Are you tired of politicians labeling you in an effort to win you to their side or paint you as an enemy? Wouldn’t it be nice to restore some unity to the United States of America?
Democrats and their leftist allies in the media are constantly trying to divide us. They use race, sex, economic class, and more to drive wedges in every corner of our society. To them you are either an oppressor or you are among the oppressed.

That’s not the spirit that made America great and rejecting ideologies that throw people into groups, instead of seeing them as individuals capable of great things, is critical for our nation’s future.

Renowned neurosurgeon and former Housing and Urban Development Sec. Dr. Ben Carson joins Sara to explain how the left’s corrosive thinking is tearing the nation apart. He also shares why patriotic Americans can’t stay quiet in hopes of avoiding harassment from the left.

Carson stresses that all Americans are entitled to equal rights but none of us ought to be given extra rights based on which groups the left thinks we belong to.

Their conversation also highlights the chilling practice of “debanking”, by which individuals and organizations have been frozen out of their own bank accounts because of their political or cultural opinions. And Carson shares how he and others created Old Glory Holdings to give Americans a banking option free of political retribution.

And, of course, Sara and Dr. Carson assess the state of the 2024 campaign.
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