ice cream.

Joe Concha, media and political columnist for The Hill and a Fox News contributor, rejoins Carol Roth to talk about media hypocrisy, big tech and how we end cancel culture. Carol and Joe dive into what has shifted with media and so-called journalism, particularly that that covers politics and general news.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on the NBA.

Catherine Morgan, Career Transition Expert, Business Consultant and founder of Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. joins Carol Roth to discuss all of your opportunities and possibilities if you are looking to reinvent yourself professionally. Find out what can make you “uncoachable”, solving burnout, what an age problem vs. a wage problem is and more to enhance your business and job opportunities.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on Tango dancing.

Unni Turrettini, lawyer, speaker, consultant and author of Betraying the Nobel: The Secrets and Corruption in the Nobel Peace Prize, joins Carol Roth to talk about the secrets behind the prestigious prize. Unni and Carol discuss why Norway instead of Sweden awards the prize, how a president with little experience could be awarded such a distinction and whether President Trump has a shot at the 2021 prize award. Unni also shares the ins-and-outs of how the prize has moved away from its original purposes and what learnings we can take away more broadly in other aspects of media and politics.*

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on a very cold natural anti-depressant.

Jen Ross, a former analyst at an all-short hedge fund and current strategy and business intelligence consultant for the US Space Force space program, primarily focused on program strategy and business intelligence. Jen Ross and Carol Roth break down all the technical terms around trading and short-selling and other related Wall Street concepts that have recently been in the news with the GameStop and Reddit drama. Jen and Carol also talk about the issues around the Fed and the broader Main Street vs. Wall Street sentiment, as well as their respective lists on what could tank the stock market.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on how to make sure nobody sits next to you on a plane.

Jesse Kelly, media personality, TV and radio host extraordinaire, joins Carol Roth to talk about the state of the US and why we are witnessing parallels with the Roman Empire’s downfall. Jesse and Carol discuss what has gone wrong, the “issue” with the Constitution and how communist thinking has already taken over large parts of the country. Jesse also provides his take on what we can do to make things better, with a clarification of his Twitter “Balkanize” suggestion.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on Andrew Jackson.