Jackie Krick Trains the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

This week on JobMakers, host Denzil Mohammed talks with Jackie Krick, immigrant from Colombia and founder, president and CEO of ECU Communications in Manassas, Virginia. They discuss the entrepreneurial spirit of the newest Americans – immigrants – and why they are twice as likely to start a business and create jobs. For Jackie, it took a few tries, but she learned the system, used available resources, and today, she runs a successful digital communications and cross-cultural services agency focused largely on federal contracts. She started an award-winning nonprofit called Impacto Youth to give underserved teens access to education and skills training. And she cofounded Centerfuse, a coworking space for microentrepreneurs to discover, learn, train and be mentored by successful business owners like her, as you’ll discover in this week’s JobMakers. 


A native of Colombia, South America, Jackie Krick is a marketing and advertising professional and an entrepreneur advocate of women-owned businesses, and youth leadership. As President and Founder of ECU Communications (ECU), a full-service digital marketing communications agency in Manassas, VA, she brings a three-decade career in providing award-winning marketing, advertising, strategic planning services to a diverse base of notable federal, state & local government, nonprofit and private sector clients. Jackie’s work in the field of marketing began before she founded ECU Communications in 2004. Earlier, in the role of Vice President of Marketing for a government contractor, she led the company to significant multimillion dollar advertising contracts. In addition, she previously held other marketing-related positions in support of information technology services for hardware, software and networking solutions as Director of Marketing, and Channel Marketing Manager. Jackie is also a partner of CenterFuse, a cowork space downtown Historic Manassas that supports growth and development of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and emerging ventures that need a fully equipped space to do business, attend workshops, network and grow. Jackie focuses her special attention in support of underserved charitable interests, both in Northern Virginia and nationally. Her desire to continually give back to the community, led her to establish IMPACTO Youth, a 501c3 organization, in 2013, with the mission to “shape, advance and improve the lives of economically and socially disadvantaged youth through education”.

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