Do you still believe the justice system in America works the way our founders intended? Do you still trust courts to make decisions based on the facts in evidence or do you expect politically motivated verdicts?

The idea of Lady Justice blindfolded and weighing the evidence on her scales is eroding before our eyes. In city after city, violent criminals are allowed back on the streets to terrorize, assault, and rob innocent neighbors again. Domestic terrorists burn and vandalize pro-life pregnancy centers and the Justice Department says most cases can’t be solved because the actions were at night.

Meanwhile, peaceful protesters at abortion clinics are facing sentences of a decade or longer, people who committed no violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th are sentenced to prison for years, and prosecutors from New York to Washington to Atlanta are filing felony charges against President Trump for transparently political purposes.

And then there’s the border, where President Biden just waves illegal aliens into the country and provides food, shelter, and transportation at taxpayer expense instead of enforcing our laws and removing them from within our borders.

It’s insanity and it’s a vivid glimpse of where the left wants to take this country.
Today, Sarah discusses all of this and more with former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. Brnovich also defends his record on capital punishment in anticipation of attacks from humorless HBO comedian John Oliver. Brnovich says “If you are a degenerate killer, you deserve the ultimate punishment.”

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