Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit: Twitter, McCabe, AOC, and Racist Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Glenn Reynolds, of, discusses why he deleted his #Twitter account with over 160,000 followers, the new #Socialist ‘it-girl’ AOC, disgraced FBI Director McCabe’s insurance policy, and the Democrats racist chickens coming home to roost. Check out Glenn’s work along with other excellent writers at

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  1. Mike "Lash" LaRoche Inactive
    Mike "Lash" LaRoche

    Glenn Reynolds was on fire! Great podcast.

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  2. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Great talk, Instapundit is a daily read for me. I like the old school layout, like drudge and zerohedge, you’re there for the links – not a pretty layout.

    When will the arrests start? Where are the indictments?start with those who perjured themselves in the FISA courts. End with sedition, and conspiracy against the United States.  

    Make sure all of these conspirators walk away with felony convictions – I dont care if they go to jail – I want to make sure they never  get security clearance to work in another administration.

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  3. Tedley Member

    Great podcast!

    You made the point that I’ve often thought, that so many on the left are continuing to act as though they’re still in high school. 

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  4. Dave Sussman Podcaster
    Dave Sussman

    er… I meant Red to Blue at 7:00.

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  5. Eugene Kriegsmann Member
    Eugene Kriegsmann

    Before I joined Ricochet I used to subscribe to PJTV. Glenn Reynolds, Bill Whittle, Andrew Klavan, and a host of other really superb people had weekly podcasts on there. Then, strangely, it all sort of came apart, and I missed Glenn’s commentaries as much as anyone’s on that site. It was good to hear him again. He is certainly one of the best people we have on the right. 

    Once again, Thank you David for a terrific interview. I did read your piece on the border wall when you posted it. I had a little shock when you were describing it as a transcription. My sense memory of it was that I had watched it. Your post much have been a lot more vivid than I realized. I must be getting old.

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  6. F14Dave Inactive

    Yours is the best podcast on Ricochet, Dave!

    But you have to go back to the old jazz piano bumper music…the new slow grind thing isn’t doing it.

    The jazz lead-in reinforced the “Whisky and Politics” theme.  Of course you can keep the new one, just rename the podcast “Ecstasy and Politics”.  :)

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  7. Goldwaterwoman Thatcher

    Mike "Lash" LaRoche (View Comment):

    Glenn Reynolds was on fire! Great podcast.

    Totally agree. I’ve been reading him since the beginning when he was so concerned about his wife’s heart condition. Also, he used to talk about Instadaughter. 

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  8. JimGoneWild Coolidge

    Aw man, always picking on Nevada. 

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