WonkyTownThis week, Reihan and Patrick touch on two extremes of the policy world: what’s going on with Republican primary contenders, and a particularly insane urban-planning idea out in San Francisco. Patrick laments that Mike Huckabee has been offering some nonsense about Social Security, Medicare, and disability insurance; Reihan points out that Marco Rubio has been better on such topics and explains why these issues are tricky but important ground for any Republican candidate to cover. Then Wonky Town heads to the left coast: How crazy is it that San Francisco might try solving its housing crunch by imposing a moratorium on construction of market-rate housing. (Hint: Pretty crazy.)

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  1. Nick Stuart Inactive
    Nick Stuart

    Not going to argue with your economic analysis of Social Security and Medicare.

    Here’s the catch. The people paying into the system have been lied to about what the system really is since day 1. Every year the Social Security Administration sends out what looks for all the world like a statement of the benefits you can expect to receive. Generations of politicians have sworn to keep the promise of Social Security and Medicare.

    People who believe “I paid into it, it’s mine, I earned it, I deserve it” have been told that by the bureaucrats and politicians all their lives. It’s hard to fault them for believing what they’ve been told so adamantly and repeatedly.

    The education is probably going to commence when we hit the hard stop and the money runs out.

    My prediction is the federal government will “print the money” so people will get their $1200/month or whatever. For what it’s worth when a dozen eggs cost $20.

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  2. user_483582 Inactive

    Huckabee worked with McCain in the 2008 primaries to get democrats’ votes in open primaries, in order to shut Romney out of the nomination. While not necessarily uncommon, the incident sheds light on Huckabee’s lack of sincerity and what I would consider untrustworthiness. His campaign positions should be strongly questioned in light of that.

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