Do you want high school boys playing sports against your daughter? What do you think about your daughter having to play against grown men if she plays sports in college? It’s just reality that male athletes are usually bigger, stronger, and faster than women. It’s basic biology. Forcing women to compete in those situations often places them at much greater risk for injuries. And allowing men on women’s teams also robs some women of the opportunity to compete at all.

But Democrats and their activist friends ignore the science and insist it’s discrimination to keep men out of women’s sports if those men “identify” as women. Today, Sara welcomes Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who is passionate about restoring sanity to sports in this area. And he’s frustrated by the politics on this issue. His effort to protect women and women’s sports was voted down in the Senate by 50 Democrats and one Republican.

And Tuberville is no stranger to this issue. He coached college football at the highest levels for decades and is aware of the obvious advantages men have on the field and on the court. Sara and Sen. Tuberville also discuss President Biden’s blatantly unconstitutional “forgiveness” of student debt by moving the bill to taxpayers who never took out those loans. And Tuberville explains why Senate Democrats need to let the impeachment trial of Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas takes place and does not short-circuit the constitutional process.

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