If the Biden administration were deliberately trying to encourage more terrorism and trying to discourage freedom-loving allies, would it act much differently than it is right now?

After the October 7 Hamas invasion of Israel, Biden vowed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel, but as the media started parroting Hamas talking points and memory-holing the terrorist attacks, Biden has become increasingly adversarial towards Israel.

Today, Sara welcomes David Friedman, who served as U.S. Ambassador to Israel during the Trump administration. Friedman says many on the political left and their media allies have surrendered to the delusion that the weaker side in a conflict inherently occupies the moral high ground.

Friedman also blasts Biden for turning America’s Middle East policy “upside down,” by coddling Iran and undermining the Abraham Accords at every opportunity. And he rejects a two-state solution in the wake of the Hamas atrocities, while also noting that such a policy would bring danger and destruction to biblical Israel.

Finally, he worries about our own security, from our porous border to our Middle East policy. Friedman says the radical left has no clue how important our relationship with Israel is to thwarting terrorist attacks in this country and he wonders how many times Democrats “need to be kicked in the head by radical Islam” before taking the threat seriously.

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