Sara reveals what the FBI said in response to a number of questions she posed regarding investigations into January 6. She’s digging into the story and highlights the double standard between the government’s handling of the summer BLM/Antifa riots and the Capitol riot. The FBI didn’t employ the same rhetoric or tactics then than they are doing now.

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Sara dives into the expansion of powers issue and poses a number of new questions to the FBI amid growing calls to crack down on domestic terrorism. She brings in Florida Rep. Michael Waltz to discuss this issue as well as his recent push to boycott the Beijing Olympics in 2022. He says the event would reward communist China for its egregious human rights abuses.

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Sara has been covering the border for her entire career. She details the major humanitarian issues with Biden’s new immigration policies. Rep. Andy Biggs later joins Sara. He echoes her issues with the left’s push for open borders and amnesty policies.

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Sara brings back UFO expert Lue Elizondo on the show as the deadline quickly approaches for a Pentagon report on the unidentified aerial phenomenon. Are the UFOs friendly or threatening?

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Sara talks about the dire need for election reform with newly certified New York Rep. Claudia Tenney and Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a former Trump administration official who is now a radio talk show host. Tenney also discusses her marathon election victory that was challenged right up until today and how Democrats tried every legal trick in the book to snatch it away from her. Dr. Gorka also compares efforts to silence conservatives to his years behind the Iron Curtain and why it is imperative for Trump supporters to stay politically engaged.

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Sara speaks on the danger of the intelligence community using the Capitol attack as a reason to spy on Americans. She takes listeners back in history where those agencies were found to be spying on Americans and warns of the dangerous precedent the actions set. Later in the show, Gordon Chang shares the latest developments on the Chinese Communist Party and the potential for a real war.

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With China’s encroachment in Taiwan and other sovereign nations, Sara warns listeners about the CCP’s growing threat in our own country. Sara tells the stories of her own experiences overseas, revealing how the CCP’s crackdown on free speech could be an omen for Americans.

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Sara sits down with China expert Bill Gertz to break down China’s strategy to infiltrate U.S. institutions. Gertz has been investigating the origins of COVID-19 and reveals China’s discovery of thousands of other viruses.

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Our world has fundamentally changed because of this virus and those responsible must be held accountable, including Dr. Fauci who’s tied to the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak. Sara explains the dangerous research Fauci pushed for and its connection to the alleged Wuhan Institute of Virology leak.

Sara is joined by fmr. head of Guatemalan intelligence Mario Duarte who reveals the facts behind the migrant caravan making its way to the US-Mexico border. He also warns about larger groups forming that the Biden administration will now have to address.

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Rep. Matt Rosendale is leading the charge to oust Rep. Liz Cheney from the GOP leadership in Congress and joined Sara to discuss why he’s doing it. Sara also tells listeners the latest from her sources on everything from the National Guard troops deployed to D.C. to the migrant caravan making its way to the Southern border.

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As Congress pushes for impeachment, Sara describes where the fight for freedom by 75,000,000 Americans should go from here. She guides listeners on how to peacefully fight for our rights against the big tech oligarchs and the swamp.

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Rudy Giuliani reveals to Sara that President Trump won’t be kept away from the American people while he’s being censored by big tech. He says Trump plans to speak to the American people.

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Sara interviews Deputy HHS Secretary Eric Hargan about Operation Warp as the FDA moves to clear more vaccines. Hargan says the American people will get the vaccine first because their taxpayer dollars paid for the effort.

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Sara brings listeners the most interesting stories of the day and discusses everything from UFOs to China. At the end of the show, Sara shares a special message for President Trump that you won’t want to miss.

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America is on the edge and Sara discusses what she’s observed and predicts what will happen to the republic amid a tense election. Later in the show, Sara brings in Roger Stone, who explains a new revelation in his case and why President Trump needs to commute his sentence.

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