How confident are you that American leaders make careful decisions when deciding to intervene in international conflicts or that they have clear, achievable objectives when they do get involved? And which global threat do you think would be easiest for the U.S. to address?

Today, Sara and retired U.S. Army Green Beret Dr. Tobias Vogt break down our leaders’ failures to make strong, consistent policies and give our troops clear expectations when we send them overseas. It’s all part of a fascinating conversation about the serious challenges we face throughout the world.

Dr. Vogt is also the Army’s former Chief of Advanced Civil Schooling. He says since the end of the Cold War, American leaders have been very weak in setting and executing military and diplomatic policy.

Dr. Vogt specifically hammers President Biden and his team for having no strategic objective for the U.S. whatsoever in the Middle East. He further stresses that the U.S. could unilaterally force better behavior from Iran and its proxies by simply following the effective precedents set by President Trump. He also details the failed foreign policy mindset that Biden and President Obama refuse to relinquish.

Speaking of Trump, Dr. Vogt explains why he thinks Trump will be able to bring a fairly quick end to the Russia-Ukraine war and why he is very critical of Biden’s “blank check” approach to Ukraine. He also shares why he thinks that policy is bad for the Ukrainian people.

They also break down the massive failure of U.S. presidents over the years to engage with our neighbors in the Western Hemisphere, how it directly impacts our nation, and provides openings for our adversaries.

Finally, they highlight Dr. Vogt’s new book “Ghosts of Samarra,” which tells the story of the outstanding soldiers he led during the Iraq War.

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